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Great Story and Characters

Packaged Husband - Noelle  Adams

Chelsea offered to help Owen masterson repackage his image to attract higher profile designers for partnership with Mastersons Department Stores. Chelsea felt after twenty four years of being the pretty one was getting old. Melissa was the  one who makes things happen without even trying. Sam was the smart one. . Chelsea was the youngest and spoiled one- the pretty one. The spoiled princess, Chelsea can be counted on to look good and most people don’t try to look beyond that. Pop was her grandfather He founded a successful regional chain of restaurants - Pop’s Home cooking. Pop is the only family the sisters have since their parents died when Chelsea was eight . Chelsea admits to being spoiled and doesn’t try to deny it. But it’s time now for chelsea to live her own life. Pop was old fashioned as they come. Chelsea doesn’t have much of a temper. She’s a good natured person. She likes to laugh and understand people. Chelsea’s best friend is Eva who she had known since kindergarten. She called after lunch with Pop, she went shopping but bought nothing as she wanted to find the right dress for her interview with Owen. when eva asked what happened at lunch Chelsea just said Pop was disappointed she didn’t find a good job and disappointed in everything else about her. He also said Chelsea wasn’t grown up enough to get a husband. Owen tells her at her interview he would like Chelsea to be his trophy wife for one year if not that he would take the three month dating contract she had made up. Chelsea and owen go on a month of dates than take off to vegas to get married to make it look romantic . Chelsea even had Owen sing her Can’t Help Falling In Love With You  and recorded it on her phone to show designers Owen wasn’t an old fuddy duddy.

I loved this story.It was a fast paced, sweet, romantic love story with just the right amount of anst. Definitely a new favorite of mine. I loved the plot also. I loved how Owen changed especially with Chelsea as the had more time together. I also loved the ending. I also loved the relationship chelsea had with her two sisters as well as Eva. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book including the couple of twists and I highly recommend it. .

Good Story and Good Characters

Keeper - Kim Chance

The Dragon’s Horde was a comic book store in a small town in Georgia. Lainey managed to get the last bit of standing space in the store. She was wedged in between a display of anime novels and a large cardboard Captain America. Lainey used her S A T prep book as a barrier between her and the thong of cosplayers and super nerds in the store,it was Superhero Saturday and the shop was packed with every die- hard fan within fifty miles. With little to do in the small town the Horde’s monthly meetings were as big a deal as San Diego's Comic Con.  Lainey thought Maggie really owed her. Maggie was her best friend. Lainey tried to tune out the noise as she needs to have fifty new vocabulary words memorized by the end of the night. Lainey decided she needed some fresh air as she tries to get to the exit a guy dressed as Thor said “ Now where are you going pretty lady?” Lainey tried to figure out an escape from this guy. Than she saw a tall guy wearing a dark gray t shirt and started to head his way. He looked about as thrilled as she did to be stuck here. Lainey yelled “ Babe, there you are” and  walked over to him and put her arm through his. Than the guy pulled away but only to put his arm around her and pulled her closer to his body. He said his friend had paid him twenty dollars to drive him here. Than he said “ down with some light reading?” Than Lainey said the test was in two days, she was graduating early and had to get at least a 2200 to get into her top schools . The science programs were pretty competitive. Than Lainey thanked him and told him she was Lainey and he said he wa Ty.Lainey went to leave as Maggie was going for coffee with Heath. As she started walking to her car she heard her name called. Yet she didn’t recognize anyone around her.  A tall figure of a woman walked out of the shadows of a building. She stood apart from the crowd. Than Looney noticed the woman’s green dress and green overcoat were stained with blood. Than Lainey stumbled back and when she looked again the woman was gone. Then she heard Lainey yelled and she went to get in her car and the woman was behind her and grabbed her with her icu hand and grabbed her above her elbow. As soon as their skin touched a wave if electric energy went through her body . The wave of energy intensified with each beat of her heart. Lainey passed out. Than Lainey came to by her car door and everything hurt. Lainey than had to work through a panic attack . Lainey called  Maggie and asked her to meet her and Maddie said of course and than Lainey decided there had to be a logical explanation as Lainey is very logical. The scientific method had never failed her before. Most of the pain had left her body. But right above her elbow is the very spot where the woman had grabbed her there was an angry red handprint. Lainey called Maggie and asked her to come meet her. Maggie suggested they use a spirit board- ouija board- and they could try to contact the woman. Than Maggie mentioned talking to Serena who Lainey thought was crazy. Serina who was her uncle’s girlfriend and Lainey had known Serina her whole life.Serena was a seer and psychic. She was like family. Lainey’s uncle Garrett took her in when Lainey’s parents died. It had been the two of them and Serena. Lainey  went to her room to study the last picture of her and her parents she was only a baby that had fallen from the book. Than Lainey noticed noticed the necklace her mother wore was the same one the woman wore that had grabbed her. Than Lainey saw the woman again. Lainey has flashbacks and nightmares about the lady covered in blood. Lainey is a powerful witch and her uncle has known all along. Lainey is Du Cermont. Now he finally tells her. Garrett isn’t her blood uncle. Lainey has magical powers but has no control over them. Ty is Lainey’s guardian and Lainey was his Calling which meant he stood beside her. . The Master is an evil being that had been killing generations of Lainey’s family to get a spell that was stolen from him and placed in the Grimoire.

I enjoyed this book. I loved how Lainey and Maggie’s  relationship. I also loved how Maggie stood close to Lainey no matter what. I did feel there weren’t answered by the end of this book. Lainey annoyed me at times. I hated how Ty betrayed Lainey. I chuckled at times while reading this. Especially with Maggie’s character. I did really enjoy the fast pace and plot. I loved the characters and the twists in this book and I recommend this.

Great Story and Characters

Wrong Bed, Right Roommate (Accidental Love #1) - Rebecca Brooks

Jessie’s best friend and roommate was Talia and they live in NYC. Jessie was about to start her dream job at Honeywell Press. Her boss was Marlene Chen and she was to be Marlene’s Editorial Assistant. New York publishing was notoriously cutthroat. Jessie knew she had not been Marlene’s first choice.  Marlene was one of the biggest Y A fantasy editor in the business. Talia was in London with a dance company and she just found out that the subleter had backed out. Jessie can’t afford the apartment by herself. Talia’s brother Shawn was two years older than Jessie. When they were in HS he had slept with two of Talia’s friend and she had lost these to friends as they had never talked to Talia again.  It had been quite a week for Shawn with packing all his stuff and jumping on a plane and convincing Kevin to to trust him with a major promotion and hoping he wasn’t making another mistake with his life. Now he was going to take over his sisters room and be a roommate to Jessie. He was trying not to be the old Shawn . Shawn was here to show he could do this. He needed to get to Thunder Brewery tomorrow and be early so he could get the lay of the land before his shift started. All Shawn needed to do was lie low and focus on the brewery. Shawn accidently picked the wrong bedroom  and ended up next to Jessie. He apologized as he crawled back over her, all he had on were boxers his thigh accidently hit hers and it felt like something zinged straight through Lainey. Something hard. And sharp, and hot, and jagged, but also rich, and soft, and warm all at once. Shawn had never even looked at Lainey when she was in H S. She was at their house a lot with Talia. Jessie wasn’t like Shawn - that was a good thing: she didn’t do whatever she wanted to do without thinking of anyone else, she didn’t lose one job after another, she didn’t move across country without warning. Jessie didn’t screw with everything that so much as breathed in her direction. She also didn’t show up at people’s apartments in the middle of the night. Let alone their bedroom. Shawn talked Jessie into going to the brewery with him. They ended up having sex that night but both agreed it was a mistake and wouldn’t happen again.   But it did happen again.

I loved this book. It had just the right amount f everything I definitely have a new favorite romance novel. This was an  easy sweet romantic read with just enough angst. I loved Jessie and Shawn together and how they interacted together and couldn’t seem to stop the journey they had accidently started on together. I loved Jessie and Talia’s relationship and how they had each other’s back. Also when Talia realized she was wrong about Shawn and Jessie she se out to do her best to help make things right. I didn’t want to put this down. I read it in one day. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Not For Me

The Duke I Once Knew  - Olivia Drake

For years, Abigail Linton devoted herself to caring for her parents and her siblings’ children. Now, eager to create a life of her own, Abby seizes upon a position as a governess on a neighboring estate. Unfortunately, her absentee employer is Maxwell Bryce, the Duke of Rothwell, the notorious rake who once broke her youthful heart. But since he hasn’t set foot on his estate for fifteen years, Abby assumes she’ll never have to lay eyes on him ever again. Then, from out of nowhere, Max appears. He is stunned to come face to face with the girl next door he fell for years ago—before he went away, and she stopped writing to him. . .even though Abby swears that he is the one who left her without a word. Could it be that this spirited, witty spinster has won Max’s heart all over again—and that they may have a second chance at love?

I didn’t like this book. Right from the beginning, I was really annoyed with all of the characters and how the story itself was. It just wasn’t for me.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story and Characters

The Madame Catches Her Duke - Christina McKnight

Despite being thrown from her home and stripped of her place in society at a young age, Madame Marce Davenport is proud of what she’s accomplished with her family and the notoriously scandalous Craven House. Except it’s all built on a lie. When an arrogant duke strode into her home years ago, offering her a way to keep the brothel open, she agreed to his game of deception. But now that her siblings have found their happiness, Marce can finally live the life she’s always wanted: one that embraces the truth. And that means severing ties with the man who has claimed too many of her days—both in reality, and fantasy. Rowan Delconti, the Duke of Harwich, has been angry for so long: at his father, at the woman who broke apart his parents’ marriage, and at the children who won is father’s love. He’s determined his mother won’t be unhappy again—even if it means pretending to be married to Marce, so that his mother will think he’s found love in his life. But the beautiful madame fuels his fire like no other, and the charade starts to feel all too real.

This was a pretty good book. The story is a lot deeper than the description gives and I’m glad I gave it a chance. Both characters were well written and go through a lot emotionally. I really enjoyed the book. I can’t wait to read to read more from this author. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Common Story but Good Characters

Cowboy SEAL Homecoming - Nicole Helm

Alex Maguire never thought he'd go home again. The perfect soldier, the perfect leader, he's spent his whole life running away from Blue Valley, Montana—but when a tragic accident bounces him and two of his men out of the SEALs, there's nowhere left to turn but the ranch he used to call his own...and the confusing, innocently beguiling woman who now lives there. Becca Denton's like nothing he could have imagined. She's far too tempting for her own good, but when she offers to help turn the ranch into a haven for injured veterans, he can't exactly say no. He'll just need to keep his distance. But something in her big green eyes makes Alex want to set aside the mantle of the perfect soldier and discover the man he could have been...safe and whole within the shelter of her arms.

This was a pretty straight-forward story. It was pretty predictable and I’ve read a number of books with the same premise, but the characters and their interactions made it worth the read. I look forward to reading more from this author. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

good book and characters

Aphrodite's Tears - Hannah Fielding

Aphrodite’s tears   hannah fielding 4

Oriel is an English  archaeologist and goes to Greece to work. Oriel’s special interest is Greek history and she specializes in underwater archaeology. She jumps at the chance to work on an ancient roman Galley shipwreck as it’s her dream job and opportunity of a lifetime.  She had a one night stand along time ago and Damien was the man who when she woke up he was gone and she didn’t even know his name and that hurt Oriel. Six years later Damian saw her picture on the application for the diving job and knew he had to hire her. She os the best qualified for the job. Oriel is offered the  diving expedition as senior archaeologist but isn’t as excited when she sees who is the head of the expedition. He still continues to affect her like he did that one fantastic night long ago that she never forgot . but neither had Damian. Damien owns and rules his island Helios. . He is also an archaeologist and is heading this project and therefore Oriel’s boss. Oriel makes it clear they were only to have a professional relationship. Damian is going to try to change Orioles mind.   Damien narrates Greek myths and legends. Damian has had a lot of grief and mystery in his life like his brothers death in suspicious circumstances. He also has a beautiful but disabled unhinged cousin Helena who is in a wheelchair and who wants Damian with no one.

I really enjoyed this book. I felt like I was there with Damian and Oriel. I really liked how the author added at the end of the book what is factual and based on facts and what was not. I feel this was well written but I did think this could have been a little shorter. I didn’t want to put this down. I really enjoyed the mystery, and  intrigue. Damian and Oriel did have hot chemistry. But there was some repetitive things on this book. I loved how Oriel stood up for herself. I really liked the plot. There are: ancient festivals, hot chemistry, a long ago one night stand, mystery, intrigue, a dead brother, a dead wife, a handicapped jealous cousin, a sunken ship, treasure, smuggling , even a volcano, sexual tension, and so much more in this book. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.

good book and characters

Should've Been You: A Man Enough Romance - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Jase and Becca have know each other since they were children. They each had feelings for each other but neither knew that as Becca’s twin sister Hannah lied to Jase as she was jealous of Becca and made him believe Becca hated him and Hannah was Jace’s best friend and he believed her. Becca had crushed on Jase since she was ten and he was twelve.  Everyone believed Hannah and Jase would someday take their relationship to romance but that never happened. Becca’s father had brought Jace - when he was fourteen-home one Christmas Eve as his father was an abusive alcoholic and beat him and his mother had never stopped her husband. So they seen Jase a lot at as they grew up but Jase was always with Hannah.  Both Hannah and Becca teachers but Becca moved away . Becca was home for a few days for the holidays. Jace had went away to go in the service now he is home and started a cattle ranch and lives with his mother. Becca has now know Jase for eighteen years. Than Hannah gets engaged bit not to Jase but ot her on again off again musician boyfriend. Jase no longer knows his place in Hannah’s life and starts hanging out with Becca in his spare time they both than find out they had been crushing in each other when they were younger. But Becca has a boyfriend Brian back home and she expected a proposal during the holidays. Jase and Becca end up together and becca had cheated on Brian.

I really liked this story but there were also things I didn’t like. Becca and Jace had hot chemistry bit I didn’t like the cheating cal Brian and end it before being with Jace. This was a sweet romantic read except for the cheating that took some of the sweetness away. But I did really enjoy the building up of Jace and Becca’s relationship. I thought twins usually Had a special bond not the meanness and conniving Hannah displayed toward her twin with her lie. I was glad Jase and Becca found each other. I found it hard to like Hannah after what she did to Becca with her lies. I advise you to read the other books in this series for a smoother read. This was a novella and I think with everything that went on in the book it should have been longer, a full length novel maybe. Anyway I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.

great book and great characters

Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate  - Donna Alward

Harper felt it was odd being the person in front of the camera instead of behind. She was used to being the wedding photographer . Adele was harper’s best friend and it was Adele’s wedding day. Harper was the only bridesmaid and Drew stood up with his brother Dan. Harper was no good at flirting and even worse when it came to personal space and touching. She never quite knew where to put her hands or where to look.  Harper was not confident when it came to men especially good looking ones who said the right things without trying. They had a habit of just turning around and walking away just when you thought it was safe enough to believe . to trust. Drew told harper her would like to get to know her better but Harper said no. He did also say her nature pictures were great and why didn’t she decide to devote herself to them. Harper told him the wedding and other occasions photography paid the bills so she could do some nature photography. Adele had cancer at a young age and couldn’t have children of her own. Harper told her she would be her surrogate and carry a baby for her. She had just taken a pregnancy test and she was pregnant. Adele and dan would have their child. Adele had made Harper feel like she had a home and some roots. Drew didn’t stay in one place for very long cause when he did he got itchy to be on his way again. But Adele was hovering over harper a little too much but harper didn’t want to hurt Adele and didn’t say anything. Than Drew showed up when Harper was at dans and Adeles and dan told Drew about the baby and all harper was doing for them. He told harper she was doing something amazing but at first he wondered what she was getting out of it. Harper was attracted to Drew but knew it would go nowhere. Drew was going with Harper the next morning why she went looking for nature pictures to take. Drew was normally up this early to have some time to hike in nature before he had to be to work. Today he would be with Harper. He knew he couldn’t be interested in her romantically as she was the surrogate carrying his brothers baby- his niece or nephew. But he liked her, he had since the wedding. She challenged him even when she was sweet and unassuming. Drew made his fortune and was a millionaire as owner of Aspen Outfitters and always liked to move around and not settle in one place. Drew had heard his parents arguing when he had been young and his father had given up his dreams for his family. Drew had feared settling down every since.

I did really enjoy this book. I loved Drew and Harper together and how they interacted with each other. I also loved there was a slow build up to their romance. I loved Adele’s and Harper's friendship. I loved that Harper was willing to carry Adele and Dan’s child even knowing it would be painful to give the baby up when it was born. I also loved the relationship Harper had with Jumy her employee at the shop. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly  recommend it.                                                           

Not For Me

Confession: A Bayfront Billionaire novella (Bayfront Billionaires) - Calista Fox

Devon felt like it was the perfect day to boat out. But he wasn’t in town for pleasure. He was there for business. Serious business he needed to conduct with his best friend Morgan. They were also business partners. They hadn’t seen much of each other in the past year or really spoken to each other. Not since the night they had hooked up with a woman in a red mini dress. He also remembered the line he and Morgan had almost crossed. Less than a week later they went their separate ways. But now there was an unexpected and highly lucrative business offer on the Bayfront club about to bring them back together. He intended to talk Morgan into selling despite the club not even being on the market. Than Devon planned on buying a house in the Hamptons and put a proposal together for building a club there. He was there to sever ties with Bayfront. The offer was triple what they had invested. Morgan had been the HS quarterback and Devon had been the lightning-quick receiver who been in perfect sync with him. Neither of them had the ambition to go pro. Business was their thing. Now Morgan was across from Devon. Than Devon found out Fallan was working for there at the club. Fallen was an old friend from back in elementary school. She was breathtaking now. She had totally changed.

I didn’t really get into this book as I don’t believe a woman should have to totally change to get a man/men's interest. Nor ask him to have sex with her. Fallen just seemed to desperate to me. Also a little unrealistic for me. This just wasn’t for me but I am sure others will enjoy it.

Good Story and Good Characters

Hard Play - Sheryl Nantus

Dylan Mccourt was in his office high above the dance floor of the Las vegas nightclub- The Devil’s Playground. The club was filled to capacity. The one way glass and the scenic view gave him a chance to catch trouble before the men of the floor could see it. Than he saw a businessman grab one of the servers butt. Dylan calls down to Ace and tells him to get the men out of the club. Dylan also said there was a woman at the door and to check her card and bring her to his office. Dylan was seldom wrong when it came to someone looking for help from the Brotherhood. Than there was a tap on Dylan’s door and Ace introduced the young woman as Lisa. The Devil’s Playground was a solid entertainment spot with a good reputation and a decent set of DJs who kept up with the latest music trends. Security was tight and polite and anyone trying to cause trouble would be shown to the door quickly and efficiently. Dylan said to Lisa you talked to Peter she said yes and he gave her the business card Dylan  now has and sent her to talk to them. Talk to Dylan specifically. Lisa said yes her was her last chance. Than Dylas asked her about her problem. Dylan already had a briefing from Peter but he wanted it straight from Lisa. Lisa said she had a best friend Jessie and lisa gave dylan a picture of Jessie. Jessie and Lisa had met in HS and became best friends. After they graduated they promised to look out for each other. Lisa got a job working for one of the hotels. Jessie joined the Las Vegas PD. She had quit about a year ago and became a private investigator. Jessie has been missing for a week. No phone call, no contact at all. Jessie had went undercover before. When Jessie had started working as a P I they set up a system for when she goes undercover and needs a safety net. Once a day she was suppose to text lisa some random letters. It looks like a wrong number. Maximum going three days without contact. Than Lisa was to raise the alarm. It’s been longer than that and no one will listen to Lisa. jessie was in trouble. On the fourth day she went to Jessie’s apartment with her key and found it had been searched and everything was a mess, clothes everywhere and whoever it was used Jessie’s own keys. Jessie didn’t tell Lisa anything about her client as she respected their privacy. Jessie had been going out at odd hours the last few months. Jessie doesn’t have any family left. Lisa gives Dylan the spare keys to Jessie’s office she had been there once but said she didn’t know what to look for. Dylan and asked if Lisa had went to the cops and she said she had but she could tell they weren’t taking her seriously. The cops didn’t act interested at all. Lisa thinks it had something to do with Jessie leaving the force and  not on he best terms. Dylan told Lisa he felt they could find jessie. Dylan represented a group of people who take on cases that are outside the norm. Lisa said she would pay whatever their fee was and Dylan said they would discuss payment after they brought Jessie home. Lisa gave Dylan a folder with everything she could think of concerning Jessie that may somehow help. Dylan than stressed lisa couldn’t say anything about this meeting no matter what. To keep helping people they needed total secrecy. There was something about Jessie in that picture that drew Dylon. Jessie was seeking evidence to convict mobster Edward Moloclavi who had a lot of police on his payroll. Keeping his image clean. Even though Jessie knew Moloclavi had shot her father. Jessie had been working undercover in Moloclavi’s casino. But than Moloclavi believes Jessie stole some information form his office and kidnaps her. Dylan and his team rescue Jessie and they are ready to help her bring down Moloclavi.

I liked this book a lot. I really enjoyed the action and suspense. Also the plot and pace of this book.  There was very hot chemistry between Dylan and Jessie. I loved Dylan and Jessie together and how they interacted together. I also liked how they worked as a team. I loved how Jessie used her training to help Dylan and his team rescue her. I liked the closeness Devon and his team had. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Animal Attraction - Patricia Rosemoor

Detective Ethan Grainger gave his new partner a distinctive stare. Isabelle was his new partner after losing the best partner he ever had- Shade. Ethan recognized the murdered victim- Alderman DeAndre Booker.from the West side, Ethan wondered what Booker was doing so far from home. The man wasn’t dressed for a  night out at one of the clubs. Booker was also elected Vice Mayor by the city council. Booker had spent the last couple years working on getting jobs for inter city kids instead of them turning to gangs. Ethan was anxious to leave so that he could find Luc and get the man’s thoughts on the new but familiar murder. Ethan took some photos at the scene . especially of the body, of the dead mans face and ripped out throat. Than he pulled out his notebook and took notes. He got everything he could from the forensic findings, everything the officers on duty had gathered from the crowd or the other side of the crime scene tapes. Isabelle said she would call the Lakeside Zoo and see if any wolves or big animals were missing. Coyotes were not the only thing that worked for Cezar Lazare he had plenty of big cats including his family which were panther shifters. No one in Chicago PD new about the Kindred which were animal shifters. Or the true nature of their casino. Not unless you were invited to the lower deck where you could lose your soul to Lazare. The lower deck was cloaked by magic to the unsuspecting . As much as he hated the Ark he needed to go. Lazare did influence local politicians. Ethan had been avoiding shape shifting Kindred. Avoiding direct contact with Lazare’s daughter who had been Shade’s woman and was carrying Shade’s child now. Despite his vow to Shade he would make sure she and the baby were alright but Nuala blamed Ethan for Shades death. Ethan would like to forget her kind. Yet Ethan found himself attracted to Nuala. He’d checked on her through Shade;s twin Skye. Luc was Nuala’s half brother. Luc had help find the monster who had killed Shade as he was protecting Luc’s mom Elizabeth who had raised Luc human. There were shifter fights still going on even after Lazarre had promised Skye he would stop them? Skye was all about stopping the fights and taking care of the injured animals. Nuala time with Shade had been life altering . He’d shown her there was a different way to live. Ethan loved Shade like a brother. Him being murdered like Ethan’s real brother a decade ago losing SHade the same way had torn open wounds that never healed. Ethan had unresolved and highly inappropriate feelings for Nuala. Luc was the head of security for The Ark. Luc said he would put out feelers for anyone who had a problem with Alderman Booker. Ethan didn’t like Kindred or the operation at The Ark. Ethan’s failure to find his brother Mike’s killer still haunts him ten years later. Nuala decided to to move to Shade’s apartment after talking with Ethan about a different way of Maeve being raised and in a different place. Shade had been killed when he went to Elizabeth  to ask some questions- Luc’s mom- and is killed saving her life. Nuala was very attracted to Ethan and when he kissed her she kissed him back during that kiss he ingested some of Nuala’s blood and could w hear Kindred’s thoughts. Than when he pulled back Nuala hit him.

I loved this book What a different take on shifters giving up their souls and taking human souls. But I do like the old shifter books but till loved this one as it was a great story. I loved how Nic was basically surly and quiet but he loved his sister Nuala and would do anything to keep her safe. I loved Nuala and Ethan together and how they interacted together. I also loved how Cezar was the loving parent this time and the mother could basically care less about her children and was all about hre things/ That was a change. I loved the pace and plot of this book.  I loved Ethan was willing to do anything to save Nuala and Maeve. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend it.

Mixed Feelings

Sheltered (The Cities Below) - Jen Colly

Rollin is a Balinese Guardian who’s been a protector all his life. He was raised by his adopted mom Cat who also raised four other kids whon Rollin loves as his own siblings. Rollin has moved out on his own but still stops to see Cat every morning as she is close to giving birth. Rollin is worried about two of his four siblings more than the other two. Bette is an aristocratic vampire   from Valenna and has been dominated by the evil Lady and It’s Captain. Her parents had been killed and she is wanted to mark and mate her for money because of hre station. To prevent a mating mark from being forced on her Betty locks herself in her house for the next ten years.About once a month a friend comes and brings Bette something to eat. Now Bette’s sanity is in question and the sun calls to her which would be instant death. So Bette has decided to seduce one of the guardians and she would have her own protector but also Bette believes the only bond she can form and will save her life is the bond between a mother and child. She wants to get pregnant. Bette gets to Balenere which is a haven for all who need refuge. Rollin and another Guardian are on shift. Bette tells rollin she is being chased by demons. Rollin doesn’t believe her but lets her in anyway and takes her to his own home.  Bette and Rollin have secrets that they try to hide from one another.From the beginning Bette and Rollin are barely apart and Rollin doesn’t want to let Bette go.Rollin needs to be needed and Bette needs him. He tries to make Bette feel safe. Bette finds herself falling for Rollin. Bette understands more about Rollin than his family does. Bette is the first woman Rollin has ever got close to. Soon Rollin is falling for Bette and she for him. But she also knows association with her could ruin Rollins future. She is starting to doubt her original plan is worth Rollin sacrificing his dream as she loves him now. But there are guardians letting demons into the city and others fighting for money. Rollin hungers to mark Bette as his own but than Betet disappears.

I had mixed feelings about this book. Like Bette locking herself in wehen Vampires can go right through doors and walls. I also felt this could use some action to liven it up. But I did enjoy this book I just wouldn’t read this again and that goes into my rating. I did love Rollin and Bette together. They were really want each other needed. I also got irritated by hearing about the age difference so what vampires tend to live a long time if not killed or go into the sun. i did also like the plot. I felt bad bette was at the point of wanting to commit suicide. At times this felt a little rushed to me. I also HATE cliffhangers and that also added to the drop in ratings for me. I got a little confused at times while reading this also. There were also a few too many side plots. As you can see i have mixed feelings on this book.

Great Story and Characters

#Starstruck - Sariah S. Wilson

Zoe had tweeted her thoughts that  her favorite actor Chase Covington-was a little flat in his last role. She soon found out she was the only one that felt that way and started getting hate tweets by other fangirls when she went to delete the tweet chase had tweeted her back. He had ten million followers, Zoe wondered how he had seen her tweet so quickly and answered back so fast. Chase did tweet pretty regular and tried to engage with his fanbase. Chase was an extremely talented actor and easily one of the best in Hollywood and he had been in the business since the age of four years old. At twenty five he had an Academy Award under his belt. He would never let anyone pigeonhole him, he even now he played rom-coms, moody historicals, and indie dramas. The story of Zoe’s life - to get all excited over something that turned out to be absolutely nothing. Zoe was a senior in college earning an accounting degree. Zoe had turned her phone off while working on her paper at the library when she turned it back on she saw she had about thirty texts from her roommate and best friend Lexi. She was a theater major and was prone to dramatics. Lexi was the reason Zoe had become  a big fan of Chase Covington in the first place. Zoe had been homeschooled by her Amish grandparents until her mother came back into her life and took Zoe with her. The first thing she did was put Zoe in a public school. Zoe was twelve years old and didn’t know how to make friends. Lexi had come to her rescue. She had went up to Zoe and asked her if she loved Chase Covington. Zoe would agree to anything to have a friend. Lexi was still pretty much Zoe’s only friend ten years later. Lexi and Zoe were the definition of opposites attract. Zoe had babysat for a rich woman who paid her extremely well since she was sixteen. She had just talked to her to find out they were moving away Saturday. Zow was out of a job that paid for her rent and food. Zoe and Chase actually met. He was intrigued with someone who was totally honest with him and was herself.No one had ever disagreed with Chase. Also everyone wanted something from him even his own mother. Zoe could not believe she was dating Chase. First it started out as just friends but had since grown to more. Zoe had decided to save herself until she married and told Chase that. Chase tweets and words say one thing but his actions say another. He hadn’t even kissed her yet. Zoe had not yet told lexi that she was dating Chase. Zoe was glad she signed a NDA as she could not tell anyone she was dating Chase. Than Zoe and Chase’s secret relationship is leaked to the press and she is losing Chase as well as her best friend Lexi. She is alone and how could something so great cause so much pain and anguish as Chase didn’t believe Zoe didn’t leak to the press herself  and broke up with her. Zoe is miserable but so is Chase he really loved Zoe and really he knew Zoe wouldn’t do anything to hurt him to use him.

I loved this book. It was a fantastic fun romantic book . I have a new favorite romance even if it was an older book. I loved the dates Chase planned for him and Zoe. I loved the ending of this book. I loved that Chase respected Zoe’s decision to be a virgin when she married. My attention was grabbed at the beginning of this book and stayed until the ending. I didn’t want to put this down. I liked the regular build of Chase and Zoe’s relationship. I liked it wasn’t all peaches and cream for them more realistic. I loved where Zoe was at a point where she was willing to forego her morals and Chase stopped things. I loved Zoe’s family. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Unfinished Business - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Angela’s mother Fran had passed away. But her mother’s scent was still on the hospice bed. Than Angela heard her mother call and saw her in the same nightgown she passed away in. Fran told Angela she had told her if she could come back she would and there she was. Angela told her she should have went through the light. Fran said there was a light and she would go back to itbut she had some stuff to down here first.  She also said she had some unfinished business but wouldn’t say what. Than she told Angela to sit up and listen to her It was important. Angela is married to jake and they have two kids- Emily who was fifteen and Josh who was ten. Fran dying had really messed with Angela’s brain. Carolyn and Jake went to the funeral home and was met there by her two brothers John and Paul. Carolyn ended up taking control of the meeting. Fran came to Angela again late that night. To angela Fran embodied strength both mentally and physically. It had been heartbreaking to watch the cancer destroy her mom. Fran advised Angela to leave the past in the past and get along better with her brothers. Angela told Fran that she is talking bs as patrince was never one of Fran’s virtues and forgiveness wasn’t in Frans vocabulary. Than Fran wasn’t around for days. On the way to Chicago to Fran’s memorial and burial with her parents Josh said grandma said she didn’t want Uncle John screwing up burying her in Chicago and he said Fran had told him last night. Angela and Fran make sure Emily is safe when issues are revealed. Fran somehow kicked a psychic ability in Angeal and now she saw dead people everywhere. Angela is now a medium even if she wasn’t too happy about it and a ghost whisper as Fran pushes Angela to help those who haven’t moved on.

I loved this book. Even though the subject of a dead parent is a tough subject Fran becoming a ghost  was a big part of this book but was done in such a way that is just right and you can still enjoy the story and not be depressed while reading it. I loved Fran i just got a kick out of her. I loved Angela and Mels relationship and how she was there for Angela. I also loved Angela and Jake had a strong marriage with no cheating or abuse after several years. I loved how the author brought up several issues realistically. I laughed at different times while reading this. I loved the plot and pace. To me this was just a great enjoyable book and I was glad to have been given the chance to read it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Good Story and Good Characters

Deep Into Trouble: An Unbroken Heroes Novel - Dawn Ryder

Ginger and Karen were librarians. Ginger had a job with the state as a researcher as she was just nosy and now she gets paid to read through people’s details.CPS needed to know the dirt on people and Ginger was nosy.  They were at a convention in New Orleans. Ginger and Karen had been cohorts in misadventures for years . they both had a passion for mayhem. Ginger was going to meet with Kitten- a stripper and give her the book she had. Karen and Ginger had met Kitten the night before and Ginger was determined to give her the book Kitten had been promised. But first Ginger stepped to get some different clothes that were more appropriate to party in. Ginger might have to toe the line during work hours but she setting in the lobby after when Bourbon street was a couple hundred feet away. Captain Brams magnus told Special Agent Saxon Hale that she goes by the name of  Kitten. She poses as a stripper on the street when she is on the lookout for her boss. Saxon said tell him why no one sees the Raven’s face and still he runs a major underground empire Saxon had followed his tips there but the residents of the community were tight lipped. But it wouldn’t be the first case he’d cracked through persistence. Saxon was determined .

not to leave until the Raven was in handcuffs and evidence to keep him locked up. But he also had a personal reason to be there and it centered on the photos Brams team had captured of former Special Agent  Tyler Martin. Saxon was very interested in taking Tyler down. Before he took another shot at hi, or his brother Vitus. Tyler was a rogue- a traitor- and he didn’t care who he so long as it got what he wanted. Saxon  had once him a superior among the Shadow Ops team. Bram said he had surveillance on Kitten taking three of the most recent victims. Into various bars but half the bar owners swear she’s a atripper in their barit proves nothing and Bram and Saxton were trying to seal a  leak that had taken men on both their teams. Their source was dead- Russian who went by Pratt. He’d been the Raven’s right hand man. Shadow Opps teams took the assignments no one else wanted. Dare Servant had been working the case for two months. Than Vitas had hauled in Congressman Ryland’s daughter Damasius who was being held in one of the buildings behind the famous Bourbon Street. It wasn’t the first time cases overlapped. Ginger stooped in a shop and got new clothes and was now on Bourbon Street looking for Kitten Bram and Saxon sees  Ginger. Bram and Saxon see Ginger go in the place where Saxon and Bram had a mission and she went in the building and Saxon knew she didn’t belong there. The place Ginger was going into was a nest of underworld thugs. Saxon takes Ginger and runs with her and his team. Ginger had witnessed a murder done by the Raven. He had killed one if his men right in front of Ginger. Ginger is being hunted by the murders to kill her for what she had seen and could testify against the Raven she had been the only one that had seen the murder happen. Saxon had to protect Ginger and keep her alive. But he also found he was attracted to her. They had a hot chemistry. Saxon found he couldn’t trust the people in charge as their safe house are comprised within minutes  of arrival. Saxon also is getting feeling for Ginger. Vitas even helps to protect Ginger and Saxon.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the danger, action drama, and suspense. I loved Ginger and Saxon together and how they interacted with each other. I advise you to read the other books in this series before this one for a smoother read and for information and background. I loved the plot and pace. I really liked that Ginger didn’t melt down after what she was going through but instead she wants to help anyway that she can. I didn’t want to put this down. I think Ginger and Saxon should have taken time to build a relationship. I didn’t really care for the changing POVs  it was harder to follow the book. I really enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.