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Good Story and Characters

Run For The Hills - Carla Caruso

Birdie got a pic of her fiance that wasn’t very nice on the wedding day Birdie then goes on the run. Her ex fiance  was a multimillionaire hotelier and the media was going crazy with the story of Birdie the runaway bride and they were all looking to get a pic of Birdie the runaway bride.” . When Birdie ran she left her job, her family, her friends behind. Birdie ran to a small town  and gets a job at Gold lake Manor as a marketing director/receptionist for a wedding venue. There are a set of triplets who are running the venue and have to keep it going for a month per their dad’s will or it would become a dog kennel. The triplets were Cody, Vance, and Jaxon. Cody is actually a LA Paparazzi and couldn’t wait to get back. Of course Birdie is attracted to Cody  who could blow her cover and they start seeing each other but did so in secret.  

This was a good story and I really enjoyed it. This had a good plot and had  great writing. It was a short story but did not lack anything. This made me chuckle at times. I did find the end predictable but still enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Amish Brides - Jennifer Beckstrand, Molly Jebber, Amy Lillard

The Reluctant Groom:

Annie encouraged matches , she felt young men she be married before they made nuisances of themselves. Ester told Annie  it wasn’t her responsibility and Annie told her daughter  who else would make the matches  if she didn’t Annie’s husband Telly said “ if t wasn’t for your mamm half of Berduel would still be single”. Then Suvie came to Annie’s house and said she needed help finding a husband. Suvie said she couldn’t cook and that’s why she needed Annie’s help as every man wanted his wife to be able to cook, Suvie had three proposals but she wants to care/love the man not marry someone she cringes at when they are in the same room. Then Suvie said she had fallen in love with their great grandson Aaron Beachy.

Joshua’s Bride:

Madeline was happy whenever she was with Joshua and Joshua had just proposed and Joshua’s brother Nathaniel had fallen in love with Madeline’s sister Catherine but Catherine had left Nathaniel and the Amish without saying a word. So Joshua’s parents had not wanted Joshua to propose as they were afraid Madeline would also leave and break Joshua’s heart. But Joshua went ahead and asked the Bishop to marry them in June. The Bishop agreed after talking to Joshua for a few minutes. Then Catherine came back long enough to drop her daughter off to Madeline without even naming her as she didn’t want to be attached to the baby. Knowing Joshua’s family’s disdain would be even worse now Madeline broke the engagement even though it broke her and Joshua’s heart she now had to raise Ruthie as her father and her had named the baby after Madeline and Catherine’s mother. Mary would die an old maid who still loved Joshua.

A Summer Wedding In Paradise:

Reba was replacing the teacher as she was getting ready to marry;s Reba;s brother. Reba got up late this morning and then and to top it off her brother liked to play tricks on Reba and took the dress she put out to wear outside all night and it had rained all night. And Reba was behind on her laundry so Reba touched up a dress she had wore a couple of days earlier. Then she had to leave to walk to  the school. Then A buggy was approaching quickly and the man had no control of his horse and ran Reba off the road and she fell into a ditch now she was covered in mud and gook and had badly hurt her ankle and Reba could barely walk on it. Reba got to the school and sent her oldest niece to get a dress for her to change into. There was a stranger at the school to do some repairs especially on the roof when it rained as it leaked. Then it turned at the man at the school was the one who ran her off the road. Then it turns out Reba’s ankle was broken and she wasn’t ready to forgive the man Abel  was also do some work for her brother.

I really loved the first two stories and liked the third one a lot but it left you hanging a little on a couple of things.  But the stories were all really good . The plots were good.  I think everyone can pretty much find at the very least one of the stories to ;like a lot. These stories are well written, I loved the characters and the ins and outs of the stories and I recommend.

Good Story and Characters

The Watcher - Bella Jewel

Marlie wakes up and her body aches and her head is pounding. Another lonely dragging day. The doctor told Marlei she is physically completely healed and it’s all in her head. But had the doctor had his entire body beaten by a bat? Marlie feels it every time she moves and mostly in her legs mostly. Am ache that seems like it will never leave, a soreness in her muscles Marlie couldn’t seem to stretch out. But there is nowhere else Marlie would rather be then her one room cabin she had bought three years ago. Marlie had left her home in Denver when she became famous for being a serial killer's survivor and was Marlies own personal hell. Then Marlie's mother wrote a novel about her ordeal with a serial killer. After a while Marlie couldn’t take knowing her mother’s happiness came from Marlie’s pain. Marlie didn’t know why she stayed as long as she did but most days Marlie didn’t know her own name. Intense therapy and people screaming for her story on the street made Marlie’s traumatized mind close down. Instead of supporting Marlie her mother made it about herself. Her mother didn’t help Marlie when she was suffering, she didn’t comfort Marlie when she woke up screaming from the nightmares. Marlie sees his face every time she closes her eyes. Marlie’s therapist assures her it won’t be that way forever. At the cabin the solitude seems to help also Marlie feels safe. Out here the job Marlie had was a waitress. She didn’t have to work the book was still making money and after giving her mother a lot of money Marlie still had a couple million in the bank but she wouldn’t touch it she didn’t think she ever would. Marlie hadn’t been home in a couple of years but her mom and sister Kaitlyn/Kaity visited Marlie . Kaity had suffered and thought she would never see Marlie again and suddenly Kaity didn’t matter anymore. Kaity hadn’t been doing that good lately per their mom. Marlie had a friend named Hannah and Marlie called her and asked her to keep on eye on Kaity. Kaity was the only think Markie had left. Kaity and Marlie had gotten close when their father died and their mother went a little insane. Then Hannah called Marlie  told her that she had recently learned Katy had started doing drugs and now she was missing. She went over to Kaity’s today and her apartment had been trashed. It had been eighteen hours and Hannah can’t find Kaity nor had she heard from her. Kenai is a world renowned investigator and Marlie’s only hope to find Kaitlyn and Marlie got him to take her case.

I liked this book s lot. This was well written and the pace was very good. I also liked the plot. At first I didn’t like Kenai at all he was being a butt. I  loved that Marlie stood him up and gave Kenai attitude right back. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat. It definitely keeps your attention right from the beginning. I didn’t like Marlie’s mother she didn’t deserve the title of mother more user and selfish.  Both Marley and Kenai had a lot of pain in their past I was glad they grew to care about each other and learn to lean on each other I loved the twist and turns of this story and i recommend.

By Ednah Walters Immortals (Book two) (Runes) (1st First Edition) [Paperback] - Ednah Walters

Raines best friend was Cora. It was usually Raines webcam Cora used for her blog and “ Hottie Of The Week” . Cora felt Raine needed a life outside of books but Raine swims and plays the oboe in the band. Cora and Raine had been best friends since Jr High when Raine found Cora crying in the girls locker room. Cora had problems adjusting to public school as she had been home schooled until then. Eirik was Raines unofficial boyfriend. Then someone knocked at Raines door and she thought it was Eirik but it wasn’t he said he was her new next store neighbor where Eirik and he needed to talk to Eirik as soon as possible. Raines father had been on a plane that crashed in the Pacific Ocean but his body had not been found but it had been three months yet Raines mom believed he was alive. Raines parents owned Mirage which was a framing and mirror store, with her dad gone her mom was pulling double duty and often beyond to clean up for the next business day.  Raine didn’t really see her mom much anymore. Raine had backed into her neighbor's mailbox, destroyed it but when she got home from her swim team practice  the mailbox looked like nothing had happened to it. She went over to thank “ blue eyes” as she called her new neighbor she asked him how he had fixed the mailbox and he said magic. Later that night Eirik showed up at her house  and climbed the tree to her balcony.  Raine tried to be mad at Eirik as he hadn’t answered her calls or texts but she just couldn’t be. If she had done what Eirik had Eirik would have been mad as Eirik had a temper.Eirik and Raine had been inseparable since they were kids. They had grown up together. Eirik was her best friend and there wasn’t a thing she didn’t know about him. Eirik had been adopted by his parents but instead of showering him with love, they traveled a lot and left him with nannies and a housekeeper he had spent most of his waking and sleeping hours at Raines house. Then Raine mentioned the new neighbor and Eirik asked if Torin had made her mad. Raine was attracted to Torin even if he wasn’t nice and definitely not safe. Eirik seemed to step up recently and claim Raine as his girl but Raine found she was still very attracted to Torin. Knowing Torin had used magical runes to save her life. Raine didn’t know what to think of the runes or the magic.

I loved the story until the very end of it which I consider a cliffhanger and I hate them and ruined the story for me. I was very disappointed in this. I will give it a 3 rating  Even though I know what Raine's mom said you figure it will be ok.  I did love the characters and the ins and outs of this story.

Good Story and Characters

Mistake No.7 - Laura P Avery

Rebecca/Becca wondered if Professor Crane was an authoritative in bed. Becca wanted to know if his expression changed when he made love. Becca had a good social life and a lot of friends and Becca dated on a regular basis. Becca’s best friend was Tess and told her it wasn’t the romance books Rebecca read that made her pick the wrong men to date or care for. Professor Crane- Rick was very interested in Rebecca but there was an no dating students policy in the all girl college Rick taught at. Rick felt Rebecca outshone all the other female students just by being herself. Rick’s parents had died two years ago and he and his sister Hannah had inherited wealth and now his parents lawyer now theirs was Hannah’s and Rick’s rock. Rick was refurbishing the home his parents shared. But they also had rental property to deal with. Rick loved his sister but she was overprotective, overbearing, and a pain in the butt especially if Rick ever brought someone to meet her. Jess had set Becca up on a blind date with Ben who just wasn’t what Becca was looking for. Rick called a maid service and it was the job Becca had just been hired for. Becca became Rick’s maid.

A good read . This was a short story but very entertaining. It didn’t lack anything. I did think the relationship was a bit rushed. And the story is predictable but i still enjoyed and really liked this. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Not Bad...

Hot Shot: A Last Shot Novel - Kelly Jamieson

Marco Solis is a former Navy SEAL and co-owner of a bar with his two best friends. Carrie Garner is the best friend to his friend’s fiance. For some reason, when they are near each other, they can’t get along. When Marco decides to throw an engagement party for their friends, he asks for Carrie’s help. Maybe they can get along enough  to stop denying their mutual attraction.

This book wasn’t bad. I thought there were times when Marco’s character was a bit harsh and it really didn’t make much sense.There were some random things that were thrown into parts of books that didn’t really make much sense until later.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Book

How to Lose a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds) (Volume 1) - Michelle McLean

Malcolm MacGregor has went to court to get the king to intervene with the constant attacks by his enemy. He didn’t expect the king to force Malcolm to wed his enemy’s daughter, Sorcha Campbell. Sorcha’s is furious that she’s forced to marry her father’s enemy. She’s determined to drive him nuts enough to refuse the marriage.

I really liked this story. I liked both characters. I liked watching as each of them slowly changed their minds and hearts about each other. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book


Too Taboo: An Erotic Romance Anthology: Absolve MeTwice as HardSeduction Squad: Captured - Morgaine Cameron, Amber Bardan, Amanda Stewart

This anthology was about fantasies, specifically with taboo themes. I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t going to like it as the themes are a bit “more” than I’d typically read. Plus most taboo stories don’t have plot and go way overboard. Luckily, none of these stories are like that. I really enjoyed them, even some of the parts that I was a little uncomfortable with. The writing was so good, I had to keep reading. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Worth Checking Out

Some Like It Geek: A Really Big Set of Romances - Zoe York, Angela Quarles, Sidney Bristol, C. Jordan, Clara Leigh, Ally Decker, Olivia Devon

This is a compilation stories centered around the theme of geeks. As with most compiliations, there were some really good stories and some not so good stories. Either way, it’s worth reading as the good stories make up for the not so good stories. I’ve included reviews of several of the stories.

-Fall Quiet by Zoe York - 5 stars

Navy SEAL Quinn Perry gets a second chance to impress Army Sergeant Leah Sanders when he sees her on a Caribbean island.

I’ve read books by this author before and, while I’ve really liked them, this one, Whew! While it wasn’t really with the geek theme, I loved the kink theme!! Very few authors have the woman in charge and I absolutely loved it.

-To Score or Not to Score by Angela Quarles - 5 stars

Pepper has just moved back to her hometown and has been set up on a blind date by her best friend. What she doesn’t know is that the man that she thinks is her blind date is actually her old nemesis from high school, Luke.

This was my favorite story in the collection. It took awhile, but beyond the immense attraction, they each found they had a lot in common and were able to heal.

-The Adorkable Girl and the Geek by Sidney Bristol - 1 star

Nate and Cara have been best friends since high school and they’ve both been secretly in love with each other for years. This time when Cara comes to visits, things change.

I really didn’t like this book. Nate’s character wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like Cara at all. I’m not sure how she managed to survive life.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Loved It!

The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) - Heather McCollum

Cullen Duffie, the new MacDonald is determined to prove he’s not like his father and that his grandfather didn’t make a mistake in picking him over his uncles in being the next chief. He’s determined to protect his clan against the English that want to overrun them. One morning, after a terrible storm, he finds a woman has washed ashore. When she comes to, she has no memory of who she is and what she’s running from. Cullen must decide if she’s worth going against his clan to save her or if he should just give her up and turn her over.
This book captured me right from the beginning. The story really pulled me in. I loved both Cullen and “Rose”. I loved how Rose’s identity slowly unraveled but none of it mattered to Cullen. The interactions between him and his cousins, Errol and Broc where hilarious. They had me laughing out loud as I read them. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great New Story by a Great Author

Tradition Be Damned (Last Hope Book 1) - Rebecca Royce

Anne has been part of a mystic Sisterhood since she was taken from her family as a baby. Unfortunately she’s always been a bit different from the other sisters. There are ways a sister is supposed to act that Anne just can’t do. When she finds out her five guards, Bryant, Mason, Garrett, Kieran and Milo, might not hold her in as much disdain as she thinks, she decides to go on a journey for them. She doesn’t know that his journey is going to change her destiny.

Another great book by one of my favorite authors, this is a new series and definitely a bit different from her other books. Yet it holds certain elements that are found in her other books that I just love. I really loved watching Anne slowly figure things out about herself, particularly when her true purpose finally comes to light. The author did a good job with making each guard a bit different from the other. My only problem was that, aside from the oldest guard and the youngest guard, I kept getting the middle three guards mixed up until the story was almost over. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Just WOW!

King's Captive - Amber A. Bardan

Sarah Mercedes has been trapped on a private island for three years by Julius King. She’s got less than one month before she’s trapped with him forever. The problem is that he’s slowly managing to slither his way into her heart.

When I read the description of this book, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it, but since I’d just read a story from this author in an anthology that blew me away, I knew I had to try it. All I can say is WOW. This was a story I couldn’t stop reading once I started. I read it late into the night because I couldn’t sleep without knowing how it ended. I was so in tune with everything Sarah was going through, I didn’t want it to end but I wanted it to hurry so I knew how it ended. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story

Drawn to the Wolves - Shari Mikels

Kate was trying to find her best friend Cindy who was at Brighton Hotel in Whiskey Grove. Tenn It was a small town and Kate made it there but was having problems finding the hotel. Mrs. Brighton greeted Kate after she got to the hotel. For ten years Kate had sketch artist for the Atlanta P D.  Ten stressful years of feeling perceiving every victims emotions and some criminals inherit evil and Kate knew she was a little unusual but she just called it advanced sixth sense. But it wore on her and she needed out. The one part of the gift Kate truly enjoyed was experiencing the positive emotions of others. Kate wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to stay but this was a good first step in the right direction, one where she could draw for enjoyment not because it was desperately needed by so many people for so many reason’s Ten Kate asked about walking behind the hotel and paths and decided after being in the car so long after she was more or less settled to go for a walk. Callan was alpha to a wolf pack and sensed someone was in trouble. Then Callan knew it was a woman and and his mate and he had to go to her and protect her. Then the fear he senses turned into terror. He had to protect his mate before it was too late. A bond had already developed between Kate and Callan. Mrs Brighton had called about her missing guest. Callan already knew Kate was his mate. But than Callan found out Kate was terrified of wolves and then his cousin hadn’t helped.  But he could communicate because of their bond. Callan protected Kate and got her back to the hotel and he stayed with her as Kate didn’t want to be alone. But they slept in separate beds then he told her about his sister pictures on the walls of the cabins they were going to start renting out and Kate wanted to see the cabins the next day. Kate felt the bond and a deep attraction for Callan.

I loved this story and it was great. Kate had to and did overcome her fear. I definitely loved the romance between Callan and Kate. even if she broke their hearts. I loved how Callan and his pack were with each other. I loved the plot of this story. It was a short story but didn’t lack anything. I felt bad for the reason Kate was terrified of wolves and then to fall in love with one. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

Seeking Mansfield - Kate  Watson

Finley rubbed one of the small circular scars branded into her right shoulder. She was on her computer with Mansfield Theater Youth application pulled up. She felt she was stupid to even submit the application then Oliver her godparent’s son knocked on her door then Oliver started filling out the rest of her application Then his sister Juliette and her boyfriend Raleigh came in Finley’s room. Finley father had been an actor and was dead. Finley lived with her godparents and was grateful for all they had done for her. Oliver’s aunt Nora was forever reminding Finley how much she owed her godparents and what Finley would be doing to pay them back. Almost as if belittling and hurting Finley. Then for the last month Nora had left Finley alone. She didn’t know why unless her Godparents had said something. Be very victim ut for whatever the reason Finley was grateful.

I couldn’t really get into this story it just didn’t keep my attention

Good Story and Characters

Betting the Bad Boy (Behind the Bar) - Stefanie London

Paul’s older brother was Des the bar/restaurant  where they all worked. Noah was a close friend. Des oversaw the operation and finances. Paul managed the bar and Noah was the head barister who also inducted and trained the new hires. Des was in Hawaii with his wife Grace, Paul was knee deep in getting his mixology school off the ground that left Noah to be boss for the month Des was to be gone. Des was to soon expand his business and dropped hints he wanted Noah to manage it. Paul had a girl he was crazy about - Libby so Noah was the only bachelor left. Paige had just been trying to get a job and had been for awhile. And she was stressed about her future. Paige was trying to get an accounting job. Paige had been staying with her friend Sally. Sally just left her know that in a month she would be moving in with her boyfriend. Paige had already been looking for a job for a month. Paige stopped at Des’s bar/restaurant First for a coffee and fell into an interview as another girl. Then Noah was told the other girl wouldn’t be in Paige bet Noah a job she could make him the best cup of coffee he had ever had. Noah thought Paige looked like sex on a stick in a kind of girl next store way. Paige thought Noah looked hot. On Paige’s first day she brushed shoulders with Noah and felt sparks go through her. She hadn’t felt those kind of tingles since her first kiss. Paige had moved to Melbourne about four months ago before that a country girl born and raised. Paige had a different job in the accounting field but had dated a coworker but when she wouldn’t sleep with him he spread it all over the office she was a floozy and she lost her job. She had learned never mix business with pleasure. Noah had been brought up in the foster care system and had several foster parents and he felt he had let them all down but Paul and Des were his best friends. Noah also had three sisters not blood but sisters nevertheless. Noah had a policy to always set the bar low when it came to commitment. That way he didn’t expect much. As a kid Noah had been kicked out of every foster home he had been in. Being a lone wolf meant security. Noah was always desperate to be the one leaving when it came to relationships as he was never in it for the long term. Paul and Noah had been friends since third grade.

I enjoyed this story. I liked how Noah and Paige tried to control what they felt. I was glad when they came together. I liked the plot and thought this was well written. I thought this dragged a little at different times but didn’t stop me from finishing the story. I liked how close Noah was to Paul and Des. I also loved how Noah loved his sisters. I loved Paige’s determination . This was just a good read I loved the characters and the ins and outs.I recommend.

Great Story

Romancing the Bachelor - Diane Alberts

After being at court had a meeting with George, Wallace, and Mark and then he had a consultation with a possible client. Eric didn’t really believe in love and wouldn’t be getting married anytime soon. Eric loved his brothers Cole. Chris and Wyatt even Brett his soon to be brother in law. And his sister Anne. He also had a special place in his heart for his parents. All his life things have come easy for him so he was looking in the shelter one time a week for the last month but hadn’t found the right dog for him. A dog that had went through a lot and needed somewhere safe f0rever place  to live. Then the court stenographer or court reporter came in and Eric had an expected pull toward her and he wanted her. She was not what he usually went for and somehow she looked familiar. Shelby had been in Atlanta for two years and hated it , the city just wasn’t for Shelby. Neither were men or romance. Shelby had moved to Atlanta for a man who cheated on her and broke her heart and left her homeless. Shelby had left college and family for George her ex. For everything left it behind her for George. She had been left alone in an unfamiliar city. A lot of people had told her George was no good. But Chelsea stayed and waited tables and worked her way up until she could go back to school. She got good grade. Made a name for herself got a job and succeeded here despite everything.  Shelby thought Eric was hot but not for her. Guys like Eric were fun to look at but that’s all. She couldn’t let ruin what she had worked so hard for here in Atlanta. Shelby hadn’t slept with anyone  in two year.. Shelby was honest with Eric and said they could only be friends. Eric never had a female friend before. But Shelby wanted Eric really bad.

I adored this romance. It was a short read but had everything it needed for this story. I loved the plot. I loved how Wyatt was there for Eric even though he had never been in love. I loved how eric was a good person even if he was born of a wealthy family. I love Eric made Shelby go for her dream even if it broke both their hearts. I absolutely loved the ending. A great book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend,