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Seeking Mr. Wrong - Natalie Charles

Lettie was a kindergarten teacher who wrote children’s books and gt dumped by her fiance two days before their wedding when he decided he was gay. Faye’s- Lettie’s sister - and called Lettie to let her know that she needed Lettie to watch the twins while she went to the twins parents orientation for kindergarten. Lettie and Faye’s father is semi retired lawyer who loves to sail so he couldn’t watch the twins- Portia and Bloise . Lettie started writing children’s books a few years earlier to use in her classroom. She uses them to teach the social graces. .She had published five so far. She also had another to show her editor. Then her editor told her that she was not printing children’s books but erotica now, Lettie has to write stories with Erotica in them to fulfill her contract.  Lettie decides to look for someone to help her with that.  Lettie’s new boyfriend is Eric and he is the Vice Principal at the school she works at.

I didn’t particularly care for this book. I just didn’t find it that exciting and interesting and this type of story has been done before. There was too much going on. It also felt a bit rushed I didn’t like Eric at first he was a butt two times but he did redeem himself. But just wasn’t for me. I am sure others will enjoy this.

Chest of Bone (The Afterworld Chronicles) - Vicki Stiefel

Clea was an F BI investigator and Empath. Dave was Clea’s mentor, friend, and only father figure Clea had ever known. When Clea got to the Mid Borough Feed & Seed- Dave’s store. There was a sense of wrongness. Clea felt if anyone had hurt Dave they were toast. Dave whispered Clea’s name but she did hear him and found him covered in blood from dozens of cuts slashed his legs, his arms. His torso and face. Then Dave told her he was a guardian her guardian. Dave told her to take the Storybook , green cover, she had bit. Then Clea found the book. Dave must have been in his twenties when he took Clea on as his project. Clea never knew why. He was a merry man. His tattoos fascinated Clea. He made up stories about his tattoos to entertain a kid starved for attention. Dave read to Clea for hours. Bernadette was Clea’s foster mother.

I didn’t care for this story. There was just too much going on I just was into the book about 10 percent and didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t get into the writing style and finally gave up. I’m sure someone will have more patience than me and love this book.  

Willow Born - Shanna Reed Miles

Collette is sure she died . There was a fire and she could feel life and her soul slipping away. Then the urge to breath hit her. And connects brain and lungs to mouth to swallow cold and dirty water and realizes she is drowning. Electricity rages in her chest, throat and scrapes at her brain. Then Collette realizes she is too exhausted to put her shields up.Collette is an Empath. All Collette’s life she could see emotions and she could also feel them. Then Collette realizes she will run out of time before she reaches land. Then Collette feels someone close and hears “ hold on”. Then Collette gets knocked in the face with a life preserver and the man yells for her to hold on to the life preserver and he will pull her in. Once in a house the man she feels calm with and nicknames “ Mr. Familiar” grazes her arm when he hands her some black tea with lemon and a shock of electricity Then the man says his name is Matt Collette had been almost eight years old before she had learned to create a mental block  that shielded her from people’s emotions. Then a door slams and Matt tells her to stay there no matter what she heard not to go upstairs. Then Collette hears Raphael in her head. Then Matt says he almost shot Colette’s cousin. Then Collette asked Matt if he could see Raphael as most of the time he appears to Collette as a shifty eyed tabby cat and all the time she is the only one that can see Raphael. Then Raphael gave Collette an excuse and says “dad knows you have were in his special liquor cabinet after bible study”. Raphael is Colette’s imaginary friend at least she thought he was imaginary. Then Raphael has cleaned Matt’s memory but said he did let Matt remember Collette Then Raphael gets one of the guys to drive them and cleared his mind also. The Raphael said they were going to Collette’s new home. Raphael agreed Collette had in fact died. Then he told Collette her mother was dead she  had been for a long time. The Raphael said it was his job to get Collette settled again. Raphael said he had always been and that some called him a familiar but her mom called him friend. When Collette asked what was wrong with her Raphael said she had been apart from her body for quite awhile that there will be things she knows nut has no memory of learning and others that will just be new to her. Then they come to a grand house and they sat on the steps. Raphael said Collette had always known she was special. Her mom knew it and it scared her . She had styled Collette . Then Raphael said to go in the house he wanted to give Collette a tour of   the house before he left and reminded Collette he could not stay. Raphael was never in human form very long . Then Raphael said it was not his place to tell her who she was that there were others who were better equipped for it then he was and then he handed her a folded and yellow envelope with her mother’s handwriting on it. On the inside of the envelope it said “ Get thee to church - Mama” . Then Raphael was gone. Then Summer who was the niece of her lawyer came to pick Collette up and introduce her her uncle Silas who was counsel to the supernatural . Raphael had left the gloves which were Collette’s armor. Skin to skin contact was too intense for Collette. The next day Summer came to take Collette to school and Matt comes up to Summer and asked for an introduction to Collette. Then Collette gets a peer advisor. Named Qutey. Collette shadows Qutey and ended up assigned to a project with Carlos. Qutey and Carlos and Collette and they had to investigate a  local mystery.

I didn’t really care for this book. It dragged for me. I just didn’t find it very interesting and had a problem with it keeping my attention. I also found this a little confusing, this just wasn’t for me.

Good Story and Characters

The Irredeemable Prince (Royal Affairs) - Alyssa J. Montgomery

King Gabriel stormed that his brother's behavior had to stop -Prince Devereaux /Dev. King Gabriel had trade dealings with Middle Eastern nations in two weeks . the leaders of these nations placed the utmost importance on strong family values. The trade deals will have a far reaching impact on employment and wealth of their kingdom. Since Eden their  older sister had been murdered Dev had gone from reprehensible to almost irredeemable. Gabe had never got over the death of his pregnant wife Angelique and swore never to marry again. He told his brother Dev he would have to produce the next heir to be king or queen of their country. Then Gabe told Dev he had hired an image consultant for Dev. MacKenzie/ Mac was to be Dev’s consultant and he didn’t want anything to do with changing his image but he did MacKenzie and even though she said no her body said she wanted him too. But Mac had fallen for a playboy just like Dev when she was eighteen they had been engaged and he was like Dev a playboy and she had caught Dev cheating on her.

I liked this story a lot. I was glad that Dev wasn’t the playboy he portrayed himself to take down a drug selling family . But it sure played havoc with Mac. I loved Mac’s little girl Eliza she definitely added to this. story and I chuckled a lot over her escapades. I was happy when Mac found out the truth about Grayson. All and all a good read i loved the plot. I also loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

The Mistaken Billionaire - Lexxie Couper

Mila is on the way  to her sister’s party when a dog comes running out and she almost hits him. She sees the god’s tag and goes to return him to his owner. The dog’s name was Reaper.  Thomas opens the door and thinks she is an hired escort that his assistant had hired for a charity event he must attend. Mil decides to let Thomas believe that. Somehow Mila seems to help Thomas overcome his writer's block and hires her just to be around him. She seems to look familiar to Thomas. Eight years ago Mila was an intern and promised a full time journalist job if she got an interview with the up and coming author Thomas  St. Claire. Thomas was a horror writer and had been very young and had a book on the New York Times bestseller list. But Thomas avoided Mila and she wrote something about his bad childhood and Thomas got her fired. Now Mila was a teacher in NYC for underprivileged children. She had never forgotten how Thomas had ruined her chance to be a journalist. There was something about Mila that made Thomas want to open up and tell her about the real him. Mila’s conscious i was getting the better of her and she wanted to tell Thomas the truth.

I liked this book a lot. It had a good plot and well paced. I didn’t want to put this down once I started reading it. I loved Reaper and felt he added to the book. I also loved how oddly enough Thomas felt Mila was his muse. I loved the twists and turns in this book. But it was a little predictable and I am also a little tired of the insta/love- lust. But I did enjoy it a lot and loved the characters and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Wolf Hunt - Paige Tyler

Remy was home in New Orleans with three other SWAT officers - Max, Jaden, and Zane. They were all werewolves. Gage was  their boss and pack Alpha. He had sent the men to cross train with the local tactical unit- New Orleans term for their SWAT unit. When in a bar with the guys Remy smells a tantalizing scent he can’t resist and started to follow it. His friends followed as he left the bar and started walking down the street . All the other guys denying the had smelt anything special. Then five blocks in and still going Remy realizes the scent is from a female. It was a spicy flowery scent  finally Remy found the bar it was coming from. Then he saw her on the dance floor with three other women. Then Remy realized he knew her from HS when she had been skinny and awkward and always looked down on the floor. But they had still been friends but now she was grown up and a beautiful woman. that was Trina but Remy didn’t know if she would recognize him . Remy hadn’t talked to Trina since HS graduation and he had changed a lot when he became a werewolf. He’d never felt anything like he did when smelling Trina’s scent the animalistic urge he had to track her down. Trina thought Remy was the sexiest man she had ever seen. Trina lived and worked in Houston and was home for the week to visit her mom. Remy was drawn to Trina in a way he didn’t understand.

I loved this story . It was great . It had a great plot and great pace. The book kept my attention from the first page until the last and I didn’t want to put it down. I loved how it was more than just a romance but had action and suspense in it. Including all that went with Trina trying to find her father’s killer and New Orleans cops trying to bring down a drug king and all else in this book.I loved the ending and everything about this book and I highly recommend.

Good Story and Characters

A Perfect Manhattan Murder (A Nic & Nigel Mystery) - Tracy Kiely

Nicole/Nic was a former NYC homicide detective who was married to a wealthy playboy- well used to be playboy-. Named Nigel and they had a dog a pit massive named Skippy who went just about everywhere with them. The couple is at a Broadway opening of play written by a college friend- Penny- 0f Nic’s.  Also they went to dinner with another college friend of nics named Harper and her husband Dan. Dan was Broadway’s  toughest theater critic. Then the two couple’s go to the post show celebration at Fletcher Irving’s home who was the producer of the play. Dan acts up there and says he is going to the apartment where he does his work as he uses as an office.  Next morning Dan is found dead he had been poisoned.  and Harper in the police’s prime subject even though Harper was home with hers and Dan’s infant child. Nic and Nigel are determined to clear Harper’s name. Nic and Nigel have more suspects then they can follow up everyone seemed to hate Dan.

I liked this this story a lot. I liked the plot. I chuckled while reading this even though it involved a murder. This was an easy quick read. It also had a fast pace. I absolutely loved Skippy in this book I feel he definitely added to the story. This also had a fast pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Enforcer (The Harrison Street Crew) - Katana Collins

Ryan is the Enforcer for the Harrison Street Crew and handles anything he has and needs to. Megan is a tough girl but has a big heart. She is the daughter of a former Street Crew member. Megan and Shannon were sisters and had a bad childhood with a drug addicted mother- Cindy who had a drug selling boyfriend Rodney who had no problems touching underage girls. Megan was the older sister and protected Shannon from Rodney’s unwanted advances. Megan and Shannon’s father was Donald “ Boots” Mahoney and Ryan at that time had a mission to monitor the girl’s daily activities. Boots was President of the Harrison Street Crew and Ryan at that time was a member. When Megan was sixteen Boots had finally learned enough to get his two daughters out of Cindy’s home. Ryan was there when they got out of the home. Ryan made a promise to Megan to help her get revenge. Ryan was now the Enforcer of The Harrison Street Crew. Ryan always put his crew brother first. Ten years later and Megan was back to have Ryan keep his promise to help her. Ryan had secretly loved Megan since she was a teen but out of respect for Boots did nothing about it and turned away from Mega. But now had to protect her because of his feelings for her. Megan had loved Ryan for a long time also.

This was one emotionally twisting story. I  liked this a lot but it was really dark at times when talking about Megan’s and Shannon’s childhood. I cringed as Megan’s and Shannon's past was told. I had never read about a car crew before but have read a lot of  MC stories and loved them. This was gritty and raw but had to be for the story being told. This had a good plot and a lot to it such as : child abuse, violence, addiction, murder,, street crews, a thirst for revenge. Love and so much more. I didn’t like it when Ryan was a butt to Megan. At times this story made me smile and at others it brought tears to my eyes. I liked the twists and turns of this book and I recommend.

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities) - KJ Charles

Nathaniel is an investigative reporter and he wants to expose Justin who was a spiritualist who is a fraud. Justin calls himself the Seer of London. However when Nathaniel went to a seance Justin gives him the name of Tony - who had been Nathaniel's partner  but had died five years ago. Justin has pulled himself up from the gutter and has no sympathy for the grieving and gullible people who come to him for spiritual guidance from the other world. Justin and Nathaniel hated each other but  somehow were still very attracted to each other. Justin and Nathaniel become lovers and end up having to go to Nathaniel’s country estate to run from a murderer.

I didn’t really care for this book I don't like to read gay literature. I have gay friends just don’t want to read about  homosexual sex and love

"“There you are, my dear,” said the Earl of Forsyth with a beaming smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.
Maitland saw at once that Daphne favored him. Her green eyes were the same shade as his, though there were lines of dissipation bracketing the earl’s. And though his expertly cropped blond hair was shot through with silver, what remained of its original color was the same shade as hers. But whereas Daphne’s gaze was focused off to the left of whomever she conversed with, like a bird hovering just over a branch, Forsyth’s speared one with cold calculation. As he did to Daphne now.
“You are looking well, Daphne,” the earl continued, stepping forward to embrace his daughter, who looked as uncomfortable with the contact as Maitland had ever seen her. “The sea air agrees with you. As I knew it would.”
“The sea is very beautiful,” Daphne replied woodenly. “Why are you here, Father?”
“Is that any way to greet your Papa?” the earl chided, stepping back from her and wandering farther into the room, standing to stare out at the gardens below through the window. “I’ve traveled all the way from London to see you. And this lovely estate. I must admit that when I first learned of your inheritance, I thought it was all some sort of trick. But you would have your own way and leave the loving bosom of your family no matter what I said. Now that I’m here, though, and see it in person, I must admit that it’s a lovely spot. And your chaperone, Lady Serena, is quite beautiful, isn’t she? A widow, I take it?”
His jaw clenched at the man’s mention of Serena, and Maitland thought perhaps it was time to announce himself. Daphne seemed not to realize he’d followed her in, and the earl was too busy waxing rhapsodic over the beauties of Beauchamp House.
“I don’t believe we’ve met, Forsyth,” he said forcefully, stepping up to stand side by side with Daphne. He gave a slight bow, perhaps not quite as deep as was warranted, but not caring. “The Duke of Maitland. I am a friend of your daughter’s, you might say.”
What he meant by that last, he could not say, but the man made every bit of protective instinct within him go on the alert. He was her father, but all the same Maitland knew that Daphne was no safer with him than she would have been with Sommersby if he still lived.
At the sound of the duke’s voice, Lord Forsyth turned with almost comical haste from the window and stared. For the barest flicker, he looked angry. Well, if he were upset at the knowledge that his daughter was not without friends, then he would simply have to swallow it. Because Maitland was damned if he’d leave her alone with the fellow.
“Duke,” Lord Forsyth said with a tilt of his head, “I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I was a friend of your father’s, and had little notion I’d be meeting you here. He was a good man, your father.”
His father had been nothing of the sort, but Maitland was hardly going to discuss it with Forsyth.
“I am here visiting my sister, Lady Serena,” Maitland said coolly, letting the other man know in tone rather than words that he had not appreciated the older man’s speculative words about her earlier. “And of course my cousin, Kerr. He only recently married another of the heiresses here, and resides here with her.”
Forsyth’s eyes narrowed at the implication that Daphne was well protected should her father wish to cause trouble. At least that was the message Maitland was endeavoring to send. And by the looks of it, Forsyth read him loud and clear.
“Capital, capital,” the earl said with false cheer. “A merry party you must all make here. I had no idea you were in such fine company here, Daphne. No notion at all.”
“Because we have not spoken since I left,” Daphne said, looking from her father to Maitland then back again, as if wondering what went on between them. “And now, father, I really must ask you to leave. I have a great deal of work to do and . . .”
“Don’t be absurd, Daphne,” her father said with a shake of his head. “I only just arrived. And there is something very important I must speak to you about.” He turned to Maitland with a raised brow. “I’m sure you’ll excuse us, Duke. I’m afraid what I need to tell my daughter is private family business.”
Maitland was opening his mouth to tell the man he would leave Daphne alone with him when hell froze over, when Daphne did it for him.
“Maitland stays,” she said, reaching out to grasp him by the arm. It was as much of a cry for help as he’d ever thought he’d see from her. Wordlessly, he slipped her arm into his, as if they were about to promenade round the room. He covered her hand with his, keenly aware of the thread of tension in her.
Once more, the earl’s eyes narrowed, and he turned an assessing gaze on Maitland, perhaps realizing for the first time the threat coming at him from that direction.
His jaw clenched, Forsyth said grimly, “Very well. If you wish your friend to witness our dirty linen, so be it.” As if needing to be in motion in order to speak, the earl began to pace the area between the window and the fireplace. “You know, Daphne, you left me without any obvious means of recouping what I lost from years of paying that tutor of yours, old man Sommersby.”
“You agreed to pay him,” Daphne said tightly. “After I threatened to expose . . .”
Hastily, Forsyth continued, “And I am currently in need of funds. As such, I must insist you return to London with me for the time being and meet a particular gentleman who has expressed interest in marrying you. Though his birth is not as high as yours, he’s quite wealthy and will make you a good husband, I trust. He’s assured me he has no concern about your odd ways, if you’re as beautiful as your portrait.”
Before Maitland could burst out with the string of invectives the other man’s pronouncement inspired in him, Daphne said, “I cannot marry this person. I’ve never even met him. You promised me that I would not have to marry someone for money as long as I won enough at the tables. I did so. You promised me, father.”
“I never actually promised, Daphne.” Forsyth said with a shake of his head. “If you chose to interpret it as such, that is not my fault. Now, go pack your things.”
Daphne’s hand on Maitland’s arm gripped him tightly. And before he even knew what he was doing, he said, “I’m afraid that’s impossible, Forsyth. Daphne is staying here.”
“I don’t know who you think you are, Maitland,” said the earl through clenched teeth, “but I am her father, and I am well within my rights to take her back to London. Now, kindly take your hands off of her and let her go pack.”
“It might once have been your right, Forsyth,” Maitland said coldly, “but Lady Daphne is my betrothed now and as such, she will remain here. With me.”
Copyright © 2017 by Manda Collins and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Press.

Duke with Benefits (Studies in Scandal) - Manda Collins

Book excerpt 

great story and characters

Elusive - Ali Dean

Kate is roommates with twin siblings Logan and Vicki. Vicki and Logan are in a band called Sandy Funk. Kate likes people the most who don’t ask many questions. Logan’s new girlfriend Bridget isn’t like that and won’t stop talking to Kate. No one knows Kate’s real story and she will keep it that way, Kate won’t be here that much longer graduation isn’t very far away. Kate works at Eclipse a popular music bar and doesn’t get  home until three a.m. Kate usually walks the three miles to campus as public transport isn’t very good and it’s the only real exercise she gets. The places closer to campus are too expensive for Kate. She also just wants to mix in with the crowd and not be noticed. Coffee seems to comfort Kate as she walks to campus. Kate had changed her name and picked Kate because it was simple and popular. Her birth name had been Ava. Sebastian had called out Kate’s name and though she recognized the voice she gasped and spilled some of her coffee onto her arm. Sebastian caught up to Kate and said he was walking the walk of shame. He also told Kate she was too serious and if she ever had fun. Kate knew she was too serious but she didn’t have a lot of choice about that. Sebastian was pre med and Kate was a nursing major so they shared some classes. Sebastian is one of those people that everyone at the university knows of. He’s captain of the tennis team and charming and easy to be around. Sebastian’s family is rich in the hotel business. But Kate understands sometimes family and business don’t mix. Then Sebastian’s older brother Evan walks out of the campus coffee shop and has two cups of coffee which he gives Sebastian one as he says hi. Later Kate gets a call to pick up an extra shift at the bar from Tess . It wasn’t easy getting a job at Eclipse since it was the most popular bar in Tunita. The place was always busy which Kate loves as the tips were good but more so Kate is too busy to think about anything but her job. She also doesn't have time to talk to anyone. Vicki stopped at the bar which she rarely does and tells Kate the apartment building the lived in had burned down. Everything was gone. Kate wondered if he had found her. When Kate walks away from the coffee shop Evan felt fascinated, intrigued, and confused. Evan didn't know there would be many more times this would happen.

I loved this story it was great. It definitely had a great plot. I felt so bad home alone Kate had been for so long unable to let anyone in and scared he would find her. I loved how she didn't even realize men found her attractive. She was a very strong woman but she had to be. I don’t know how she did it cut off from everything but work and her classes. I was happy how Sebastian stepped up when he found out about her apartment. I was happy when she decided to take up her offer. I loved how Evan treated Kate and made her feel welcome. I loved the flow of this story and that Kate had people who cared about her and didn't turn on her when it came out who she was. I loved how Bridget defended her when Greg had Kate and how she worried about Kate. It was just an awesome book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers) - Rebecca Zanetti

Heath and his brother s are still on the run from their past. Then Heath meets Anya and is very attracted to her. . So he goes with her on the hunt for a crazed serial killer. Heath’s non was killed by her abusive boyfriend and so a man hurting a woman is a big trigger for Heath and he sees the bruises on Anya and finds out the Copper killer who is a serial killer is after Anya. Then Heath feels instantly protective.  Anya fights back against the serial killer as he is playing with her  as she feels it is better than watching others die around you. Then Anya Announces on tv her engagement to Heath and she knows she is putting herself in danger.

I couldn’t really get into this story but I didn’t realize it was part of a series . I am sure I would have liked it more if I had read the first book and I am going to try. Then I will redo the review. But for now…

good story and characters

White Fur - Jardine Libaire

Elise meets Jamey in New Haven when the two are neighbors. Jamey goes to Yale and his path in life is laid out by his wealthy, determined parents.There is a fake white fur jacket Elise  traded some chips to a girl for and wears it all the time. Elise grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in the projects. But Elise knows who she is and she knows she wants a better life for herself. Elise was unsophisticated, uneducated HS dropout. She was also biracial with no plan.   Elise run away and leaves her mom behind who she loves but can’t force herself to say with her. She stays in a car to get some sleep and when the owner of the car finds her he takes her home and they become friends and roommates or things could have turned out a lot worse for Elise. Elise sees Jamey and Matt outside and heads out to meet them. Jamey is from money , his mother had been a Hollywood starlet and his father is an investment banker. Jamey is to follow in his dad's footsteps in a firm handed down by his grandfather. Jamey had never been happy before he met Elise. He knows there has been an emptiness and feels Elise will fill that. Jamey and Elise try to figure out how to fit in each others world as they start a relationship. Elise doesn’t  Jamiy is offered an internship in NYC. He asked Elise to go with him. Elise does not like the demanding need she has for Jamey. Jamey’s family are willing to do almost anything to break them up. But Jamey refuses to leave Elise as she is all he wants.  and soon they are obsessed with each other. Elise’s family is more real and geared for survival therefore more accepting. Almost everyone is against them.

I really liked this story. I felt it was realistically portrayed but it still had the feel of Romeo and Juliet or moreso Pretty Woman. But I also felt it was gritty and raw and full of emotions. I loved that the characters weren’t perfect just as in real life. However it was a bit repetitive at times. But I still felt it was well written. It also had a good plot. But it also dragged a little at times not enough to make me want to stop reading though.I t kept my attention all through the book. But all and all a good read, I liked the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.

You Will Pay - Lisa Jackson

Twenty years ago there was a camp called Camp Horseshoe , it was run and owned by Rev, Jeremiah and his second wife Naomi.The camp was a religious summer camp.  There were nineteen teen counselors. Two went missing- Elle and Monica and were never seen again. Also a male teen counselor had been stabbed in the back and seriously injured and another worker Clint had also disappeared. And an escaped prisoner that had been in the area and disappeared.The counselors had disappeared on different days.  The camp closed after the teens had disappeared. Lucas and Elle had been dating when she disappeared.Lucas had worked at the camp that summer so long ago.  Several teen counselors ked by Mary Jo had tried to put the fear of God into Monica. The teen counselors hooked up and played pranks and had secrets. Then twenty years later a partial skull had been found and this reopened the case of the teen counselors who had never been seen again.Lucas is now a Detective and he and his partner will be working the cold case. Lucas was the son of Jeremiah who had been the camp owner. Kinley had been a camper at the camp in Monica’s cabin when she had went missing. Now Kinley is a blogger and thinks she has the story that will launch her into a reporter’s career. She starts calling the people who had been counselors twenty years ago when she heard remains had been found. Seven of the people who had been teen counselors came back to tell the story from their point of view. A lot of counselors had not been entirely honest twenty years ago and now they just wanted the truth to be known.

I liked the story but had mixed feelings about it. Definitely not one of Ms Jackson best. There was just too many stories and characters in this book. I also didn’t really like switching back and forth between  past and present.but that did bring forth information that was needed. This felt a little rushed to me even with the fast pace included. I did like the plot. It had a surprise ending. Things were repeated that didn’t need to be as far as I am concerned. This was also a little hard to follow at times. There was a lot in this story: lies, betrayal. Pregnancy, violence, deception, murder, deception, incest,secrets and much more in this story. I  did like the book and liked most of the ins and outs but as I said did have mixed feelings.



good story and characters

Positively Pippa (The Ghost Falls Series) - Sarah Hegger

Pippa boards a plane from LA going to Ghost Falls, Utah. where her eccentric grandmother Phi/ Philomena is. Grandma Phi had been a world famous opera singer known for her quirkiness and love of life. Pippa is the woman America loves to hate. Her tv show was quickly taken off the air and she no longer had a job. Pipa’s supposed boyfriend/producer Ray - You Tubes latest sensation- had edited the tape of Pippa’s show before airing it. The tape showed Pippa calling her grey haired guest fat, ugly, and unwanted. Pippa was suppose to making the guest over as Pippa hosted a makeover show. After the show Ray was sure pippa’s popularity would nose dive and make his tv ratings quickly go up. No one in in Hollywood stood up for Pippa and tell the truth.  Ironically enough Pippa had felt safe with Ray. Matt does not believe Pippa said those exact words. As they were portrayed to Pippa’s guest. Matt has known Pippa since they were kids. Whenever Pippa came home for a visit they would circle around their attraction but didn’t do anything about it. Matt and Pippa have a steamy affair as she tries to resurrect her career on Twitter. When Pippa left Ghost Falls right after HS at eighteen Matt didn’t go instead he stayed behind to take care of his family after a tragedy. Matt gave up his own personal happiness to take care of his family. Matt is now a contractor and Grandma Phi’s friend. Then Pippa is offered the chance to go back to LA and continue her career.

I basically loved this book. I only had one problem with it as I felt there was just too many side stories. This didn’t make me stop reading the story but it did steal a bit of my enjoyment. I loved Grandma Phi and felt she added a lot to this book.  I also loved Matt and the way he willingly took care of his family. I loved Matt and Pippa together and was rooting for them. This was an easy read and made me chuckle at times. This story kept my interest all through it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One - Christie M. Stenzel

Emmy’s mother Emmeril took her own life when Remy was twelve. Then her sister Makayla is missing without a trace soon after. At eighteen Remy is given a necklace her mother had always wore . Remy also finds out about her roots and she learns she is one of the seven varieties of Occuli  also her social standing which is told by the color of the Occui’s eyes. Each has a variety of powers which can affect others but also the elements around them. Then her cousin Ruby gives her a protector named  Zian as a birthday present. Remy’s aunt and cousin will take on Remy’s training now that she is eighteen.Remy had been having dreams about Zian for a long time. Then Remy meets the new boy in town  - Drake and is startled by his eyes. Drake is a Reaper. Remy has little time to figure out who she can trust .

I loved this story , it was a great read. It had a great plot and writing. This was a very original but successful story. It was fast paced and very in depth. This story had a lot to it: humor, romance, adventure, excitement, suspense, magic, a Reaper, trust, destiny, twist and turns, loss, a protector, mystery, intrigue, hidden worlds, and danger. I was surprised by the ending but it did pull everything together. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend.