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good story and characters

Shelby (The Deadly Agendas Series) - Katie Murphy

Alan wisher he was as brave as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He was getting ready to sacrifice his life and the safety of his family and he was resentful and unhappy about it. In one month he will have been a part of the extraction of Tijuana’s top drug cartel boss Felix Guterrey and bring Felix to the US to face and be tried for the numerous felonies including twelve murders of border control officers at the San Diego club Subterranio. The raid was the bloodiest incident in America during the Border Wars. Everyone had screamed for justice. Alan was the U S Secretary Of State and Alan is being pushed to to close all dealings with Mexico and deport all immigrants. It came out from reports from the border patrol that there was a tunnel that went from Tijuana Mexico to the nightclub. After that Mexico did offer to cooperate. But it wasn’t enough. Jesse Adams met with Alan at the Dr, King Memorial. Jesse said Alan called and he came as always. Alan said he knew he could always rely on Jesse. Jesse was are tired Navy Seal. Alan said he needed to cash in on the favor that Jesse said he owed Alan. Alan told Jesse he needed Jesse to protect his daughter Shelby.  Shelby was reading her column in The Washington Post’s website. It was empowering to see her thoughts and her opinions validated by DC’s most influential newspaper. Shelby had a date tonight with her almost fiance Jack. Shelby got a text from her dad that he wanted to see her down in his home office. Alan was mad Shelby had told her dad that she would quit the paper when it became dangerous and Alan felt like Shelby should now quit. It was a terrorist organization that had sent a letter threatening Shelby’s life. Shelby felt her dad would go down in history as the most successful diplomat to ever hold the Secretary Of State office. Then Shelby’s father brought in Jesse and his security detail. Jesse made Shelby feel soft, feminine. Something no one had ever done before. But Shelby would never be with the hired help and Jesse thought Shelby was spoiled and headstrong.

I liked this story and I liked the plot and pace. This was fast moving and had enjoyable surprises. I was surprised from the end but I did enjoy it. This book did keep my interest I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Paintbrush - Hannah Bucchin

   Josie wondered what a normal school morning was like. People watching was a prime activity of the Indian Paintbrush Community Village For Substantial Living. Paintbrush is a commune, a safe haven for mountain folk, hippies, eco-freaks, spiritualists, and any lost soul Myra Gilligan the founder takes in. As a result things were pretty bizarre around the commune. Josie and Mitchell were graduating HS in a month. Mitchell and Josie were the only two kids growing up in Paintbrush- although Josie did have two younger sisters. Josie’s family had moved to Paintbrush almost twelve years ago when she was six. Mitchell can’t wait to leave Paintbrush and he works very hard to be a “ normal kid”- captain of the swim team. advanced placement and student council. Josie looks the part of a hippie and is happiest when she is outside gardening. In Mitchell’s opinion Josie looks like she just stepped out of Woodstock. Mitchell’s parents had been young corporate lawyers then they married and had Mitchell and then a big epiphany and sold their apartment and car and all their things and moved to Paintbrush when Mitchell was four. Mitchell’s parents seem so in love then one night at dinner Mitchell’s mom Carrie announces she has fallen in love with a newcomer that had only been there about six months named Joe and Joe loved Carrie. Joe looked like a surfer type to Mitchell.  Mitchell is furious and his dad John looks devastated and Mitchell took off. Mitchell got back to Paintbrush early in the morning and Josie was sitting on her porch as she had been worried about Mitchell and wanted to make sure he was ok.

I didn’t really enjoy this to be honest. I found it a little dull and boring. I read  until I just couldn’t read anymore and was done making myself. It just didn’t interest me. I am sure others will really enjoy this story.

great story and characters

Storm Wolf - Jane Godman

Odessa couldn’t believe she was having sex with a man she didn’t know and the best sex of her life. Also it was the night before the most important business presentation of her life. Odessa and this man were both werewolves. They had been in the darkest part of the garden but still could have gotten caught. But now that it was over neither of them seemed to know what to say. He said this wasn’t something he usually did but it had been great. The man was an Arctic wolf and Odessa was Siberian and their packs were enemies. It was a good thing the sex was a one night thing as the Arctic wolves are the wolves that killed her father Santin. Santin had been the leader of the Siberian wolves and as of twelve months ago Odessa became the Siberian wolves leader.  Dan Lowell was the Arctic wolf and he didn’t know who Odessa was just that she was a Siberian wolf. Dan didn’t do crazy and what had happened was crazy. Dan was the sensible one, the intellectual wolf of the elite Arctic Werewolves Of The Midnight Sun. Dan was the one to be counted on to do the right thing, and urge caution. Having sex with a Siberian stranger was not the right thing to do. Dan’s passion was the protection of the Arctic environment and Odessa was following in her father’s footsteps and seemed to be determined on messing up the fragile ecosystem. Dan had tried to contact Odessa with no success so he followed her to Florida. Serene was Odessa’s assistant and has seen Odessa kiss Dan and then grab her underwear. Five years Odessa had worked for people to to accept her in the online gaming field. At last Serpent's  Eye was ready and the first in the nine clan series. An online fantasy game with a linked board game in which the microchip physical pieces moved in time with the onscreen action. Santin Creation was Odessa’s baby, her creation. It had taken everything Odessa had for people to see passed her youth and inexperience to give  her a chance. Odessa did things to Dan that made every second with her a battle of self control both his temper and his ability to keep his hands off her and it didn’t matter who she was. Dan was the director of the  Institute For Research In The Arctic Environment and the world’s leader on the Arctic ecosystem.

I loved this story { as i have the others in this series} and i loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved how love overcame everything. I loved Dan and Odessa together. I loved how the brothership of the midnight sun were still together and strong and close no matter how long in between seeing each other. I loved the showing of the Goddess and she being both Odessa grandmother and great grandmother. I just loved this whole story and as I said have loved this whole series I can’t wait to get to the next one and it is already downloaded. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

The Billionaire's Private Scandal - Jenna Bayley-Burke

Brandon stopped at the coffee shop there was Meagan and he couldn’t believe it. Megan was a socialite with a trust fund deep enough to buy this shop one hundred times over. Megan was suppose to be on a beach while her father avoided extradition for embezzlement. Yet Megan was here in front of Brandon- a smaller angrier version of the hotel heiress Brandon loved. Megand had not made Brandon’s drink she refused to and quit her job. Brandon begged Megan to talk to him even said that Megan owed him some kind of an explanation. Megan said she owed Brandon nothing that he was  a liar and a cheat and she never wanted to see him again. Megan was intensely private and no one had known Megan and Brandon had been together for the last seven years. Megan was great at putting on a show and making the world think she had it all together even when things were falling apart. Megan shot the cup of coffee at Brandon before she quit. But Brandon followed her to her apartment. Brandon couldn’t believe the way Megan was living. Megan remembered back when she had went to a party with her older sister Ava at Brandon’s house and Megan had set her sights on Brandon. Brandon was fresh out of military school and wanted to have some fun. Every time Brandon turned Megan down she wanted him more. Megan even lost all interest in boys at school. Megan’s heart squeezed when she thought of how naive she had been to think she could change the world without it changing her. Megan seriously slept an hour at a time and usually jolted awake by a sound that terrified her. Soon Megan would have enough money to take some computer classes. She had already earned her GED in the last year. While at Brandon’s house the dog her had bought her - Cash- a cockapoo comes running to her and all Megan’s walls crumbled. Then Megan thought maybe she should take a page out of her sister Ava’s book. Brandon had said he wanted to put a ring on Megan’s finger but never bought one and he said he wanted them to become public with their relationship  but never asked her out. The hope is what devastated her when she was going to Brandon for some answers and help  on her birthday and saw him kissing Gemma then they went into his apartment. She had given Brandon her virginity - her first love, and first and only lover.

I loved most of this story. But I didn’t particularly liked the way the ending was written I felt it was just rushed. I like what it entailed just not how it was written. Otherwise I loved the story and the plot. I loved how much Brandon had truly loved Megan and never gave up on finding her and being back with her. I also loved how Megan loved him right back but was so lost and hurt. I felt bad for everything she had went through with no one to really turn to. I felt bad how hurt and confused and how she hadn’t felt safe in a long time. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

The Fifth Reflection (The Dot Meyerhoff Series, Book 3) - Ellen Kirschman

Dot is a police psychologist. Dot is also having Thanksgiving dinner with her fiance Frank’s family and this had been the first time she had met them. Then Frank gets a call from his photography teacher Joanne/JJ that JJ’s two year old daughter Chrissy had been abducted from her bed. Frank immediately leaves to go to JJ. JJ is a photographer and her specialty is nude children. Jj had been “ criticized” is some art he had her daughter Chrissy in just a few days before her abduction.Bucky is Chrissy’s father just wanted to find the kidnapper/ killer of his daughter and dole out his brand of justice before the police found the person/ people responsible for this horrible thing. Frank wants to marry Dot but wants to be JJ’s comfort and hero. Officer Manny Ochoa is on Chrissy’s case and is determined to find the kidnapper/killer who did this to such a young child and bring them to justice no matter the cost to him and his family. I didn’t particularly like this story. First off I think Dot should have been a stronger and more confident woman. What was she doing with a butt like Frank I would rather be alone. I did appreciate how the author showed what happens and how hard it is for officers who work on cases involving children. Especially where such a young child is murdered. It also had a good twist. Frank seems infatuated with JJ like a teenager not a middle age man. I don't like that especially as he was engaged to Dot and talking marriage. I did like many and his determination. So some things were ok in this story but for me it barely made a three. Some things even confused me in this story.

good story and characters

Wicked Kiss - Rebecca Zanetti

Tori was in Ireland and being abducted by witches as she had seen a firefight. Paranormals were still a secret from humans unless they mated one. Tori had been held hostage for an entire  week in various luxurious Dublin locales. This was the first time Tori had been blindfolded and she figured that wasn’t good. She had been kidnapped from Seattle. She had learned a week ago Immortals really existed. An explosion rocked the van she was in She slid around in the back of the van then it stopped cold. The front doors opened and she heard men fighting then the back doors opened and someone was dragging her out of the van and then tossed her over his shoulder. The man had a ski mask on. The man turned the corner and ran down an alley holding her in place. He turned some more corners and then they were in another alley in front of a motorcycle. But because of Tori’s “oddity” it wouldn’t start. The man tore off Tori’s blindfold and had already uncuffed her.Then he took off his own mask and it was Adam Dunne. He Told Tori it had been nearly impossible to find her. Then Tori realized Adam was a witch. Adam said he had about one hour to get her on a plane and out of the country. Tori asked how much trouble Adam would be in if they got caught and he said “ Treason and death sentence”. Adam talked on his cell then told Tori to strip she had been tagged and they had five minutes before the Guard got there. Then Adam put his tee shirt on Tori. Adam was an Enforcer for the Coven Nine. Adam told Tori they were in a life or death moment. Adam also told her he would knock her out if he had to just to make sure they both lived. The Guard was then there  and throwing fireballs at them and Adam was throwing them back. Finally they could run again and Adam used magic to get in a safe house. He had screen with which he could see outside. Adam never felt free as duty and family always called. He was the protector of the Coven Nine, of his people and he lived that responsibility to his bones To be on the opposite side of the bus even for one campaign ripped claws through Adam. Adam told Tori humans didn’t know about other species, more powerful species because they didn’t want humans to know. Then Tori asked why she had been kidnapped and Adam said she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and she had seen witches get in a firefight at that point her life became in jeopardy. Coven Nine was the ruling body of the witches are fractured right now and they didn’t want any threats out there. Adam said he had to get Tori to the states and off f the grid. Tori’s sister was mated to Adam’s brother. Adam also said his brothers committed treason helping one of their cousins going against the setting Coven Nine members which now there was only three instead of nine. Simone who was Tori’s friend was ordered to death by the Council. Even though she was set up Simone was found guilty of Treason.Right now Simone was safe as they tried to prove her innocence. Then Tori asked Adam about her sister and Adam told her she was mated to his brother Kallach. Then Adam told Tori she was enhanced he could feel it. Adam said he was four centuries old when Tori asked. Tori is caught by the Guard. Simone is pregnant and her mate Jase who is a Vampire. Tori had Jase at her side as he was her representative when she went before the Council. Peter Gallagher was the one talking for the Council. Peter said Tori would have to die as they must eliminate all threats. Peter also said they couldn’t get rid of all humans because were all males, demons had few women, and Immortals often find mates within the human population. Peter said they were at war now and more enemies than he knew including the Realm,and  the bear and dragon nations. Adam came into the room and said he would mate the human. Peter gave Tori and Adam twenty four hours to mate and he wanted proof. Tori told Adam anything with a motor or electricity she can make go dead and not on purpose. She also said she could sometimes affect machines on purpose  but it was hard and often she couldn’t. Adam called someone and when the person answered Adam called him King. and he was Dage King of the Realm. Tori was trying to get information on the drug Apollo and get it  to DEA Agent Brenda Franks to save her friend and band mate. Tori’s sister was Detective Alexandra Monzelle.

I liked this story a lot I would give it a 4.5 if  I could. I loved the plot and liked the pace. I loved how Adam was determined to keep his vow and loyalty to his family. I really it wasn’t a case of instalove. I also loved how Tori’s and Adam’s relationship grew. I really enjoyed the action. I loved how close Tori and her sister and mom were and How close Adam and his family was. I really enjoyed reading this book and it kept my attention all the way through it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend. .

great story and characters

The Way You Bite - Zoe Forward

Dr. Vee Scarpa only had a short amount of time to get to her sister Brook’s  wedding.  Then one of the other Doctor’s  that was getting other hours to Vee and said there was a person in room one who refused to be helped by anyone other than the Dr. Scarpa. He was a new client. Vee was a vet but if she seen this patient she would be late. Only three more months and Vee could disappear by faking her death and go to the island in Southeast Asia. No vamps, no wolves, no forced marriage. Just her and the technology to let her know when a nonhuman entered her domain. Then Vee could reinvent her life again.  The man in the room was a Mr. Eric  Vorste. Crystal who was e tech said the man was odd and foreign and the dog was huge actually was a werewolf as was the man. The King of Werewolf’s  rumored to have eyes so light in color and this wolf had very light colored eyes.  Vee thought of a threat her father had said along time ago “ never get involved with them”. She knew she could be killed for helping by her father, although her powerful fiance would probably save her life but not punishment and her fiance was sadistic enough he would watch her father bring on said punishment. Her fiance was Ambroise DeFalco who preferred men.. Vee had a very complicated relationship with Ambroise. Roman was the werewolf’s regional primary care doctor. Vee asked why Mr. Vorste didn’t follow protocol and told him they were not safe being at her office. Then Vee also told Mr. Vorste they would have to see another doctor and not allow a shift to happen. Then Mr. Vorste asked Vee if her father Dominic and Ambrose  knew about the incident in California. Vee was the daughter of North American Vampire leader. The Vampires were at war in the United States Vee said she helped on a case to case basis with a referral basis only as a favor to Roman Vee felt murdering kids regardless of species wrong why she had tried to help in California and the only wolf to survive was about fourteen. The Vampire’s squad had ambushed the wolves right in Vee’s yard. Then Vorste brought up the fact that a wolf had supposedly murdered her mother but Vee knew that her mother’s murder had been set up to make it look that a wolf had done it. Ambroise stayed neutral in the war.  Then Vee’s mental scan revealed at least six wolves in the immediate area. Vee now knew her patient was Aleksander Dimitrov - the Werewolf King. Vee did know both Ambroise and her father Dominic feared the  Werewolf King.  Vee took care of the wolf and got the two bullets-  one in his left shoulder and one in his left thigh. Vee felt a strong desire for her patient which made no sense. Vee had never felt any attraction for Ambroise. Aleksander said he was called Lexan when he took human form. When all had been said and done Vee said “ let’s not run into each other again”. Lexan replied “ you’re going to need me”. Vee knew a connection had passed between her and Lexan and it had nothing to do with threats or blackmail. Lexan said they were to wait for Vee to leave before they did that way she would know they were still around and they would talk later. Lexan’s mother had died as a Vampire’s slave centuries ago. Lexan knew he wanted Vee but not as a one night stand He wanted to know everything about Vee : what she liked, how she tasted what noises she made during sex. He just needed to teach Vee how to handle her shifting from Vampire to werewolf  and put her in a country that wasn’t in the middle of the wolf hate zone. Velvet Scarpa was not Dominick’s biological daughter. Lexan had made a promise to a very ancient Vampire that he intended to keep. Vee’s biological father was Blaylock the very ancient Vampire Lexan had made a promise to. Vee was a healer but she would also be hunted and executed when Ambrose's father finds out she is not a purebred but a hybrid of an a vampire and werewolf. Lexan had never reacted to a woman like he had Vee. he was centuries old, this kind of crazy didn’t happen to him. Lexan had been captured by vamps and kept for one hundred years in chains and forced to fight other wolves. Her father had found out about Vee helping the Werewolf King. Dominic also wanted to inject Vee for forty eight hours with the treatment then Ambrose would have sex with her for three days if she lived through the meds she would get pregnant. Dominic and Ambrose’s father thought it was a good time for an heir Dominic was dancing with Vee and told her to leave but one of Dominick’s men stabbed before she took him down but she did get off Dominic’s estate. Trace was Dominic’s Captain of the guard but also Vee’s brother. Years ago Trace had taught Vee how to protect herself. Vee was not doing well with the injury when she got to her apartment Lexan was there and healed her. Vee didn’t know she was half werewolf and would be shifting with the moon in a couple of days. But like a werewolf she was also in heat. Lexan was there to help her through the shift and out of the states if she wanted to go. As much as Lexan wanted Vee to go he couldn’t force her. Then Lexan realizes Vee is his mate.

I loved. this story and the plot and pace of this story. I loved the action ,I loved the vampire vs werewolf idea and what had happened along time ago. Although I really prefer vamps and wolves being friends this was still great. But I also loved Vee learning she was half werewolf after she got used to the idea. I loved how she used her wolf to save one of Lexan’s Guardians. I loved Lexan and his  determination to keep Vee safe even putting himself in jeopardy. I wasn’t happy when Trace drugged Vee to get her to go back to Charlotte with her but I did love the fact it was to get their Aunt Carol who had basically raised them and then he wanted to get them out of the country. I loved how Lexan was willing to to give up being King for Vee. All and all just loved this book and didn’t find anything to complain about which is great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

Hidden, The: A British police procedural set in the 1970s (Monika Panitowski Mystery) - Sally Spencer

Chief Constable Ronald Pickering was going to the Backend Woods area. He was only acting as the Chief Constable until George Baxter let go of the position. He was perpetually auditioning for the job he was already doing. So every new crisis was a test and it was more than possible losing one of his Senior Officers might be regarded as careless. A roadblock had been set up about a half a mile from the gate leading in. Beyond the roadblock there was evidence of a serious criminal investigation already underway. There were patrol cars, an ambulance, and a Land Rover which belonged to Dr. Shastri - the police surgeon already there. So it was probable that Monika Paniatowski was still there- Pickering’s Senior Officer. What had Monika been doing there and where were her kids? But the kids were accounted for. Monika was still breathing but was in a coma so she couldn’t say anything as she had brutally attacked. Pickering asked if all the people leaving had been questioned Beresford said they were taking names and addresses as they didn’t have the manpower to question everyone leaving. Pickering said when DCI Dixon got there Beresford and the other officers there were to leave and Beresford felt it would be better if he stayed  but he was told that that the decision had already been made but then Beresford said he and two others would resign and do their own investigation so Pickering decided to reassign three of the officers to DCI Dixon’s team.. Beresford and the other officers said Monika had been their boss. DCI Dixon was known for getting results. Monika could hear everything and knew who her attacker was and that her daughter was in the killer’s sights but being in a coma she couldn’t say a word or do anything about the knowledge she had. Beresford, Meadows, and Crane didn’t agree with Dixon and his team. There seems to be a sinister cult operating in Whitebridge but the police need to uncover this cult. Nearby where Monika had been found the body of a teenage female was also found. Monika wonders what her team and family would do as they always came to her for advice.

This was a well written story that definitely kept my my attention. I really liked this and it had a good plot and pace. This cult was definitely evil. I liked that the officers under Monika were willing to do whatever they had to do as long as they found the person/people who attacked their boss even resign and ruin their career if that’s what it took. It was frustrating that all the information Monika had and could not give. All and all a good read and I recommend.

great story and characters

Forbidden Blood (Volume 1) by R.L. Kenderson (2014-07-01) - R.L. Kenderson

Anaya/ Naya is a vampire princess. She was in line to go into Pulse a very popular nightclub to meet her best friend Kenzie  who is a human and was already inside. Pulse is one of the hottest spots for entertainment in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Naya was very tense as her parents were preparing an arranged marriage for her.Minneapolis and St. Paul are separated by the Mississippi River. Naya didn’t approve of the vampire rules especially the one where all vampires were supposed to live on the St’ Paul side.  All of a sudden Naya’s heart pounded with  exhilaration, she hadn’t felt that in a long time as she felt someone’s attention on her. Naya tried to locate her admirer but couldn’t . Vampires only existed on Vampire blood, they could drink human blood but it would not sustain them. The new feeling was gone in a short time and Naya was more depressed than earlier. Kenzie went up to a couple of guys and was talking to them. Naya wished she had the male of her choice to fall in love with. Instead she would mate with the parents her parents chose for her.  There would be no passion in her mating and if she had children they would be out of duty not love. Her parents were looking for for a future king not a future mate. Then Naya felt a burning sensation, it had to be her watcher that warmed her from her inside out. Then Naya went up to the bar for a drink and the only open space is near a very drunk guy who sorely needed a shower. The drunk tried to hit on Naya and was becoming insistent when Naya said she was with someone  hoping the drunk   would leave her alone.  Then Naya senses a presence behind her and it was in anticipation, excitement, arousal, and exhilaration fused in one engulfing feeling. He just put an arm around her waist and kissed her neck  and told her to go along with him.  He played up to the drunk they were together.  Then he told Naya his name was Vaughn. Then he asked Naya if she was okay and if the guy had scared her. Naya said she was fine. Vaughn had been staring at the most beautiful face he had ever seen.  Vaughn first saw Naya when she walked into the club and he immediately wanted her. It had been awhile since Vaughn had been with a woman.  Vaughn planned to go to Naya but he didn’t her to see him spying on her like a stalker. He wanted her to relax first he could tell Naya was edgy. He had come to the club with his friend and coworker Sawyer in hopes of getting a feeling for the club. Then Vaughn saw the very drunk man hit on Naya and that made him mad.  Then Vaughn  heard Naya tell the drunk she was with someone  and he knew she had come alone so Vaughn went to Naya to act as the someone she was suppose to be with. And it gave him an excuse to touch her.  Then Vaughn asked Naya to dance. Later that evening Arianna who was Naya’s cousin was preparing for first dinner of the evening. She was waiting with her aunt Celeste  and uncle Marek who were the King and Queen of the vampire species. Arianna did not understand why Naya wanted to be with humans. Payton was in the family room when Sawyer stormed in Payton had known Sawyer since she was a little girl. He was like a second older brother. Payton’s father was Sawyer’s boss and Vaughn was her brother.

I absolutely loved this book another new favorite. I loved how Naya wanted to be herself  yet tried to do as her parents wanted as she knew her place in Vampire society and that she was the next in line to be Queen and let her pick out who was to her mate and future King.  I also loved how Naya stepped down when in front of the council and asked to be mated to Vaughn. I wasn’t too happy with Naya’s parents but then her father although King was not willing to lose his daughter or his future  grandkids. I also loved that Naya volunteered at an animal center and saved Max. I loved how Vaughn for the most part was very gentle and loving to Naya even when Naya questioned his with her because she was pregnant. I loved the plot and pace of this story. I loved the forbidden romance part of this story. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

Between the Devil and the Duke (A Season for Scandal) - Kelly Bowen

Lady Angelique’s opponents were all drunk she had made sure of it. Drunk card players were foolish card players. Lady Angelique had a mask on as all the ladies who came to this club and it itched but she had to leave it on as a fortnight from now she had to do this all again. There were not many places in London where a lady could gamble. At least the sort that went beyond pin money, But Lady Angelique could go to Lavoie’s and it was exclusive, catering to individuals that possessed titles and wealth, power, or a combination of the three. Angelique was desperate. Angelique has a brain and uses it to keep her family afloat.  Alexander/Alec Lavoie watched the lady in the gold gown she had been here twice before and it wasn’t to socialize, not to indulge in the extra’s Alexander made available for  his patrons: liquor, tobacco, exotic sweets, or fine foods. What Alec did know was the lady was all business. Alec was fairly sure she was in fact a lady.  If she went by her two previous times being at Lavoie's she would be leaving soon as she never stayed longer than  three hours. Angelique’s winning had became her family’s only source of income. Alec came to the table Angelique was at when the Baron being crude and not letting go of her wrist and had grabbed her left breast. Alec is not a Lord but he does have a lot power.  Angelique’s parents are dead, her father had recently been killed in a carriage accident.  With her father’s death went the secret to where their vast fortune had disappeared. Angelique’s brother Gerald the Marquis now is useless and going through what money they did have. Angelique has to make enough money to keep her twelve year old twin brothers in school. Her place in society as a Lady she is not suppose to work. Alec and Angelique are attracted to each other but would society let them be together without becoming a scandal?

I liked this book. I liked that Angelique had a brain and used it to help her family. This story had a good pace. This kept my attention through the whole book. I didn’t like Gerald especially when he stole the money Angelique had for the school tuition for the twins. I loved the romance. I liked how Alex gave Angelique a job I am not sure why he did but was glad he did. I would have liked more background on Alec. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

good story and characters

Bound - Jen Colly

Keur is a vampire who can be invisible which is good for a spy and assassin. Which Keir was for Lady Arianne whom he owed a life debt as Keir is a condemned killer who must stay in the shadows so he won’t be found and killed. Lady Arianne is the last of her bloodline and has many enemies who want to see her dead  and has had an assassination attempt on her life. Arianne is the Lord of Galbraith- one of the Cities Below. Lady Adrianne is well protected between Keir and her Captain of the Guard Wolfe Rye. They together try to find out who was behind the assassination attempt. Cleopatra /Cleo is from a rich family and Keir has watched her from afar and cares for her but knows he is very below her and nothing could ever become of ehr and Kier. Then Lady Arianne sends Keir as her Emissary to another City Below- Balinese - to offer aid if needed as there have been reports of Demon attacks. Kier is then severely injured on his way back from a demon attack and falls from the air and lands at Cleo’s feet. Cleo takes care of Keir and he lives, Cleo has never really fit into her station in life as all those around her just want more money and power but all Cleo wants is peace. Cleo’s only friend is Lady Arianne. Cleo is very drawn to Keir and doesn’t even know his name. Cleo hears Keir has died and shuts down. But then she sees Keir again and goes after him. Cleo feels Keir is her other half and Keir finds peace and happiness when he is with Cleo but he can’t have a relationship with her as he owes Lady Arianne a life debt.

I liked this story a lot a little of a different twist on a paranormal story. I wish I had read the first book as I was a bit confused at times. But this book has so much to it: Secrecy, deceit, back stabbing ways, vampires, assassins, demons, intrigue, court life, kidnapping, assault, drama, danger, romance, loyalty, life debt,  forbidden love and so much more. I wish this story had been a little longer. I loved Cleo and Keir together. This had a good plot and also kept my attention all the way through to the end of the book. I liked the two cousins of Lady Arianne that show up at the end also. I liked the hidden societies. I loved the build up to romance. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

good story and characters

A Bride for a Day - Pam Binder

Michael thought how funny it was that traveling to Scotland brought up the topic of how to repair his reputation. Michael was a super bowl winning football player and lived large or at least that is what the press told everyone. Harold had been Michael’s best friend since grammar school and was also his manager now. They had played HS and college football together. Now Harold was a lawyer. Both Michael and Harold had been accepted at Stanford Law School but Michael chose football for his career. Michael was secretly engaged to a married supermodel Tatiana who was to be working on getting a divorce from her husband who was a football player from a rival team to Michaels. Michael was up for a lead row in a major motion picture, Michael had told Harold he wanted the part. Harold told Michael the football fans won’t care who Michael marries but the producers of the film did. Michael needed an image adjustment and marriage to the right person would solve the issue. Harold felt Tatiana was deliberately inventing reasons to delay the divorce. Harold told Michael he looked out for everyone else someone had to look out for him. Tatiana came up with the idea of a fake wedding to help Michael’s image. Harold picked CC to marry Michael. CC’s father had leukemia and CC was sending her paycheck to her siblings of her father’s care. But CC’s dream was to have her own sandwich shop. If CC agrees to the fake wedding  she will get a bonus that will cover her father’s medical  expenses and have enough to help start her sandwich shop. That way the press will believe Michael is really ready to settle down and his football contract would be renewed and he would get the part he wanted in the movie. After a fair amount of time they will put out a press release that the marriage was a mistake. Michael paid CC’s salary but she worked for Tatiana and her mother. Even though this was to be a fake marriage it was freaking CC out . The Matchmaker Sisters have CC and Michael travel back in time by going through one of their magical doors so they have time to bond. The Matchmakers Cafe is owned by the three sisters who sometimes ad guests travel back in time.

This didn’t really work for me. I didn’t believe you could set up a wedding in one day. I also didn’t understand Tatiana wanting her man to marry fake or not. I don’t particularly like time travel stories and just didn’t really enjoy this one. I am sure there are many people who will love this book just not me.

good story and characters

My Highlander Husband - Nancy Pennick

Juliet’s mother felt Scotsmen were greedy and stingy and not to be trusted . But for the good of God and country she will let Juliet go. King George had given orders that Juliet come to Scotland and married the Laird’s son Ross. The Scots and English had a tentative relationship and the marriage would help bond the countries, hopefully preventing war. Juliet was the daughter of the Duke of Manchester. Castle Glenhaven is where Juliet would now call home. Juliet loved Lord John Alder but left him on England . Nothing could fill that void so Juliet felt at the time. John was the son of the Duke of Essex. John had fought, begged her father, and offered money to no avail. No one could contest the King’s order. Juliet would only have her maid with her which in private Juliet said was her best friend. Then Juliet was introduced to Ross and he was the most beautiful man Juliet had ever seen. Ross could not take his eyes off the beautiful woman that was to be his bride in two days. Ross took Juliet for a walk after their first dinner together and  asked if he could kiss her and Juliet agreed. Juliet had never been kissed like that before and not in a bad way. The next morning Ross was as attentive to Juliet as he could be. The next day Ross and Juliet would be married and Ross looked forward to it. As Juliet and Ross spend time together as husband and wife their feelings develop. Ross leaves for a Jacobite causes and his father pushes Juliet to leave with John. But John isn’t the same man Juliet knew in England He is determined to make Juliet his. It doesn’t matter to him Juliet is married to Ross now and has feelings for her husband. John Threatens to blackmail the MacLarens saying they were Jacobite supporters and traitors. Juliet would do whatever she had to as long as it protected the family she had grown to love.I really enjoyed this story. It had a good plot. This kept my attention all the way through the book. I loved how sweet and gentle Ross was with Juliet before and after they were married. I loved Juliet and Ross as a couple. I also loved how Ross was with his sister Glynes. But I didn’t feel the end was really finished and didn't really care for that. I did enjoy the action and twists. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

good story and characters

Blood Freed - Traci Douglass

Liz was training to become the gang’s Oracle with her sister  Anna over the last couple of months. She noticed a definite shift in the strength of her powers From her earliest memories she had always been able to do the normal psychic stuff like: talk to the dead, astral projection, even predict the future a little though that was tricky. Liz clutched  the oblong green and fuchsia tourmaline pendant around her neck and waited for the next line of the ancient invocation. After all Liz and Anna were forming permanent psychic link with the entire Blood Ravagers MC. Liz struggled not to giggle. This was not the way the Oracle Binding ceremony was suppose to end. This was to end with the twin sisters Anna and Liz becoming the Oracles  connecting Liz and Anna mentally and emotionally with all the club’s members. Anna told Liz she had never seriously committed to anything in her life. Dante and Anna were expecting their first child and was the MC president.Dante asked the old priest why he shouldn’t kill him as the old priest was not an actual member of the club but told them part of the parts to the incantation was missing and he was the only one who knew where they could find the information they needed to complete the ceremony. The idea of Liz binding herself to anyone or anything let alone an entire MC filled her with bone deep paralyzing fear. Liz loved Seven and her club. This was Liz’s home now. If there was something wrong with the ritual they would just have to fix it before proceeding Waiting didn’t mean Liz would run but give her  a chance to say goodbye to her old life, her carefree old ways, her freedom…. Dante had a half pain demon side. The gang had fought long and hard to make Seven and the entire town of Salvation a safe haven  for all otherworlders  - pure and half breed. The Blood Ravagers are a MC composed of outcasts and half breeds.

Then Liz felt a stirring deep inside her- a frightening feeling. The feeling felt like something Liz had longed for her whole life. The stirring inside her felt like destiny. Dex felt more comfortable behind the bar. But Dante called Dex and Dex didn’t have many friends but Dante was one so he answered. He owed Dante his life. Dex was Dante’s closest confidant and a wolf shifter. Twenty years Dex had run building a new identity , a new life. Every gang member heard  howls and waited for the attack all had weapons but then nothing happened. Word was Rev used to work for the Council as a top assassin. Then one day Rev mysteriously left the Council behind which was all but an impossible feat since no one in the Underworld left the Council behind. But deep down Dex didn’t think Rev was a traitor. Dex itched to pull Liz in his arms and keep her safe from all harm. But Dex came to terms long ago he was destined to life his life alone. Dex considered the gang his adopted family- Dante had taken Dex in when no one else would and for that he would protect them all with what was left of his worthless life. Then dante tells Dex he must go with Liz to try to find the Historian who is suppose to have the key to  all the knowledge of the Underworld.  Each full moon brought a rut cycle for wolf shifters. Dex had planned to head into Cheyanne to deal with his needs. But it was a double whammy as it was a rare blue moon. But if Liz and Dex were together twenty four- seven chances are high Dex wouldn’t be able to stop himself from taking Liz when the hunger grew to strong and his animal side took over. Dante told Dex hs decision was final and Dante trusted Dex to keep Liz safe under pain of death. Rev would provide backup as needed. Liz should be happy after all Dante handed her what she said she wanted which was a chance to show everyone once and for all she was every bit as competent and committed and courageous as the rest. When Liz was little her franma compared Liz to a wild pony and said Liz was always running, always searching, skittish, and untamed. Liz felt that Dex was gorgeous, even if Dex was a bit cold and aloof. Most of the time when Dex wasn’t serving drinks or food or quoting some obscure Shakespeare line, he barely spoke two words.Dex was haunted by his past.  Liz had been picked on alot for her strange ways, she had learned quick tears were a sign of weakness. Then Liz felt a pain slice through her right temple and blood was on her hand from her nose. Then Dex told her it was the Oracle for the rivals The Soul Crushers She was Ursula and with a wolf shifter named Zane..The Blood Ravages had enemies that wanted to destroy the MC.

I enjoyed this story . it made me chuckle at times. I loved Liz and Dex became each other's strength. I loved the adventure and action. This story draws you in and keeps you attention until the last page of this story. I loved Dex and Liz together and was rooting for them . I loved how even though she was scared Liz wanted to commit to being half of the Oracle team . I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

great story and characters

Wedding Date Rescue - Sonya Weiss

Casey runs a matchmaking service helping women find their Mr. Right. But Casey”s future husband leaves her at the alter. It is bad for her business Casey has to do something to keep her company as her investors and backers are threatening to back out of her company. Casey needs a fake boyfriend/ but she doesn’t want to lie. She thinks her brother’s best friend Kent and colleague  firefighter is ideal for the job. Especially after he rescued Casey from a tree, hey have always been friends and Kent came to her rescue several times. Kent was involved in a rescue where his colleague died and he was badly burnt. Casey had been a faithful friend helping him fight to recover especially after his girlfriend dumped him.Casey cares for Kent and wants to protect him and Kent really cares about Casey and he worries about her with all she has been through When Casey asks Kent to be her pretend boyfriend he initially declines.  But then his  matchmaking mother wants to find a date for Kent for his cousin’s wedding and Kent says he has a date - Casey. As Kent starts out as Casey’s fake boyfriend  they find they are  attracted to each other but both resist it as they both had been badly hurt before. Kent’s mom kept setting him up with single women he didn’t want. Casey’s ex fiance was Dominic and they had been friends before they started dating.  Ken’t ex girlfriend is coming back to town and going to his cousin’s wedding. The last both Casey and Kent want is a relationship. Casey had always been off limits as Casey was his best friend's sister.  

This was a great story. I loved the plot and the pace. I laughed out loud while reading. This was a fun quick read. I loved how Casey and Kent were such caring friends at first. I didn’t want to put this down. This had no problem keeping my attention. I choked up at times. I would have liked more background on both Casey and Kent. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and i highly recommend.

good story and characters

Full Force (Central Florida Pack) (Volume 2) - Chudney Thomas

Selena held a tranquilizer gun on the drugged alpha werewolf . Her other teammate Wallace bolted the door and said he didn’t understand why the council want an enraged alpha across the country was a good idea and Selena replied neutral territory. Thomas and Selena had been together for awhile until she realized Thomas didn’t feel like she did. Thomas was a cold person but was still protective of Selena hurt even if he didn’t want her.the werewolf had went to swipe at her but Thomas stepped in the way and took the swipe. Thomas didn’t see the danger of him treating her as a woman instead of a guard soldier was doing to the team, The Council was the governing body of werewolf kind. And their purpose was to protect them and nd keep order. Thomas on the Ria Marlett  detail as far as Selena was concerned it was a babysitting job. James and Drake did not like the idea of so many alpha wolves gathered in one hotel. But the Council wanted them all in the same place. So they could keep an eye on all the alphas coming and goings could be tracked. They wanted the Guard to keep the peace and gather intelligence. Drake would go to war for his mate and James would be right there with him. James was also Drake’s second. Ria was his alpha, best friend’s mate, and his friend. The Central  Florida Wolf Pack was home and he would do anything to protect it. James was lonely. Neither James nor his wolf liked Selena putting herself at risk. But he appreciated the show of strength and the political savvy she displayed in doing so. Over the past two days. James had held Selena’s attention  Selena felt protective toward Ria. James smelt like salt water and clean breeze to Selena. Drake will face Angel because he was the Arizona Alpha who was responsible for an attempt made on Ria’s life Selena is off limits to James as she is a guard and forbidden to mate.James can’t get Selena  out of his head. Selena fights her attraction to James and investigates the threats to Ria.  James realizes Selena is his mate.

I like this book a lot.i like d the plot a lot. This was a quick and easy read. I liked the forbidden aspect of Selena’s and James feelings. I didn’t like Selena wasn’t suppose to be able to be with her mate. This just was a good story. I liked this story had a strong female and as a guard. I loved Selena and James together and rooted for them to find  a way to be together as mates are suppose to be. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.