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good book and characters

Shadow's Bane - Karen Chance

Dory’s father Mircea  had built a wall between her vampire half and human half to save her life. Dory had promised to help a friend and got an old Army truck to use. Dory went to Olga’s headquarters which was a combination beauty salon and what looked like the back room of Soldier of Fortune. The local community of Dark Fey seemed to like buying their ammo and and getting  their nails done at the same place.Olga was a troll and Dory went to get Olga to get a couple of the trolls already in the truck out before the tires blew from too much weight but Olga said the slaves would make their way home once they were freed. But Dory told Olga she had to bring the slavers back in ordered to be questioned by the Vampire Senate and then she would also get paid. Dory told Olga if they didn’t get the slavers they would never stop selling her  people. If they don’t know who is behind this. Olga just said Vampire. behind it. A vampire named Gemenus was the one who build an network to get slaves but he was now dead. Dory knew that just her and a few trolls couldn’t do much but one of the recent trolls that had been taken for a slave was Olga’s nephew. Thanks to Gemenus death and a crackdown by the Vampire Senate on smuggling the active portals were dwindling and the price of slaves had gone up. Olga knew no one cared about the Dark Fey which is why they looked out for themselves. Then Dory literally ran into Louis- Cesare who her other half was dating and he said he would come along as he loved a good fight. Normally                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              finding her perp in Dory’s line of work is easy since she mostly goes after things that go bump in the night among a lot of humans. But here at these fights there were a lot of things that went bump in the night. But here at the fights there were a lot of things that went bump in the night. Louis-Cesare wasn’t just a vampire he was a senator from the Vampire Senate and therefore the ruling elite of the vampire world. Anthony was of the European Vampire Senate and he realized having a champion with Louis-Cesare fighting ability meant that no one in their right mind was likely to challenge Anthony ever again, giving Anthony all but absolute power. But Louis- Cesare had gotten tired of of playing bodyguard and defected to the North American counterpart where his new role was yet to be determined. The usually somewhat -turgid and uber traditional vampire society had gotten a recent shake-up the long running war in Faerie ran over into Earth The threat caused an alliance of the six Vampire Senates which had never happened before. The newest member of the illustrious North American Vampire Senate was Dorina- Dory’s other half who had the more vampire half- The wars had taken half of the old senates lives and new ones had been needed and ones preferably could fight. Dhampirs and vampires were natural enemies, most vampires hissed at Dory. While at the fights a friend of Dorys yelled to her and proceeded to tell her that they were betting on how long it would be before she was killed as her seat on the senate was wanted by others. Then the fights began for the trolls and a female vampire was trying to kill her but Louis- Cesare was helping as much as he could. She woke up really sore at Louis-Cesare. She realized she was losing the control over Dorina.  

I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked that Dory and Dorina finally faced each other after a very long time. I loved the twists and turns in this book. I like the plot and fast pace a lot. I loved that we find out about a lot of the reasons Dorina is as she is. This book had trolls, vampires other paranormal beings,  portals. assassination attempts, Vampire Senate, Dhampirs, slaves, vampire politics, and so much more. I didn’t really care for going back and forth between the past and the present. I loved Louis-Cesare’s character. I also loved Louis-Cesare and Dorina/Dory together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend.

Good Book and Characters

When You Love a Scotsman (Seven Brides for Seven Scotsmen) - Hannah Howell

When Abbie’s family’s farm is attacked, she joins the soldier who shows up to assist her. After the farm is destroyed he takes her to a shelter in town.

This was a good story. I liked both Abbie and Matthew. My one issue was how quickly they slept with each other with out any kind of declaration of love or promise of marriage. In the era this book is set, that would’ve been basically a necessity.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Cute Holiday Stories

A Stockingful Of Joy - Hannah Howell

Two cousins are on a mission to complete Deidre's father’s dying wish after he is murdered. They decide to split up to confuse their pursuers. This book contains the story of each woman as they go on their own adventure to complete their mission during the holiday season.

This was a quick read that was nice for the holiday season. I definitely liked Deidre’s story more than Maura’s, but it was more because of Mitchell as I didn’t really like him that much.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

great book and great characters

Going Rogue - Chantal Fernando

Zoe is in Mrs K room checking on her at the nursing home she worked at. She really likes Mrs K even with her poddy mouth and she respects how Mrs K won’t take any BS. Mrs K has her good days and her bad days. Mrs K is a strong, stubborn, proud woman and it near kills her to need help from others. Zoe has her half hour lunch in her car as it is quiet and peaceful. She can sit and listen to music while she eats.  But today she heard a loud motor of a bike pull up into the employees only parking lot. She tries to tell the biker he can’t park there but he doesn’t hear her and she finally gives up.But then the gorgeous hot man comes to ehr car window Zoe sees there is an air to the man that tells her there is much more to him than meets the eye. He introduces himself as Rogue. Zoe then walks to the doors of the nursing home but the man won’t let her get by him finally she says her name is Zoe and goes back  to work. Then Rogue says he is there to see his mom if she remembers him today. Then his mood shifts and Zoe saw the pain. helplessness, guilt, and suffering rogue was feeling. For some reason Zoe’s chest gets tight. She was sorry because there was no happy endings here. Then Zoe learns Rogue is Mrs K’s son. Zoe wasn’t really surprised Rogue was Mrs K’s son as he was a badass and noone was as badass as Mrs K in the nursing home as far as Zoe was concerned. Rogue had just moved his mom to this facility two weeks ago as he wasn’t happy how she was treated at the last one.  Rogue told Zoe that Mrs K had raised him and his two brothers by herself. He also said she had the biggest heart and sharpest tongue and he said he didn’t know how his mom had done it. She had worked, supported him and his brothers, and was always there for them.It had been over a year since Zoe had been in the dating game hand Rogue had “big mistake” written all over him. But he had only asked her to go to coffee after work but she still declined. Zoe doesn’t really have many friends as she keeps to herself.Then as they talked Rogue had made Zoe speechless by what he said and that was a first. But in a nice way. Two years earlier Zoe had dated a biker-Fox and he was part of a MC . Fox had never taken her for a ride on his bike or introduced her to any of his biker friends that should have told her something about how Fox felt about her. But then Zoe learns Fox had an old lady and for three months Zoe was his side piece- his dirty little secret. But for some reason Zoe found she wanted to give Rogue a chance.

I absolutely loved this book and didn’t want to put it down and didn’t. I read in in one setting. This was a quick, sweet, emotional romantic  biker story I loved Zoe and Rogue together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the plot and the pace. I hope to read more of this author and hopefully she will bring out another book in this series maybe about the Prez or Vanessa or the Prez and Vanessa. I felt bad for the position Mrs K put Zoe in and how Rogue reacted. I loved how close Vanessa and Zoe were. I could find nothing to criticize in this book very happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

not for me

The Devil's Triangle - Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison

Kitsune -master thief- has been hired to steal Moses staff form the Topkapi Museum in Turkey and does it. She went  to collect her fee when those who had hired her tried to kill her and she almost dies. Kitsune escapes and hears the same people who tried to kill her bragging about causing a huge dust storm in Gobi desert that is killing thousands. Then the same people kidnapped Kitsune’s husband Grant. The People are the evil insane twins Cassandra and  Ajax . Appleton Kohah had taken the Tesla coil and got inspiration from a weather machine Da Vinci had designed. He made the machine to be a destructive “Storm Machine.”,Cassandra and Ajax wanted to rule the world. They were looking for the Ark Of The Covenant. The twins were the last of the Koath and if they find the Covenant they would have powers greater than any known man. Kitsune contacted Nicholect Drummond and Michela-Mike- Carla. They can pick the assignments they take and the take Kitsune’s call and request for help. And come to Italy.

This book just wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t get into it. I weather machine in evil hands just didn’t keep my interest. Also there was to much repetition in the portrayal of the Italian cops. Also the dialogue didn’t seem very natural to me in most cases. I am sure there are a lot of others that will love this book it just wasn’t for me.

mixed feelings

The Duke of Defiance (The Untouchables) (Volume 5) - Darcy Burke

Joanna/Jo ‘s sister Nora came to tell her she was again pregnant. Jo was proud of how she kept her tone free of any anguish or jealousy. Nora had overcome a scandal and was now married to a Duke who adored her they had a beautiful family. Jo was barren. Jo came to live with Nora and her family after her husband died. Jo had been married to a vicar for eight years-Matthias-  and had been a good wife until she learned what Matthias had been doing behind her back. Matthias had also treated Jo horribly and had made her feel useless and a waste of his time when Jo didn’t get pregnant. Now Jo refuses to think of Matthias and she doesn’t mean to think ill of the dead. Jo is living with Nora while she decides what to do with her life. Bran had been in Barbados on his sugar plantation for several years. He had a wife who had died of the fever. His daughter-Evie-  who was now five, had also got the fever but she had survived. He had been third in line for the title and never thought he would be called back but he had been. Bran had to uproot his life and take his daughter from the only home she had ever known and loved. Jo had come to know her niece- Becky and her nephew Christopher quiet well. Bran’s daughter Evie was at the house playing with Becky. Jo then meets Lord Knighton -Bran- who was Evie’s dad. Evie asked if she could come again and her father said if she was asked and Jo said she was definitely invited. Jo ends up becoming Evie’s teacher. Bran and Jo are attracted to each other but Jo refuses to get involved as Bran will need a male heir and she can’t give him that no matter the feelings she has for him or he for her.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved bran and Jo together and their hot chemistry and how they interacted with each other. I did get a little tired of hearing about Matthias and how bad he was. I think evie and Becky and Christopher added to this book. I advise you to read the book in this series in order for a smooth read. I do think both Evie and Brecky acted much older than five years old more like eight to ten. I like that Joe told Bran about her past marriage and what she has went through and that she was barren. This was a little predictable, I do like some surprises - at least a few. I liked that Joanne was practical and down to earth  especially after her marriage to Matthias. So as you can see I did have mixed feelings.

Great Story and Characters

The Black Lily (Tales of the Black Lily) - Juliette Cross

To help her people from the oppression of the vampires, the black lily has a daring plan to kick off their revolution. She plans on killing the vampire prince at the upcoming ball. What she doesn’t plan on is the attraction she feels towards him. As soon as Marius sees the delectable vision in gold, he knows she must be his, even after she tries to kill him.

This was a pretty good book. It reminded me of Cinderella meets Robin Hood meets Twilight. I liked both characters very much. I was so curious as to how they would find their HEA, I read the entire book in one sitting. I was very happy with the entire story. The author did not disappoint. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

It Was OK

Dragon Undercover - Kerry Adrienne, Lia Davis

After Owen’s sister is murdered, he goes undercover to find and the rogue dragon from killing again. What he doesn’t expect is to find his mate next door. When her sister goes missing, he’s determined to find her safe and bring her back to his mate.

This was a pretty quick read. Things moved pretty fast, not leaving a whole lot of room for character development. While I got Owen’s character and feelings pretty well, I didn’t really get into Nadia’s character. I would probably read from this author again.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story and Characters

Vampire's Faith - Rebecca Zanetti

Dr. Faith Cooper thought her friend was playing a joke on her when she was called in to witness something odd, but when said patient wakes up and claims to be a vampire from another time, she thinks it’s time he visit the psych ward. When odd men start hunting them down and she has a hard time resisting him, he might just be telling the truth.

This was a pretty good book. I liked following Faith from beginning to end as she learned about this dangerous world and figured out her place in it. I look forward to reading the next story in this series. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

great book and great characters

The Sheikh's Island Fling - Leslie North

Sheikh Rehaj bin Haik Al Nazari went to Amour Island and and he knew he made the three mistakes of his life. . The second mistake was letting his troublesome sisters talking him into going there. A place meant for lovers definitely not him. Still Rehaj had promised his sisters he would give the place a chance and he was a man of his word, a get it done kind of man. Rejah dealt with much of the tedious paperwork from the ground up required. This island had a fourteen day long “Love Rehab” session. On this island all technology was banned. Rehaj was private in his professional life but even more so in his personal life. The longest Rehaj had been in a relationship since he was seventeen was six months. Before him was a blonde woman begging to be allowed to use her cell phone one last time but she was denied by the staff. Then he seen the woman run out sobbing . He followed her as he could never stand seeing a damsel in distress. Anastacia/Ani knew she was being dramatic . But she felt like her whole world was leaving on a jet plane and she had missed the plane. Ani felt too exposed, to vulnerable, too on edge to convey the slick professional easy breezy confidence that was expected from the daughter of such a prominent family and ex girlfriend of a Titan -Marcus- of the business world. Ani had wanted to call her sister Gwen who could usually calm Ani down. Eight months ago Ani boyfriend had traded her in for a younger woman. Then a few days ago Marcus’s new marriage had v=been splashed across the tabloids and his new wife was barely legal and a budding supermodel. He had been ten years older than Ani. Ani had met Marcus when she was seventeen. They had meant working together at a mission’s clinic in Africa for her family’s charity. She had been a senior in HS and hung on to Marcus’s every word. Then two years later they met again. Then two years later they met again when Ani was in college and Marcus was there to speak to the MBA graduates. Now he treated Ani as an adult and wined and dined her and three weeks later Marcus was her first and only lover. Nine years they were together. Ani had turned a blind eye to his philandering and lies. Rajah asked Ani what her name was and Ani told him and asked what his was. Then Rahaj she would show Rahaj she would show him where his villa was as she had been on the island for two hours so she knew her way then it turns out she is next store to Rahaj. Ari liked helping people it always ,made her feel better. She had practically grown up helping her mother. Ari came to the island to forget - forget her past with her mother and the horrific break up with Marcus.Ani was to forget all jer problems and just concentrate on herself for once. Rahaj knew loss with the loss of his father and at seventeen when he loved Ayesha and planned his future with her then she was gone-dead and he felt it was his fault and never forgot that. Ari was to be Rahaj partner as they were the only single people left on the island although at dinner one evening the staff came to ask if they wanted to try other partners that were in a more open relationship they both said no and Ani was getting upset so Rahaj stood and kissed and then deepened the kiss when she responded to him. Ani wasn’t really Rehaj type of woman was one who knew the score and didn’t mind disappearing at the first whiff of media coverage. Ani wasn’t looking for a relationship and neither was Rahaj. Rahaj went out on his balcony and the waves of the ocean soothed him. For the first time he wasn’t thinking about his next cabinet meeting or his big proposal - to lead his brothers cabinet advisors  or the new rules and stimpy motions that his brother’s cabinet should be releasing at any time. Ani and Rahaj have dinner on the beach and got a little drunk- Rahaj never drank and Ani rarely did but the desert had a lot of alcohol in it and it was delicious. Ani and Rahaj became lovers that night.

I loved this book. Leslie North has done it again with another excellent book involving sheikhs I loved Rahaj and Ani together they so needed each other and didn’t know it at first. I also loved the way they interacted with each other. I loved that Ani helpede Rahaj relax and with his speeches. I loved the pace and plot. I loved how Rajah was able to help Ani with her confidence. It was a easy fun romantic read. I advise you to read the other books in this series it just makes everything click. I happily could find nothing to criticize in this book as usual when reading one of Leslie North’s novels. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

good book and characters

Past Imperfect - Rowan Worth

Natalie seen the large dog at the bottom of the stairs of the back of the restaurant.  But she couldn’t do anything until she got off work. Natalie was always a sucker for the underdog even though it didn’t always play out well for her. Natalie works at the restaurant Treasures. The dog was hurt sdo Natalie decided to take the dog home with her. A sher boss-Gaspar - mentioned calling animal control. After looking on the internet, Natalie figured out “Fella”/Ripper was a wolf. Natalie seen s a couple of men in the alley at Treasures but Gaspar came to the door with a large knife and they quickly left. Then a while later Natalie is walking Fella and she notices Fella has taken a fierce stance and had growled and looked like a very scary beast ready to battle then she seen two men and wondered if they had followed her home form work. Fella strained at the homemade leash but he stopped when Natalie told him to. Then Fella turned into a man and he was very protective of Natalie but he also wanted her for himself. Fella had been hit by a car and didn’t understand/ remember why he g=had been a wolf then turned into a man. Two men pushed in the restaurant door as Gaspar was preparing to walk Natalie to her car where Fella was. The men pushed her around and yelled at Gaspar but Fella came charging in and ran the men off. Gaspar did most of the explaining to the police. Fella was a werewolf who couldn’t remember to shift back and forth or to be able to hold his man form. Fella believed all the break ins and problems with the two strangers were somehow connected to him. Ten it comes out a serial killer is after local woman and Fella knows he needs to remember how to regain and hold his human form to protect Natalie. Fella does finds out he has a family and a pack and his real name s Ripper.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I really like Ripper and Natalie together and how they interacted. I like this unusual play up of a werewolf with amnesia I just did. I chuckled at times while reading this.I also liked there were dark moments but just as many light moments. I loved Rippers family. I think things would have been a lot easier on Ripper and Natalie if they had just talked instead of stomping off. I did feel this dragged at times for me. I also felt this could have been a bit shorter. But at times I was also on the edge of my seat while reading this. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.

not for me

Weddings at Promise Lodge - Charlotte Hubbard

Christine and her sisters Mattie and Rosetta sold their farms to but Promise Lodge and start a new community, a community that spousal abuse wasn’t tolerated and peace was the promise of living there.  Christine was at her sister Mattie’s wedding and Christine was happy for Maddie especially with getting a second chance at love with her husband. Christine was very attracted to Bishop Monroe Burkholder and she hoped he was just as attracted to her. Christine s a widow with two daughters who were young women. Christine was Amish as were all the people at Promise Lodge. Monroe asked Christine if he could spend the day with her and he had some important decisions he wanted to discuss with Christine. Monroe’s preachers for hsi people were Eli and Amos who was now Christine's brother in law. But Amos had some doubts about the new Bishop and after awhile Monroe would go to Amos about his doubts. Christine was a widow for two years and two daughters who were now young women- Laura and Phoebe.

I couldn’t really get into this book. I usually love a good Amish novel. I just couldn’t connect with the characters. This didn’t hold my interest like most Amish novels do. I am sure others will love this. It just wasn’t for me.

OK Book

Sentinel's Kiss - Jamie K. Schmidt

Josh Lehman is a part of the Sentinels of Babylon, a group of vigilantes he helped to form. A former green beret, his life has been set on vengeance ever since his sister was murdered. Ashley is a reporter he met shortly after his sister’s murder. She’s been digging around his club, trying to uncover the murder of his brother-in-law. He needs to find a way to get her off-track from her investigation and away from his club’s activities.

This book had promise. However, it’s always an instant dislike when the author has to make one of the main characters out have slept with a lot of people as if that’s the only way they can make them “bad” and worthy of being saved by the “one”. One of the reasons I don’t read many MC books is because it’s a frequent theme and gives me an instant dislike for the characters. Aside from that, the book was decent. The plot was a good one. There were plenty of steamy scenes. I might try another book from this author in the future.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

good book and characters

Warrior of Fire - Shona Husk

Leira and Julian are part of an ancient magical race called Albah which are witches whose powers are the elements. . Because of prejudice and misconception about ,magic their race  has been hunted for a very long time. Julian is a target for those who want to end this race. The Guardians Of Adam or Guardians are a race who are out to wipe out the Albah completely. The Guardians have been raised to do this very thing to the Albah and feel the only good Albah is a dead Albah. Although there is suppose to be a truce between these two races for the last two hundred years. Julian’s mother was killed in a car accident when Julian and his youngest brother. It deeply affected both brother and they were not a close family. Odd how a lot of Albah are killed in car accidents. In the last twelve years Julian has been away Julian has been working at a hospital using his healing skills to help humans yet not calling attention to himself. Most Albah just want to be responsible, to do good, and  work in fields that their talents are most useful but the Guardians won’t believe this as it goes against how they were raised to believe. Julian had a sexual relationship-only-with Emily for a couple of months not realizing she was a Guardian and there to kill him. Emily had to make her first kill to become a true Guardian and Julian was to be it. But Emily had started to have feeling for Julian and finding that hard to do even though she was getting pressure to kill him from her family. Julian realized she was becoming clingy and ended the relationship. Leira and Saba can tentatively see into the future but the outcome of these visions depends on the path the individuals take. Leira likes the vision she has seen of her future so doesn’t go to group meetings as she doesn’t want her future to change and she will wait for the man on the train to come into her life. Leira has problems controlling her power. Julian has always figured he would marry a Albah as the only way males were be born in the Albah race was for two Albah to have children and the race really needed more male Albah. Julian and Liera connect through the internet to discuss recent events. They both get a feeling or rightness when they connect. Emily sees Julian and Liera meet and there is a hot connection between them. Emily is jealous and is determined to kill Liera.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I also liked this wasn’t an insta/love/lust romance. It did drag for me at times but that didn’t stop me from finishing this book and I was glad I did. I advise you to read this series in order to have a smooth flow while reading this. I liked the plot. I also liked Julian and Leira together. I felt they earned their happiness together after all they had to go through to get t that point. I would have liked more of a back story on the Albah and why the Guardian were raised to kill them. I loved the suspense in this book and the surprises that popped up throughout this book. I liked the chaarcters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

good book and characters

Texas Conquest - Holly C Wyse

Angie and her sister Olivia are feeding the Texas army in their diner type castino.  But what they are really doing is gathering information to give to the soldiers that that are fighting to free Texas from Mexico. The sisters are also trying to supply food to the starving Texan freedom fighters. Lorenzo is a convict soldier. He is also a spy for the Texans. Then Lorenzo’s attention is on Angie and the last thing she wants is attention from a Mexican soldier. Even a handsome and persistence mexican soldier. Even though Lorenzo has saved Angie from being harmed. Angie’s mind tells her she can’t trust Lorenzo but her heart says different. Lorenzo has a past he can’t forget or share. Because of his past Lorenzo feels he can’t trust anyone especially a woman. But somehow Angie and Lorenzo must learn to trust and work together for texas and the chance of freedom.

I enjoyed this book. I loved the twists and turns in this story. I loved how Angie and her sister Olivia did not let the fact they were women prevent them from helping the Texan freedom fighters as much as the could even putting them in dangers way. I felt like I was there with Angie and Olivia which as far as I am concerned is a tribute to the author’s writing. I like the plot of this story a lot. This made chuckle at times. I really enjoyed how Lorenzo and Angie interacted with each other. I liked the characters a lot nd the ins and outs of this historical novel and I recommend.

not for me

Mr. Rich - Virna DePaul

Julia stood handing out samples of chicken wings and asparagus at a stand in the store. Julia had asked for a promotion and she got one dollar more an hour to hand out samples from Cooper’s Food Market And Pharmacy. Mr Cooper had given Julia a chance when no one else would. But Julia also prayed this wouldn’t be her life forever. Then Julia sees the man who has come in the store several times to pursue vitamins He’s big, tall, buff, very handsome. Every time Julia sees this man she gets a sense of familiarity but she hasn’t figured out why. Kevin is Julia's best friend, coworker and constant enabler. Julia hasn’t even told Kevin about her intense reaction to this man.Then he finally comes to Julia’s stand asks what samples she has and she offers to go get more as her previous customer had eaten the last of her chicken wings sample. He says he will be there waiting. Julia feels as plain as can be as well as overweight. When  Julia gets back to her stand he is gone or at least Julia thinks he is until she sees him passed out on the floor in front of her stand and she calls 911 and ends up in the ambulance with him but holding his wallet. Julia realizes after she gets home she still had the man's wallet. She goes to Bastian to return his wallet to him. The man is Bastian Rich, he is a wealthy financial adviser. Bastian had been a man whore but in the last three years he had looked for a serious relationship with no luck. Bastian would really like to get a girlfriend but he has Lupus and pretty much knows women don’t want to be with a sick person. Especially when having Lupus there is chronic pain. But Julia and Bastian do start a casual relationship yet Bastian begins and does eventually push Julia away because of his disease. Why would she be different from the other women he had been with? After Bastian had pushed Julia away from him a couple months later they get back together.

I couldn’t really get into this book. There were some hot sexual scenes but that wasn’t enough to push this into a favorite r good read for me. I did like the plot. But i got frustrated with both Julia and Bastian at times. I also felt Julia had forgiven Bastian way to easy and went back into a relationship with him. I also did chuckle at times while reading this book. But it still didn’t really keep my interest to where I really enjoyed this book even though I did manage to finish it. It was an okay read but not something I would go on about or recommend but I am sure others will enjoy it.