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Dire Cravings (Arctic Wolves Book 2) - Tigris Eden

Olivia/Liv had been running for three days from the creatures who had attacked and tore apart her camp. She feared they weren’t far behind her. Every sound made her heart race and her skin crawl. There was so much blood and chaos back at camp her mind to be able to take in everything that had happened. Her ex husband Santiago  and the board had forced a two week vacation on Olivia. So no one would be looking for Olivia here in Alaska for awhile. Olivia had helped make Madds, Parsons, and Goldberg the best insurance in the business.Olivia was a Risk Analyst for the company and was excellent at her job. Liv heard something chasing her and used the last of her energy. That was when Liv looked over her shoulder then bumped into a big man and passed out. Blue had followed Liv for three days after he killed  Roman’s men. Blue had stumbled across Liv’s scent. Victor would not be happy if Blue brought this exhausted woman to the den. With the war going on with the Hunters it was decided to bring in the packs and reside in the mountain. Being in close quarters with other wolves was hard on Blue as he was a loner by choice. He didn’t pledge his allegiance to any pack. Blue was in a contract with Cassandra until they had a pup. It was convenient as Blue wanted pups but no relationship and Cassandra had  agreed to provide them. Victor was the pack’s Alpha and Cassandra was his sister. Blue/Bodvier had three sides to him as he was a Berserker- human, wolf and the beast. Blue also had a resistance form silver from his past when he had been caged as a young wolf and his owners had been cruel and unforgiving in their punishment. Blue was very attracted to Olivia but told himself that wasn’t for him. Blue liked his women submissive and that was the last thing Olivia was. Blue found he wanted to mark Olivia and realized she was his true mate. Blue want to Cassandra to get out of the contract about the pups and she understood. Blue had no control over who fate gave him as a true mate. I definitely enjoyed this book . only one part really bothered me which was when Blue choked Olivia while having sex. I can go with most BDSM  but not that. I didn’t like that. Otherwise I found the book a good read. I love how blue and Olivia reacted to each other right from the beginning. I liked how Olivia and Serina- the Alpha’s mate- became friends. I loved the adventure, action, and intrigue in this book. I liked Olivia’s journey to be her best self. I liked the plot and pace. This book kept my attention from beginning to the end. Olivia and Blue had such hot chemistry which is normal for mates. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and i recommend. I would rate this a 4.5 if I could

mixed feelings

Without Warning (Vigilance) - Desiree Holt

Blake had the piece of paper that said “ I know what you did “ - whoever this was moved like a ghost -silent and unseen, leaving Blake taunting messages. Who was doing this- a reader he had offended? A blogger? A reviewer? The notes showed up in different cities-wherever Blake had a signing. Different hotels and venues. Someone was tracking his tour. Not just the cities but the facilities- bookstores, event centers, wherever. Blake really wanted to enjoy his success a little after the hard climb it took to get to this point. After this signing blake had a week off. Sam and Blake had a crush on each other but only had one date as Sam wasn’t in the click Blake was in and his friends convinced hois to leave her alone and he did. That really hurt Sam. It had been fifteen years since that incident but neither had forgotten the other. Sam had been in the military for eight years and now worked for a very prestigious security firm- Vigilance - that was now based in Blake’s home town.  Blake and his agent decided he needed a bodyguard as the stalker was stepper up with his notes with threats now. Blake got an appointment to see someone at Vigilance and he was given a bodyguard and it just so happened to be Sam. Sam is cool to Blake part of it is a normal part of the job the other was personal. The same attraction was still there. Sam tried to fight it would not be right or safe to be sleeping with the person she was to protect.

I enjoyed this book but I did have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t really connect with Sam. Not the fact after a long time there were still feelings and mistrust you move on with your life especially from HS.i did love this had a lot of twists and turns. I also really enjoyed the suspense, intrigue,  and drama. I felt the ending was rushed. I did figure out who the stalker was but that was ok with me still enjoyed the book. This was a quick read with a good pace. I really liked how Sam was a female yet became Blake’s bodyguard. I would have liked to rate this 3.5 but can’t so had to give a three.

good book and characters

Icing on the Cake: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series) - Ann Marie Walker

Cassandra/Cassie hadn’t had sex in a long time. Her best friend was Livvy also her silent partner in the bakery.  Cassie had been putting every spare minute she had into the bakery- Sugar Rush. The grand opening was in two months and cassie felt there was so much to do. Livvy hadn’t envisioned Cassie working eighteen hour days. Cassie hadn’t wanted to take the weekend off but it was her brother Mathew’s wedding  Cassie hoped to find the one and be happy but it would be awhile yet right now she had a shop to open. There were invoiced to check, shelves to stack, and vendors to meet with and ads to place. The lists went on and on which meant Cassie had no time for men. Cassie was making Mathew and Emily’s wedding cake, groom’s cake and cupcakes as her gift to them. Three years ago cassie had quit her job as a CPA in one of Chicago’s top accounting firms to follow her passion. Henry/ Hank knew that a change of this magnitude could cause an international incident. Because what Henry was about to propose went against all acceptable procedure. But for the weekend Prince Henry just wanted to be hank an ordinary man and told his detail this.henry and his grandmother argued about the topic of his travel when he traveled on leisure henry wanted his  location to be a need to know basis . his father the Crown Prince Edgar was a little more understanding. A royal bloodline came with a lot of perks but at a price. Edgar was head of henry’s security team. Henry was going to Mathew’;s wedding as he had been one of his best friends from university. While Cassie is working in her borrowed bakery to bake for the wedding Hank walked in to ask for directions. Hank is immediately taken with Cassie. Cassie sees Hank at her brothers wedding and decides to go ahead and have some fun and let her wild side out and hank seems more than willing. Then eventually through the press Cassie realizes who hank really is and the lies he told her.

I liked this book a lot. It was a fun easy read. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smooth flow and knowledge of the characters as some are carried forward into this book. I didn’t really care that Henry didn’t tell her the truth and she had to find out by the press. He could have trusted Cassie instead she had to be hurt more than necessary. I chuckled at times while reading this. This had a kind of Cinderella feeling to it with a “ common” woman and a ‘royal” male. This dragged a little for me at times. I did enjoy the plot. This was predictable but I still liked it and finished it. I liked hank and Cassie together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

good book and characters

Italian Billionaire's Unexpected Lover (The Romano Brothers Series Book 2) - Leslie North

Luciana got a text to meet with the daycare as Natalia had  another nightmare at naptime. This will be the third that Luciana was asked to take Natalia- her niece.  out of because of her nightmares and that was in a month. Luciana’s sister and Natalia’s mom Sophia and Natalia had been in a car accident that had taken Sophia’s    life and Natalia had been in the car for an hour with her dead mother and had to be taken out of car. Luciana had to leave early at a job she had just started. She had only had this job for two weeks when the previous manager up and quit on Gianpierre to manage celebrity parties.  Luciana didn’t know how she would manage it. Her new boss was Gianpierre who was a world renowned structural engineer specializing in the restoration of medieval structure like this one- his families once thriving Romano del Mare resort. For the millionth time in a month since she had come to Sicily wished she could ask Sophia how to take care of Natalia and hold a job. But that couldn’t happen since her sister was gone. Luciana had went from a distant aunt and godmother to raising Natalia and being a brand new mom of a five year old traumatized little girl. Natalia’s nightmares were getting worse. Luciana had fins a new home for natalia where she could focus on joy and happiness not the pain of old memories. Luciana had really needed this job as burying Sophia had been expensive and raising Natalia wasn’t cheap. Luciana actually craved her boss but she couldn’t jeopardize her job by getting involved with her boss as she had Natalia. Gianpierre knew he had to get rid of Luciana as she was a distraction since she had started. Then the ground under Luciana’s feet disappeared and Gianpierre caught her and pulled her to safety and the fires Luciana. Then Luciana said no she couldn’t lose her job and said my sister my niece. Then Gianpierre learned Luciana had lost her sister and was raising her niece.  He told her to go attend to what she needed to and take the next day off and then come back to work. With Gianpierre it was all about the end results. He needed to finish this project at the Romano del Mare as he had been offered a position in Dubai. The opportunity was running out of time for him to accept. Gianpierre had been renting an apartment for ten years since it used it as a base home.Then Luciana showed up with a realtor and learned there was a new owner and the apartments were to be sold no longer rented. Gainpierre made sure he backed the loan when the bank turned her down so natalia and Luciana had a new home then he offered to rent a room until he left. Then one night Gainpierre kissed Luciana after they had been partially buried at the resort and they had to wait to be dug out. Now he craved Luciana with a need so powerful it hurt. Luciana loved having Gainpierre with her and Natalia but then realized she had unthinkingly set Natalia up for another loss. One day when Luciana got back to the apartment after having problems with a worker and how natalia was treated at her current daycare Gianpierre told her he had hired a nanny for Natalia. The nanny had experience in working with traumatized children. He also said he would take care of the cost. As he had to make sure Natalia and Luciana were o k. Luciana and Gainpierre became lovers but they both knew their time was short. Nanny esposito was working out great. Gianpierre was always discreet of the growing relationship between him and Luciana. Gianpierre had a tension in him unless luciana was near and this had never happened to him before.  

I truly enjoyed this book. It was a quick, fun easy  read and romance. I liked that the Romano del Mare was still a big part of this story and brought together a Romano brother and his true love. I loved Natalia and she definitely added to this book. I loved how Gianpierre made sure Natalie and Luciana got their new place to live and made she got the loan she needed to purchase the apartment and how he got a nanny to make it easier for both Natalia and Luciana.  I also loved Gianpierre with Natalia. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5.

not for me

Eloping With The Princess (Brotherhood of the Sword) - Robyn DeHart

Isabel’s only family was her uncle Thornton who had kept her in school. At Saint Bartholomew's School For Girls and he was too busy to have isabel come home even on holidays.  Now he was dead and Lilith her aunt by marriage was to come for her but before she can someone tries to take her. Gabriel was there and suggested she stay with his friend Jason Ellis who is a fellow member of the brotherhood Of The Sword and could keep her safe. Then they could into who is trying to take Later they learn Isabel is the last royal family member from the island nation of Saldania. To keep Isabel safe Jason agrees to marry Isabel in name only. Jason learned early in his youth he was a bastard and his father was the stable manager. So viscount Jason planned never to have his own kids and let his nephew inherit the title. But Jason and Isabel have a growing attraction. Isabel was to be used in a plot to usurp the throne from Victoria that is why someone os trying to take her. That was when Isabel realized the easiest way to stop the problem was to marry and Jason agreed..

I just couldn’t get into this book. I did finish it but i didn’t really care for it. I felt the ending was rushed. The plot seemed to be all over the place and not consistent as far as I am concerned. I also didn’t connect with the characters. I am sure someone else will like this book a lot more. It just wasn’t for me.

good book and characters

Italian Billionaire's Stubborn Lover (Romano Brothers, #1) - Leslie North

Adeline was a luxury real estate agent who had come to Italy- Sicily specifically for adventure. But After two years She also had to watch a resort she loved fall to ruins but she had enough She had a job offer in Spain. She had come to Sicily several times with her grandparents every summer. Adeline had learned about love and life there and they always stayed at the Romano del Mare. She had joined the company that held listing of the Romano del Mare eight months ago. Adseline hoped to find the love her grandparents had shown her. Adeline hoped to find that someday. The resort had not had a customer in a decade. When the original owners got to old to handle managing the resort they handed it over to a management company that allowed the resort to become a broken memory of happier times. Then one of the Romano brothers showed up in Adeline’s office to tell her that he and his brothers  wanted to sell the property. Adeline had pleaded with Nicolo not to sell the property. She had a whole notebook of things that needed to be done and prices and contractors she had talked to about the work. Eventually Nicolo gave in and said he would at least do some improvements and Adeline came up with a fake buyer. Nicolo started to care deeply and he didn’t want her for a one night stand after they had slept together.nicolo realized he wanted Adeline in his life. The one who wandered the world, the one who wanted no ties and had no roots and liked it that way

I really enjoyed this book and loved the growth Nicolo went through. I loved Adeline and Nicolo together.  I also really liked that she got Nicolo to want to fix up the Romano del Mare and how many jobs the resort had given to the people. Nicolo also learned to be proud of the resort and all it stood for. I wasn't too happy how Nicolo  had acted when Adeline told she had lied about that man and he had had been a fake buyer.. I was so glad he brother made Nicolo see reason and to follow his heart. I felt like I was there with Adeline and Nicolo which is a tip of my hat to the author. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

great book and great characters

Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover (The Romano Brothers Series Book 3) - Leslie North

Leonardo had taken a temporary office in the Romano del mare. The structure repairs were almost complete.  Ow it was Leonardo’s turn to apply hid personal mastery to the resort to again accept vacationers. Everything Everything the vacationers ate, touched smelt and much of which they saw would become.Much of what they saw would be because of Leonardo’s vision of what an amazing resort  experience. Well that was how Leonardo intended it but matters were being pulled out of his control. Leonardo did not like not being in control ever. Leonardo felt trapped under a million decisions and there was no escaping . He looked at a beautiful woman by the cliffs and she appeared to have a sense of freedom by the teetering edge of the cliff. Leonardo was signing a contract between romano International and Gallant Industries.But he was growing uneasy that he was signing too much of his control. Leonardo had personally overseen the launch and relaunch of hundreds of spas and resorts and had built a chain of Romano hotels that spanned the globe. Then the woman he had seen was at his office door and said she was Stella Brown and she had been sent by the International Preservation Society to enforce the preservation laws and to direct him on how to rewrite his renovation plans. Stella felt men weren’t supposed to be so good looking as Leonardo isin real life.It made it hard to think and Stella’s job was on the line. Stella had a no- holds -barred zest for life which wasn’t within everyone’s comfort zone. Leonardo found out they had in fact had broken preservation laws.  With Stella’s vision they would never make back the millions of euros they had already had put into the resort. Leonardo seen Stella and invited her to lunch in town, and she accepted. While at the restaurant Leonardo asked about the scar down her chest and Adeline said she had very sick but had been given a new heart. Saving abused or overlooked treasures had been Stella’s job since she had graduated college. After lunch Stella asked Leonardo to take her someplace and it turned out ot be an old book store but to Stella’s surprise leonardo was already well known there. Leonardi bought books about the old west. Leonardo said sometimes what you do and are good at is not who you are. Then Stella offered herself for a kiss and the one she got curled her toes. Since the kiss two weeks ago and leonardo couldn’t get it off his mind. Leonardo wanted time to get to know Stella and to spend time with her. Stella was different from anyone leonardo had ever spent time with or had romantic feelings for. Stella seemed fragile and delicate to Leonardo Stella met Adeline at the resort and she told Stella Leonardo really liked her. One Stautday Stella came to the resort and Leonardo was outside while the lawyers were arguing about the renovations inside. Leonardo and Stella went for a walk to a private beach Leonardo's family owned an old sign that said topless- Leonardo had made it a long time ago. Leonardo and Stella ended up in the sea naked and then they became lovers. Leonardo had no choice but to go with the original plans for the resort. When he told Stella she told him to go ahead and  build a wall around his heart.and he did so he thought. Then Leonardo got paperwork from the preservation Society. He finally gave up and left the Romano del Mare. leonardo left Italy without any word to anyone. But Stella still found him.

I loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick, fun, romantic read. I learned about what historical landmarks and renovating old buildings. Also what an owner can go through with these types of properties.  I loved the pace and the plot. I loved leonardo and Stella together. I enjoyed all three books in this series and read them im order as that helped to keep everything straight. But for some reason this was my favorite. I found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i highly recommend.

great book and great characters

Howl For It - Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

Like A Wolf With A Bone:

doing what he did for a living and that was kill and he was good at it. But he killed with purpose for the protection of his kind and the breeds and species he really didn’t care about but figured deserved protection. But now he was back home and his brothers were determined to secure themselves some females. His brothers didn’t entice or seduce they argued with their She Wolves,. His brother had put him in the car earlier and they headed for North Carolina where their She Wolves were with their family as they are all sisters. But then he saw the youngest lewis sister on the porch. He wanted to go up and introduce himself but what would a girl like her do with a wolf like him? Also her entire family hated him on principle . Darla had also been sent her home for a visit  by her boss. Darla Smith was an assistant Pastry Chef for Van Holtz Steakhouse in San Francisco The Van Holtz understood pack life. Darla went to the woods and found a gun pointed in her face before she could even shift but one of the Smith Brothers killed the human before he could shoot her and killed several more of the humans who had been hired to come and kill her. Eggie realized Darla was bleeding and took her to the base to be taken care of and they put stitches in her back. Eggie told his team leader to find out who wanted darla dead. Darla came to and Eggie was driving and they were now in Tennessee and he told her she was safe and after a few minutes of looking at Eggie she believed him and said so. Egie knew he would protect Darla Smith with his life.

Wed Or Dead:

Normally Kayla Kincade wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone but this was her wedding day. She should be running from Vegas  gage Riley was the groom and was the sexiest man kayla had ever seen. But he was a job, her assignment was. Kayla had her orders to get close to Gage by any means necessary but this didn’t feel like an assignment Marriage hadn’t been  on Kayla’s agenda. But it had been on Gage’s and if she didn’t marry him she would lose the connection as Gage had pushed for this. If Kayla lost the connection the assignment would go to hell. Just once Kayla wished she could be normal and in love  and going to marry the man of her dreams. As she agreed to love, honor, and cherish Kayla knew she would betray and hurt. Kayla was using herself as bait to set up her groom. Kayla hated her life. Gage’s smile could melt panties off you. Kayla di want her husband and before all the chaos started she would have him. Kayla had put Gage off for weeks tempting him but never letting things go to far. But now she was his wife and he would have her. For almost two months Gage had played her game. Gage wasn’t used to waiting but Kayla he did. She had her secrets but so did he. After a night of fantastic sex  Kayla waited in the bathroom for the call. She told Lyle the job was done.Lyle said not yet but you are close, killing close. Kayla was a Hunter and Gage was her prey. Then lyle told kay;la to go kill her new husband. Kayla had always been such a good hunter. Her own family had been attacked by someone like Gage. But when Kayla looked at Gage she didn't see the monster she saw the man. Gage was suppose to be lethal . the strongest paranormal badass to claim Vegas in years. Gage was a wolf shifter. As a Hunter she was the one sent to keep the humans safe in the world. As she came out with her knife gage jumped up with his hands now claws and he could kill her right then and there. Gage told Kayla he knew she was A Hunter the first time she walked into the bar. Gage ran the wolf pack in Vegas. Sometimes even a Hunter had to break the rules so she let the silver knife she had in her hands drop to the carpet. There wasn’t any second chances for Hunters. If Lyle cast her out of the unit what would happen to her brother Jonah? Kayla told Gage he had to leave as three of Lyles team were coming to kill Gage if he wasn’t already dead.. Gage lost the hunters and took Kayla to a shack  in the desert after he jumped with erh out the hotel window. When questioned Kayla said sometime you want something so badly that you’ll do anything to get what you want. Gage knew the feeling he was looking at the thing he wanted most- Kayla. Enough to even risk the pack. Of all the shifters wolves were the ones that danced closest to insanity. The Hunters arrived at the shack but Gage took care of them . Then he was after the leader to kill him but Kayla yelled out “ don’t he’s my brother”. Gage was distracted by Kayla and he was tranqued but so was Kayla. Gage knew before he passed out that one or both of his wolves had betrayed him. Kayla wondered why her and Gage were still alive. Kayla was human so she understood that but why was Gage and he was handcuffed to her. Then Gage let Kayla know Lyle was actually a shifter. Lyle planned on killing the wolf pack and leading Vegas and what a bloodbath that will be.

Both of these books were great. Action filled, fum quick reads. I loved Darla and Eggie together. I had to laugh out loud while reading this book. Darla’s sisters were so funny. I loved how darla just instantly trusted Eggie but she did have the sight like her grandmother. She also seen Eggie like no one else. What Eggie’s father did bringing the humans to their town  that wanted darla dead was just so wrong. I loved the ending. I also loved Darla and eggie together. I loved how she stuck up for Eggie when her sister were in his home. In the second book we had Kayla and Gage and i also loved them together. I loved how loyal Gage was to Kayla even over his pack. There was a lot of action in this book. But more than anything it was about the growing bond between Gage and Kayla. My heart broke when Kayla found out all this time the man who had killed her parents was the man she worked for. I also loved the bond between Kayla and Jonah. I loved the pace and plot of both books. Two different but great reads and it all came down to love and how it can conquer all. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of these books and I highly recommend. Eggie was a wolf shifter. Eggie watched the She Wolf.on the porch. Eggie hated what humans called a vacation and what his military brothers called a leave. Eggie was in a special units of the marines. On to top it off it was forced on him. He was lucky enough to be one of the few men in the world who enjoyed

great book and great characters

Under the Blood Moon - Tracie Provost

Juliette wondered how long she had been in her enforced sleep . Where was she? The Hunter had staked her and put her in a crypt. Andre was her sire as wella s her lover and she heard his voice that they should leave. Juliette was a vampire and she knew the cardinal rules of vampire culture was t o leave no evidence of their existence. Andre told Juliette she was too soft hearted and it would not serve her well in this time. Andre told Juliette they were still in New Orleans but it was much bigger than she remembered. Andre told her she had been in her tupor -was the vampire’s mechanism  for dealing with great strain- for nearly two hundred and twelve years. Juliette had a vague memory of fighting with a hunter before he had staked her. .Andre let her know he had to inform the Grandmaster he had found her. Then he added Marc Gauthier was the grand master. As they sped through New Orleans Juliette fek]lt the same trepidation she had when she first set foot in New Orleans after fleeing St Dominique Andre said once he presented her to the grand master they will go and see frederique as she would be happy to see Juliette. Then the grand master’s Stewart was his sister Sophie and shew as introduced to Juliette. She offered to take Juliette up to refresh herself. After meeting Marc and being questioned alone Marc’s nephew Chris had been badly mauled and bitten twice by a werewolf.  He had been brought in by Josh Juliette healed the boy chris who was sixteen. Juliette told his uncle that he would have his first shift into a wolf the next full moon. Then Andre said Juliette could do spells and witches stuff to prevent that. Juliette was Frederique’s friend before Andre changed her. There were more attacks by were wolves but they were man eaters this time and Juliette started to ward the city. Her friend Frederique as well as Andre and all the other aether in New Orleans, had died in a fire. There was no one to be found now. Juliette did stop Chris from shifting into a wolf and he would no longer have to worry about that. Chris was Marc’s nephew but also his heir. There was a lot of things going on in New Orleans. Juliette swore to be faithful to Marc and do whatever she could to help. Sophie begged Juliette to get a bodyguard. While magically warding the city against werewolves. Josh escorted her every night and Juliette found herself attracted to him but felt bad as it hadn’t been that long since the passing of Andre.

This was a great read and I loved it. I loved the plot nd the pace.I didn’t want to wait to see what was going to happen next. This book had my attention from beginning to to end. I loved Josh and Juliette together and how protective Josh was of Juliette. I loved how sweet Sophie was to Juliette and actually being her friend.  . Also how protective of Juliette she was. I loved the intrigue, mystery, betrayal and suspense in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was a great supernatural book. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

not for me

The Lesson Plan (Extra Credit Book 3) - Charlotte Penn Clark

Noah is a classics student sent to extra credit  for staging a protest sit in. Extra credit is a pilot class that students go to in penance for bad behavior. Noah lives his life like a eighty year old man. References to latin and greek are all he knows. Holly is his complete opposite - a computer science student. She is in Extra Credit for  hacking into the school computer. Noah is tongue tied and quiet around Holly and Holly has no filter and is fiesty. Their solution to their issues is to live a little in each other’s world and live more n the physical world.. Holly has a boyfriend and is in a long distance romance. But she is not sure all is great between her and her boyfriend.  Noah is already half in love with Holly. Noah and holly can talk about anything with each other but their feelings. Rachel and their friends encourage Noah and Holly to go further with their relationship. Holly is totally unaware of the effect she has on Noah. But Noah is good at hiding his feelings especially since he doesn’t want to lose his friendship with Holly.     

I had mixed feelings on this novella. But I did like Holly was the computer nerd and Noah was the quiet shy one. I advise you to read the other books in this series in order so you know the other students involved in this book. I did like how Naiah and Holly interacted with each other.  I did enjoy watching Noah and holly’s relationship grow.I did however feel like this was lacking something. I felt this geared toward the younger teens. I think Noah was just a little too passive for me. This dragged at times for me. As I said I had mixed feelings on this.

Great Story and Characters

Talen: A Dark Protectors Novella - Rebecca Zanetti

Cara and Talen have been a mated couple for twenty five years. Cara and Talen are Vampires.  They have two children and one granddaughter. Garett is their twenty five year old son and walked into Cara and Talen making love  Garrett’s best friend was a demon named Logan. Cara had been sick for decades but had newfound health with the cure that had been found for Cara. Cara and Talen have been charged with delivering genetic material- tissue samples  that could hold a lot of answers to unmating Vampires. The Realm is suppose to be at peace. A peace between shifter, vampires and demons. But then Cara and Talen are attacked. Maggie and her pack come to Cara and Talen’s rescue when he calls for help. As demons were after him and Cara. They find out it was .the Sadovsky group of demons out of Alaska . Talen has to figure out what they want from Cara. Especially since the Realm is suppose to be at peace.I really loved this novella . I loved the action and adventure in this novella. I loved the pace and the plot. I also chuckled while reading this at times. I did wish this had been longer. I advise you to read the series in order before reading this. I loved the reaction Garrett had been coming in to see his parents having sex. I also loved how talon was so protective of Cara and how much he loved her after twenty five years. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this and I highly recommend.

not for me

When to Engage an Earl (Spinster House) - Sally MacKenzie

Alec was the earl of Evans rode up to his country estate . he had left the little village of Loves Bridge after he attended the weddings of his two friends -Marcus who was the Duke of Hart and nate who was the Marquess of Haywood. After that he spent the last two months wondering the Lake district alone and feeling envious his friends had found - his friends who had been trying to avoid marriage. Alec had been jilted by Lady Charlotte - while away Alec vowed to leave that part of his life in the past. He wanted a quiet restful sort of female who wouldn’t busy herself  about his or other people's affairs. He would He would shop the Marriage Mart, attend the balls, and house parties and talk to every eligible lady. Then as he got close to his home his niece rachel yelled his name which meant his sister Diana was at the hall. Diana was five years older then Alec and would notice Alec’s blues and figure it out and assemble a bunch of eager matrimonial candidates before he knew it. Diana had eight daughters and wa sagain pregnant Alec hoped this one was a boy and his brother in law Roger finally got his son and heir. Then Alec learned his mother was also at the hall, Alec decided he didn’t want to deal with his mother and decided to return to Loves Bridge. The village wanted the carnival special as it way be the Duke’s last one as his family was cursed and each male died before his heir was born. Ellen’s friend Catherine/Cat was married to the Duke. Cat was one of Ellen’s two best friends her other was Anne who married the Marquess of Haywood. Jane found she was envious of her friends even though now she had the Spinsters house to herself to live alone in. Jane was yelling at the man who owned the traveling zoo and Alec stopped and offered his assistance. After he asked Jane to tea and she took him back to the Spinsters House. Alec decides he wants Jane but he is afraid she won’t want him. Jane does like the Earl. The Spinster House is a house set aside for a lady wishing to be a spinster who can live there free and not be forced to marry. Jane had wanted to go to the Spinster House to get away from her brother and she had no interest in marriage. Jane felt feelings and attraction to Alec but she decided she wanted her freedom more. When he proposed to her jane turned Alec down. As time passed she came to regret that decision.

I read this and it was okay but not a favorite of mine. I did chuckle while reading this at times. I also advise you to read the other books in this series in order. At times I got bored with all the conflicts. I also didn’t feel the romance between Alec and jane. I am sure others will love this just really wasn’t for me.

Good Characters and story

Black Tie Optional - Ann Marie Walker

Olivia thought how just like clockwork the SUV came to a stop alongside the curb as it stopped a full alne of Chicago's morning rush hour to a grinding halt.  Then Coleman/Cole Grant III gets out of the vehicle to get the same extra hot double shot Americano from the same big chain coffee shop. It looked like Cole ran Nasa from the back seat of the vehicle not just a business. The commute from his Gold Coast penthouse to his loop headquarters was less than two miles. Everything about Cole oozed power and sex. Olivia went to Cole and he said most people simply make an appointment with his assistant. Olivia said she had tried but for some reason his schedule was always full. Olivia had no plan to stop the sidewalk sessions until Cole agreed to her demands or he filed a restraining order. Olivia was fighting for the northern long-eared bat. Then coleman said they were really the most vile creature had she ever considered taking up the fight for  a more appealing animal. Then Cole handed Olivia a cup of coffee. Olivia wondered if Cole thought he could charm his way out of the hot seat? Olivia had spent her entire adult life and most of her teens speaking on behalf of those who couldn’t. As he got in the car Cole flashed her a grin that could have made her drop her latte also her panties if she didn’t find him to be lacking if not only morals and ethics but quiet possibly a soul. Olivia's best friend was Cassie and they were going to Vegas. Cole went to the hospital to see his sister Rebecca. He hated seeing her in a hospital bed as tubes dripped and machines beeped. But for Rebecca it was business as usual. Cole reminded her she needed to rest. Then he left. Cole made a trip to vegas and it happened to be the same time Olivia was there. Olivia and Cole run into each other and they get drunk and end up in bed together. They had planned to keep everything in Vegas that had happened. But Cole needed to be married to beat the clause in his father's will. The business Cole had  build up and put so much into. Otherwise his grandmother would get the business. Cole suggest he and Olivia marry then she would save that bat and he would get the business. So they married in front of an Elvis look alike. Cole met Olivia's parents and saw how much they still loved each other and he thinks maybe this is something he could want. Cole had never really been part of a family as he had been brought up by servants and nanny’s.

I enjoyed this book. It was a fast cute read. But I do think there were a few too many conflicts entered into this book. But I loved how Olivia was not intimidated by Cole  and she told what she thought including of him. I did feel the ending was rushed. I liked the plot and pace. I laughed at times while reading this. I loved the way Olivia and Cole interacted with each other. I really enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Watching You - Leslie Kelly

A red headed woman jogging in the beach and the entering the gallery caught Reece’s attention. Reece’s Aunt Sharon had no idea who she was Sharon checked with Sid and the girl was trying to help sister have a profession show of her sculptures.. Jessica was the redhead and her adopted sister was Liza. Jess’s mom had died when she was nine and she went into the system and luckily eventually she was adopted by Liza’s family. Sharon looked at the pictures of Liza’s work and thought they were really good. Reese was a famous film director. He had backed Sharon in the gallery and was a silent partner but Sharon had an eye for good work but Reece and his brothers would do anything for their Aunt Sharon. Sharon had helped raise the brothers after their mother had been committed. Liza was the person Jess cared most about in this world. Jess had not dated anyone in a long time as her last relationship hadn’t ended very well.her ex Johnny had been unhinged and stalked Jessica.But it had been quiet for two months. Jess was still in college as she had to go part time at “ Hot buns”   and worked at bar Reece had been in New Mexico when he got a call from his brother Rowan who was a cop that his house had been burnt down and the fire inspector said it was arson. Luckily he had given the Scots who worked for him two weeks off and his brother had his dog. Reece flew back and then Reece wanted to go see his aunt. Reece had abad stalker who had found out where he lived and had been leaving notes for him in his security gate. Reece and Rowan were twins and had a younger brother Raine who owned a security business they protected young stars. Rowan asked Reece if he thought they were charmed and reese said not to say that. The brothers had a rough past and Rowan did a better job moving beyond the dark episodes of the past then Reece. Reece was a man of long vision not the quick immediate scene. Jess’s dream was to be an academy award winning original screenwriter. Then there was the show for Liza at the Gallery Jess could feel someone watching her and it had been Reece. He finally came up behind her and talked to her and offered to show her the piece he had already bought of Liza’s art but it was upstairs. Jess did go upstairs with Reece and the piece was a nude sculpture as that is what Liza did and it was Jess pleasuring herself except Jess would only let her use her from the neck down as her model. But Reece had instantly knew it was Jess. Reece had inspired dreams and fantasies through out Jess’s teen years when she used going to the movies to get away from the foster house she was in until she got adopted by Liza’s family. Being Reece Winchester's unfiltered interest was a feeling unlike any Jess had experienced before. There was something magnetic about this man. Jess had been the object of reese.s object of fascination for two months since seeing her jogging. When Reece and Jess were upstairs close to having sex Sid brought a photographer up but Reece handled it and had Sid fired. Then Jess realized there was a security camera in the room and she had seen Reece look at it, Jess was furious and felt Reece was no better than Sid the pervert. Reece tried to tell Jess he was going to have the camera erased as soon as he could. Jess wouldn’t listen then a shot came through the large glass window Reece covered Jess with his own body and all he cared about  was protecting Jess and her safety.

I absolutely loved this book. It was a great read with everything you could want in it as far as i am concerned. I loved the plot and the pace. I loved how Reece and his brothers were so close and always there for each other no matter what. This caught my interest from the beginning to the end. I loved the drama and mystery and danger in this book. I could find nothing to criticize in this book. I loved Reece and Jess together. .I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I highly recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Not That I Could Tell - Jessica Strawser

Five females from the neighborhood met in Clare’s back yard no kids or men they woman had baby monitors with them yet still felt free and the drank wine and got a little drunk.  Izzy was the newest to the neighborhood. Izzy got toasted and told her neighbors all about Josh who had been her best friend but she fell in love with him but he fell for and married her younger sister. The next morning the women felt the effects of drinking and what they had said while drinking. Then the women learned one of the women who had been with them last night Kristin and her four year old twins had disappeared. Kristin gave no hint of any problems the night before. The knew she was divorcing her husband Paul who was a doctor. Kristin was the type that was on top of everything and had everything handled. When the police searched Kristins computer it did reveal that there were several visits to domestic violence sites.   No one had seen Kristin leave but all her personal things were gone as well as the twins favorite toys. Then Paul left the apartment he had lived in and moved back in the house. Clara and Kristin were best friends and Clare had no idea what happened to Kristin. The police’s prime suspect was Paul but they couldn’t find anything so the case went cold.

I enjoyed this book it was a quick easy read. I really liked the fast pace and plot. I liked how as the women got drunk they told things about themselves that they normally would say nothing about or not as much. Then the next day regretted what they had revealed about themselves. I loved the five women so enjoyed their night even if they were only in Claire’s yard.  This reminds the readers nobody's perfect no matter how it appeared. I liked the surprise ending. I didn’t want to put this down from the beginning to the end. I really liked how the author had some back story at the beginning of every chapter. The book has: relationships. Neighbors, a drunken night, a missing woman with four year old twins, secrets, betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and suspense, frustration, small town life, drama, and so much way. I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Flight of the White Wolf - Terry Spear

Gavin was a PI who had been a Seattle cop before he was a PI. He was also an artic shift shaping wolf. He and his fellow PIS had been bitten and turned. Gavin hated flying as he had been in an airplane crash when he had traded places with a very pregnant woman and had been taken hostage at a jewel heist. But Gavin had to sometimes fly for a case. Eleanor Dylon was a cosmetic heiress and she says she is sure her husband is cheating on her but he has to be caught so she could start a divorce and keep all her inheritance. Her husband Conrad was going on a company canoe trip and all provisions were being provided. So Gavin had to fly in and catch Gavin . Gavin and his fellow PI’s had a thriving business going. Eleanor said gavin had to be the one to take this case as she had looked into him and said gavin had an outstanding track record. Gavin’s pilot ended up being Amelia as her father had to take out a different group. Then the plane malfunctioned and crashed. But before it sank they got out and some provision even a big Saint Bernard pup. Gavin couldn’t believe he had been in a second plane crash. Then he realized why the other woman looked so familiar  as she was the one flying the plane in the first crash. Gavin doubted Amelia but she also doubted him but soon they believed each other. Gavin also found out Amelia was white arctic wolf and was born a shape shifter and was called royal as was her family. There was a strong attraction between Amelia and gavin. Soon Amelia said she would be Gavin’s P I assistant.

Excellent book and I loved it. I loved the plot and the pace and the paranormal part and didn’t want to put this down. This kept my attention form the first page until the last. I loved Amelia and gavin together . I felt this was a well written white arctic wolf romance with just enough intrigue and drama added to it. I love Terry Spears novels and this one didn’t disappoint. I hope to read many more. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I highly recommend.