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The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire series) - Kate Baxter

Saeed was a vampire and on a plane which was like being trapped in the confines of  an all- you - can-eat- buffet with strict orders not to eat. He had gorged himself on Sasha;s blood before getting on the plane. The two and a half hour flight hadn’t been long but it seemed like centuries had passed to Saeed. It had seemed lately that no amount of blood could keep him away from the memories that plagues him Saeed had given himself over to the Collection which was the memories of every vampire that had ever existed transferred through the blood at the moment of a vampire’s turning. To Saeed the Collective had become a lifeline to the only thing that could save him here on earth. The Collective had shown Saeed the female that would tether his soul. The members of Saeed’s covet thought Saeed was mad and Saeed’s friends considered him lost. . Sasha and Diego were Saeed’s most trusted advisers. Saeed turned Sasha and Diego just as he had promised Saeed turned the leadership of his covet to Sasha and Diego. Saeed was empty and hollow. As void and black as the night that stretched out before Saeed. Saeed;s soul had been taken from him when he was turned and he was obsessed with getting his soul back. Saeed was following the inarticulate ramblings of a child oracle. Humans were such easy prey drawn to predators like Saeed. Saeed was looking for his mate- a fae . with hair like fire and Saeed would find her, he had to his soul depended on it. Cerys was exhausted if only Rin would give her a chance to sleep but Rin was as wicked as they came.Cerys was his property and under his command, Cerys had carried out a lot of wicked deeds for Rin so she was as wicked as him. Cerys was Rin’s collared pet, the tool that carried out his will. Rin took care of all of Cerys’s needs. Cerys felt as something was coming and it would stir up all all kinds of trouble. Cerys went to the Caged Canary which was primarily a club for supernaturals hang out. Most every supernatural knew Cerys worked for Rin. Rin was a stealer of souls that is why people stayed away from him. Derek was by the pool tables when she got near Derek said he was getting ready to go see Rin but but Cerys knew he was getting ready to run and Cerys cut off Derek’s pinkie finger and told Derek he better have the money to Rin by the next day. Then Cerys picked up his finger.  It would be a long five days before  Saeed’s heart quit beating, or his lungs quit breathing and his throat became unbearable. Saeed refused to take any vein but his mate’s. No other blood would sate Saeed. I fSaeed didn’t find his mate soon he might go out of his mind completely. Saeed went into a dive bar and a werewolf named Wes recognized Saeed as a vampire. SWes also told Saeed he was the only vampire the werewolf had seen and that there were a lot of talk around the city about Saeed and that Saeed could make a fortune.Wes said he knew Saeed was out every night and had killed a warlock who had wanted Saeed’s blood for some dark magic. Wes had no idea who Saeed was and what he was capable of. Then after Saeed asked who was at the top and Wes said Rinieri de Rege/Rin who was a mage and the boss of the local underworld. . Then the shifter said Rin was much worse than the warlocks and said Rin had a place called the Crimson and was there every night. Caerys was at Crimson with Rin all Cerys wanted to do was go home and sleep but they were at Crimson every night as Rin was an attention floozie. No one wanted to be around Cerys as she was a soul thief. Rin had made Cerys an assassin. Cerys had tried alcohol as the absence of her soul left Cerys feeling perpetually empty, hungary. Alcohol only managed to make Cerys feel emptier. Food was Cerys’s vice. Cerys had been working for Rin for a thousand years. Rin had Cerys ‘s soul and until she could find it she had to obey Rin’s orders. Every soul Cerys retrieves a part of herself is depleted. Cerys worries she will soon be dead. When Saeed finally finds Cerys and they meet she is attracted to Saeed and intrigued with Saeed’s belief was she was his mate.

I liked this book a lot, I liked the plot and pace of the story. I also liked how Saeed and Cerys react and play off each other. It did drag for me a little at times but not enough for me to want to stop reading this book as it kept my attention for the most part. I liked a lot how Saeed had to win Cerys trust and love. I would however advise for you to read all the books in order to this series it just gives you the background you need.  I loved the twists and turns in this book. There are : fae, vampires, werewolves, mages, warlocks, berserkers, action. mates and so much more. I really loved how Saeed struggles to free Cerys from Rin. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.

A Vintage Wedding - Katie Fforde

Three women Beth, Lindy, and Rachel quickly became friends. One is Beth who is to organize a wedding for her sister Helena and loved to paint but paint everything white. Lindy is a single mother who had lived in the village all her life. Where the other two women were fairly new to the area.Rachel admits she has a problem cleanliness and her obsession with getting things just right. Lindy was a loving mom even if her life didn’t really turn out as she had planned it. Beth had Charlie but but then he cheats and has sex with other women and even though it wasn’t stated her and Charlie  were exclusive Beth felt Charlie was a dirty cheater. Then it took awhile but Beth did get get over Charlie and yet she didn’t really know him. Then Beth talks to Finn a couple of times and all of a sudden she is in love with Finn. Then she is again heart broken when Finn gets mad at her. Lindy was having sex with her ex husband’s brother Angus and never discussed how odd their relationship was.

I had mixed feelings about this story. I felt there was too many leading characters and there just didn’t need so much sex in this book. I also think there were certain aspects in this story that was just so unrealistic. But this was a fun read and I liked the plot/ I basically like the women and were glad they became friends. I didn’t care for the insta love/lust aspect of this book. But  did really like how the women weren’t afraid of hard work and were determined women. I did think that Angus and Lindy’s relationship was odd. So as I said there were things I liked about this book and others not so much.

good story and characters

Among the Dead: A Rachel Carver Mystery - J. R. Backlund

Dylan had hit his cousin Clayton when they were teens for calling his mom a floozie. He had hit layton and ruptured his eardrum. Half of Dylan’s family disowned him and Dylan had never seen Clayton again since it had permanently damaged Clayton’s  hearing. Dylon thought of this as Gifford was dying. Rachel had been an agent   but she had quit a month ago. Rachel had another sleepless night. Then Rachel went to Blackstone Estate mobile home park. After dozing off a couple of times while sitting in the guests parking lot. Then the old woman appeared pushing the stroller with the toddler boy  in it. Then Santi pulled up, she was a social worker with Wake County Division Of Social Services. Then Rachel gave Santi an envelope with two hundred dollars to give to the old woman- Mrs. Bailey. Then rachel asked if Santi had any luck in finding a home for the little boy. Santi said no but she was sure she would find the child a home it just took some time. But the problem was they couldn’t find the boy’s father even though they knew the father didn’t want the boy.Rachel checked her phone  and she had a message from her old partner Danny when she had been a detective with the Raleigh Police Department and he wanted Rachel to help for something. Danny and Rachel had worked together in the homicide unit until rachel took a job as a special agent in the State Bureau Of Investigation. But Danny and Rachel had remained close friends until Danny had moved away to try to save his marriage. Danny’s wife wanted to live closer to her family and have Danny around more. But danny and his wife divorced a year later after the move. Danny told Rachel he had some work for her consulting on a murder case. Rachel felt herself being compelled but Rachel had buried herself in her cases before, allowing the cases to consume every part of her existence. Her apartment was a perfect example crime scene photos on the coffee table, medical examiners reports on her couches, autopsy photos on the kitchen counter by the coffeemaker. Depending on coffee and alcohol sometimes together. Rachel had been living among her victims, making them a part of her daily routine so she never lost sight of her obligation to them. Her commitment- a promise that had driven her to the point of obsession. Then Rachel asked Danny to tell her about the case. Danny said they had discovered a body this morning. The victim had been killed in his own home. The man lived alone, There was n signs of  forced entry, no witnesses, no suspects….her speciality Danny said. The money sounded good as it had been six weeks since Rachel had a paycheck. Sheriff Ted  Pritchard was talking to his cousin Sheriff Lee Harelson then Ted noticed Danny who was his chief deputy.Ted agreed and told Danny to bring in Rachel. Rachel had shot and killed an innocent woman who was a single mother during an investigation. Rachel had been watching the woman’s child at the mobile home park. But after Rachel got to Danny things began to change. Victims became two and then two became three victims. Then the SBI gets involved and ties the murders to meth labs but Rachel doesn’t believe that is the reason for the murders.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the plot and pace a lot.  I liked the mystery. I felt like Rachel was a real person with real problems and weaknesses as well as strengths. She was intelligent and had no problem taking the lead attitude. But Rachel was very human in every way and the book showed this. I loved that the story  had twists. This book definitely kept my attention and I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this story and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5

good story and characters

The Playboy Prince and the Nanny - Donna Alward

The Palace had come to a stop with the sudden death of Crown Prince Raoul wife Princess Cecilia and the long time nanny. Rose had worked hard to get the reputation of a highly thought of and wanted nanny. But Rose had never worked with royalty before.  Rose has been hired to be the nanny now by Prince Diego  and can bring stability, joy, and hope back into the kid's life that had also been in the car accident but were not seriously hurt physically anyway after losing their mother and nanny Prince Diego was he spare prince and is a fun loving playboy when his sister in law dies. Prince Diego finds out about his sister in law’s death he feels he must return to the palace immediately to step up and help his older brother and father. Also make sure his four year old nephew Max and his six year old niece Emilia have what they need and also be there for them and do what he could to help them. Rose likes her privacy especially after she starts to develop feelings for Diego Diego has a big heart and rose sees that and draws her to him. The family also treats Rose like family than the hired help. Diego was conscious of his duty to his country and his family no matter what his reputation was But deep down Diego did want to see the kingdom prosper. Diego wanted more responsibility but his father nor his brother would give it to him. Diego soon finds he is also developing feeling for Rose. Diego.s brother wasn’t really stepping up for the kids in his grief so Diego does so why Diego hires Rose. Rose and Diego are keeping their feelings a secret  from the king. And that bothers Rose as it could hurt her professionally and personally. Then a picture is taken of Rose and Diego and Rose has to decide if to leave or stay. But if rose left the kids would be hurt again.

This was an excellent story. I loved the plot and the pace and everything about it. I am not sure why Diego wanted to keep his and Rose’s relationship from the king. I was glad the king didn’t care what the people thought and supported Diego and Rose. I loved how Diego wanted to do more and really cared about the kingdom. And wasn’t just another rich playboy royal . I also loved how Diego steps up for the kids. I loved Rose and Diego together. This was a fun read after got through the beginning and the tragic deaths. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5.

good story and characters

Are You Sleeping - Kathleen L. Barber

Aunt Amelia used to tell us nothing good happens after midnight. As Josie grew older she found trouble is the only thing that happens between midnight and and sunrise. Caleb was three weeks into a trip overseeing Aid workers. Josie worked in  book store Clara was the closest thing Josie had for a friend in N Y. Caleb emailed Josie that the work was going good there and he should be home in another week or so. Josie’s father was Chuck Buhrman. It had been ten years since her father's murder. Warren Case   was seventeen years old when he   had murdered Josie’s father in his own kitchen and Josie’s twin sister Lanie had seen him kill their father. Josie had legally changed her name and traveled abroad for five years before settling down in New York. Josue’s mother couldn’t cope with her husband’s murder and took off to California and joined a cult. Josie and her twin sister Lanie had been left with their aunt Amelia/A.  Lanie strikes out at everyone she loves.  But Poppy Painel is bringing up the question what if Warren didn’t do it and had created a podcast. Warren had been in prison thirteen years already for the murder.  Caleb knows nothing of Josie’s past. Josie hadn’t talked to her twin Lanie in over ten years.

This was a good story and I liked the plot and the pace which was quick. This kept me on the edge of my chair. At times Josie frustrated em but I couldn’t help to still really like her. I also liked Josie;s cousin Ellen and chuckled at her. This book kept my attention with no problem. This also showed how a murder case can completely devastate a family. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

The Secret Lives of Rockstars - Suzanne Lazear

Bitsy didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. She had been originally brought up by Drakkons. Then she went and lived with a druid she still called Mum. But now Bitsy was touring with a non-human punk band. The band has an elf, a half breed siren, and a succubus but nobody seems to know what Bitsy is.  Bitsy thinks of the band as her family Bitsy is determined to show she can make it on her own. The oddity about Bitsy was when someone asked her for help she felt she had to help them weather she wanted to or not. Then an Angel asks her to help get rid of Chaos Demons. Bitsy is only eighteen and doesn’t know how to get rid of the demons but she still feels she has to help. But she is also going to need help to do what the Angel has asked. Also the Angel acted like a butt to top it off.

I liked this story but it only got a three because too many things were unanswered and I felt it was mostly a cliffhanger and I hate cliffhangers as anyone who have read my reviews before. But the writing was good. I felt like I was right there with Bitsey . This was a quick read too quick as far as I am concerned. But that is me. I liked finding out with Bitsey what she was and what she could do. For the most part this kept my attention but the ending irritated me. But there are a lot of supernatural species such as elves, trolls, sirens, druids, demons, drakkons, angels, chaos demons, succubus, dragon shapeshifters and more and i really liked that. Anyone who likes urban fantasy should like this. There wasn’t really any romance and I missed that. So all and all not a bad story just didn’t like all the unresolved stuff.

good story and characters

Under a Blood Moon - Rachel Graves

Mallory was a detective and her partner;s name was Danny. Then Mallory and Danny got a car about a zombie attack with a officer down. Danny said he didn’t know anything could really make zombie. Then Mallory was stunned to drr two real zombies. Mallory was a dead witch and the zombies should have been hers. Mallory had raised a zombie once her husband Greg but she didn’t know she was a death witch. She didn’t know what she had done and Greg had to be put down by the local police. In general nobody liked zombies. Mallory was a detective with Supernatural Investigative Unit. When they got back to the station Danny and Mallory went right to the Lieutenant’s office and he informed  although they weren’t s due for another large case yet they were getting the zombie case. He also told Mallory she would be getting a shadow team which was a pair of detectives working the same case on the opposite side of the clock and that just proved the zombie case was a serious case. The lieutenant thought there was  more going on and Mallory agreed. There were two type of people  that could raise zombies: death witches and Bokors or Voodoo priests. Mallory was the only death witch in the city. Mallory wanted to get out and start asking questions but there was paperwork to file but there was paperwork to file and that kept Mallory busy until the end ofthe day. Mallory didn’t like the summer always meant heat and boredom to Mallory and she was in love with a vampire- Jakob. Jakob was almost six hundred years old and spoke with a German accent.Mallory felt she and Jakob were closer in the half of year they had been together then Mallory and her husband Greg had been after four years of marriage. Phoebe was Mallory’s best friend and closest witch. Phoebe was a spirit witch and the first to recognize Mallory for she was. Then Mallory heard a raspy voice on her old fashioned answering machine and he said “ You took my my zombies I can  forgive that. But you stay out of things that aren’t your business or maybe next time I take you. Mallory was still learning about all things supernatural. It seemed the zombies visited a store that had refused to pay protection money. Rakish the shop owner gave her names names and called other people to talk to her that had been approached for protection money. But nobody seemed to remember much about the two men who had approached them for protection money. The information Mallory and Danny got  ‘was two white men with medium height and then were given a cellphone number the business owner had been given. Then the last shop they stopped at was a chocolate candy store and the owner was a jaguar . The owner -Indigo said he would   email them a video he had from the time the two werewolves had stepped in and asked his shop and asked about what protection he had in the shop. Then Danny and Mallory went to the phonebook to look up Madame Marie’s the name the zombies had mentioned. The first one they visited didn’t sense the push Mallory but it was different with the spiritual guide.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the plot and the pace and I felt this was well written. I also love the mystery in the story. I liked the Mallory wasn’t conceited or cocky with what she was. I also loved that we were given some of Jakob’s back story. I really loved how Jakob was concerned that he couldn’t get Mallory pregnant and his protectiveness although he went  a little far on that . I would have liked more of Mallory and Jakob meeting and starting out together. I did feel that there didn’t need to be so many sex scenes in this book. I did chuckle while reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Midnight Gamble - Nancy Gideon

Frederico/Rica was told by Marchand who was her father that she shouldn’t dismiss the old ones so easily. The old ones are dangerous and an  unpredictable breed and that Rica’s confidence could be her downfall but Rica said she was never careless and that was why she was good at what she did. Marchand told Rica  that she did a service for her kind who hope to blend into the twentieth century without a dangerous fanfare. That Rica had a unique  talent that provided them with an upper hand in dealing with the undead. Rica was Marchands only child.  They Marchand also told Rica they could no longer be seen as the vile creatures of the damned, feeding off the blood of humans in a frenzy. Marchand also said if they weren’t careful they would be hunted down until every last vampire was destroyed. Rica had been raised to be tough, independent, and resourceful. Rica was different from her father and all his followers as she could go out during the day.  Rica had a new roommate who was  Chloe and her vampire boyfriend was Quinn. Rica new Quinn was a new creature without the wisdom and power that would come with was passing centuries on earth as an undead. But Quinn was strong enough to be behind the murders that Rica had been sent to investigate. Part of Rica’s gift was fitting in with humans. There had been three deaths in the Soho’s warehouse district. Rica could remove herself emotionally from the situation  when looking at a crime scene. One of vampire’s primary rules was discretion, and deception. Anything to prevent detection. There were groups from the old countries that dedicated themselves to the destruction. There were groups from the old countries that dedicated themselves to the destruction of Rica’s breed. It was Rica’s duty to find the guilty ones and quickly, quietly, and prevent them from bringing any further  attention to the existence of vampires. It wasn’t Rica’s job to condemn or kill. She was sent to investigate and incapacitated the suspected killers. Her father’s court would decide their fate.  Marchand heads the Corps de Judgement that monitors, judges the vampires who hurt hum+ans. Rica wants to be the best hunter for her dad to get his approval.  Rica tried not to involve humans when possible but in her mind humans were tools to an end. Rica had never understood her parents affection for humans Rica was a hybrid of two worlds. Marchard’s greatest fear was not immortal. Edward found Rica fascinating like no one else he could recall. Rica’s challenge for Edward was both physical as well as mental. Edward could not afford any distraction that even know kept  Edward from getting to the business at hand, Edward. Edward told Vanko he wanted to know more about Rica. Chloe left with Quinn but Rica joined  her later that evening.  Where illegal flowed and there was a lot of vampires. But Rica had to be careful so that the vampires wouldn’t sense her. Rica is half human and Rica met Edward. Edward and Rica are very attracted to each other. Rica fears Edward was the man her dad sent her to bring back to the his court. Edward doesn’t trust Rica even though he is very attracted to her. Edward recognizes Rica as a person out to destroy him. But Edward is trying to find the villian/villians who is out to destroy the humans.

I enjoyed reading this story. To know there were vampires that were out there to stop that ones that wanted to destroy humans. It made no sense to me why Rica had no feelings for humans just makes no sense to me.But I did basically like the plot and pace of this book. Although at times I had a problem keeping my attention on the story.  I also feel Rica should have been more feminine and just a bit less ruthless. I did like Rica and Edward together. I also wondered how you can really love someone you don’t really trust. So I had mixed feelings for the reasons I have listed and gave this a three for a rating.

Good Story and Characters

The Highland Commander (The Highland Lords) - Amy Jarecki

Lady Magdalen Keith “Maggie” is the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish earl. When he is arrested for treason, she goes to London to plead for his innocence and release. Aiden Murray hadn’t planned on ever seeing the masked beauty again after seeing her at a masked highland ball. When he reluctantly helps a young woman and her maid out, ruining his plans, he’s shocked to find out it’s the same woman. He’s even more shocked to find out who she is.

This was a pretty good book. It had a nice twist with Aiden that was funny and I really appreciated. Unlike some stories, Maggie is actually loved by her father and is willing to go through anything to free him. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Book With Great Characters

Toughest Cowboy in Texas: A Western Romance (Happy, Texas) - Carolyn Brown

Lila and her mother left Happy, Texas when she was a teenager. Even though she’d been known as the resident wild child, her heart had been shattered into a million pieces. Now she’s matured and back in town for the Summer to run her mother’s restaurant. What she didn’t expect was her heart to still be beating for the man that shattered it long ago. Ever since his father and his grandfather died in the same Summer years ago, Brody has been consumed with running the family ranch. When he hears Lila’s back, he’s already drawn back towards her. The question is whether or not he can convince her that he will place her before his family’s haughtiness.

I’m not too much into second chance romances, but I thought I’d give this a try. I wasn’t disappointed. Watching these two find their way to each other as Lila also has to battle the town’s opinion of her and her family was something I really enjoyed. I also liked all of the secondary characters that were in the story. I can’t wait to read the next book in this new series. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Loved It!

Pieces of Me - Shiloh Walker

Shadow Harper is a shadow of her former self. Each day is a ritual she must go by to keep her sanity while her obsessed ex still manages to keep his hold on her. After accidentally leaving her sketch book at the only place she finds peace, the man she’s been secretly watching begins to slowly try to break into her shell.

This was such a great book. The author writes such a complex character with Shadow as she battles her PTSD and realizes she’s not the victim. The book wasn’t just about her battling herself but also her psychotic ex when nobody would believe her. I’ve read a lot of this author’s books and I think this is definitely my favorite. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Book With Great Characters

Past Be Damned (Last Hope Book 2) - Rebecca Royce

After spending 5 years in a demon hell mine and losing her soul mates, Teagan asks her fellow sister to wipe away her memories. She can’t take the growing darkness and the pain she has endured. One day, five mysterious men show up and take an interest in her. Thaddeus, Aidan, Noah, Eric, and Brody had long thought Teagan was dead. When they found out she was still alive, they do everything they can to get back to her.

This was the next story in this author’s Last Hope series. It takes place not too long after the first book. This one moves a bit quicker than the first. I felt bad for Teagan and everything she had endured. I liked how she didn’t just rush in and accept them as soon as she remembered them. Watching Teagan go from so hurt to so powerful was my favorite part. I can’t wait to see what the next story leads.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Good Story and Characters

Hunting with the SEAL (Saving the SEALs Series Book 4) - Leslie North

Kyle Matthews won’t rest until the man responsible for his brother’s death is caught. Unfortunately, it looks like he will have to work with his brother’s widow, Special Agent Natalie Matthews, to complete the job.

This was the first book I read by this author. I wasn’t really sure that I would get into it, but it was surprisingly good. I would like to read more from this author as well as read the other books in this series that involved the other members of the seal team. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great End to a Great Series

The Right Kind of Trouble - Shiloh Walker

Gideon Marshall is the police chief of McKay’s Treasure. Bad things have been happening to the one of the most influential families, the McKays. He’s hitting his head against the wall as more and more danger keeps happening to them. When Moira McKay is attacked when he’s out of town, he feels responsible. The only problem is that Moira is the woman who long ago shattered his heart and he never quite got over her. He just doesn’t know how much longer he can be around her. Moira knows that Gideon is about done with her, but her brush with death has her finally getting over her self-imposed life of loneliness and misery. Now she just hopes it’s not too late as everything she and her siblings have worked hard for get destroyed.

As with the other two books in this series, I absolutely loved it. After reading the other two books,I couldn’t wait to see how it finished and I wasn’t disappointed. My heart seemed to break over and over for Gideon and Moira. I was happy that Moira was able to get over her guilt so she can try to find happiness before it’s too late. I highly recommend this book and this entire series.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story and Characters

Highland Chieftain (The Murrays) - Hannah Howell

Bethoc Matheson lives in an abusive home, raising her siblings. On her mother’s deathbed, she swore she would take care of her little sister, forcing her to stay with her father. Walking to the cave she hides in, she comes across a severely wounded man. She’s able to help him get to her cave, where she slowly nurses him back to health.

This was a decent book. I felt bad for Bethoc as more and of her father’s deeds become unraveled. I loved how, almost right from the beginning, Callum could sense the abuse and wanted to protect her. Good story. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book


Of Flame and Light: A Weird Girls Novel - Cecy Robson

Taran Wird has a special power that allows her to pull fire and lightening from her body. When her right arm is tore off by a were, it is replaced with a different using ancient magic. The new "zombie" arm has Taran feel less than perfect and her insecurities cause her to end it with Gemini, her mate. She must now deal with everything alone, while battling her arm.
I was so excited that another Weird Girls novel got released. I loved reading the first full book about Taran. Her firecracker personality really drew me in. From the moment I started reading, I couldn't stop until it was done. I can't wait for the next book.