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Excellent Story and Conclusion to an Excellent Series

Persuasion Enraptured (The Cascade Book 4) - Rebbeca Royce

Kendall sacrificed herself and is now trapped in the Shadow Dimension. Because of the way time moves, she’s given up all hope. She barely feels human. Luckily her family hasn’t give up.

This is the fourth and final book in the Cascade series. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book or how the author would choose to end the series. Throughout the series, she managed to pull me deeper and deeper into Kendall’s world and with everything she was going through. I was very satisfied with this entire book and series. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Loved This Next Story in a Great Series

Love Beyond Flames (The Outsiders Book 7) - Rebecca Royce

Zane Walsh has finally been given the details to find his fated mate. He just didn’t expect to find her quite the way he did, but once he got to her, everything in his world made more sense. Raquel Tate has had a bad life. When she finally meets her soulmate, she’s knows that Zane is her match. As the battle the end of the earth together, they’ll do what they can to save each other.

My biggest problem with this book was that I’m an impatient person and, considering I devoured the first six books in this series, I went into mourning when this one never came out when I wanted it to. Was the wait worth it?? Absolutely. I loved where the author took their story.I feel bleak for what will happen in the last two books that will happen in this series, but at the same time, I can’t wait! I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story with Great Characters

Never Trust a Pirate (Playful Brides) - Valerie Bowman

Cade Cavendish is known as the black sheep of the family. When he’s home to an extended visit to his twin brother’s home, everyone is trying to figure out what he’s up to. Miss Danielle LaCross is an undercover spy. When she finds out she’s to monitor Cade Cavendish, her curiosity might get the best of her.

I really liked this book. I liked getting to know Cade and Danielle. I liked the interactions between them and the build-up of the story. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Good Twist on a Classic

Disenchanted: Not Your Typical Fairy Tale Romance - Susan Carroll

Ella Upton lost her fairy tale life years earlier. Now she’s embittered about her lot in life. When a ball is being held by the king, it looks like she will be forced to do what she must to make sure her step-sisters get to go.

I was apprehensive about this story. Any time an author takes liberties with classics, I grit my teeth and hope it’s something I can read. After looking at other reviews, I got a little worried. However, after I began to read the story, all my worries were swept aside. I absolutely loved Ella’s character and the new take on her step-mother and step-sisters. I liked the world the author created with a classic great. I can’t wait to read the next part of this story to see what happens to Ella next.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Quick Read

Bedding the Highlander - Sabrina York, James Patterson

Kirk Rannoch has been ordered by the Duke to bring back the daughter of his family’s enemy, Lady Katherine Killin, to marry his brother. When he gets there, he finds that she has ran off to avoid being taken. While on their way back, he and his friend stop two women from stealing from them. Looks like he might have found who he was looking for.

I really liked this book. I read through it pretty quickly. I loved the main characters as well as the side characters. I can’t wait to read more from this series.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Wondering Sight (The Extraordinaries Book 2) - Melissa McShane

Sophia is an Extraordinary - one of the few people who have strong magical abilities. She is a Seer and cam put herself into dreams which show her future events. She also gets visions where she can see the past and future. Sophia is a widow who has been working for the War Office but then her Seer power caused her to expose a powerful man- Lord Endicott. He managed to escape but also cause doubt on Sophia’s talent   and she was let go of at the War Office but the reason was kept quiet. Somehow word got out that Sophia was unreliable. So Sophia went back to England  and is staying with her best friend Cecy and her husband. Lord Endicott followed Sophia back to England and is either harassing Sophia or  engaging in a different criminal enterprise. Endicott enjoys taunting Sophia at social gatherings. All Sophia wants is revenge. Sophia cares deeply for her family and friends and her principles. Sophia goes in dream after dream to find something to prove Endicott is a criminal. Cecy and her new friend daphne worry about Sophia. Then Mr. Rutledge wants to hire Sophia for Seer work and seems to be there when she needs help. Daphne is a Bounder who can teleport from one place to another as long as she knows the place Lady Daphne is always ready for a challenge.  Endicott is now involved with forging money. Sophia collapses because of her frequent going into dreams. Sophia definitely has a tendency toward pride and obsession. Sophia has to decide how far she will go to get her revenge against Lord Endicott.

I didn’t really care for this story. I couldn’t seem to really get into it. I sometimes got frustrated with the story. I didn’t like how Sophia treats her best friend cecy. I also didn’t particularly like all the action being in Sophia’s  mind. Just not the same. The romance really wasn’t until towards the end of the book and it seemed rushed.

Great Story and Characters

Eternal Reign - Melody Johnson

Dominic was the Master Vampire of NYC. Cassidy nearly lost him last week and she actually preferred her life with Dominic in it. Cassidy had completely lost the protection and mental strength of her night blood. Cassidy hadn’t seen Dominic in five nights not since he entranced his name from her mind and confirmed her worst suspicions that she was no longer a night blood. Meredith had been at  Cassidy’s  when Dominic showed up and Cassidy went on the rooftop to talk to him but when Cassidy went back downstairs Cassidy was gone. Cassidy had several messages from her boss Carter there had been a murder and Meredith had already left to go to the sight waiting for Cassidy but taking her pictures while she waited. As Cassidy was about to leave there was a knock at the door it was Ronnie who she had met when she went to upper N Y and Ronnie had been turned into a vampire against her will. But she looked really bad. Ronnie said her and the others that had been forcibly turned did not know how to use mind control and were starving. Cassidy knew the others also - Logan, Keagan, Theresa, and Jeremy but they needed to learn mind control from someone. But at least Ronnie gave her back Dominic's name. Without night blood Cassidy had no longer had the potential to transform into a vampire. Cassidy no longer had the quality that Dominic held in high esteem he had planned to use as leverage during the Leveling: the one night every seven years that he lost his strength and abilities as Master Vampire to his potential successor allowing a new master to rise to take his place. Without the night blood  she couldn’t help him survive the coming battle to keep control of his coven. Cassidy’s best friend Meredith and wing woman at the Sun Accord where they worked. Nathan was her brother and had been monosyllabic and near bulimic since returning to the city. Cassidy hoped Nathan might keep his food down this time. Then they  could gradually introduce warm food and protein back into his diet but no such luck. Yet Nathan had said “ It probably would be best to answer the door of your own will ”,  then he added “ he’ll make it worse for you otherwise”. If Cassidy didn’t open the door Dominic probably would force her to grant him entrance. Five days and Nathan could not keep anything down but water. Cassidy had a bad relationship with her ex Adam. But if Cassidy didn’t think of something she’ll have to saved Nathan from being damned for nothing to lose him to starvation. Nathan and Cassidy were anything but normal sibling. Night blood ran in their family genes and Nathan was no exception. Unfortunately they had discovered their heritage separately and attempted to stop the rebel vampires in New York without telling each other. Dominic was Cassidy ally but that didn’t change who and what he was Dominic had forged a metaphysical bond between them and would have died saving her brother without the linking of their life forces. To survive they needed Jillian the vampire who had turned Nathan into being into being damned to take the fall for exposing vampires. As the Day Reapers will come. The day reapers were members of the council - the governing body who rules the Master Vampires ruling their coven. Their law was final and breaking the law was a death sentence.  A night blood transfers into a vampire in three days but on rare occasions when it takes longer a Day Reaper is born. They are more powerful, more adept at mind control, and have heightened sources of abilities that other vampires don’t have including the ability to tolerate sunlight making them perfect judges, and executioners of vampire kind. At least Cassidy knew Dominic's name again.

This was an excellent read. I really enjoyed it. All the ups and downs Dominic and Cassidy went through. I loved how three of Dominic's coven stayed loyal to him no matter how weak he got. I also loved how Meredith and Cassidy were co workers but also best friends.I loved how Cassidy stood by Nathan and did whatever she had to for him. But Nathan also stood by her and did whatever he could. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the end because it was a kind of a cliffhanger in a way. But for some reason it didn’t ruin the story for me and that happens very very rarely!!! So I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

Great Story

Once Upon a Summer Night: Mists of Fate - Book Three - Nancy Scanlon

Colin O’Rourke and his family own an elite matchmaking company. They are trying to expand their business when a columnist challenges them. When Colin sees who the challenge is, he’s determined to fight his fate to save her heartache.

I’ve only read a few time-traveling books but I’ve always wanted to find an author who could write such books that I like and not call BS. This is the second book I’ve read from this author and I think I’ve found such an author. The story really grabbed me. I loved all of the characters and the time jump in the book was my favorite part. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Good Story and Characters

Wicked Cowboy Charm - Carolyn Brown

Josie Dawson loved the smell of feed stores and the taste of red lollipops. The two brought back memories when she was a little girl and her father took her with him to get supplies. There was always a jar of free lollipops on the counter. Lizzie was at the feedstore and said Deke would help load of feed. Then Josie noticed Deke and he was hot. Deke asked Josie if she was going to Lizzie’s for New Years Eve supper and she said yes. Her cousins Blake and Toby and her brother Jed had bought the Lucky Penny Ranch last year. And they were determined to make the ranch succeed despite its bad reputation. Jud and Josie both had two degrees in geology and agriculture . Deke’s three best friends are Allie, Lizzie, and Fiona. Josie has been in love two times, and with her last boyfriend she had even considered moving in with him. But Josie wanted wild fire and all those things romance writers talk about in their books. She wanted the glow after sex and surges of desire when her man walked in. Until Josie got that she would focus on her work. Deke has the reputation of a playboy. Josie is independent and self sufficient cowgirl. Josie had heard about Deke’s reputation from her brother as well as her cousins. Josie is setting up oil drilling on the at the Lucky Penny ranch. There hasn’t been a woman yet that tempted Deke past a weekend of fun with her. Deke and Josie don’t want to admit to their attraction for each other. But then they are stranded in a snow storm. Josie was looking to buy some stock and heard of a great sale and hopped on a plane to Montana where the sale was. Deke was there and had his dog with him. Rascal and Josie and him and Rascal end up in a bunkhouse with no electricity. They are there with a lonely rancher Everett who is a who is  a widower but is very kind and sweet. Martha is Everette’s lady friend.

I really enjoyed reading this story. I loved the plot. At times the story made me chuckle. I also liked the slow build up to Deke and Josie’s romance. Especially since he had a bad reputation and deserved it before he met Josie. I definitely felt Roscoe added to the story. It held my interest from beginning to the end. I loved Deke and Josie together. I felt they had a lot in common. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Good Story and Characters

JUST THE TWO OF US - Georgie Capron

Lucy seems to have no luck with men. All she wanted was to be loved and to have her own child and be able to be a mom. Lucy has a great job, her own home but no one to share it with. She also has a loving family and a great circle of friends. Lucy just had yet another relationship end and she wondered if she really needed a man to have her child she  so desperately wants. So she decides to look into other routes to having a child to love.

I really liked this story. It was well written and had a good plot. It also had a good pace to it most of the time there was some dragging but not enough to really interrupt the story. But there were surprises in this  story also and at times i did choke up and at other times this made me smile which is god my emotions were pulled in. I thought the author gave a good view of single parents. I loved how Lucy wanted a child to love so much she would do whatever she had to when she couldn’t seem to find a good man and a good relationship to bring a child into. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox (2014-11-06) - Rebecca Jaycox

Reggie had been meeting the man for three nights. He said she was the key part to his cause but he would not tell his name when she asked or give her any answers. Tonight he told her he was there to help her with changes she will be going through and to help her understand her place. Then he brought up how she felt when she brought the frog back to life with her touch. An old man is telling Asher that he is demanding payment in full. That he had taken Asher out of the house for his own, educated him, saved him from the Pits that are for traitor’s children. Without the old  man Asher would be wasting away in a mine waiting to die. The man Asher calls Master agrees that if Asher can complete the task he and his family will be free and a place would be made for them in society. The old man or master was Andrius Drake, Master of the Mages Council and head of the Military of Two Cities wasn’t known for his mercy. Asher was given a locket with a picture of a young woman in it about the same age as Asher. Adrius wants Asher to find her, observe her and when the time is right, bring her through the barriers to him. Arlene was Reggie’s mother and an alcoholic and sinking more into her alcoholism. John was Reggie’s friend and she wanted to show him that she could bring a dead beetle back to life something she could all of a sudden do like when she brought the frog back. John asked why she hadn’t said anything before. Reggie said she was scared and didn’t  understand what was happening to her. Reggie loved learning but the people at school didn’t like that she was different. Reggie laid down  after school and found herself again talking to the man. He told her that she straddled two worlds and the other world was showing it’s face. Then he asked if she remembered anything of her father. The man told her that her father wasn’t from her world and wasn’t suppose to come over to hers but he had always been  too curious and very powerful.  Her father’s name was Sebastian. The man was Rhys  and was her guardian. He is to offer her guidance and protection, to teach her. Sebastian and Rhys had been best friends Only in the sleep realm Rhys felt secure enough to speak to her as Rhys was afraid he’d be caught. Reggie wanted to know why anyone would want to hurt her and Rhys said her powers that were finally coming into being. One could sense magic if they knew what  to look for. He told Reggie she had inherited her father’s magic , his ability to draw power from the earth. Then Rhys told Reggie she was in danger and needed to come to him. There are some doorways between the worlds. Then he said  someone seeking her and he was very dangerous. Rhys said he would send an agent  for her and kill her like they did her father,that Reggie was the last of her kind- Aether Mages- who have control of the four elements. Being an Aether Mage was now illegal and they had been hunted and killed  because  their magic was too strong. but there was still Reggie.

I liked this story but had mixed feelings for it. . It had a good plot. It had a lot to it: magic, danger, adventure, other realms, excitement, Aether Mages, chases, magical battles, evil villains and so much more. I did feel Reggie’s relationship with Asher to quick. At some points especially in the beginning this dragged but then for the rest of the story becomes faster maybe a little too fast for me to completely enjoy the story. Also Reggie trusted way to easy especially after Rhys told her she was in danger. The thing that puts this down to a three is the ending was a cliffhanger and I hate when an author does that to a story I am reading completely throws the story off for me. I seldom use the word hate but in this case it fits.

Good Story and Characters

The Legendary Lord - Valerie Bowman

Christian was Viscount Berkeley and was outside his small hunting lodge and someone was in his lodge. He pushed the door in with his boot and had his pistol drawn. Christian was in a bad mood, he was tired and dirty and had spent the last night on the road. All Christian really wanted was some food and a warm fire. Instead first he had to get rid of the thief. When he further opened the door he saw this room was empty but there was a fire in the grate, a woven rug he didn’t recognize and a boiling pot. It was obvious someone was here other than the caretaker Mr. Fergus. There was also the vague smell of lilies which meant a woman. An uninvited unwanted woman. He had left London to get away from women. In Scotland Christian was just Christian. No pomp and circumstance at the hunting lodge and Christian liked that. Then Fergus number two - the dog- came in and lead Christian to his bedroom. Christian looked in and there was a woman in his bed. Sarah knew someone was in the house with her. Mr. Fergus had assured Sarah she would have no problem with Master Christian as he was a gentleman. But then she pointed the sword which was his at Christian but he disarmed her and said it was his home and his sword. Sarah admitted this was her third night at the lodge. Fergus had taken her chaperone Mrs Goatsocks into town as she needed medical attention. Sarah said she was the daughter of the Earl of Highfield. Sarah felt this man was no gentleman especially saying he would throw her out in the snow. Sarah’s parents had set her up to marry a popular and well connected man. Sarah had tried to have feeling for this man but all he seemed to be able to talk about was himself. Sarah got the idea to go to her father’s cabin but ended up at the wrong one. Christian had been looking for a woman to marry but the women he considered would always turned into just friends. Sarah needs help getting back to London without a scandal as she doesn’t want to hurt her parents. Sarah agrees to help Christian find a wife if he can get her to London. Sarah and Christian develop feelings but Sarah is already engaged. But Sarah has already agreed to turn Christian into the Legendary Lord.

I liked this story but how did an Earl’s daughter learn how to cook. This story did make me smile at times. I loved the romance of this story and how it built up. This was an easy read with a good plot. I liked how Sarah didn’t back down from Christian when he found her in his bedroom. Then Christian and Sarah came up with a conclusion for both her and Christian’s problems. Some things and expressions were too modern though. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Frontline Angel - Genevieve Jordayne

Eliza had thought long and hard what she wanted to do with her life now all she had to do was tell her parents, Three years ago Eliza had told her parents she was leaving the farm to go to nursing school. Her parents had felt a lot of things nursing was not proper for a young lady to do. No doubt they wanted her to settle down and marry and stay close to the farm. They had even hinted at her becoming a teacher at a local school. Eliza had always been the adventurous one of the family. Eliza had also been a tomboy growing up. Eliza’s current boyfriend was Steven Howard. Eliza had known Steven since grade school. Eliza and Steven took walks together and he was very kind to Eliza. Sometimes Steven would steal a couple of kisses. Eliza would talk of travel while Steven talked of modernizing the family store when he took over it. He didn’t seem to understand why Eliza had to leave and go to nursing school but they had managed a long distance relationship while she was away. One day when Eliza was looking through a nursing journal she saw an ad for the Army Nursing Corp. The ad promised travel, excitement, and a real salary. After talking to one of her trusted instructors and a couple of girls in her class Eliza enlisted in the United States Army. But first Eliza had to tell her family. Eliza knew her family would not understand the burning desire she felt to practice medicine and healing. Eliza knew how much her care was needed no matter how small the task. Not only did the Army Nursing Corp answer Eliza’s need for healing it gave her a chance to give back to her country. Eliza had to leave for her first post in Fort Riley, Kansas in two weeks. Then Steven was there when Eliza had decided to tell her family about having enlisted in the Army. Then Steven went on one knee and proposed. Eliza just burst out with telling them she had joined the Army. After Eliza went for a walk with Steven and tried to explain. She then realized she loved Steven as a friend and that was all even though they had dated for four years. Eliza didn’t feel the passion or desire to stay and become his wife. Two years later Eliza was at the ocean that she had wanted to see. Eliza found she made a good surgical nurse. Eliza was now stationed in Manila in the Philippines. Then she sent her mom a letter telling her where she was her mother replied with a panicked answer that her daughter was going to be in a war. Eliza felt she was ready for whatever came her way. Manila was like Paradise but once Pearl Harbor was bombed everything changed and life was anything but heaven, The nurses are moved after the U S surrenders to the Japanese Army. The nurses have been put in an internment camp and treated horribly. There is not enough food and the nurses have to hope the won’t get the diseases running through the camp while also taking care of people with little medical supplies. Eliza had feelings for a banker “ Reese” Moretti. Eliza did make it through the camp and eventually was taken back to the states.

This was a great story with great writing and a great plot. It’s a must read book if you want to know about the brave women that were nurses in the Philippines  at the time of WWII. There are several twists and turns during this story. This story is very realistic even though a novel. I highly recommend you read this and  I feel you won’t regret it.

Virtue (Fireborn Wolves) (Volume 2) - Genevieve Jack

Jason had a sex addiction but denies it. He is the youngest son of the royal family of the Firstborn pack. The addiction has started to take control of Jason’s life. Jason was almost brought to death by Nichelova who was a fae princess.This addiction could ruin the entire world not just his pack. Jason wants a one night stand every day sometimes several a day. Jason’s brother is Silas and alpha of his pack and puts Jason in Selene’s care. Selene is an an Acolyte to a Goddess and she wants to become a High Priestess. Selene is to break the curse and heal Jason’s addiction. Selene is innocent and pure and has to  stay that way and is off limits sexually. But feelings start to develop between Selene and Jason.

I didn’t really like this story. At first I didn’t care for Jason for how he treated his family when all the wanted to do was help then i realized that was the addict and started to change my opinion as the story went along. I guess I should have read more on this story before reading it all. I really don’t like to read about sexual addiction. I don’t really understand it and this book really didn’t help with that. Just my personal taste I did finish the story but found the ending predictable. I did like Selene and was happy she was helping Jason. I have to say this just wasn’t for me. I am sure there are others who will love it.

Good Story and Characters

Corrupt Me (Philly Corruption Book 1) - Jillian Quinn

Izzy and Luca are classmates and childhood friends and each others first kiss when Izzy was ten. But Izzy is about herself and her family. Their families were enemies and stopped Izzy and Luca from being friends and she didn’t see him anymore.  Izzy wanted it all: the money, the power and the position of CEO of her grandfather’s company- which was a multi million dollar business. Izzy wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted. Izzy and Luca ran into each other at college and after the first time they seemed to run into each other a lot. Luca had been a playboy- and the bad boy on campus his father is a powerful mob boss in Philadelphia- until he seen Izzy again as  he had never forgot her or her him. Luca is determined to show Izzy he isn’t that bad. Izzy really tried not to get involved with Luca but  Izzy could deny she wanted or cared about Luca but she knew she was wrong. Izzy felt trapped by: rules, her grandfather, her legacy, and her last name. Luca wants to break free of his father and become a lawyer.  Then the FBI approached Izzy and wants her to give information so they can put her grandfather and Luca in prison.  Both know their families won’t approve of them being together but they can’t seem to help what they feel and want to be together.  Luca does have a sweet and tender side that comes out whenever he is with Izzy. Luca also stands up for Izzy as a man should do for the woman he is involved with.

I liked this story a lot it was a very good  read. The only thing I didn’t  like Izzy a lot she came across as a spoiled rich brat and Izzy looked down on people and I didn’t like that at all but she did change or I wouldn’t have liked this very much at all.  Also it did drag a little at the beginning but picked up after awhile. I was very happy this wasn’t an insta lust/ love story. Izzy had known each other since they were kids even if their families did tear them  apart it was through no fault of their own. I loved the Mafia aspect of the story. You don’t read many stories with this aspect in it. I was rooting for Izzy and Luca once they let their feelings free. I loved the plot also. There were twists and turns but I had no problem keeping my attention on this story at all from beginning to end. I also loved the ending. I really liked the characters of this story and recommend it. I wish i could give this a 4.5 or even 4.7.

Great Story and Characters

Divine Awakening (The Divinities) (Volume 4) - Lia Davis

Desiree was a Divinity witch.but couldn’t find him so she went to the demon Lex for help.Desiree had tried to find her son and save him Lex is a divinity guardian.  Desiree, Lex, Zach and Lydia were walking stealthily around the corridors of Khan’s castle. Teddy and Bear were Hectates Hellhounds.  Then Lex states” They’re here”. Lex had a home in the underworld but didn’t spend much time there. At least not since Khan took over. Lex had a sense of dark magic from his dark demon side and his connection to Hecate who was the Goddess of witchcraft. Khan had hidden Teddy Bear from everyone. The hounds couldn’t survive being apart much longer as they were Siamese twins and their magic and souls were were linked. Lex found Teddy in a room a few feet away. Then he heard the heartbeat of the hellhounds. The hounds were Lex’s family- what little he had left. Desiree needed to get her son Matthew out once the hounds were free. Lex was warned the castle is about to blow in about two minutes or less. But then Desiree said Matthew had been there but was now gone. Then Lex teleported them back to his place. Lex didn’t want a mate but he found one in Desiree but he was holding back Lex had been betrayed by his mate three hundred years ago. . Desiree and Lex had both been deeply hurt by others and had decided to close their hearts to anyone.  Lex then talked to Hecate telepathically and she said she was handling it. But Lex had to find Khan and get the Dark Sinew from him. But when she closes the portals he would have to find a different way to get back to Earthside. No one but the Gods could cross from one realm to the other once the portals were locked. But Hecate told him to find another way out. Desiree said the portals were all closed. Now Desiree was was stuck in Hell with a death demon without the earth her divinity craved. Then Desiree decided she would find her own way out and called to the  lost souls  but then they all attacked her . Then a hell hound stood before her and shifted into Mathew. Desiree called to her son “ Matty” who said no one calls me that who are you and Desiree told him she was his mother. He knew he wouldn’t remember her but she had to try. Mathew then said “ my mother is dead”. Desiree said Somoan had lied to them both. Then Matty said “ it has begun” and runs off into the forest. Then Desiree told Lex their best bet at finding Khan had just run away.  Desiree wonders if deep down Matthew realizes she is really his mother. The Dark Sinew is now fully charged and can make the dark divine obey. Desiree is fighting her feelings for Lex, Desiree also realizes her son is way more powerful than she had thought. Because of Samoan’s lies Desiree had betrayed her people . Lex and Desiree had to figure out how to stop the war. The was is between the divinities and the demons. Mathew is being used for dark purposes. Mathew actually takes part in ending the war between the demons and the divinities.

I enjoyed this last book of the series immensely. It had a great plot. It was pretty much non stop action from the first page until the last. I never had a problem keeping my attention on this story. This is a fast paced short story. But I will say you should read the series in order or you will be lost. There are also exciting twists in this story. I loved Lex and Desiree together and rooted them on. I also loved that Mathew ended up helping to end the war. I loved the characters of this story and I highly recommend