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good book and characters

Her Surprise Engagement - Ashlee Mallory

Daisy is a single mom of three kids- Paul, Natalie, and Jenna. She also now has an ex husband who only acknowledges his kids when it is convenient for him in the last two years. Daisy had lost everything because of his lying cheating ex who had left her for a much younger woman. Daisy also won’t accept help from her friends and family. Daisy tries to prevent her kids from being disappointed but her ex husband is such an inconsiderate man even when it comes to his kids and only cares about himself. The he cancels a trip he was suppose to take  the kids to Disneyland at the last minute and instead goes on vacation with his girlfriend. Daisy doesn’t have the money to take the kids to Disneyland but her sister- in- law does have a family vacation place on Lake Tahoe and offers its used to Daisy and the kids and also Aunt Glenda who Daisy takes with them. When Daisy gets to the house she finds a man already there the man is the soon to be governor Jack Harrison and his thirteen year old daughter Lily and the puppy Oliver/Ollie. Jack’s wife had died and left him with their daughter. Jack doesn’t date.  Jack wants to spend time with his daughter and take her on vacation in a quiet secluded place where they can have peace. before their lives change with him becoming governor and all that goes with it. Somehow the paparazzi find out where Jack is and shows up at the house. Jack nor Daisy need a scandal to be started by the media. There is a hot chemistry between Jack and Daisy and makes Jack want things he hasn't wanted in a long time. Jack comes up with the idea for Daisy to pretend to be his fiance. When Daisy agrees jack will in turn will cosign a loan for five percent of the profits. As Daisy is a creative baker and her dream is to open a bakery but with little money,  no assets or good credit rating she has little chance of getting the loan. She also desires never to depend on anyone but herself again.

This was a good book and I enjoyed it. I also liked the pace and plot. I do advise you to read the other books in this series for a smoother read. I thought Daisy was a little too stubborn at times like accepting at least some help from her family and friends. This was a fun easy romantic funny read. I did feel Jack was a little too quick to say he was  all in as far as a relationship with Daisy goes. It takes a little longer to be in a full relationship. The kids and Ollie definitely added to this story. At times I did get frustrated with Daisy and/or Jack. I did chuckle at times while reading this. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

good book and characters

Becoming Alpha - Aileen Erin

Tessa was on her honeymoon with Dastien her true mate and had the mate’s bond which they could tell what the other was thinking and feeling. Tessa was a werewolf as well as a witch and had many alpha traits and power. Tess and Dastien had agreed to not use their cellphones for anything so there was no distractions. Tessa usually had visions and lately nothing. She also sensed something big was coming. Then tessa tried to force a vision and she saw was black but she did feelings of despair so strong tessa wanted to curl up in a ball and then there was pain and fear, so much fear. Then Tessa’s heart skipped a beat ad that had startled Dastien as it had never happened before. Then tessa got her phone out to check her messages and she found five from Chris each more serious then the one before and about demons attacking right in the area where Tessa had killed a witch named Luciana. Mr Dawson/Mr D was head of the pack and he had taken Dastien in when his parents had died Luciana had opened a hell’s portal. These attacks had started after Meredith’s wedding which had been two weeks ago. Tessa decided to go for a swim and almost drowned and found out she had been the only one to experience the pain of a ritual killing of one of the Seven. Then Tessa learned three of the Seven had actually died and that only left four and one who was standing in but not initiated into the Seven. It was Muraco who had been ritually murdered for an unexplained reason. Tessa had felt some very strong magic while in the water where she had almost drowned. Then Claudia called Tessa and had not been aware of the attacks back in Texas as she wasn’t there. Claudia admitted that after Kuciana was killed the wares had went to the compound and burned it down but the land had still felt evil to Claudia. Then Tessa thought she was having a vision when actually it was a demon messing with her who finally yelled “ You’re Mine!” Evil magic hit her skin. Then Tessa could smell Dastien but could not feel him but she knew he was near. Which met Tessa was in her mind and under spiritual and mental attack but not physical attack. Then Tessa realized the demon was more dominant then she was. The demon told Tessa she was the key. That the portals were locked but her magic was the key. Tessa thought of how she had found happiness in a home in a school for werewolves for a couple of months. She had found friends, power, and love. Then Tessa heard Dastien tell her what to do that Claudia had come up with and the hold of the demon was broken but Tessa knew the hold wasn’t gone forever she could feel the evil with her.

I enjoyed this book alot. I loved Tessa and Dastien together and how they interacted.I I loved the plot. But this did drag for me at times. I advise you to read the first six beeks in this series in order before you read this one so everything comes together smoothly while reading this. I read this in one sitting as I didn’t want to put this down so I could see what was going to happen next. I loved how tessa stepped up and let her Alpha traits and power out and did what she had to do. I do wish the fight scene at the end of this book had been done a little different but it still didn’t take from this book. I liked the addition of Eli and Samantha and I felt they both added to this book. I also really liked how Eli had a power no one could explain. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

not for me

Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance - Robin Lovett

Penny is twenty one and a NICU nurse who has problems with depression as her father had died a couple of months before yet they weren’t really close.  Penny had an older brother Blake and others who are there to support her. Blake hated their father and didn’t understand why Penny cared that her father died.  Penny hungers for a distraction from her grief. Her father was the only parent she had ever known. On her lunch break Penny seen a man staring at her and seen the same man after work. Finally after a week Penny confronts the man. Logan had hated Penny’s father and wants revenge. Logan plans on blackmailing Penny - at first-  since her dad was dead now. Logan tries to tell Penny what her father did but penny walks away. But she does come back to listen. Penny doesn’t want to believe Logan but she does believe his threat to tell the media. Logan has been seeking vengeance for years. Logan plans on ruining Penny’s life like his got ruined because of her father. Logan’s world had come crashing down because of Penny’s dad. There is attraction that both Penny and Logan feel.. Logan’s father involved his sister and family to get Penny’s trust fund for the pain and suffering his sister had endured. . Penny agrees to marry Logan.   

This book really wasn’t for me. I don’t believe Penny was acting intelligently when it came to Logan a complete stranger who was stalking her. Why didn’t she involve the cops? Also why was penny griefing so much to a father she wasn’t close to? This does go into a dark area in the sex and love part. This also dragged for me at times while reading this. Some of the Questions I had concerning this story were never really answered. Also why did Penny just believe Logan who was a complete stranger without any proof of any kind? I hate cliffhangers and that is how this ended as far as I am concerned. So this book just wasn’t for me.

good book and characters

Rock Legend - Tara Leigh

Piper and Delaney had known each other since nursery school. Piper had not been very nice to Delaney at times and had done nothing to deserve Delaney’s concern or friendship. Piper had secrets to keep and couldn’t afford to let her guard down for a minute. Being friends with a girl like Delaney - someone who cared about more than just clothing labels and boyfriend of the month- terrified Piper. Yet crazily enough Delaney was now Piper’s closest and only friend. Piper was a PR assistant for one of the hottest talent managers- Travis  in Hollywood. Piper had yet to master work-life balance. Delaney was flying out to go to Nothing But Trouble’s show. Delaney’s boyfriend was Shane who was the frontman band. Travis ended up being the reason why Delaney and Piper reconnected. Once Delaney and Shane got together Piper was assigned to manage Delaney’s introduction to Shane’s possessive fans. Rock stars weren’t Piper’s thing - not anymore. Adam was Piper's ex as of twenty minutes ago. He showed up at her car and tapped on the window and Piper ignored him and drove away. Landon was the drummer for Nothing But Trouble and this was the most successful band of the decade. Landon was living the dream except when he wasn’t on stage or in the recording studio it was more of a nightmare. Landon had a lot of luggage he was carrying from his past. Yet he remembers the girl he had let get away her name was Piper and Landon had met Piper when she was a freshman in college they had two wonderful months together - the best of their lives so far. Piper even though Landon may be the one. But then Landon had to choose the band or Piper and Landon chose the band but had regretted that chose in the end. Landon had became a man whore who drank and used drugs a lot and slept with several women. Piper had grown up never doing enough or anything right as far as her father was concerned. Six years later and Piper is trying to keep her distance from Landon. But then after a concert Piper and Landon came face to face. Landon is totally surprised to see Landon yet oddly enough he finally felt whole whe he had felt something was missing and that something was Piper. After one of Landon’s very drunken nights Travis sent Piper to babysit Landon.

I enjoyed this book. I loved Piper and Landon together but at times I got frustrated with them. I liked the plot and the pace. I liked the surprises throughout the book. I like how we are shown why Landon and Piper are as they are. Landon always felt Piper deserved better than him. I felt bad for what piper and Landon had went through in their pasts. There is very hot chemistry between Landon and Piper. I advise you to read the first book in this series so everything runs smoothly as you read this. I would have liked to rate this 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

good book and characters

One Wedding, Two Brides - Heidi Betts

Monica went into the wedding reception that should have been hers and Matt- the rats. She was drunk but did make it to the platform where speeches had been given and she told the people there she was suppose to be the bride and that Matt had stolen all her money and then married the floozie- Josie- who was now Matt the rats new bride. Matts new brother in law  Ryder literally put Monica over his shoulder and carried her out to his truck and took Monica from the reception. Monica is very drunk and wants revenge and tells ryder she will give him fifty thousand dollars to marry her because Matt will be jealous if he thinks she is happily married to fryder. Ryder desperately needs money to sink in his ranch and his horse therapy program he wants to start. A tornado had badly damaged his barn. The bank was knocking at his door and wouldn’t give him a loan. She can be Rapunzel and he can be her prince. Also Ryder thinks of the look on his ex- Stephanie’s face when he sees Monica on his arm as Ryders new bride. Ryder agrees to marry monica and the go to Vegas Ryder has Monica sign an agreement about a partnership in the ranch and would split the profits until she got her money back  she had invested into the ranch. Monica was a photographer in the fashion scene and was making a name for herself. Matt had taken all her money all she had was her last paycheck for money. When Monica comes to she has no idea where she is or what has happened until Ryder tells her and says she can’t leave the ranch until he has the money she promised him he kept his part of the deal and married her.

I enjoyed this book . It wasn’t realistic as far as I am concerned but a fun summer read. This was a light easy read. . I did chuckle at times while reading this. I did love Ryder and Monica together and how they interacted with each other. I liked the pace and the plot. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

great book and great characters

The Sheikh’s Pregnant Fake Wife  - Leslie North

Sheikh Feraz Bin Haik Al Naziam is overjoyed that his estranged wife is at last pregnant, they had been trying since the day they got married two years ago. The first time Feraz met his wife Roxanne was on the beach of a luxury resort in his country Djeva. Feraz had become determined to have Roxanne in his bed and Roxanne ahd come willingly. But Feraz had learned after they married what the marriage would cost him nothing but the best for Roxanne from clothes to hospitals to husbands. Roxanne choice to live in the U. S. away from her husband’s native home. At first Feraz had hoped Roxanne would adjust to life in Djeva. But instead Roxanne became more and more withdrawn. They argued so much everyone was miserable including Feraz’s family. So Roxanne and Feraz came up with a compromise she would live alone abroad and return for the occasional state function or other required duties. It had been a long time since Roxanne and Feraz had been intimate , this child was not conceived in the normal way. Roxanne had a twin sister Isabella, who had died recently in France or so everyone thought. Isabella had always been the quieter, shyer one preferring her books to parties. Odd that Isabella had died running around with a married playboy in France. Feraz estimated Roxanne to be about five month pregnant. Roxanne had been the Queen of Fickle. It was not Roxanne at this ultrasound  but Isabella. Feraz didn’t know he had married was dead and her twin Isabella carried his child. Isabella had always secretly loved Feraz and had never called to inform him of his wife's death she had wanted to but…. Isabella chose to play the part that she had never wanted as she needed the money for her terminally ill mother. This had been her mother’s idea - changing ID’s with Roxanne before her trip to France to visit her latest boy-toy. Isabella had been heartbroken at the death if her twin even if Isabella had been a total user. Their mother had made her living off of manipulating emotions- her own and everyone else's. SHe had talked Isabella into not calling Feraz with news of Roxanne’s death. After the doctors visit Feraz told Isabella/Roxanne they were going back to Djeva at least until the birth of their child. Then while at her new doctor in Djeva Isabella and Feraz find out they are having twins- a boy and a girl.

I loved this book. Once again Leslie North wrote a great fun easy romance that involves a sheikh and I loved Feraz and Isabella and glad he found his soulmate even in such a roundabout way. I love how Feraz interacted with each other and how isabella interacts with his family. I loved the plot and pace and read this in one setting. I could find nothing to criticize in this book happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

great book and great characters

Knuckle Down - Chantal Fernando

Celina was a journalist and her best friend and  biggest supporter Akeira was very excited with Celina having an article put on the second page which being on the first couple pages of the newspaper was huge especially being Celina’s first time. This was only the beginning of Celina’s career  and she was determined to make the front page and become the type of journalist who brings real issues to light. Celina was going to her cousin erin’s birthday party- Erin and Celina were very close- at the Cursed Ravens MC clubhouse. Erin’s boyfriend-Ace- is a   Cursed Raven MC member who Celina hasn’t met yet. Celina didn’t know how the MC worked. Once at the clubhouse Celina is introduced to Erin’s bestie Knuckles who was a mountain of a hot man. Celina locks eyes with Knuckles- whose real name is Jack- and can’t seem to look away. When Celina looks away from Knuckles finally then looks back up at Knuckles his eyes are locked on her. Celina is a control freak when Knuckles asked her out during the week he declined but he showed up at her house with food when she was hung over from the birthday party Celina let him in and they ate and talked and he was coming back later the night to cook dinner for her. Their chemistry is so strong. Celina was attracted to bearded, tattooed men. Celina didn’t do casual and didn’t do no feelings in relationships. Celina was the first woman Knuckles had been really attracted to and interested in , in years. Knuckles has two daughters Willow- thirteen and Wesley is eight. When Knuckles was to prepare dinner for Celina he got a call from his ex Flora she wasn’t feeling well and he went and got the girls and took them to Celina’s and she was the first woman they had ever met that their father was interested in. The girls loved Celina;’s dogs: Snape, Carlton, and Kobe as they had always wanted a dog. Willow wants to be a journalist or reporter. It had been a year since Celina had a boyfriend as he had cheated on her and everyone knew but Celina. It had been three years for Knuckles. Knuckles is the Sergeant Of Arms for the Ravens and that means he keeps the peace by any means possible. Knuckles wants more then one night and lets Celina know, he says he is old fashioned and not looking for a one night stand.  So Celina thought about it and still took Knuckles to come over. Knuckles and Celina sleep together.This is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it I read the first book in the series and this one is just as good. I advise you to read the first book in the series so it's a smoother read for you and you know a lot of the characters. To the author you did it again another five star great book I would rate higher if I could. The author makes the characters so real I felt like I was there with Celina ,Erin ,Ace an, Knuckles and his girls and even the dogs. I loved Celina and Knuckles together who were more alike than they had known. I loved Willow and Wesley as they did ad to the book a lot. I read this in one session as I didn’t want to put this down. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ups and downs of this book and I highly recommend.

good book and characters

Trust Again (Again-Reihe) - Mona Kasten

Dawn had been avoiding men for a year. Dawn’s roommate was Sawyer and she was entertaining a man in their dorm room as they were both college students. But that meant Dawn couldn’t go to their dorm room to get some work done. She decided to go to Allies apartment thinking Allie and her boyfriend Kaden wouldn’t be home as she had already tried to call Allie and went to the apartment as Allie had given Dawn a key two months ago. When she gets to the apartment she lets herself in and sees Kaden nude and quickly runs out of the apartment as he calls for her. Dawn takes the stairs and bumps into a chest she loses her balance grabs the person but they both fall down but he twists and makes sure he doesn’t put his weight on Dawn. It was Stewart Dawn had ran into. Then Spencer says he had been wanting Dawn to fall into his arms but not literally. Dawn explained what happened. Spencer was Dawn’s worst and best nightmare. He is the only guy Dawn had meant that made Dawn question her self-imposed celibacy since her breakup with her boyfriend she had caught cheating on her then found out it had been cheating for months. Dawn feels like she is damaged since her ex cheating.  The first time Dawn had meant Spencer she had mistaken him for Kaden who hadn’t been treating Sawyer very good at the time and Dawn gave him a piece of her mind. Allie had cleared everything up. Spencer offered to let Dawn go to his house and work and she accepted as none of er friends had ever been to Spencer’s and Dawn was curious about where he lived. Dawn wrote and sold erotic stories to pay her bills while in college. Her major is English with a focus on creative writing her favorite subject. Spencer had changed his major twice as he couldn’t commit as he was interested in everything. Spencer had been asking Dawn out basically everyday for sixteen months. But Dawn kept saying no as she didn’t date now as she didn’t want to be hurt again. Spencer was always so easy to talk to but was oddly quiet as he drove Dawn to his place. He also tensed as they got to the door. When they got inside he explained this was his parents house and they had money. Then he said he wanted to go for a run appeared restless and got ready and left Dawn to do her work alone. There is a strong chemistry between Dawn and Spencer.

I liked this book a lot I really enjoyed I choked up at times and other times I chuckled. I liked the plot and pace. I like Spencer and Dawn a lot. I liked how Dawn and Spencer interacted with each other especially after Dawn found out the burden Spencer carried that he was hiding from everyone. I liked the characters a lot and the ups and downs of this story and I recommend.

great book and great characters

Chased (The Chase Brothers, Book 3) Paperback - September 1, 2007 - Lauren Dane

Liv was being picked up by her friend Cassie and Maggie to go to Polly and Edwards fortieth wedding anniversary party. Liv had been crying and told her friends Brody had cheated on her with Lyndsay Cole, Liv had walked in on them in Brody’s apartment as she had got off work early and had brought brody some dinner. All Liv wanted was someone she could trust  someone she could come home to at the end of the day and share her life with. She wanted to be in love, and get married and have kids not tomorrow but someday. Marc claimed a dance with Liv at his parents party and he thought about how good it felt to have her body next to his. Marc had wanted to kiss liv pretty badly but his father cut in. Marc did kiss Liv at the Founder Day’s picnic even if she was there on a a date with another man.Liv told Marc she wanted someone who was looking for toward marriage and permanency. Marc dated everyone he could think of for the next month but none of them got Liv out of his thoughts finally Marc called Liv. No man had ever made Liv speechless but Marc did and he pushed every button and Liv wasn’t sure why or how. Marc had set out to woo her and he was.

I loved this book, it was a quick fun romantic read. I now have a new romantic read to put in my favorites group. I loved how sweet Liv was and I loved her and Marc together. I also loved how Marc’s family had already accepted and loved Liv when she had dated Marc’s older brother Matt but it hadn’t worked Matt hadn’t been ready to settle down but the remained the best of friends. When Matt saw Marc really wanted a long term relationship with Liv he was all for it. I felt so bad when Liv saw Marc with his ex. I felt like I was there with everyone and that is special when an author can transport you inside her story. I loved how Marc showed up in Atlanta and made Liv agree to spend two days and face herself and he also faced himself and were totally honest with each other and opened to each other. Just an overall great book and I happily I could happily find nothing to criticize. I love the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.  

Great Book and Great Characters

The Sheikh's Tempting Assistant - Leslie North

Laura is an assistant scout for a production company. She loves her job but is not treated fairly. Raheem is a Sheikh and has taken on the responsibility of preserving the wildlife in its natural habitat. But he needs an assistant to help him promote his project to the tourist Raheem is on a much needed break when Laura’s GPS messed up and she ended up lost but found Raheem’s camp. Raheem was a much needed break. After Raheem’s security brings Laura to him they talk some and she says he has an attitude and gave him a piece of her mind which shocked and amused Raheemat the same time and then he takes her back to the palace from his camp soon after they  have an in-depth discussion and Raheem finds out how bad Laura had been treated on her current job makes a proposal to work for his foundation to protect the animals and Laura agrees. She will help Raheem promote the nature preserve for a lot of money so Laura takes the job. Raheem and Laura feel a mutual strong attraction but Raheem doesn’t mix business with pleasure and fights the attraction.

I loved this book and Leslie North did a great job once again. I felt like I was there with Raheem and Laura. I was glad she left the production company and went to work for Raheem to help him with his foundation. This was a great romance but an easy fun read which made me chuckle at times and choked up at others. I loved when Laura gave Raheem a piece of her mind. This was a little short but didn’t lack anything in the story. I also loved how the Ms. North described the beauty of the locations I also loved Raheem and Laura together, they had such a hot chemistry. This book has drama, suspense, danger, romance, beautiful scenery, broken hearts, adventure, twists and turns, and surprises but also a whole lot more. I would have liked a little more background on Laura and Raheem but wasn’t necessary and didn’t take away form this book.  I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend.

great book and great characters

The Forbidden Brother - Joanne Rock

Jullian was in Cheyenne, Wyoming as she had a new job as a film location scout but she was already at   the risk of losing her job Jullian was a breast cancer survivor and when she was at one on her very low times during radiation  treatment Jullian made a list of one hundred life adventures she wanted to do two years ago. Jullian was at the Thirsty Cow bar and having some wine. Jullian had driven to Cheyenne to meet a wealthy   powerful reclusive rancher Cody McNeill and to try and change his mind about allowing a film crew on his land Jillian had sent a formal written request to Cody’s business manager and got a firm no back. Her boss was pushing her to sign the deal as Jullian had sent her some pictures of Black Creek ranch. Now Jullian was here to try to convince Cody Mcneall. Carson was Cody’s brother -and identical twin but Jullian didn’t know that- and Jullian hoped to see if she could talk Carson to help her win over his brother. If Jullian could get Cody’s permission to film at the ranch she would get more work form her boss. Alos her boss was well connected in the  industry and she might pass along Jullian’s name to her friends as a successful scout. That would mean more work and more travel. More items crossed off her list but more important it meant Jullian was kicking cancer’s butt and that was what she wanted more than anything. Her boyfriend Ethan at the time bailed right after her surgery to remove a tumor. Ethan said he couldn’t deal with chemo and radiation treatments. Jillian swore she saw Varson and left the Thirsty Cow and went into another bar Wrangler’s what Jullian didn’t know it was Cody. There was only five people in the bar. Jillian had no interest or had any mojo in the last two years Some was from his ex and the other was from her disease and the treatment that had lefT her feeling like a dried out husk of a woman She knew from what she had read this could be a normal side effect.What did it matter if men and sex had no appeal to Jillian while she focused on her career and recovery. Then surprisingly Jillian found herself attracted to who she thought was Carson. Cody had bought the building Wranglers was in and now he planned on remodeling it for a more centrally located ranch office. Cody’s family was already fractured but the appearance of his grandfather- Malcolm. Who had disowned Cody’s father Donovan twenty years ago.  Carson wanted to make peace with his grandfather but Cody wanted nothing to do with him. Carson was the type to always go for the fun and not worry about the consequences and Cody decided to pretend he was Carson. He then went up to Jillian and asked her to dance and after a few minutes she agreed .Cody hadn’t been with a woman for twelve months as he hadn’t been tempted by anyone after finding his ex girlfriend cheating. But this woman was different and Cody asks Jillian if she would like to go on an adventure with him.and again Jillian agrees. They have sex and find out the condom had broken but Jillian isn't worried as she doesn’t think she can have kids after the treatments she had. Cody gets her to go for a blood test and she is pregnant.

This was a very good read .I really enjoyed it and this was a fun easy read. I loved how the author approached and delivered the things that happened to Jillian because of her cancer and treatments especially her emotions. I loved Jillian and Cody together. I did feel the ending was rushed especially all a sudden Cody loves Jillian but it didn’t do a lot to hurt the story. I would rate this 4.5 if I could. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend

not for me

The Howling - Erin McCarthy

Liv woke up from a nightmare and it was the fourth in as many nights, she had dreamt of wolves. A nocturan scene that had started six months ago sporadically but now seemed to have taken over her sleeping thoughts. Scarborough/Scar was in the other room working at his computer making even more money. Liv owed Scar so much and she didn’t want him to know that the thought of marrying him terrified Liv. Scar asked if the nightmare were about him -Sebastian who was his brother and had been Liv’s lover. She had loved Sebastian deeply and wholly and he  was the man who refused to marry her and the man who had disappeared six months ago taking what money she had been able to accumulate. Leaving Liv destitute and heartbroken. Scar had picked up the shattered pieces of her heart and offered her a real future and Liv had said yes. They were to marry in ten days, Scar hadn’t pushed her to sleep with him but on their wedding night. Tomorrow Scar was leaving for N Y for four days. Mary Fran was Liv’s best friend and they were in the cafeteria at the University of Wisconsin.. Liv had one more more semester of nursing school and she would be done. Liv had been murdered twenty years ago when Liv was eight. . And Liv had been an only child and since then Liv had felt alone. Sebastian and scar werewolf shifters and even though she didn’t know it and never shifted so was Liv and she knew nothing about werewolves. Sebastian now snuck to get a glimpse of the woman he still loved-Liv. His brother had tried to kill him and thought he was dead and then took his girlfriend.. Sebastian knew Scar was gone and went into Liv and had sex with erh. Liv thought she had a dream until she seen the semen on her leg. Sebastian. After Sebastian had left he ran into his cousin Nick who told him the other wolves hadn’t known what Scar was gonna pull and they didn’t think it was right.  But somewhere along the way i lost interest in this book According to the Legends if Scar mates Liv his power will double.

This was a novell and I liked it at first maybe it was a little rushed for me. Then I realized the format wa that of Lion KIng the brothers one evil who was named Scar the nickname mary had used when referring to Scarborough. Plot just too similar for me. So I  am sure others will like this it just wasn’t for me.

not for me

Playing with Matches: A Novel - Hannah Orenstein

Sasha had only told a few people he family’s mortifying secret. They were her boyfriend of two years -Jonathan. Her best friend Caroline, and the girl she had trusted in H S who had told the whole class. Now Sasha’s new boss-Penelope at Bliss- an elite matchmaking service whose roster of clients included successful entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers and artist. . Until two months agi Sasha had expected People.com -the site she had interned for in college- would hire her as an editorial assistant but the week before graduation her boss told her she didn’t have the budget to hire Sasha. Sasha was desperately trying to get a job she refreshed Craigslist, and NYU job board every fifteen minutes and sent out dozens of desperate applications  and was worried she would have to go back to N J with her father. Then Sasha got a call from Three days later at her training Sasha learned -per Penelope status and looks were the most important things to match. But matchmakers should be intuitive, creative, and above all passionate about the quest for love. Sasha’s family’s most dreadful secret was her parents didn’t meet at a bar, or at college, or through friends. Her parents had met through a certain kind of matchmaker. Her father was lonely, so he chose her mom out of a catalogue and paid six thousand dollars to bring her mother from Russia - she had been a farm girl. Her parents had not been a good match and after a decade divorced. Her parents had never loved each other. Caroline is getting annoyed because Sasha is spending so much time meeting up with people to match with her clients. Jonathan is spending more and more time with his boss and getting more and more distant with Sasha and having less ad less time for her then he betrays her. Sasha’s life seems to be coming apart instead of getting better since she got her job.

I had mixed feelings about this book.It dragged for me at times but usually it was fast paced. But for me the ending though realistic didn’t work for me. I also would have like more information on matchmaking and all it entailed in modern times even if only fictional. At times it was hard keeping my interest. I would say this book was more for people in their twenties which I am not. It was a good summer read for the most part just not a favorite. I did like Sasha and was sad when Jonathan betrayed her but she should have seen it coming.  But there were things I liked and things not so much so as I said I had mixed feelings.

not for me

A New Orleans Threesome - Louisa Bacio

Lily had been walking to a job interview on Bourbon street when some drunk guys were flagging her down to go party with them. She felt the power flow through her. Then she knew their thoughts and what they had planned for her. Power came out f her hands and broke the windshield of the car and threw the guy that was out of the car backwards. Then Lily took off running and went into the store and decided to forget the interview. Trevor was a werewolf and his lover Lawrence/Law was a vampire who was one hundred and fifty years old and had been thirty when he had been turned. In their level downstairs from the store they ran an after hours book store. Lily told Trevor she had come to them for help. Trevor could tell she wasn’t human and felt the power in her. Lily ended up shattering a lightbulb as her powers grew whens he was frightened or frustrated. Lily said Trevor was a werewolf and Lawrence a vampire and she had come for a reason- for their help. She had said she had read about the two of them and their bookstore and then she started having dreams about them and her dreams had led her there. Lily felt if she didn’t get control of her power she would end up killing someone. Trevor had been living on the streets and Law find him beaten almost to death in an alley. Now Trevor wanted to help any other who needed any help. Law embodied the cool and and collected whereas Trevor lived in the wild ruled by his emotions. Trevor offered to let Lily stay with then as she needed support and security’ They also gave her a jon=b to work the store in the daylight hours. Lily got up at night for a drink and saw the men having sex and then she watched every night as for some reason Lily couldn’t complete the act of having sex no one or no toy would give her relief. Both men desired Lily and asked her if she wanted to join them. Lily had been plagued by the same  nightmare for years. But recently it had grown more frequent. The demon of her dreams wanted her purity, her virginity, her soul. Law was working on figuring Lily out and her powers and otherness. He felt part of ehr was a witch. Lily’s research kept bringing her back to the Greek God Arimanius, something about the black and white drawing reminded Lily of the demon in her nightmare. Arimanius was listed as a God of the underworld. Trevor,Lily, and Lawrence had grown up without a traditions family and now they were drawn together.

I must have picked this up on accident as I don’t care for M/M sexual relationships or menages. This was more of a rerotic read for me. The relationships between Lily, Trevor, and Law seemed slow moving to me. I basically skipped the sex scenes just not for me. I did enjoy the authors descriptions of New Orleans and the different articles both Lily and Law researched. This was a quick read just didn’t enjoy the M/M and M/F/M. In the end this just wasn’t for me. Also I was disappointed how the ending felt so rushed. I am sure others will enjoy this but as I said this just wasn’t for me.

OK Book and Characters

Talk Cowboy to Me - Carolyn Brown

Adele O’Donnell saw the Double Deuce and knew it was the perfect place to start over with her girls. Unfortunately Remy has the same idea with the nephews he is taking care of after a horrible tragedy.

This was a sweet story. There was a lot of character building with all 6 of the character, and the kids were definitely characters! The plot was pretty straightforward with both main characters recognizing their attraction right from the beginning but having ultimate goals to avoid the attraction. The book is kind of slow building and kind of predictable. While the premise is trying to get the ranch, it’s basically what it’s like when two families become one and all of the problems that come along with those situations.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Didn't Like At All

Heart of a SEAL (Hearts of Valor #1) - Dixie Lee Brown

Six months in a desert hellhole taught Navy SEAL Luke Harding things he never wanted to learn about life and death. Only tender memories of the beautiful brunette he met a few weeks before his deployment helped get him through the torturous days and nights. Back in the States after a perilous rescue, physically and emotionally damaged, Luke reaches out to Sally Duncan, the woman whose memory helped him get through torture. Unfortunately, he refused to see her when he was injured in the hospital so now he must hope she will at least hear him out.

The beginning started ok, but from the moment Luke shows up for Sally, I didn’t really like their interactions. I had a problem with both characters, which made it hard for me to be able to like this story at all.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book