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Begin Again: Allie and Kaden's Story - Mona Kasten, Toby Axelrod

Ally moves to college. And is looking for a place to live as the dorms were already full,  and then finds out Kaden has a spare room. Kaden is nasty and rude at first.  He doesn’t want to live with a girl but Ally talks him into giving her a chance as a roommate. Kaden has some rules: 1- don’t talk about her girl problems,  2- keep her mouth shut if he brings someone home, 3-  they will never hook up.    Ally escaped her rich controlling family to go to college and she made  sure the college wasn’t close to her family. Ally didn’t take Kaden’s bs though. Kaden was a hot but tortured guy. Who really usually only does one night stands. Ally and kaden both have a troubled past and both have issues. Kaden has tattoos and each one represents a memory from his past. Kaden and Ally become friends and start to become more. Then Kaden’s brother shows up and he threatens to tell Ally about kaden’s past which he is ashamed of.

I had mixed feelings about this book. It had a good plot. I didn’t like Kaden at first he was just rude and mean. I do believe some things got ,lost in translation as this was originally written in german by a German author. I do think the issues portrayed in this book are realistic. This had a pretty good ending. But this was fairly predictable. I liked how Ally didn’t take Kaden’s bs. I loved how there was a build up yo kaden’s and Allys relationship. I thought this book was a little too long and could have been shorter. I didn't like the back and forth had about being together or not. I didn’t really care for kaden’s mood swings. I also didn’t like how Kaden blames everything he does wrong on his bad past. I said I had mixed feeling on this book.

great story, great characters

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas - Terry Spear

Owen was an Arctic wolf and a Private Investigator/ P I. Hed knew that the white wolf he had seen across the river wasn’t one of the Arctic wolves which had changed him and his friends. Five years ago Owen and his P I partner david was out hunting for bear. David had a heart attack neither Owen nor the guide they had hired could help david way out in the woods. The wolves wouldn’t have bitten David if owen hadn’t asked for the guides help. They had bit David to give him their enhances powers to repair his heart or David would have died. Owen was bitten because of what he had seen without paying the consequences- become  one of them or die. After that the pack took them in , they had to because Owen and David had no control over shifting Owen wanted to find the other arctic wolf it could mean he or one of his bachelor male buddies could have a mate. But he couldn’t find her as she was with friends and he didn’t know which female was the actual werewolf. Then her and her friends took a canoe trip after a couple of days and Owen never knew what became of her. Owen finally opened a new P I shop in White River Falls. Minn. He was eager to make a go of it. Business again after seven years of working online. Every  since  that day in the woods Clara had been a whole different person with her world turned upside down. Her friends were no longer her friends, and her adoptive parents had disowned her. She had changed her name to her pseudonym that she wrote her books under- candace Mayfair. Candace moved from Houston to the wilderness in South dakota. After two years Candace came to grips with what she now was. Candace had realized she had to isolate herself from everyone she had known in the past and did it. She settled into her new life and wrote about the subject she now knew best - werewolves. Using her former talent in writing suspense romances she wrote Arctic wolf romances. Owen got a call first thing when he was the only one in the office to find Clara/Candace  as she has a month to claim her inheritance her parents had left her who had been rich or her uncle would get it. Through an old co-worker Owen found out Clara and Candace were one and the same person. Owen shows up at Candace’s house and finds out one of the pups of his small pack had bitten and turned Candace. Candace had been dealing with this all by herself for two years. Owen offers to run as a wolf with Candace and she agrees. She actually really likes having another wolf to run with, Owen wants her to come meet his small pack - there were three  single males and a coupple with their kids/ pups that were triplets one being the one who had bitten Candace by accident. While on their run they end up rescuing two snowmobilers and the third man had filmed them by the request  one of the men they had rescued. That night someone had been snooping around Candace’s house and that had never happened before the rescue. Candace decides to pack up for a little while and go meet owen;s pack until the rescue had all blown over. Candace would stay in owen’s cabin with him since she had already met him. They packed some essentials for Candace and left the next morning for Minn.

I loved this book, it was a good,easy fun read, I loved the plot and pace. Also a little different spin on werewolves. I loved how candace didn’t have to be alone anymore unless she chose to. But even then she could always call Owen or the other members of his pack. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this book. I loved how Owen took care of candace anyway that he could. I also loved owen and candace’s relationship grew over time. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend this book

great story, great characters

Romancing the Undead (Undead Dating Service) - Juliet Lyons

Mila was on a first date with a vampire she had contacted through V date which was a Vampire dating service. She had been in a two year relationship only to find the man was married. So Mila decided to try something new and different. Mila met the man for drinks at The World's End which was a very public place and she could be safe so she thought. The Vampire looked at her like she was a rare and exquisite gem. But mila was not attracted to him even though he was handsome. Then the Vampire mentions going outside for some air and Mila can’t seem to do anything but follow him into a alley. The Vampire then says he will kill her before he drinks from her and as he leans closer Mila tries to prepare for the death strike but then Mila hears a loud noise and his hands fall away from her and Mila’s mind is her own again. Mila starts a to faint and a pair of arms hold her up and it is Inspector Vincent Ferrer who is a cop but also a vampire but he lets her know he won’t hurt her. Then a couple more cops appear and take her to the station and explain the Vampire she had been on a date with was a serial killer and used V date to get his victims. Vincent couldn’t seem to stop staring at Mila. in the car, he hoped she hadn’t noticed. Mila ends up being put under Vincent’s protection as the serial killer Vampire- that Vincent and his fellow cops were trying to catch- has targeted Mila and he isn’t finished with her yet and she isn’t safe on her own, She ends up moving in with Vincent for her safety. Vincent is a three hundred year old Vampire and is haunted by his past as he had been engaged but his fiancee had been killed. Vincent never wanted to fall in love again. But Mila does charm Vincent more that anyone he had ever met.Vincent hasn’t felt this way in a very long time.

I loved this story. It was a fun, easy read and a great romance. It caught my attention right from the beginning - how could it not- and kept it until the end which I love by the way. I loved seeing both Mila and Vincent’s POV. I also loved them together. I didn’t want to put this book down. I also loved how Vincent interacted with his fellow cops. This made me chuckle at times and that is always good. I thought it was cute the way Mila tended to babble. I loved how Mila and Vincent had great chemistry but didn’t jump right into bed for some fast relief. I loved there was some suspense and danger as well as a great romance. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i highly recommend.

Release Week For Notna!

Notna - J.D. Cunegan

History’s most peaceful race created one of its deadliest weapons.

Forged in the Living Flame by a long-extinct alien race, The Gem of Notna is the stuff of legends, on par with Pandora’s Box or the Holy Grail. But once archaeologist Dr. Jack Corbett stumbled upon the crystal deep in the Amazon, he triggered a whirlwind of events and found himself neck-deep in a centuries-old holy war. The Divine and the Underworld have been locked in a virtual stalemate for the past three hundred years, and the Gem of Notna could be the key to breaking it.

With the gem in his possession, Jack discovers a world of monsters and gods, as well as an entirely different plane of existence that watches over our own. Old grudges resurface, fallen warriors are reborn in the most violent of ways, but at the end of the day, the fate of the world may well rest in Jack’s hands.



good story and characters

Love on the Wild Side - Mariah Ankenman

Maggie was Lizzie’s best friend and she had been shot and almost killed so Lizzie had left LA and hurried to Maggie’s side and was now managing Maggie’s cupcake shop while Maggie recovers. Maggie has just gotten engaged to Colton and of course Lizzie was the maid of honor. Someone had been sabotaging Maggie’s shop and had tried to kill her and Colton. But at least the person had been caught. Maggie’s happiness only showed Lizzie the emptiness in her own life. Maggie and Lizzie had been planning each other’s wedding since Jr. High. Dade was Colton’s brother and co-owner of the ranch. Lizzie felt Dade was hot but amstick in the mud. Dade and Lizzie butted heads since they had met when he tried to keep Lizzie from seeing Maggie when she was in the hospital and she had flown all the way from LA to Peak Town, Colorado. Lizzie thought Dade had the sense of humor of a potato. Lizzie’s parents were Hollywood elite people and Lizzie just wasn’t. Even though Lizzie lived in Hollywood she refused to diet, she loved food , any and all flavors and refused to give any of it up. Luckily for Lizzie she had a high metabolism that let her eat almost anything. Neither Maggie or Lizzie cared cared  for the Hollywood facade. Lizzie’s parents were too wrapped up in their own lives to be concerned for their only child. Even though Lizzie had went to business school and graduated with a 4.0 it wasn’t as great as being the next A List star. Lizzie was thinking about staying in Peak town there was nothing and noone for her in LA. Lizzie was usually attracted to nice men, funny men, men who said more than one word when responding to a question. But for some reason Lizzie was attracted to Dade. Dade wanted Lizzie and it made him mad. Lizzie was not his type. Dade liked sweet women, soft spoken women who enjoyed quiet nights at home or a walk at sunset. Lizzie was high octane energy. She was loud,pushy and outgoing.Everything Dade wasn’t. Lizzie and Dade were like fire and water. Lizzie and Dade are shot together a lot constantly working on the wedding plans. Also they were going to confront Mr. James Carr who lIzzie already had met and confront him trying to be a con artist and his lawyer Mr. Dornes. Dade had already had his heartbroken and didn’t want to repeat the experience. But as time goes on it gets harder and harder to deny their attraction for each other.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun sweet romance. I liked the plot and pace of the book. I chuckled while reading this. I loved the interactions between Lizzie and Dade. I really loved Lizzie and Dade together. I also loved Dae’s and Colton’s relationship as well as Lizzie and Maggie’ I loved the small town atmosphere of this book. I loved how Lizzie and Dade had to get through things to be happy. It didn’t just magically  happen. It wasn’t just an easy given thing. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

— feeling cry
Only a Duke Will Do - Tamara Gill

Isolde was eighteen and she met Merrick- the Duke of Moore- at a dance it was almost like love at first sight . After a year Merrick and Isolde were to marry. Then Isolde was awaken and there was a note under her door the eve of her wedding and it told her to go to Merrick’s room to see the kind of man he really was.  Isolde had a jealous best friend named Lenora. Isolde met her father in the hall and they found Merrick in bed with Lenora. Merrick had gotten drunk and was dreaming of his soon to be wife but Lenora had set him up she had came in the dark and seduced Merrick. . Merrick was ordered to marry Lenora and that is what he did. Isolde left for her Scottish estates. Five years later Isolde decides it is time to go back to London she misses her family and she wants to find a husband and family of her own she doesn’t require love this time.  Merrick and Isolde run into each other shortly after she returns and they both try to act like they didn’t have a past together yet in reality they still loved each other. Merrick’s best friend is interested in marry  Isolde and they do become engaged. However Isolde learned Merrick was not happily married as she had believed and Lenora was making a fool of him.

I really couldn’t get into this story. First it was hard for me to believe that a powerful Duke could be ordered to marry someone especially someone as vile as Lenora. Many of the ton were known form affairs and not forced to marry. I didn’t like Lenora at all just skimmed over her parts.But why would Isolde be so selfish to take Merrick from his son and especially with another child on the way Merrick didn’t have to have anything sexually to do with Lenora after the first night or at the very least after he had an heir.  Also why did Isolde still love Merrick after  what she believed that he had done. Anyway i couldn’t connect with the characters especially Isolde or the story itself.

To Covet a Lady's Heart - Ingrid Hahn

Grace’s family was a noble family and Ava was a commoner but Ava had been taken in by in by Grace’s family. Ava and Grace are like sisters. After Grace’s mom died there was only the girls and Grace’s sickly father and her step brother Vincent. Vincent had tried to force himself on Grace and he had also made advances to Grace.  Vincent was a vile man. Ava comes up with a plan so she and Grace can escape. Grace is to marry Tor her father’s business partner and Ava will be her maid/companion. Then they are off to Scotland but Grace got cold cold feet so Ava pretended to be her.  But Tir won’t let them in  and told them to go back home but that is not an option for the two women so Ava talks Tor into letting them in and getting to know her. R Tor had been tricked into marriage before and his first wife had lied to him so he kicked her out but when she died he felt guilty about her death. Tor wanted nothing to do with marriage and a wife who may be another liar. Tor’s father had recently died but had asked Tor to marry Grace his business partner’s daughter to keep his clan safe from the English. Then a previous lover of Tor’s is widowed and returns to the castle as she still wants Tor. Ava sees Tor but not him pushing the woman away.  

I loved this book. I loved the plot and pace and I felt it was well written. I loved Grace’s and Ava’s relationship; I chuckled at times while reading this book. I loved how Tor changed as the book went on. A lot of emotions come through in this book. I loved the mystery and suspense in this book also. There  was also some hot love scenes. I hated Vincent and was glad he got what was coming to him. I loved Tor’s loyalty to his clan. I loved the characters and the ins and outs to this book and I highly recommend.

To Covet a Lady's Heart - Ingrid Hahn

George/Max’s is the Earl of Maxfield and his  mom is raising his sister’s son Thomas who is a rambunctious five year old. Max’s sister had been dead more than a year now and the death had affected his mom badly. Not only her health but her ability to watch an active five year old. So Max wants to take Thomas and raise him. But his mother fears Max’s reputation and being wild does not show he’s a good guardian. So Max comes up with a plan to have a fake fiance to show his mother he has changed and is responsible. Max felt Phoebe would be the perfect choice.  Max knows something about Phoebe's sister Isobel and will use it to blackmail Phoebe if he has to. Phoebe doesn’t ever want to marry. Phoebe is shocked when Max asks her to go along with a fake engagement. Phoebe refuses until Max uses blackmail then she has some rules of her own. So Max and Phoebe goes on with the fake engagement. Phoebe ends up blackmailing Max back. Max never wanted to marry because his father was mad and how he treated his mom and family. Max was afraid he would end up like his dad Phoebe is wary of gossip and scandal especially since her father’s gambling habit had left his family broke and their place in society taken away.

I had mixed feelings on this story. I did enjoy a lot of it. I did like the plot. I also liked the interaction between Max and Phoebe.. I liked them together for the most part. But I didn’t see a lot of chemistry between Phoebe and Max. Alos why is Max so worried he will go mad and he won’t take the chance of treating a wife and his child like his dad had yet he would have Thomas and could be bad for Thomas who would be raised as Max’s for all intents and purposes. I thought Phoebe was too pushy about marriage and what happened to never getting married. I liked this but it just wasn’t a favorite of mine. As I said I had mixed feelings on this book.

good story and characters

Wolf, Interrupted (Wolf Lords of London) - Jillian Stone

Elle and Jullian  were scheduled to work the most dangerous   part of the Chelsea Physics Garden. Elle looked forward with this with a quiver of fear and a slightly elevated  pulse rate. Time shifted for Elle and she was a child next to her father’s paralyzed body. Her mother’s cry as clear and heartbreaking as it had been eleven years ago. As head gardener Elle knew her father’s death hadn’t been an accident that he knew the difference between Aconitum and Delphinium. Then Jullian got attention back to the present. Then Jullian said “ you saw something”. Elle nodded and said “ In the Covent Garden Station last night. Jullian replied that was the second sighting in a week. Elle was a botanist as was Jullian but he was a new fellow to the Chelsea Physic Garden. There was a kindness in Jullian and Elle was drawn to that. Jullian and Elle hit it off immediately. They were already making plans to someday open a apothecary together. Aconitum Napellus- prince of death- the plant that had killed her father. Then Detective Inspector Durant CID showed up and asked for Elle then told her he was there about the mauling in the Underground the night before. The Detective wanted to discuss the report  Elle had given and asked if there was somewhere they could go to talk Then Elle agreed to meet the Detective at 4 pm at the Cafe that was on the north end of the property. Abelseth who is the Detective was waiting for the train Elle had awoken the beast inside Abelseth. Then Abelseth’s cousin Phelan appeared to him from near the tunnel. Then Abelseth told Phelan that Maccoon had called a conclave and wanted Phelan. There. Phelan said it had been five years and he was out. Abelseth was no longer  duty bound to his pack. Elle was sure she had seen a werewolf. Abelseth was sloppy, out of practice, had partial shifted showed a real loss of control and could have exposed him to the public. Abelseth was on the job less than a month and already he suspected one of the werewolf packs behind the mauling.  An attack on a human was bold and unnerving. Maybe now was the time to see if Dermot Crowley to see if he had any preliminary thoughts. The man had died from the maul with several bites on  him but he was wearing an expensive custom made suit. Elle was twenty five and and got tingles from the Detective , no man had ever made Elle feel that way before. The waitress Lucy had told Abelseth where she and Elel would be clubbing that night and he ended up there and ended up dancing/grinding with Elle. Then Abelseth kissed Elle. Elle ignited a seething feral arousal Abelseth wasn’t  prepared for.  Abelseth had thought Wolf Hunter when he had met Elle. But after tasting Elle in the kiss he knew Wolfen. Abelseth had heard stories of wolf blooded humans. Then as Abelseth, Lucy and Elle were leaving Elle was grabbed  and abducted. Elle had a male pushing her on but he had someone with him. Then. Elle was sure they were in the Underground, Elle had tricked herself into believing she could live a normal life. But a day or two off lycanthrope  suppressant and and they had found her. Then Abelseth showed up in the room Elle was being held in It took time to learn how to ride the currents of time-space. Newbies like Elle thought they were starved for oxygen even though they really weren’t. Abelseth brother - Maccoon had helped rescue Elle and Abelseth. Maccoon  was the leader of the wolf pack - The Lords. Pelham showed up and said the wolves that had grabbed Elle were outlaws most of the packs really didn’t want them. Her mother had warned Elle for years that fully engaged werewolves had extraordinary abilities ; sensory and otherwise. Without her daily fix Elle’s senses were becoming more acute, as her dual nature emerged there would be other issues like strange lycanthrope powers. Abelseth. Uncle told Abelseth to get in his car. Abelseth hadn’t seen his uncle the Earl of Wessex  in five years. yHe told Abelseth the man who had been mauled was Ignatius -Iggy-  unknown chemist entrepreneur. Iggy was the man elle got her suppressant from that hid the wolfen part of Elle.

I really enjoyed this book and it was a quick read. Although I felt it was a little rushed. But I still liked the story a lot. I wished there had been a longer ending also.  But I loved Abelseth and Elle together. Then to find that Elle and Abelseth had actually been promised to each other since she had been born. Was a thrill. Definitely a different and unique werewolf story. I didn’t really care for Abelseth’s brother Maccoon. This kept my attention with no problem. And I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

Lady of Silver (Blood & Silver) - Shona Husk

Saba runs a magic shop but also uses her gift as a psychic which brings her to the attention of the local   P D. Saba has helped the P D before and now a young woman had been found murdered with her blood drained and  the P D. turns to Saba for answers. A co-worker recommended Saba to Dale.  Dale is a detective and reluctantly goes to Saba who he believes is a fake. Saba is an Albah which is a race long forgotten by humans but were still around. Saba’s power is fueled by blood and silver. Saba can use blood for readings and silver for small things like healing and warding. Saba proves to Dale she is the real thing  by telling facts from just a small amount of the victims blood. Dale did break a small protective barrier Saba had by Dale’s belief and the killer knew who she was and would be after Saba. The vampire leader.  can use blood to create bonds with his followers. It creates a bond when Saba does the reading for Dale Saba couldn’t tell Dale all she knew as she had secrets to protect and a lot he simply wouldn’t believe. Saba was attracted to Saba and she to him even though he resisted it. Dale believes she was murdered by the leader of a cult of wannabe vampires. But the killer left no clues for the police to find.  As Saba and Dale’s relationship heated up Saba wonders if she can keep who and what she is from Dale. Albah uses silver for small things but once an Albah is turned to a vampire silver is deadly to them.

I  had mixed feelings on this book. I felt it had a good plot. I liked the different scenario on vampires and witches. It did pretty much keep my interest. This was a short read. I didn’t like how Dale was an ass a lot. Then one conversation was suppose to change Dale’s whole outlook on psychics just don’t think so. I think the pace was too fast. I also had problems connecting with both Dale and Saba. After the way Dale was acting I think Saba was way to nice and accepting. I felt there was some unanswered questions after the book was done. I also felt the book ended to fast. So as I said I did have mixed feelings.

Great Book With Great Characters

Saved by Darkness (Darkness Series) (Volume 6) - Katie Reus

Ian and Mason were at a party having been invited by the vampire running the supernatural fights that Ian participated in asked for something Ian wasn’t going to say no unless the request was offensive. Ian was part demon and part dragon. Ian didn’t even know any other dragons. Ian knew his mother had been forced when Ian was conceived and if Ian ever found the full blooded demon he’d kill him for what he had done to Ian’s mother. All he had was a name but that was a start. One day Ian would make the make the male feel his hatred. Then Bruneau the vampire who had invited Ian to this party appeared and told Mason to leave Ian and him. Mason did/ Ian knew he was the strongest male in any room or close to it. He had to be strong from the time he was a child- a mixed breed with a mother who was alone in the world. Ian made it clear to anyone if they tried to mess with his family they die. They first time Ian had killed  it was defending his mom , he had been eight and it had been an accident. The first time Iam meant to kill he was ten. Most supernaturals in New Orleans that had seen Ian fight seemed to think he was an animal and his nickname in the ring was “Beast”. Bruneau said he thought he’d found a woman to Ian’s liking. Ian turned and felt his heart stop in his chest. Ke locked gazes with a striking female. Then Ian noticed she had a male companion and he looked like he wanted to kill Ian. The  Breuner introduced him as Colm O’Riley. He wanted to fight Ian and he was also undefeated. Then Ian introduced himself to the female and she said her name was Fiona. Then the male pushed her more behind him and said “ you don’t look at her, you don;t touch her”. Then Ian said you name the place we fight. Ian never experienced this lack of control before. But her scent and closeness was making Ian edgy. Then Breuner  asked if three hours was soen enough and both males nodded. Ian knew Colm was a shifter but he wasn’t sure what kind. Ian figured he would take care of the male in the ring then talk to the female. He didn’t understand the primitive part of him that  had came to life and he wasn’t going to ignore it. Bruneau  advised Ian to make himself scarce until the fight as Colm had two brothers.Then Ian saw Fiona standing behind a big tree. She motioned   for Ian to follow her. Then they hurried to a small room off the lobby. Fiona told Ian to shut the door. Then she said she wanted to warn Ian her brothers were very strong. She added she knew Ian would never lost before  but he would this time. Also her brother was very angry Ian had spoken to her. Then Fiona asked Ian to  please walk away and there was desperation in her voice. The Ian asked Fiona if she was mated and she said no . Ian felt many emotions in Fiona there was confusion but also lust. Ian said to Fiona was to have dinner with him after the fight. Fiona said if he managed to live she would have dinner with him. Then Ian told her to meet him tomorrow at Mandina's at six. Ian shook Malloy’s hand   at the front of Bo’s supernatural ‘s only club. His half brother Bo was on his honeymoon but he’d kept the club open and his family ran it while he was gone.  Malloy was a ghoul and head of security. Ian had a strange call from Rory telling Ian he needed to talk to Ian about something important Ian saw his half sister Cynara tending bar. Rory said fimm wanted to speak to Fiona and they needed to know if she was trustworthy  and Ian said she was. But Ian couldn’t talk about her it hurt too much then Ian left the room. Ian couldn’t even convince himself he buried the memory of Fiona because he thought of her every day. Fiona was his mate even though they had never mated another female would never do for him. Now to know she was nearby Ian was going to find out everything from the Alpha Finn. Then he was going to see Fiona even though he knew he shouldn’t She was mated, taken. She had shattered his heart and went off with another male Too late he realized she had done it to protect him, to keep him alive. He would have kept them safe and alive, Ian just wished Fiona had trusted him enough that he could do that. Since rory had joined a new pack he had torn loyalties between his brother   Ian and his new pack. For decades it had been Ian and Rory against the Hell Realm that had been their world. Rory called Finn to let him know Ian was on his way,

I absolutely loved this book It was a great paranormal story and romance. I Loved that Fiona and Ian had been true and faithful to each other. Never accepting someone else. I didn’t want to put this book down it kept my interest all through the book.  I felt like I was right there with ian and Fiona. I loved how Fiona spent her life helping bullied paranormal females. I loved how willing Fiona was to sacrifice everything to make sure Ian was safe. I loved the ending. I also loved the twist in this story. I loved the characters and ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

Sin for Me - Lisa Marie Perry

Delilah's grandfather had bought the old Greek revival plantation manor - The Hearst Plantation and converted it into the home of Devil’s Music record label. He founded the company in an age when rock-n-roll was seen as wicked and black artists feared as dangerous in these parts. For every racist friend he lost Granddaddy seemed to sign a surefire hit singer. His clients were on the country’s most elite DJ’s lists and their music blared from jukeboxes and radios across America. He died rich. Delilah's father became even richer and found more singers. Delilah reinvented Devil’s Music as a chart dominating hip-hop label worth billions. Delilah called out and  Emma heard- old money, old tradition, old treachery.Delilah remembered when  Emma and Delilah played with their barbies ,sharing homework and looking in the swamp for frogs. Emma was Delilah best friend for a long time. Delilah had three identical knife wounds carved in her - one from Emma, one from Joshua, one from Chelsea who Delilah had befriended when her brother dumped Chelsea. Delilah had considered Chelsea a friend but she had also screwed Delilah over. Delilah had traded her soul for a company, bartered her body for corporate favors and industry  alliances. And in the end they had voted her out. They had claimed her legacy . But now the company had been hit with an intellectual property lawsuit. Soon it will lose its clients and  sponsors and die a slow embarrassing death. Delilah could save the entity but she couldn’t do it from the outside As a little girl Delilah thought her father was rich and famous because of magic but as she grew up she learned it was from force, coercion, threats, and violence. Her father had taught Delilah a valuable lessons on the necessary means of survival. Good and bad walk together.You can’t be good if you don’t deal with the bad. You can’t beat the devil  if you don’t play his game.In this world the deals that matter are made with hard substances are coursing through your blood.

I couldn’t get into this book. There was just too much drama in this book. I didn’t connect with the characters of this story. Last but not least I hate cliffhangers. This book just wasn’t for me. I am sure others will love it

Great Book With Great Characters

All I Want for Halloween - Marie Harte

Sadie had been watching Motorcycle Madnezz  and Sadie thought about how dull he life seemed in comparison to the reality show and how much she preferred it that way. She groaned when a commercial came on and it reminded her she couldn’t put off getting a costume  much longer. Her brother Elliott had forced her to accept a costume party invitation. When Sadie asked why she couldn’t skip the party Elliott said anything to get her into something besides her sweatpants. He also added she was turning into a store hag, limp hair, no sense of style and she growled at their customers. Then he said important people wanted a face to the fantastic food. They could easily build more business Elliott also felt Sadie should be dating, having fun. Enjoying life, and laughing more. Elliott said all Sadie did was hang out at the gym. Then Sadie thought maybe she should find a guy at the party. Something physical might cheer her up and clear her mind. Even though elliott annoyed Sadie he was her best friend and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her and she loved him. Harrison “Gear” Blackstone counted to ten before answering her younger brother Thor. He noticed his sister acting like she wasn’t listening in, Thir had a brain like a computer and if anyone could figure out a way for Gear to get out of the mess his life had become it was Thor. Gear was being forced to go to the costume party by his contract. His sister told him just be the jerk you are on the show after some time on camera change his costume and hang out until for the rest of the mandatory time he had to be there. Gear’s dream of running one of the best custom shop had come true but at a price’ His ex fiance and ex best friend Brian had put him through the wringer and got rid of him which still hurt. Gear’s gift of everything mechanical hasd transformed into love for the motorcycle. Sahara had been Gear’s fiance and Briand his best friend until they cheated together at Gear’s pain. Iris told Gear he had always been upfront about who he was and what he wanted. Those people who are your friends know this. See who is still around after all the garbage was over. She also said don’t get mad get even. Elliott went to the party as the Phantom Of The Opera and Sadie was a warrior princess. Then Elliott pointed out the guys from Motorcycle Madnezz. Sadie thought Gear was hot. He was dressed as Batman’s Joker. Sadie found a shadowed area with a table for her food and drink.Then she noticed a real hot Devil with a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other and a woman was manhandling him. When he finally got away from the woman he asked Sadie if he could sit down and she said he had earned it. He had a great body and smile. Then Sadie seen Elliott looking for her and she asked the man to just go along with her and she kissed him Soon Sadie forgot everything but the kiss. Sadie had never been so out of control She found some foliage that pretty much hid then unless someone was really looking and she and the Devil had sex there. Gear was in shock when the girl he had just had sex with punched Sahara in the face after Sahara had slapped her. Gear went to Joaquin described Elliott and asked who the woman was and told Joaquin what had happened. Joaquin said he would act like he had no idea could have hit Sahara. Joaquin also told him to try Sofa’s to  find the girl. Sunday at Sofa’s the bakery/ coffeeshop that had expanded into a catering business also saw the siblings -Rose, Elliott and Sadie spending time together before they opened at eleven. Every weekend Sadie, Rose, and Elliott mixed, prepared, and frosted the  most delicious treats from healthy salads to sandwiches and baked goods. Sadie wouldn’t admit it but she loved their family time. Sadie had little in the way of needs: a gym membership at Jamesons, subscription to Netflix and Hulu, and an addiction to frilly underthings, and white chocolate raspberry truffles . Gear showed up at Sofa’s with the sword from Sadie’s costume and Sadie realized her devil had been Gear. Then Gear invited her to dinner but it would have to be at her house or his because of paparazzi. Sadie made it clear she didn’t want a boyfriend and Gear said after his disaster of an engagement he didn’t want a girlfriend anytime soon.

This was a great story and romance and I loved it. I loved the plot and pace. I loved how Sadie and Gear came together and were so much alike. I was sorry that Adrian and Sadie’s best friend had hurt her so bad as well as the hurt Gear went through with Sarah and Brian. I know Sadie and Gear fell pretty quick but in this instance it was just right. I loved Sadie and Gear’s family. I chuckled at times while reading this book. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this story which is always great when it happens. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

Great Story and Characters

How to Marry a Marquess (Wedded by Scandal) (Volume 3) - Stacy Reid

Lady Evie Chesterfield has been crazy about Lord Richard Maitland, Marquees of Westfall, her brother’s best friend, since she was 16. Over the years, they became close friends. Evie became someone Richard could rely on and go to. When his reputation is destroyed by his final act of defiance on society’s expectation by claiming the illegitimate daughter he didn’t know he had, he pulls his friendship away from Evie.

I really loved this book. The characters had me absolutely engrossed in the book. I couldn’t put it down until it was done. I did find myself mad at Richard several times throughout the story for his ignorant treatment of Evie, but forgave him by the end:) I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Didn't Like It

Second Chance Cowboy (Road to Romance Book 2) - Joanne Rock

Larissa Martine is starting over in Las Vegas after a failed career in New York. Along the way, she’s promised her friends she would stop by her hometown in Cheyenne, WY and make peace with her ex, Matt Briggs, whom she left without an explanation.

This book started out good but once the interactions between Larissa and Matt began, very quickly they were bypassing the whole crux of her leaving. This happens a lot with second chance romances and it’s a big irritation of mine with this genre.

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Didn't Like It

One Week With the Marine - Allison Gatta

Avery Forrester seems to be incapable of settling down on anything from a job to relationships. When her friend-with-benefits, Holden Morris, is on leave from the Marines, she finds out that his plans to settle down make her realize she might have to change so she doesn’t lose him.

I really didn’t this story. I tried to get through it even though I had a feeling I would have a problem with Avery’s personality. I was pretty much done with it after the introduction of Holden, who is well aware of Avery’s tendency to get around and he still wanted to set her up to marry him. The way it was all worded just didn’t work for me.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book