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The Heiress and the Hothead - Sabrina Jeffries

Lord Stephen Correy’s passion is writing exposes about the cruelty of the factory owners to their workers. When he gets a chance to interview an American factory owner, Miss Amanda Keane, and prove that American factories are ran just as bad, he jumps on it, even if it means attending a holiday house party. He didn’t count on the attraction between them or how wrong he just might be.

This was a short story but it was a full story, with well drawn out characters and a full plot. I really liked Amanda’s character. She was strong and had a purpose. I loved how she kept proving Stephen wrong. Great story. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

great story and characters

The Billionaire's Temptation: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire's Touch Book 1) - L.N. Pearl, S.K. Lee

Kylie was sitting in the lobby of Secure.s International headquarters  waiting to interview for a job in infosys -Information Systems Security. Nine years ago Kylie  had hacked the computers here. Now she is here to try to get a job and felt this was an interview of a lifetime. Kylie has an obsession with the founder/owner Jackson King. Kylie was very attracted to Jackson. Nine years ago Kylie had hacked through all the security and managed to Get to Jackson’s computer but she hadn’t stolen anything Kylie had just wanted to see if she could get to Jackson’s computer. Kylie had hidden from social interaction for the last eight years. Kylie was in an elevator  to go to the interview  but there is also  a man in there with her when the elevator when it stops. Kylie has a panic attack  as she is very claustrophobic and it is also dark in the stopped elevator.  Then Kylie sways on her feet and her heal twists and ad she grabs the  rail to stop herself from falling. Then the man asks Kylie if she was breaking down with disdain in his tone and Kylie said yes. Then the man pushed Kylie against the wall and presses her sternum and said he was triggering her calm reflex. As she is in the man’s arms and for some reason Kylie gets turned on.Then he helps Kylie to sit down Even with his caveman style he was taking care of Kylie. Jackson never jokes especially at work but this woman puts his body on alert in a very pleasurable way. It’s a little easier now that Jackson isn’t touching the woman. Jackson is a werewolf and his wolf’s went haywire the minute Kylie got into the elevator. Then Jackson smelled that Kylie was aroused and for the first time in Jackson’s life he wanted to mark her as forever his. But she was human and could not be his mate. He said his name was J T when Kylie asked Jackson didn’t do friendly he even discouraged his employees from engaging with him except  to give him information in its most distilled form. Jackson had to convince his wolf not to jump Kylie. Jackson smiled at Kylie which was a rare occurrence. Kylie had already made Jackson laugh something he hadn’t done in twenty years. Kylie told Jackson she had always worked worked as a telecommuter and she had never been in a office like the one they were in. Kylie said that she thought security was the pinnacle at Infosec. She also said that Jackson was a genius and she had been following him since she was ten years old. She also said programming was lonely but she does her best working alone. Jackson had been abandoned by his birth pack with his fur covered with his stepfather’s blood. A company of his own was a poor substitute for a pack. `Kylie also said Jackson King and the company he built represented the ultimate infosec coding and Kylie wanted to be a part of that. Then the lights came back on and Kylie realized who had been in the elevator and it was Jackson King. Then Jackson decides to sit in on Kylie’s interview. Kylie felt like she could get through the interview as Kylie had handled much more difficult things before. Kylie had major hurts at the age of eight losing her mom in a car accident  and then Kylie spent her childhood taking care of her dad and became his partner in his jobs. Her dad became a vigilante Thieves For Justice thing going on. Then her dad had been murdered  and her grandmother moved in and took care of Kylie. Her grandmother pushed Kylie to get a degree in college. Her father’s murderer was still looking for her and Kylie hid in bare sight.   Stu didn’t expect Kylie to be  so hot. Stu thought Kylie would be socially awkward like he was. So framing her for the security’s demise won’t hurt as much. In Stu’s mind Kylie had had always been his cyber girlfriend of sorts. They  had been  accomplishes in the hacker world since puberty. They cut their teeth together as young hackers sharing information and their successes passing along tips, advising others. It was dumb luck Stu had found his Catgirl after she had disappeared for eight years. But Kylie had resurrected on Def Con the old hacker forum  they had always interacted on. Kylie was looking for help with cracking the FBI. Stu helped. Kylie was perfect for Stu’s needs. There were very few who could  but Kylie could.  It had been difficult to find Kylie after he helped her but he finally found her I P address and then sent a headhunter after her for a job at Secure.  Kylie barely had a social life even now , she was used to being a loner and keeping her secrets. Kylie had never been touched by a man until Jackson.

I loved this book as well as the plot and pace.  I also loved Kylie and Jackson together. I loved that a teenage girl hacked Jackson;s computer. I loved that Kylie is shown to be very intelligent and gets a good position in Jackson’s company. I loved that Jackson was Kylie’s first love and lover. I loved how Jackson fought his wolf as he felt he would hurt or pKylie forgave Jackson for doubting her and took a bullet for him. It was also great that Kylie turned out to be a shifter. I couldn’t find anything to complain about which was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

The Scoundrel's Honor - Christi Caldwell

Penelope/Penny was almost nineteen. But since the season started they had only attended the theater and dinner parties but never anything more. No balls, no sorrels. Nothing the young ladies new to the London marriage mart longed to attend. She demonstrated her her resolve to rise above gossip, prove to Society that scandal need not follow her family. After all it was possible to have love and be be properly behaved and respected. In the world where a woman has very little control ,  her reputation was something to hang on to with no tarnish. Her mother warned Penelope “ The gossips were always watching waiting for someone to falter”. Penelope said she was entirely practical and logical. Penelope was then told they would be attending a ball on Friday. Which was being called The Event Of The Season. Ryder Buck was an illegitimate Duke’s son who refused to use his title and he owned the Hell and Sin Club, The world learned one did not cross Ryder, did not interrupt him or interfere with his dealings. Ryder had saved the Duke of Somerset from death and the King gave him a title he wouldn’t use. Digger was the late owner of their rival club The Devil’s Den. Ryder’s sister Helena was married to a Duke She came and managed to talk Ryder into into going to her and her husbands ball to show a united family. Penelope was in the garden and the horrible remarks being made about her family drove Penelope out to the garden at the ball for a breath of fresh air.  There she sees Ryder meeting a man. Penelope hid as she had heard a lot of bad things about Ryder.  But Ryder sees Penelope and pulls her out of her hiding place as he thinks she is a spy for a rival gaming hall.  By being caught alone by people at the ball on the ground with Ryder on top of her. Penelope has brought the scandal to herself. Ryder doesn’t want to see Penelope ruined as he didn’t want her to experience what comes with the scandal. Ryder does the right and honorable thing and proposes even though Ryder doesn’t care what people think. One thing that intrigued Ryder about Penelope is she didn’t fear him.

I enjoyed this story and thought it was a great romance. I loved how Ryder stepped up to the plate and proposed to Penelope without even knowing her. I felt bad that Ryder and his siblings had such a bad childhood. I loved the plot and the pace of this story and it definitely kept my interest all the way through the book. I also loved the fact Penelope was determined to make sure Ryder had a better life. I really enjoyed the action, suspense, and intrigue in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

great story and characters

Hot Cowboy Nights (Lucky Penny Ranch) - Carolyn Brown

Lizzy had tried to sneak into the house and take a shower but her sister Allie and tugged Lizzy toward the table and asked her where she had been. The man Lizzy had slept with- Toby- was also at the table. Mitch- had broken up with Lizzy on the day of Allie’s and Blake’s wedding with a note.  Then  Lizzy’s ex fiance Mitch had left for Mexico with another women. Mitch was a preacher and he and this woman decided to go to Mexico and be missionaries and build a church there. They had only been broken up six months. Toby had met Lizzy  in the winter and then seen her again at his brother Blake’s wedding and felt bad for what had happened to her and asked her to dance and they went from there.  Blake was married to Allie and Toby was Blake’s brother but Lizzy and Toby managed to keep their fling a secret for three weeks but Lizzy decided it was time to cut it off. Toby was a player and Lizzy wanted to settle down and have a family. They decided to remain friends  just no benefits any more. Toby felt he still had a lot of wild oats still to sow.  Toby, Blake, and their cousin had pooled their money and bought the Lucky Penny Ranch and they were determined to make it a profitable ranch.  Then Sharlene decided to set her sights on Toby and and Lizzy learned Mitch was coming back to town with his new women which the gossips who had made a lot out of Mitch leaving town were already spreading how Lizzy was moping around since the split. So Toby and Lizzy decided they would be a fake couple until after the festival. Than Lizzy and Toby decide to amp things up when said gossips were around. Slowly Toby changes his thinking as he spends more time with Lizzy.

I loved this book. I also loved how Lizzy didn’t give up on her dreams after what Mitch had done to her. I laughed at times while reading this book. I love the plot and pace of this story. I also loved how close Lizzy and her mom Kate and sister Allie were. I loved how Toby mentally argued with himself about Lizzy and his feelings. I also loved how Lizzy stood up to Mitch when he did come back to town. I also loved how Blake and Toby were determined to make the ranch profitable. I loved the characters of this stories and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

great story and characters

The Sheikh's Pregnant Fling (Azhar Sheikhs Book 2) - Leslie North

Cassandra was a matchmaker  and had successfully matched at least thirty couples. She is also usually invited to the weddings of her couples. Cassandra was at one such wedding and kept locking eyes with a hot man it had to be at least five times their eyes had locked so maybe the man was as interested in Cassandra as she was him. The man came to the table Cassandra was at and sat down next to her. His name was Nasir Everything about Nasir screamed wealth and the cool air of luxury. Cassandra didn’t plan on finding her match any time soon. Her life was too busy right now. Cassandra never wanted to get married. Her parents marriage had seemed picture perfect to the world but in reality it was anything but. Then Nasir got a phone call and there was an emergency at work and he had to leave the reception but he gave Cassandra his business card and told her to call or text him since he would like to get to know her, Cassandra called Nasir and they set up a date to go out to eat. Cassandra got tipsy and slept with Nasir after their first date and that wasn’t her style. Then Cassandra got an email from her boss and she was given a new client and it was Nasir. After that Cassandra would not respond to Nasir’s emails or calls. Then Cassandra finds out she is pregnant.

I loved this story , it was a fast and very enjoyable read. I loved the plot as well as the pace. I especially loved the ending. This was a quick sweet romance. I loved how Nasir knew right from the beginning there was something very something about him and Cassandra. I also loved how Nasir had planned the thank you dinner for Cassandra. I could not find anything to complain about in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

The Sheikh's Surprise Triplets (Azhar Sheikhs Book 3) - Leslie North

Juliette was in Beirut now and had been since yesterday. Safiyah had hired Juliette on the spot over Skype. Juliette had an all expenses paid trip to Lebanon to see if the new position would really work out. Juliette would be working for Dawson Technologies in NYC she had been with the company for five years. But Juliette felt it was time to move on. Juliette had barely put her availability on the job network before Safeyah contacted her. Safiyah said her youngest son Basri was in charge at Soft Works and had met with many struggles . The biggest being the board that doesn’t believe in Basri. Also it was a critical time in the family’s direction. A company recently announced their intent to purchase Basri’s division. If Basri could not win the board over, the division would be sold. Juliette said that” This will be an extremely rewarding challenge , then I assure you , I’ve never met an executive I couldn’t whip into shape”. Safiyah told her the members of the board didn’t understand Basri. Without proper guidance Basri may find the board turn on him. Which could mean him not only losing the company but also his job.Juliette found with how much money she was being offered only complete success will do. When Juliette first came looking for Basri she didn’t realize she was talking to him already as he didn’t tell her. Basri thought Juliette  was beautiful but knew from experience not to mix business and pleasure. Juliette was crazy attracted to Basri  and had erotic images of them together even though she knew that wasn’t being professional. Then Basri asks Juliette to go on an adventure with him to the mountains and after he talked to her sister Juliette decides to go. Juliette thought of her diagnosis of infertility with no hope of having her own baby when she was in her early twenties. She also knew her and Basri could go no where with the way his people felt about family and having children. Also Juliette remembered how her ex had left her when he found out Juliette could not have children. Basri had never had anyone go with him when he went on any of his getaways before. They were going to the country of Georgia and hike in the mountains.

I liked  this story a lot. The only problem I had was even though this was a fast read at times it dragged for me. Other than that the book was perfect as far as I was concerned. I loved the way there was an answer to Juliette not being able to have children. I absolutely loved the ending. I also loved Juliette and Basri together. I wish the story had been longer though only because I liked it so much. But this story still had everything it needed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5 as I feel this book deserves it.

great story and characters

His Command: A Playboy Genie Romance - Sophie H. Morgan

Hailey would have had a really bad fall if Ryder had not caught her. Ryder notices a has been his deep sadness in Hailey’s eyes. Ryder is Immortal and all his life sadness in someone has been his weakness as Ryder cares about how people feel.  Ryder is a genie and starts to care for Hailey but she needs complete control. Hailey had been dumped by Ethan the man she had proposed to and now she has to plan a genie party and her Ethan’s wedding to another woman. Then Hailey feels more than she should for Ryder.  Ryder and his twin had a very sad past. Hailey has worked hard to be a wedding planner so she must do a good job with Ethan’s wedding.

I enjoyed this book a lot. But it did drag at times for me but not enough to stop reading. I felt Ethan was a butt and Hailey was lucky to be rid of him. I did chuckle at times while reading this. You did get to see Hailey grow throughout this book and I enjoyed that. I loved how Ryder still worked hard to be with Hailey even after she broke up with him. I felt this romance was realistic. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend this.

Two Nights: A Novel - Kathy Reichs

Sundey/.Sunnie was once a highly decorated cop but was now a recluse. Sunnie had retired after an altercation with a   suspect and she had shot the suspect and he died and Sunnie also ended up with a permanent disability as she had lost an eye and there was scarring. Sunnie is haunted by what had happened and now has low self esteem. Sunnie was ex military after serving in Afghanistan. Sunnie didn’t want to sit behind a desk and retired instead. Opaline Drucker had lost a daughter and grandson during a terrorist attack. Her granddaughter Stella is missing. Sunnie had a very bad childhood. Sunnie’s only friends are Beau and a squirrel.  Sunnie’s  foster father Beau to look into Opaline’s  family’s  year old cold case. The attack had been a bombing on a Jewish school. Stella was assumed to be kidnapped or dead. Sunnie decides to take the case and is hired to find the girl and the people responsible for the attack. Sunnie was being helped by her twin brother Gus.

I had a lot of mixed feelings concerning this book. It was a quick reads with a fast pace. But I couldn’t seem to connect with Sunnie. I found this frustrated me at times also. The bad guys seemed like amateurs to me and yet the cops couldn’t solve the case. I would have liked more background on Sunnie But I did enjoy the book somewhat and really liked the twists.

Fly Away with Me - Susan  Fox

Edna was a lawyer but now she had taken a week off work to go to Destiny Island and try to find her mother’s long lost sister Lucy. Edna was a program counsel for the Butterworth Foundation which  involved administrative and legal duties. But the best thing in Edna’s world was her family- her parents and her younger sister Kelsey.   Edna was going to the island by seaplane and the plane was being flown by Aaron Gabriel. Edna was not really  adventurous and firmly believed in schedules. Edna liked order an predictability and situations she could control.   . Edna’s mom was fragile after a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation and she desperately wanted to see her sister Lucy again. Edna and Ray had broke up after four years so to say it had been a hell of a year ….. Edna found she was attracted to Aaron. Until a year ago Edna had  been happy and uncomplicated. Edna had her family , her terrific job, and Ray. But then her grandmother died, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and then Ray and Edna had broken up. Then a week after the chemo and radiation Edna’s mom was still feeling sick and depressed and then a week ago Edna’s mom had found a clue to Lucy’s  disappearance. Aaron was attracted to Edna but he was a sworn bachelor. Edna is a serious uptight woman and Aaron was an easy going and only close to his sister and niece. Aaron was all fun and short term goals. Aaron told Edna the people were quirky at Destiny Island and didn’t care for outsiders but Aaron offered to help Edna get a foot in the door. Lucy had come to Destiny Island in the 1960’s to join a commune with her boyfriend.

I liked this story but it had a few things that bothered me. However I did feel it was well written and had a good plot. At times the story dragged for me and was hard to keep my attention on the story. For the most part I thought had a believable aspect to it.  I thought Aaron was a little too pushy at first as he knew from talking to Edna she had been through a lot in the last year. So i liked the characters and the ins and outs to a point but I still had mixed feelings on this book. But I do wish I could have rated it a 3.5.

great story and characters

All I Ever Wanted (The Heartthrob Series Book 1) - LuAnn McLane

Grady  said no to offering Arabella the job of choreographer for the reunion concert . Oliver, Jesse, and Jimmy- all Grady’s brothers- protested. They were doing the Heartbreak reunion in honor of their late mom. But Arabella had walked out on Grady and wouldn’t believe he was innocent of cheating and wouldn’t take Grady’s calls but that was twelve years ago. Grady said he would do anything to help find a cure for Lupus. Including a cheesy boy band reunion. The brothers had been in a boy band called Heartbeat many years earlier. Arabella now had a business called Hip, Hop, and Health and seemed to be doing well so Grady thought. When the brothers had ended the boy band Heartbeat they moved home to Sea Breeze, Florida as their mom’s health had gotten worse and she had hidden a lot while they had done their world tour. Grady had been the biggest target of the Paparazzi back when Heartbeat was still together as he was the oldest and the front man of Heartbeat. Jimmy was the quiet voice of reason and had held everything together. It had been a wild four year ride for the brothers. Jimmy was a songwriter now and happiest when he and his guitar were on his balcony. Arabella had been the only one to ever break Grady’s heart he had never gotten over her. Grady nor his brothers were into lasting relationships at this time of their lives nor had they been other than Grady with Arabella. After the boys lost their dad in a fatal car crash and losing their mom to a horrible disease that attacked her body they knew how much it hurt to lose someone you love. Whoever came up with the notion losing love was better than never having loved was certifiable crazy as far as the brothers were concerned. Arabella’s dance studio was in financial trouble and she would do anything she had to as long as she kept her business going. Oliver had called Arabella a week after the brothers had been trying to get the moves the brothers had done as teenagers right. It had been thirteen years ago when Grady had broken Arabella’s heart. Arabella had expanded to fast with her dance studio and if she didn’t want to bring Maxine and all her horrible ideas for change into her business she really didn’t have a choice but to take the job offered to her by Oliver. Besides the three months by the ocean with free accommodations in a beautiful home. But Arabella knew confronting Grady would be hard. Arabella wanted to turn around and go back to LA but she needed the money this job would pay her for her business.

I loved this story and I especially loved the ending. A very sweet second chance romance. This had a great plot and pace. I loved the relationship between the brothers. I also loved the relationship between Arabella and the brothers. This was just a great fast read and I couldn’t find anything to complain about which was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.  

great story and characters

Look Behind You - Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

Kendra was a music therapist and studied the chart of a nine year old Ryan who was in a wheelchair. He was borderline catatonic, he has been suffering from spine and head injuries from the same boating accident that had killed his dad. Music therapy had been recommended to Janice who was Ryan’s mother. Then Special FBI agent Roland Metcalf entered Kendra’s studio. Kendra had known Roland a couple of years but didn’t know the woman with him. Special FBI agent Gina Carson. Then Rolland said said there has been three murders in eight days - the third one not far from Kenda’s studio. Roland’s boss Special Agent in Charge Griffin wanted Kendra to join them. For the first twenty years of her life Kendra had been blind. Then an experimental surgical procedure had given Kendra her sight. Kendra had helped crack over a dozen cases in the past few years. Many of the cases would have went unsolved without Kendra stepping in. Her last case with the FBI had been physically and emotionally draining and she needed to step back and heal for a time but if she owed Roland’s boss Griffin as he had helped out when of friend of Kendra’s had been in deep trouble. So Kendra agreed to go to the crime scene. Zachery sat on the bench and wondered if Kendra had met Pretty Amanda yet. Zachery was no amateur and there was no one like him in all their books and chats. He didn’t know if Kendra was even there he had already been disappointed twice. It was a plan years in the making he could wait a little longer. When Kendra finally gave Zachery the attention he deserved then his game would be on. Kendra best friend was Olivia. Olivia and Kendra had attended a school for visually impaired. Olivia had lost her sight in a childhood car accident and still hoped one day she too would see like Kendra. Kendra and Olivia lived in the same building Kendra was one floor above Olivia. Lynch called Kendra from China to see what was going on. Lynch and Kendra’s chemistry was hot but as of yet nothing had been done about it. Lynch then finds out Kendra is being targeted by Zachery and Kendra awakes to a furious Lynch in her bedroom. Lynch was so mad because Kendra hadn’t told him about being targeted and Lynch did what he had t do to find out what he needed to know as he knew Kendra was keeping something important from him.

This was a great book that I really enjoyed. The plot was great as was the pace. I also loved the surprises and action of this story. I loved how Kendra was so protective of those she cared about even her client Ryan and his mom. I also loved how protective Lynch was of Kendra and wouldn’t take no from her for the most part and it was for her own good. I also loved how Kendra reacted when Zachary had hurt Lynch it showed how very human she was.I couldn’t find anything to complain about. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

Schooling the Viscount - Maggie Robinson

Henry had been exiled to Cotswold to a village all the people looked innocent and untouched of any type of debauchery or depravity. The whole place Henry is at is set up to help people “ clean up their act”, rehabilitate them,. Every person in the village helps the “ guest” . there are rules: the pub only serves soda, all guests must walk daily, the Vicar counsels the guests, and the guests are not allowed any sweets.  Henry is to stay one month unless the Vicar deems Henry needs more time to reform.   Henry was so bored. Henry felt at twenty five and having done service for his country as he had been in the army six years and had been hurt physically as well as mentally he was too old to be treated like a child. After all he was a Viscount. Henry was partially lame and partially deaf in one ear and he also has nightmares and he knows he needs help with them. Henry had been raising a lot of cane since  he got out of the service but when he brought home two ladies of the night  his father had enough. Henry has tea with the Vicar every day but that doesn’t help with the boredom. One of the things he had to do was walk everyday Henry decided to deviate from his regular path and he found a schoolhouse. The teacher there was Rachel Everett and Henry couldn’t resist and kisses her. Rachel knows she isn’t suppose to have anything to do with a “ guest”  that comes to the village. Rachel enjoys the kiss and then slaps Henry and tells him to leave her alone. But Henry doesn’t listen and they see to bump into each other a lot now.  Henry is very persuasive and is willing to fight for what he wants which is Rachel. If Rachel gives into the temptation to see Henry she will end up losing her job. Also the word would get out the rehabilitation did not work and the village would also lose  all future guests and that was the village’s  source of income. Then Henry tells Rachel he wants to marry her and she tells Henry he is crazy.

I liked this story a lot. I felt it was well written and  liked the plot and the pace a lot. I felt the romance was also at a good pace. I like the idea of a village that was set up like this one and having “ guests to help”. I chuckled when reading this and wondered if everything would work out ok. This did keep my attention no problem. I liked the way the PTSD was presented. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Making Love - Aidan Wayne

Carla is a cupid and having trouble with her job. She has problems reading people’s chemistry and needed to be able to this to make good matches  Then Leeta- a succubus- is in search of true love. But Leeta is turned away as it is believed Leeta just wants an easy meal. If Carla can help Leeta find true love maybe things will go better at the job.

This story really wasn’t for me. Carla seems to immature especially in the beginning. This was a novella and a quick read.   There was not enough surprise in the story and this seemed rushed to me. It just wasn’t for me but I am sure others will like this book.

The Witch?s House - Charlotte Armstrong

Elihu/Pat O’Shea  was a young mathematics instructor, he was used to using his mind and not his fingers. Pat didn’t like the Professor across the hall Everette Adams who was a Professor of biology. Pat thought Professor Adams had taken a objective lens but couldn’t prove it. Pat purses Everette to the parking lot, then follows him to a dead end road. Everette hits Pat in the head with a rock then takes his wallet and drives off with Pat’s car. Everette Thinks he had killed Pat. Then Pat is found by a Mrs. Pryde who is known to be a witch. Mrs. Pryde thinks Pat is her son Johnny who had been executed several years ago. Pat had a wound to his head, a wound to his arm, and a broken leg. Pat’s wife is Anabel who is worried where Pat is and starts to look for him. The police wouldn’t really help Anabel. Everette has also disappeared and Ellie his second wife doesn’t seem to want her husband or Pat found.

I didn’t care for this story. It was ok I guess but it didn’t keep my attention. It also didn’t keep my interest and I found myself bored trying to read this. I'm sure others will enjoy this.

I Wanna Be Loved by You - Heather Hiestand

Sadie was a new chambermaid in a shabby inn. This was Sadie’s first job. Two men came barrelling down the stairs and knocked Sadie down the way man paused to help her. She got up but her back ached and her head spun. The one man had been a labor agitating Bolshevik. The old desk clerk told her to go lay down for a half hour to rest after being hurt. Les- a handsome man had been one of the men who knocked Sadie over he is attracted to Sadie and feel he should go back and apologize to her for being one of the people who knocked her over. Sadie turns twenty the next day and he invites her to a party. Les works for the Secret Intelligence Service and he is undercover as a man selling American magazines. He pretends to be Russian at the party he takes Sadie to. Sadie is a little confused.  Les brings Sadie into his world as a cover. Les has Sadie to act as his wife. Then Les gets hurt and Sadie is stranded at the hospital with him until Les is released. Sadie knows she has to stay with Les or ruin her reputation. Les really likes Sadie and is sorry he ever brought her into his world. Les was ordered to fake marry Sadie and ordered to try to move into the Grand Kusse to spy on a Russian diplomat. Sadie eventually finds out her marriage was fake and why Les fake married her.

I did feel this was well researched but just wasn’t a story for me. I may have accidently picked this as I really didn’t get into this book.

Great Story and Characters

Wolf Slayer - Jane Godman

Most days there was no conflict between being an arctic werewolf and a cop for Kyle. . For eighteen months Kyle Madden had been hunting the serial killer called the Cage Killer who delighted in taunting the cops. Kyle was a detective. Kyle got a call that he believed was the killer and little “ gifts” had come to the station from the killer like human fingers. The cops were heading to Piedmont House were the Kyle hoped to find the serial killer and the victim before the victim was dead. Kyle thought he could smell the killer but he couldn’t tell his team as they were all human and they didn’t know what he was. They were all apart of the Anchorage Police Department in Alaska. The Cage Killer liked privacy and enclosed places. Every other victim/victims had been found underground. She knew he kept her alive to torture her. She was barely alive but she read the papers and watched tv about previous victims. The Cage killer had her. She heard he cut fingers off and sent them to the police . Her name was Marie. The killer didn’t care about gender, ego, or station in life the only thing in common was their striking looks: white blonde hair and brilliant gold eyes which was the coloring of the true arctic wolf. There had been twelve victims so far. Maria hadn’t been reported missing but she explained she had no family and very few friends. Her occupation had been an artist. But she was now missing some fingers. The killer cut off one finger a day and on the tenth day he killed his victim. When Kyle was a cub his parents had been killed by hunters and the alpha of his wolf pack had cast Kyle out to die but a kindly hunter took Kyle in and raised him. When Kyle was fully grown  the hunter set Kyle free in the wild. Kyle’s way of giving back to humans was to be a cop. Kyle believed Maria was an Arctic Wolf and he asked her if she had ever shifted while she was in the hospital. Maria thought Kyle was crazy. But when a man came in her hospital window and threatened to kill Maria with the knife he had she felt something inside her change. Someone was coming and the man went back out the window. Kyle thought the was specifically looking for an Arctic werewolf. When Kyle got back to Maria’s room he apologized and then Maria told him she might have been changing when the killer threaten to kill her . Kyle set it all up that when Maria got out of the hospital that she would go to Dan’s home and Samson would also be there until the killer was caught. Dan and Samson as well as Kyle belonged to the Brotherhood Of The Midnight Sun.

This was an excellent story. I really loved this , the plot was good as was the pace. I loved the action and the mystery. I felt bad of who the killer was. But I had it figured out before the end but that was fine it wasn’t he was brought forward. I love Marie and Kyle together each was there when the other needed them. I loved the closeness of the brotherhood. I loved how everyone accepted and wanted to help Maria. Just another absolutely great book in the series. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.