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East in Paradise (Journey to the Heart Book 2) - Tif Marcelo

Mitchell tells his grandmother he doesn’t much like going into town anymore as it causes too much of a  whirlwind that his presence now causes. From the second he returned to Golden  two weeks ago it has been a fiasco as far as Mitchell is concerned. Mitchell has learned the more affable and cool Mitchelle was the faster he could grab his coffee and get on with his day. Also Sam Cornelius is like family and gave Mitchell his first taste of coffee at twelve but now always announced Mitchell’s presence when he arrived as was a home hero who had been in the Army.  Mitchell realizes he is not the same person who left for the Army. Mitchell was alone up at the big house but he does have King Lear a sixteen year old vineyard cat that had adopted Mitchell’s family. King Lear also announces visitors like Simba from Lion KIng. Mitchell is determined to get the family vineyard up and running again. Mitchell knows it is going to take more than awareness to make a success out of that is hanging on by the last of its roots. Mitchell is leasing some property at the vineyard - Lavenderhill. Mitchell still hasn’t figured out how to tell his brothers strangers will be living on their land. Now that Golden have become to a tourist town it doesn’t feel like home to Mitchell or his brothers anymore. Bryn has managed the restaurant True North for several years now she will have her own business Then Bryn was told the higher up gravel road from Lavender Hill was Mountain Ridge and that was where  Mitchell lived and he was her landlord.  Mitchell didn’t know the woman he spilled coffee all  that morning over was his new tenant  with a five year lease and she would be living right below him. Pete Luna was Bryn’s silent partner. Bryn decided to call her business Paraeso - Paradise  for her culinary retreat  Bryn then received a call from her silent partner Pete who can no longer send her money or be her partner as he is broke and his wife is pregnant. Bryn just signed an expensive five year lease. Mitchell suffers from insomnia -  four weeks of insomnia or interrupted sleep and Mitchell wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this up. His body was beat after tending the vines.Bryn had a black thumb instead of a green oe yet she needed to grow the garden for fresh produce. So she will need help there. Bryn meets Joanie who is  Mitchell.s and she told Bryn to ask Mitchell for help with the garden. Then Bryn gets a call from Laurel and she was an online producer for the website Food Right Now and she said they wanted to stream her renovations  and the opening and maybe more and Bryn would be paid as well as get the involuable exposure. Bryn signed a contract but found there was a lot involved. Then after a sprinkler incident Bryn has to tell. Mitchell about the live feed onto the internet Mitchell finds out he has to replant a bunch of vines but he nor his brothers have the money. Mitchell finally called Adam his brother’s best friend who was also a licensed psychologist for the insomnia. Bryn knows she has to play nice so he doesn’t stand in the middle of the potential income from the live stream. Mitchell said he hadn’t agreed to the cameras especially as coming home was about having peace. To heal through the grapevines Dunford was suppose to help heal Mitchell.

I didn’t really care for this story and it was because I couldn’t stand Bryn. I swear it’s okay for her to do things but heaven help if the actual land owner does the same thing and she pulls all kinds of BS on him yet the network she never said anything to and it was their idea to not tell Bryn the truth but Mitchell was an honest man not dirty like  Bryn or the network as Bryn would not have told Mitchell with the live tape if she could have got away with it. She paid a high lease but she is the one who agreed to it so that us her problem. I didn’t like what she pulled on Mitchell when he told her what was going on like she was owed if it wasn’t for Mitchell they would have dumped her as the audience wasn’t very interested apparently until Mitchell showed up so she wouldn’t have got that much without him. I just felt she used Mitchell and it just totally took all interest in this story for me. Bryn didn’t tell Mitchell when her partner backed out and she worried she could meet the lease. She didn’t tell Mitchell about the live cast until  Bryn knew she had to and she was already benefiting but don’t let anyone one else. Well I ranted enough I had liked this book but Bryn rubbed me wrong for awhile before the incident so anyway I don’t recommend this but I am sure others will like this story a lot.

good story and characters

That Last Weekend: A Novel of Suspense - Laura DiSilverio

Laurel never drank at professional functions, today she wished she could but instead she got another club soda and lime. Then her ex husband George came up to Laurel to congratulate her on being named a judge.  But Laurel wasn’t sure she wanted to be a judge which was ironic or moronic because all her life she had worked this exact achievement. No Laurel wanted to be a judge  but Laurel wasn’t sure she wanted to be a judge more than she wanted a baby. Dawn had to get to an important meeting and asked Kyra/Ky to zip her up. Kyra hoped Dawn wasn’t going to be late again and told Dawn. Kyra also told Dawn her mom Teresa had called but left no message.  Teresa had liked Kyra until she found out Kyra and Dawn were a couple living together and not just roommates for the past two years. Once Teresa did know she refused to say a word to Kyra. Dawn was having no luck selling her abstract paintings and wondered if she should just give up on being a successful artist. Dawn had a job as a scientific illustrator but that wasn’t her passion. Dawn resented Kyra’s success as a yoga and mediation center owner. But then Kyra looked up and smiled and the resentment disappeared. Ellie was in the car with her twin sons Shane and Aidan and she was taking the seventeen year old boys to get things for their dorms as they were going to two separate colleges soon. Ellie was glad Shane was getting away from Hailey his girlfriend as Hailey was needy. Although Hailey was perfectly nice. Ellie had been Hailey at one time and needy led to poor life choices and she didn’t want Shane’s future compromised like hers had been. In two weeks her boys would be gone what was Ellie going to do? She had ten hours a day to rattle around while her husband Scott was at work. Ellie had her Lia Sophia business but making a little money selling jewelry part time didn’t add up to a career. Like Laurel Ellie had an orange envelope and had been invited to a girl’s weekend with her college friends. Like old times. But the last time the five friends had got together at Chateau De Cygne Noir - a decade ago- their had been a tragic accident as someone had pushed Evalange/Vangie off her fifth floor balcony and Vangie was paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. Every year the women thought about that. Ellie opened up the envelope and it was as she thought an invitation and it was a month from now in September The boys would already be off to college and Ellie decided she wanted to go. Even though it meant revisiting what had happened. Geneva had fifteen year old Mata in her chair who had a problem with eating but Geneva let Marta know they could talk about whatever they wanted to. Her mind drifted to her brother Jimmie who had been killed in a driveby when he wasn’t much older than Marta. Then she thought about her older brother Leland in prison for another year for his assault and battery conviction. Then Geneva asked Ellie if she had a bike. Ten years later and Laurel and the other women return to the haunted - with a ghost- castle for the first time since Vangie was not paralyzed for life and was now walking and was engaged to marry. Vangie wasn’t always nice to the other women when they were younger. Then Vangie’s body was found and the women had to admit there was a murderer among them. The rest of the friends make a pack to find the truth but with suspicion, doubt, and old secrets threaten to tear the friends apart and this time the sheriff is determined to solve the crime.

I liked this book a lot. I liked the plot a lot and the pace most of the time but it did drag some at times for me. I loved that they stayed in a haunting/haunted castle,a beautiful castle. I loved the twists and turns in this story. I loved the setting with the castle also. This definitely kept my attention and kept me guessing also.. I also liked how the friends had reasons to not entirely trust each other. Sometimes it was a little confusing with what was past and present. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.

good story and characters

Break of Day - Andie J. Christopher

Carla was a socialite and her fiance just broke their engagement and called off the wedding.Carla was the baby of the family and no one liked her fiance. Carla had tried to make her fiance happy and had lost herself and she also had to figure out why she was always messing up her life. Carla always felt like she had disappointed her parents.  Carla escaped from he life in Miami and her break up Carla needed time to destress and some peace and went to her Aunt Lola’s in Havana, Cuba. Once there she also had some ideas to fix her aunts grand old home up so they could rent out rooms for money. Then Carla meets her Aunt's favorite border Jonah Kane who rents a room to work on his book who Carla had an instant dislike too yet was somehow attracted to Jonah. Jonah is a famous photojournalist and and was having some R &R after a scary trip to Syria for a jo9b. Jonah loves stayinh at Lo0la’s and she had adopted him as her family and Jonah in turn was very protective of Lola and felt responsible for her. Her sees Carla as a spoiled rotten princess so he didn’t really like her at first but to was attracted to her. Johan was also worried that Carla had ulterior motives for Lola and her home. Carla and Jonah just seem to rub each other the wrong way. While trying to fight their attraction to each other. Carla and Jonah both had a lot of issues. Jonah rescues Carla after a panic attack and then they are together during the storm and give in to their desires. It was to only be the one night. Then Carla and Jonah plan not to see each other again. After Carl leaves Cuba and goes back to the states she finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby.

I liked this book a lot and I liked the plot a lot. This dragged some at times but got through it. This is a short easy enjoyable read. I loved Carla’s Aunt Lola what a woman. I loved how Jonah was protective of Lola but also how he was gentle with Carla so he wouldn’t hurt her  as he was a big man. I liked Jonah’s friend Charlie also. I really liked how it showed Carla and Jonah overcome obstacles to try to make it work for them. I loved seeing Carla and Jonah’s relationship unfold. I loved Carla’s crazy family and they were crazy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Great Book With Great Characters

Blood Guard: A Mission Novel - Megan Erickson

Tendra was running late and with all the time she had missed at her job she was in danger of being fired. Tendra worked at a bar called The Rose is a not so great part of town. Brex was Tendra’s cat and the closest thing Tendra now had to family now. Brex and tendra understood each other somehow. Like how Brex had never left Tendra’s side when her mom died. Tendra had lived in the apartment now for five years even though it was rundown. Tendra hated feeling vulnerable and had felt nothing but that for weeks. Maybe it was time for tendra and brex to leave Mission City to start over. Tendra knew how to start over as Tendra had been doing that all her life. Tendra felt like she was allergic to laying down roots, to allow herself to be beholding to anyone else. Five years had been the longest tendra had lived anywhere. It was great working at The Rose in that not only did Tendra make money but it also took her mind off everything. Moving so much Tendra was always the outsider but she did have a couple of friends she trusted especially Ruby.  Tendra wasn’t sure what it would be like to be fully accepted. Tendra’s mom said her dad had left when Tendra was a baby and later on her mom had heard her father had been in a car accident and died. So after her mother had passed tendra had no living relatives. Also tendra hadn’t found someone she wanted to have a child with. Tendra knew she was being followed when she walked home after work and readied her switchblade that she always carried with her. But he was too fast and big and neither her switchblade or her stiletto made contact on the man. Then he put Tendra to sleep. Then when Tendra came to Brex was next to her and the man told her the cat there with some of her clothes. The man also told kendra he was a vampire and her blood guard as she was to be delivered to his older brother to make their clan stronger. Then the man said his clan was of Vampires and his name was Athan. Tendra believed vampires weren’t real but then Athan proved to her and she started to believe him. Then Athan commented on how Tendra knew self defense and she told him when she was still in school she and a couple of friends  had been on a field trip and had been kidnapped. The girls  were told they would be held until after dark. But a classmate had followed and got the license number of the car and they were rescued before dark. Neither Tendra or her friends knew why they had been kidnapped. She remembered every time her and her mom had moved when Athan brought up they had moved around a lot.  There had always been real fear in her mom's eyes when they moved and the had moved quickly every time. Athan told Tendra her mother’s duty had been to prepare Tendra to take her place as Sanquivita of the Gregorie vampire clan. Which meant Tendra was the sole human provider of blood for Athan’s brother the future king. Athan said her mom would have told her soon about everything but the Valyrians had killed her mom first. The Valyrians were a rival vampire clan and they wanted to enslave all humans as blood banks for the vampires. The Valyrians had been trying to kill Tendra since they had learned of her existence. Tendra’s blood will make Idris - Athan’s brother- strong enough to beat the Valyrians. Tendra was the first in ten generations as it had taken ten generations to make this power in Tendra’s blood. Athan said his brother idris was a good man and would treat her well. The Valyrians had hired vampire assassins to find and kill tendra before she could fulfill her destiny. The whole Gregorio clan would have to help to get Tendra to Idris.

I loved this story and could find nothing bad to say about it or I didn’t like about the book. I loved that. I loved how Athan was with Tendra after he explained things to her and as time went on. I loved the plot and pace of this book. It was a unique take on a vampire paranormal story and I loved it. I loved Athan and Idris but the names were a mouthful. I loved the action,suspense,  betrayal, lies. greed, and all that went into this story. I loved Athan and Tendra together and was very happy how things turned out. This was a great fun read and i never had a problem with the story keeping my attention. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and i highly recommend.

Much Better Than Expected

Renegade (Phoenix Rising) - Brynley Blake

While only in her mid-20s, Gemma is bored with sex. She’s yet to find a partner to truly satisfy her. While meeting potential new clients, she believes her sexual fantasies have been answered. Now she needs to convince him she’s not as naive as he thinks. It just so happens that her oldest best friend, Walker, was in town and Gemma believes he’d be perfect to help her gain experience.

So, this book was much better than I thought it would be. My favorite person in the book was Walker. His character saved this book from being another gawd awful version of FSOG! I think the one thing that bugged me was when Walker is catching Gemma up on her roommate. I felt like it was a super long summary of another book that I should’ve read before this book.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Good Story and Characters

A Love to Remember: A Disgraced Lords Novel (The Disgraced Lords) - Bronwen Evans

After a loveless marriage to a man older than her father, Rose Deverill vows to never marry again. To thwart men from pursuing her for marriage, she decides to ruin her reputation and have some not so secret affairs. When the man that stole her heart at a young age, appears back in her life, they start a hot affair until their future paths threaten to separate them.

This was a pretty good story. I’m not much into reunited loves, but it captured my attention throughout the entire book.The author does a great job in creating the characters and telling a story that makes you want to finish it.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Really Didn't Like

The Vampire Next Door - Marilyn Baron

Aurora Dawn Hale comes from a long line of psychics. She’s set to marry the perfect man, even though she doesn’t think it’s the right thing to do. Lance Lakeland is a vampire that has repented for all the wrong he has caused. Will it be enough for her to leave her fiance to be with him?

I really didn’t like this story. It jumped between several sets of people, none of which were the main characters. Between the way the referenced Aurora Dawn and when we are finally introduced to her, she sounded like a girl in her mid-teens that still believed in fairy tales. Unfortunately this discouraged me from the book and I wasn’t able to get into it at all.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Cute Story

The Cowboy's Renegade Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 2) - Laurie LeClair

With her tail between her legs after being dumped at the alter, Jenny Wentworth returned to her hometown of Honor, Tx. After she returns to town, she sees her brother’s best friend, Sheriff Caleb McCall. Now she’s got to decide if she can trust their growing attraction.

This was a sweet story. It flowed seamlessly, allowing you to get through it quickly. I liked all of the characters. There were some funny moments. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas Teaser Excerpt!

Padding out of the room in her flannel pajama pants and an oversized faded shirt, Kasey found Nash washing dishes and no kids in sight.

“Shhh…” He put a finger over his lips. “They just now dropped off for naps. If they hear your voice, they’ll wake up.”

She frowned and pointed toward the dining room. “What is that?”

“Camping out,” he explained.

A white sheet had been draped over the dining room table, creating a tent. Underneath were pillows, books and two sleeping children.

“They’re camping and I’m watching out for bears and skunks,” he explained. “Hungry?”

“Starving. I’m always nauseated at the onset of one of the headaches and afterwards so hungry I could eat one of those bears if you catch it.” She caught a whiff of Italian food. “You cooked?”

“Of course,” he said. “Sit down right here and let me work on your neck. Lots of headaches are stress related and come out of the neck.”

She eased down into a chair and Nash went to work on her temples first, placing his hands on her cheeks so that his thumbs worked on the spots between her eyebrows and hair line. Making lazy circles and increasing the pressure every few seconds, he kept up the massage for a good five minutes before moving around to the back of the chair. He took her neck in his hands, heating her hormones to the boiling point. Rolling it around in his hands, she could feel the tension leaving her body by degrees. Then he began to massage her shoulders, digging his fingers into the knots and dissolving them. The pain in her head dissolved to half strength and her stomach grumbled.

“Now for food. Sit right there and I will bring it to the table.”

Kasey couldn’t remember the last time a man had waited on her.  “God, this is amazing,” she said after taking a bite of the spaghetti he put in front of her. “Did you make the sauce from scratch?”

He nodded. “Just like my cousin Amanda taught me. She married an Italian, and she’s an amazing cook. After eating her marinara, that stuff you buy in a jar at the grocery store is pretty bland.”

 “You cook and watch kids, run a ranch—what can you not do?” Kasey asked.

“I’m not real good at talkin’ to most people,” he said.

“That’s not what I see.” She almost groaned when she bit into a slab of garlic bread.

“Oh yeah? And what do you see?”

“I see a man who’s got some demons, but you talk to me just fine,” she told him between bites.

“Well, you’re special,” he replied softly.

— feeling silent
The December Deal - Dana Volney

Lilia needed to raise a lot of money and now she was setting in a coffee shop. Lilia had a travel and food blog called Made To Wander. Lilia’s emotions were all over the place the last couple of weeks. Writing about stabilizing subjects had  helped her feel normal again and not like and not like her world was falling apart around her with her father’s cancer diagnosis and the need for a lot of money for a new very expensive treatment. There was a very handsome man sitting Lilia but she was trying to ignore him as she had to make a miracle happen. There had to be a way to get her dad the treatment and Lilia was going to find it. The man needed a wife and if he didn’t marry he would lose control of his fathers company to his loser uncle  Lilia said she would marry him for the right price she said half jokingly and half serious. The guy then asked Lilia how much after he found out she was single But it made Lilia feel dirty as they were talking about falsifying a marriage. But if the gut was for real and had enough money all her dads problems would be solved The guys name was Vincent Morganstein who is a workaholic who has no time to date much less find a wife. Then Lilia and Vincent came up with a one year contract.

This was a sweet fun romance. It was a quick read. I do have to say I have read the theme of this book many times a man needing a wife  but I still enjoyed this book. I do wish this had been longer. I don’t really care for the insta/love-lust but it wasn’t too bad in this case for some reason. I liked Vincent and Lilia together. I wish I could have rated this as a 3.5 or 3.75 but couldn’t so three it will have to do.

good story and characters

Exes - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel - Aria Hawthorne

Harvey Zale is a billionaire determined to get on with his life after his divorce from Alma. he is texting/sexting Contessa and is getting into this new online relationship even though he hasn’t met Contessa.  Alma is Harvey's ex and she is determined to move on and has her own person she is texting.sexting. Here she can be more daring. Alma had left Harvey a year ago as she felt his whole focus was on money  and she felt ignored and they had grown apart and she wanted nothing to do with Harvey now. Harvey was stunned when Alma divorces him and he lets Alma know he wants her back  Neither knew they were actually texting each other. Harvey and Alma’s paths cross again for work. Harvey is a real estate tycoon and Alma is an antique  expert specializes in antique glass. Alma gets a call from a friend that someone was going to destroy a waterfront property that is rumored to have a Tiffany stained glass window which would be priceless. Alma stops the property from being bulldozed down and she finds out the property is Harvey’s . Alma and Harvey fight over this new real estate flipping as she feel she needs to examine the window to see if it is in fact the glass it is believed to be. Alma finds she still loves Harvey.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I really liked how harvey reacted to Alma. I loved the plot. But this did drag for me at times. I chuckled at times while reading this. I loved the relationship between Harvey and Alma both online and off. I loved the relationship between Alma and her younger sister Conchita. I also really liked the relationship between Enrique and Harvey even after the divorce. I will say I sometimes got frustrated with Harvey or Alma or both. I really liked harvey and Alma together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend

Great Book With Great Characters

Billionaire in Her Bed - Regina Kyle

Brook was glad her shift at the bar was almost over. She started cleaning up when a gorgeous man who wasn’t from around there and he asked if she had a phone he could use. Usually Brook wouldn’t pay attention to a man like him yet somehow he pressed all her sexual buttons. His name was Eli Brook even asked Eli to help her close she must be desperate to end her cold streak as it had been a long time since she had slept with anyone. Eli owned Momentum Development and was a real estate developer with his partner Simon. Today they had lost the east Harlem Project - the latest in a series of business disasters.  Somehow his rival in the N Y real estate game - Noel Dupree was getting the projects he wanted. Eli had made an act of flying under the radar with his  projects until it was time to go public but lately Dupree was getting the better of Eli.  Eli wondered if there was a mole in his company it was the only thing that made sense.The only person it could be was his best friend and partner Simon.  Brook took Eli to the back into the office where there was a futon, and a kitchen area  with a microwave and mini frig and workspace  Brook said she spent enough time at the bar as she was the manager and bartender. Jack of all trades. Eli had taken off the day he found out about the East Harlem Project. Then Eli called her personal assistant Ginny and told her the would meet up the next morning and where and what time.  He spend a glorious night with Brook taking care of the end of her cold streak. Ginny had become the mother Eli had never really had. . When meeting with Ginny Eli said he had to lay low for awhile and he had decided to buy Candy Court and turn it into luxury condos which was in Sunset Park where the bar is and Brook lives. Eli decides to live at Candy Court there are still a few tenants there then Eli finds out Brook is one and he ends up on the same floor as her. But Eli had to  get some inexpensive clothes or he will blow his cover so he again goes through Ginny before he moves in after he had attended a tenants meeting that Brook was running. Brook’s father was a rich man who saw Brook as a flighty dreamer who spends her days doodling. and her nights doling out alcohol. Brook was doing edits on her graphic novel so her agent would get it published. Brook had a five year plan and no man was going to detour her. Brook had learned by her mother’s mistakes. What really attracted Eli to b Brook is she was attracted to plain old Eli not the rich man and that hadn’t happened since Eli had hit it big. Brook is forced to attend a charity event and see eli as he is the host and spokesperson for the charity. Then Brook is very angry when she finds out who Eli really is and angrily looks for him but Eli’s sister does warn him. Brook kinda listens to Eli’s explanation but in the end tells him to screw off. Then Brook intends to get the tenants as well as the neighborhood to have a meeting and do everything she can with their support to stop Eli from taking over their building. Eli is a grumpy person to be around now and Brook holes up in her apartment

I loved this story a lot. I liked Eli and didn’t think he was a bad guy at all. I loved how he had talked to other people in the neighborhood and had a place for the tenants could go even Brook and be able to be together as they were now and be like the family they had become. I loved how Brook tried to help her fellow tenants. I also loved how Brook and Eli helped Chris and David’s wedding. It was so sweet. I also loved how Eli acted when Brook’s sister showed up. There were just so many things I loved about this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.

Great Book With Great Characters

The Baby Project - Miranda Liasson

Elizabeth/Liz  is an OB doctor and has decided she wants a baby and now. Her relationships haven’t worked out. Elizabeth had caught her fiance in their bed with another woman.Then Liz had joined Doctors Without Borders and went to Africa for a year to get away. While in Africa Liz met and fell for Grant Williams who was a famous photojournalist They had a very hot affair for a couple of months then they were suppose to meet up and go off together and Grant left her at the train station waiting for him.   Liz then returns home. She then asks her fellow OB doctor and good friend Brett to donate some sperm for her  to get pregnant by. But Brett says he doesn’t think his boyfriend would agree. Then Grant comes back in Liz’s life when Grant is staying at his aunt’s house who is one of Liz’s neighbors. Grant had gotten in a little trouble when he helped a family get to another country for better health care so he was sent back to the states to do an article on small town America. Eventually Liz asks Grant to donate sperm so she can get pregnant. Grant decides he needs to think about it. While think about Liz’s request Grant’s bad childhood memories surface. But Grant still can’t tell Liz no.

This was a great story and I really enjoyed it. I loved the plot and the pace. This book grabbed your interest and didn’t let go until the end. I laughed at times and choked up at times while reading this. I loved Liz and Brett’s relationship. The characters seemed realistic to me with their faults and problems. I felt this was a very heartwarming story. I did feel bad for Liz that she closed herself off from the family she loved because her sister and sister in law was pregnant and so much baby talk even though she was happy for her family. I felt bad for Liz how her ex cheated on her in their bed what a butthole and then Grant leaves her waiting at the station. I loved Liz and Grant together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

good story and characters

Witch Dust - Marilyn Messik

Serenissima/ Sandra  parents were Adam and Ophelia are a famous illusionist act that have a stage shows but aren’t there a lot for Sandra.But Sandra was not neglected but some people just aren’t natural parents but there was never a shortage of loving hugs and expensive gifts. As a child she had been left behind at hotels, stations, or airports but it was from absent mindedness on her parents part when it came to Sandra. But Sandra also knew sooner or later someone would come back in a panic to get her and her parents apolitically coming briefly to her. But then Murray showed up for all her events as an adopted parent. It was Murray Sandra ran to she was hurt in any way physically or mentally. Murray had been with Sandra’s parents since their careers took off. Murray didn’t talk about his past and didn’t even take off holidays from what Sandra seen. Nurra ruled their lives with an iron fist with an iron glove. Sandra adored Murray but she had to admit pessimism was his middle name, misery was his mantra and hypochondria his hobby. What Adam and Ophelia did today was studied hard  by peers and aspirants alike. Sandra’s father loved to quote “ All the world’s a stage” and to her parents it was. All Sandra ever wanted to do was live a little more average. Adam had looked at one too many chorus girls and Ophelia decided to separate from him. So then it is up to Sandra to take her depressed mother to see her family that Sandra didn’t even know existed before her parents split. They are definitely an odd and magical bunch. Even though Sandra wants to run the other way she decides to stay and try to help her relatives get their failing hotel business back on it’s feet even if it is haunted. Then some witchcraft is threatening Sandra and her family’s life and it is up to her to keep them all alive.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a light hearted fun read that did make me laugh at times. I loved Murray and all he meant to Sandra as well as her parents. This was a little different kind of book for me even though I have read and loved reading a lot of paranormal books.  This was just a little unique. This was well written and fast paced and I liked that a lot. There was a lot to this story: an illusionist act with extra magic at times, a magical family, haunted hotel, witchcraft meant to hurt people, drama, Psychic Society, an odd journalist, failing family business, wolves, witches, unknown relatives, and so much more. This book grabs you right from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the end. This did remind me of Bewitched in a way. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

good story and characters

Sweet Reality - Laura Heffernan

Jen had left the reality show early and taken a sure prize and Justin followed after her. It’s a year later and Justin and Jen are in a full romance now and happy. Jan plans on using her winners from the reality show to  invest in a bakery with Justin’s sister Madison who is now Jen’s best friend.Madison and Jen were showcasing a lot of the deserts that had been on the reality show. The name of their bakery was Sweet Reality. Then a rival bakery opened up across the street from Sweet Reality and Jen needs a special ingredient to pull out in front of the other bakery.   Then Jen and Justin are contacted by the network and offered an all expense week long cruise for previous reality t v stars. Jen and Justin thought that was just what they needed. Ariana had been Jen’s nemesis and had claimed Justin as her own even if it wasn’t true while they were on The FishBowl. Now she was also going to be on the cruise. Jen’s ex cheating boyfriend Dominick  had also been on the show and was going on the cruise.

I loved this book. I loved how the author brought back a lot of the characters from the first book. I do advise you read the first book first if possible as it will give you the background you need for everything to come together. In this story there was: drama, humor, romance, betrayal. conflict, tension, and a lot more. This book has a great plot and is fast paced. The was a second plot that was depressing and I felt that really wasn’t needed  not as sad as it was anyway. There was a lot of twists and turns in this story. This was basically a fun read. I was laughing out loud at times. Even with the subplot I really liked this book. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend.

— feeling silent
Chasing Red - Isabelle Ronin

Caleb has everything- good looks, wealth, and a great future ahead of him. Caleb was also MVP for her college basketball team.Caleb’s best friend was Cameron.   Claire was trying to get Caleb yet again and she was trying to hard and Caleb looked around for Cameron or Justin to help him out of this situation as he didn’t want to hurt Claire’s feelings but Caleb was interested in finding the girl in red he had been staring at and nicknamed “Red” . They were at the club and he had been watching Red on the dance floor. Then Caleb hears someone say “ hi baby”  and wrapped her arms around his waist to get him out of Claire’s grasp and then she said he is with me and then she said lowly “ aren’t you”. She wasn’t beautiful in the classical sense but Caleb thought she was totally engaging. He put Red arms around his neck and whispered in her ear ” where have you been. I have been looking for you my whole life”. Then Red stepped away and said “ she’s gone now you can buy me a drink for saving you”. Then Caleb asked her what she wanted and Red said “something strong tonight I want to forget”. Then Caleb asked her if she wanted to leave to go somewhere where he could help her forget. Red then pushed away and said nice meeting you buutthole and then she turned and left. Caleb could not believe that Red had rejected him as that never happened. Red’s real name was Veronica. Caleb is relentless in his pursuit of Red but she won’t fall for his playboy ways. Veronica is homeless as she was kicked out of her apartment and Caleb offers to let her stay in his spare room until she gets back on her feet. Veronica had a very bad upbringing and has bad trust issues Veronica had been starved for  love and affection for a long time. Caleb slowly breaks down her walls but Veronica is too afraid to let him in her heart. And be heart again. Veronica ends up with a new best friend named Kara.

I liked this story but had mixed feelings and more on the negative side than positive side. I felt Veronica was a little too immature even with a bad past. But I did like her and Caleb together. But I did get tired of Veronica pushing Caleb away. He was being very good to her. I loved how Caleb was so devoted to Veronica - his Red-. But I also felt there was too much drama in this book yet not a whole lot of action. Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I did choke up. While reading this. I did feel there was a lot of repetition in this book. Then to top it off I was thoroughly disappointed when it ended in a cliffhanger. So as I said I had a lot of mixed feelings.