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Good Story and Characters

The Spinster and the Rake - Anne Stuart

Gillian/Gilly is a spinster and spends much of her time babysitting for her brother or sister  and going between their homes.  One day she was on the way to her brothers and she had an accident and was saved by a rake -Roman Marlowe. Roman is entertained by Gilly whom he thought was some sort of servant. Then he finds out she is the sister of an old enemy. Roman is the Marquise of Herrington and had been away for twenty years. But his past sins were forgiven now with his title. He had left England in scandal as he had tried to run off with Gilly’s sister in law twenty years ago. So then Roman is bet by Vivian he cannot seduce Gilly and Roman accepts the bet. Marlowe is not as he seems, he is actually nice and not hard to like. Gilly falls for Marlowe and Marlowe for her but he cannot offer her marriage. Roman thought he was married all along.

I  liked this story a lot but did have some confusion on the writing but got through it. I enjoyed the play between Roman and Gilly. I liked how he treated her also. Sometimes I even had to go back and reread to figure out who was talking or POV or doing the thinking but I still wanted to finish this story so I did. It did hold my attention so that helped with the little annoyances I found. This had a good plot and was just a good read for the most part. I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Good Earls Don't Lie - Michelle Willingham

Iain ‘s head was killing him. The last thing he remembered was riding toward the Penford estate. He had passed by a grove of trees then was knocked from his horse. A horrendous pain crashed over him but he did remember voices arguing and shouting. Yet he was alone now. He felt for his brothers signet ring and it was gone and no knew him here. He had never left ireland before now. He had been the invisible spear but now he was the only heir with his brother’s death. Iain intended to prove he was a man of worth and rebuild Ashton and help his people back home and help his tenants in Ireland during the potato famine.. Iain had thought things would be better here but apparently not. The thieves had stolen his horse , his ring, the few coins he had carried, his coat, his waistcoat , shirt and even Iain’s shoes. Iain was now the Earl of Ashton but would people believe him when all he head brought with him had been stolen and his coach broke down.Iain’s younger sisters were depending on him to save their estates. Also Iain was willing to offer himself in marriage in hopes of a wealthy bride. His mother and sisters had went to stay with an aunt in New York. He had little to offer but his Irish charm and a decrepit castle and his title but he had to try. Iain would do anything necessary to form an alliance with Lady Wolfcraft. She Could bring Iain into her circle in London and introduce Iain   to potential brides. Iain came to a hedge with a maze and at the end it opened to a green lawn. A lovely lady lady seated a book beside a book beside her. It was Lady Rose Thornton and she noticed a man in her garden. Rose had taken sick six months earlier and is trying to get her strength back to walk again. Lady rose’s family had a lot of issues: a  mother with some kind of mental disorder, a married sister who is desperate for her missing husband to return to India, opinionated servants, roses handicap, and missing rents. Rose and Iain make a deal to help each other as Lady rose needs help to walk again and Iain needs to be taught to be a gentleman.

I had mixed feelings about this story. I thought there was too much made of whether Iain is the Earl or not. Characters weren't as interesting as they could be. `But I did like the  plot . I also liked that Ian was willing to do whatever he had to as long as he could help his people. Also that Iain and Rose made a deal to help each other. Important events in this story seemed to be missing parts in this story and I didn’t like that.  The story also dragged at times. So there were parts I liked about this story and things I didn’t care for or liked in the story

Outsider (Exodus End World Tour) - Olivia Cunning, Joe Arden, Mackenzie Cartwright

I didn’t realize this was about gay men and bisexual people. I have gay and bisexual friends but I don’t really want to read a romance about them. It just wasn’t my type of story if I can still review this without a rating I will as I didn’t read very far before I realized this story just wasn’t for me.

Great Story and Characters

Wicked Rivals (The League of Rogues) - Lauren Smith, Noah Chinn

Ashton Lennox knew what he was asking the banker was daring and quite possibly illegal but retaliation was required against certain players in his field of business. Ashton wanted Mr Reed - the banker - to deny Lady Melbourne gold credit if she should come seeking a loan. At thirty three Ashton had learned how to make men do his bidding with a cool stare. Those who crossed or dared to go against his wishes often suffered a blow to their financial positions. Lady Rosalind Melbourne who was owner of Melbourne, Shelby and Company , she spent several months stealing bids or shipping lines and purchasing other companies by underbidding Ashton. Lady Rosalind was a menace as far as Ashton was concerned. Ashton offered to buy out her shares. Lady Rosalind outflanked and outmaneuvered Ashton at every turn. Rosalind also pushed Ashton out of his control. Control was Ashton's foremost weapon and his first line of defense. Ashton had visited five banks this morning and had promises none of them would give Lady Melbourne credit.Then when Ashton’s friends called in their notes at each bank Lady Melbourne wouldn’t have the means to pay for their notes in gold it would at least crush Rosalind temporarily.  The Berkeley’s club was the only place Ashton and his closest friends - The League Of Rogues- could settle in comfortably away from the scandalous papers and gossip of The Lady Society. Over the years some of the activities of The league Of Rogues  had been ruthless, callous and even dangerous. But things were changing. The rogues one by one were falling in love and settling down. As Ashton was the oldest member of the group he felt obligated to be the League's protector. Soon the men would be sending in notes to be cashed in gold. Lady Melbourne would pay for embarrassing Ashton at the theater. He would not send her to debtors prison . the woman would get her fortune back in time once he learned what secrets Hugo held within Lady Rosalind  business. Lady Melbourne had married Henry after she ran from home barefoot after another beating from her father and he took care of Rosalind and married her a year later Henry died in his sleep. Now Rosalind was mistress of her own destiny. Henry had tutored her in the ways of business strategies and banking and Rosalind always had a natural knack for it. Henry’s companies had become her empire and would remains hers unless she married again. But Ashton had gotten her debt and called it in. Lady Melbourne returned home after visiting the bank and readied herself and went to Ashton’s estate where his mother and sisters and friends were.

I loved this story.There was a lot to this story but it was very enjoyable. This story goes at a steady pace I loved the plot. A woman owning her own companies and being successful in a very much man's world was totally awesome. I loved it. Lady Melbourne so determined to stay her own woman and loved the businesses she was head of. Rosalind and  Ashton were a lot alike at least I thought so. I loved this story and how it ended. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend

Good Story and Characters

Cowboy Karma (Cowboy Cocktail Book 4) - Mia Hopkins

Harmony’s boyfriend - frank dumps her at her birthday dinner and they had been together for one year and Harmony thought all was perfect between her and Frank. Harmony was a medical surgical nurse and Frank a doctor. Harmony decided to go back home and went out with her sister to the bar the Silver Spur and somehow ended up dancing with this cowboy. Harmony doesn’t recognize Lucky but he had a long time crush on Harmony. Harmony has a one night stand with Lucky. Lucky is a rodeo calf roper but also works up to three jobs. Lucky believes in family and is helping his mother put his siblings through college. Lucky wants more than one night with Harmony but he has to leave her because of commitments. Lucky also feels he is not worthy of Harmony. Lucky - Lucero Garcia knew Harmony from H S. Lucky hopes to be in the World Rodeo Championship. Nobody seems to get Harmony like Lucky does.

I enjoyed this story a lot. I liked Harmony and felt bad for what Frank did to her on her birthday but a lot of men are just butts in fiction and in real life. But then lucky was a better man anyway as far as I am concerned. Then seeing Lucky at the Silver Spur and he  wasn’t a boy anymore that was for sure. I really enjoyed how Lucky treated Harmony and hotness of their time together. This had a great plot and a great ending. This was a quick read but had everything it needed. I had no problem reading this as it held my interest all the way through the story. I liked the characters  a lot as well as the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Christmas Angels: A Novella - Viola Shipman

Kate is a seasonal set decorator struggling to find her own Christmas spirit while designing Christmas scenes and decorations for others.Kate is known as the queen of holiday perfection because of her successful decorating company. Kate has been called the Christmas Angel.  Kate isn’t looking forward to the holiday nor is Chad Cooper who is a widower and has a young son Coop who was seven years old. Kate was sad as her her ex boyfriend Tyler broke up with her. Kate didn’t believe in angels anymore. Widower and single dad Chad lost his wife Ella from cancer last year just before Christmas. Everyone was worried about Chad so his company hired Kate to decorate Chad’s house as a surprise.then coop, chad and Kate start to spend time together.

Absolutely loved this story. It was a novella and I  would have liked more but this did have what it needed in it. This was a quick and easy read with a great plot. There was a lot of detail in so short a story even though I did want more as I have already said. This had a lot of hope in it. I loved the characters and the  ins and outs of this story. I recommend. I wish I could rate it a 4.5.

Deepest Desires of a Wicked Duke - Sharon Page

Portia is a spinster.when Portia was younger Portia and The Duke Of Sinclair/Sin were in love and planning to marry. Buts in’s past got in the way and the wedding was called off. Ten years have gone by and Portia has dedicated her life to saving abused kids and brings the kids to a foundling home her family run. Sin has thrown himself into sex  of all kinds including orgies as he has a sex addiction. Sin even throws orgies that are  known to be the best orgies in London. But neither Portia nor Sin has forgotten or got over each other. Portia receives a message a girl needs help and is kidnapped. Sin gets a message Portia has been taken to Serenity Island and Sin must attend the orgy  there if he wants to save Portia. Sin is told a boat is waiting to take him to the island. On the island Sin finds a lot of people he has been involved with over the years. Then he finds Portia in the bedroom assigned to him. All the guest and a few of the servants have received notes to say they will pay for their sins. One by one the guests are being murdered. No one knows who the killer is.

I didn’t like this story . It just wasn’t for me. It was a very dark story with twists and turns. I believe there was just too much sex and kink for me. I think it went past erotica as far as  I am concerned. But I am sure there a lot of people who will love this story.

Great Story and Characters

Taken by the CEO - Stefanie London

Emmaline/ Em never asked for much in her life. Em was getting a divorce after six years with a cheating man.who had made her a trophy wife with no purpose or achievements of her own.Em had walked in on  her husband having sex with his business partner in the dental exam chair.  Em was determined to be someone new. So Em now worked in the H R department of one of the biggest retailers in Australia - Wentworth group. Edward/ Parker came back to become CEO of the family business to take over and restore the value of their name. A name his father had dragged through the mud. Em’s sister Grace said she needed to take up a hobby and she decided running would be a good hobby. Em’s first time out she had taken the neighbor’s  Chihuahua and had ended up falling and then locked the dog, her keys,her purse, and phone in the car.  She stopped Parker and asked to use his phone when she explained why. Em told Parker her name was Sarah. Parker asked “Sarah” out to dinner and she had Parker meet her at her brother in law's bar. Sarah was not going to be like Em who had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth a “ society girl”. Sarah was going to be an ordinary girl with an ordinary life and problems. Em decided at dinner as “ Sarah” she would have her first ever one night stand. Parker was fine with a  one night stand also. Then Parker goes to meet his new employees and finds out Sarah is really Em and is one of  his employees. Em finds out Parker is really Edward though he never uses that name and was the C E O of the company she works for which has ASTAR program that takes the best performers and gives them an accelerated career plan. Then after a late meeting Parker asked Em to come home with him again. Something about em made Parker forget his responsibilities and problems. Parker made Em feel desirable and wanted and alive.

I loved this story. It had a great plot. I loved how em finally got away from her unfulfilling  marriage and was making a career for herself. I also loved how how Parker took it upon himself to show Em how good sex can be. I loved how determined Parker was to not feel anything but desire for Em but in the end….  I loved how Em stood up to Parker and ended things because she felt controlled again. I didn’t find anything to complain about in this story which is unusual but great. Everything just seemed to fall in place. I felt like i was there with em and Parker . i loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Love, Always and Forever - Alexis Morgan

Mikhail had only been asleep two hours when he woke up. Then he realized someone was ringing his doorbell he thought it was one of his brothers but it turned out to be his new neighbor- Amy. Mikhail had only been in his house for three months he had been a marine for ten years now he was a firefighter. Amy had brought brownies with her. Amy had moved next store last week. Amy had come to talk to Mikhail about his part of the fence. Mikhail said he would talk to her later and went back to bed. Mikhail caught Amy as she almost fell as she had started tearing down the fence . Mikhail told her he would help and have his brother  to give them a quote as he might as well do his own fence since Amy was. He had been building fences since before Mikhail had been out of H S. Mikhail wasn’t looking for a long term relationship . he had convinced his mom and brothers he was doing fine most of the time even if he wasn’t. There were too many dark memories mixed in with an equal number of regrets for him to be satisfied with how his life turned out. Amy hated keeping secrets from her family but sometimes it was for the best. Amy bought her own house one hundred miles from her parents and four brothers as they were too overprotective as she had encountered a lot of health problems because of her bad heart valve. But she had surgery and was doing great. After working on the fence together Mikhail invited Amy for barbecue and they rode on his Harley and she loved it. Then Mikhail kissed Amy. Amy was experiencing a lot of firsts with Mikhail.

Story it went through two different pasts but both were very deep  pain. Amy and her bad heart and Mikhail with his guilt of his mother’s death and all  he had seen and done while being a marine and serving his country. This really choked me up at times. But then at other times it really warmed my heart I felt like I was there with Amy and Mikhail. How could you not love Amy or Mikhail. I also loved Mikhail's brothers and mom who loved him so much and would do anything they could for him. At least his  brothers understood what Mikhail was going through as they had all went through it. SUCH a touching story with a great plot. I could not find anything to complain about in this story which is great. It has become a new favorite of mine. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Make Me Beg - Rebecca Brooks

Mack was looking through the portfolio of someone to date in her town on a dating app and found Connor who she worked side by side with at the Dipper in Gold Mountain. He was the chef and she tended bar.  He was so   not her type: arrogant. A player, and he still talked like he was going to pack  and leave  town any second for something better. Connor told Mack they would find her someone. Her best friend Abbi had talked her into the dating app. Connor caught her checking out his profile and took her phone. Sam owned Kane Enterprises and had bought most of Gold Mountain including the Dipper.  Sam told Connor and Mack that they were being offered the chance to design a new bar and restaurant and become co owners with each other and Sam. but they had to put up quite a bit of money. Connor could go to his parents but Mack had no parents . Connor met with his best friend Austin at a dive on the outskirt of town when in walked Mack with two of her friends.  Connor found he cared whether other guys were checking out Mack and he noticed what she was wearing and how well it fit her body. When did that happen? But would ideas ever match for the bar/restaurant?  A couple days later Connor had a date and was driving to the hotel when he noticed Mack’s car was parked at the bar.he didn’t know if Mack was aware of the storm warnings so he stopped.  Mack was making different types of shots and he had some and then the storm knocked the lights out and a tree came  down and blocked them from being able to leave until the tree was moved. They had sex but then Mack felt she had just been stupid Connor didn’t even like her. But for some reason every time they were alone Connor and Mack had some form of sex yet still couldn’t agree about the business they were suppose to be designing. Then Mack told Abbi she would come and they could go out to dinner and then a have a drink. Abbi talked to a motorcycle guy and in the end tanked. Mack had the number of Adam who wanted  to take her out but he didn’t really interest Mack. also mack thought of Connor the whole evening.

This was  a great story. I didn’t want to put it down with the give and take of this story. One minute Mack and Connor couldn’t keep their hands off each other the next arguing over what the name of the bar restaurant was going to  be or the type of food to be offered.. It did make me snicker at times. I felt for Mack and the life she had lead when she was younger. I liked how Mack didn’t back down from Connor but couldn’t resist him either. I loved how Connor stopped seeing other woman as soon as he and Mack had sex. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend. I would rate this a 4.5 if I could.

New Book Release!

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Deception in Emeralds (Ransomed Jewels Book 4) - Laura Landon


Deception in Emeralds (Book Four: Ransomed Jewels Series) by award-winning and best-selling author Laura Landon.

Publication date: March 14th, 2017

Genre: Historical Romance/Mystery and Suspense


BARNABY LINSCOTT, under orders from the Crown, must apprehend or kill one of England’s most elusive villains. The means to accomplish his mission are anything but clear, but his mind is resolved. The man has already murdered three government agents, and Barnaby vows he will not be the fourth, though he has little to lose. That is, until he meets the partner assigned to carry out his deadly mission.


LADY MILLICENT CHANDLER has lost everything. Her beautiful Cliffside Manor has been burned, her parents, her brother Thomas, and her sister Polly all murdered. When her trusted servants bring her their suspicions that her handsome neighbor is directly involved, she knows exactly what she’ll do. She will accept his proposal of marriage. And take her revenge.




His lips touched hers.

He was adequate to the task, but when his tongue attempted to breach her mouth, she lost what little courage she had left. She turned her head away from him and sucked in a huge breath of air.

Millicent wanted to swipe her gloved hand over her mouth to erase any trace of Radburn from her flesh, but she knew he would take it as an unforgivable insult. Instead, she clamped her lips together and struggled to calm her racing heart.

He was angry. She knew he was. His body stiffened beside her, and he moved away from her on the carriage seat.

“If I didn’t know better, I could almost think you were repulsed by my kisses.”

His voice was low and soft, but his words brimmed with accusation.

“No, Marcus,” she stammered. “It’s only that you surprised me. I . . . uh . . . I’m not as experienced as you would like me to be.”

“I don’t want you to be experienced, my dear. But I do expect you to be willing.”

“I am,” Millicent said, but the words didn’t sound sincere even to her own ears. “I simply need time.”

“Time is something you don’t have in abundance. Our wedding will take place in a matter of days—hardly enough time to suddenly discover some well-hidden longing. You will be my wife whether you are ready . . . or not.”

He released a harsh sigh, then flicked the buggy whip at the horse.

The carriage horse bolted, then galloped forward as if trying escape Radburn’s anger.

Millicent wished she could do the same.


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Guilty Pleasure - Lora Leigh

Agent Marty Mathews has had it bad for Khalid El Hamid--Mustafa since she was 15 and didn’t know what that even meant. For the past 2 years she’s been tailing Khalid as an FBI agent. Now that she’s off the case, she can finally work out her plan to seduce him!

Anyone whose read any of Lora Leigh’s first Bound Hearts books has already met Khalid and has anxiously wanted to read his book. I was very happy that it didn’t disappoint. Although I typically don’t like reading books (or series as the case is here) where one of the main characters was in sexual situations with someone other than their HEA, the scorching series is written in such a way that I have no problem with it. The author has a way of writing strong females with good moral who are a perfect match to the strong males they fall for. I loved reading about Khalid and Marty. I’m glad that the series was re-released giving me a chance to read this. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Failure of Justice: A Brutal Murder, An Obsessed Cop, Six Wrongful Convictions - John Ferak

Beatrice is a small town in Nebraska. The region is dominated by livestock and farming. Industries such as a dairy plant, windmill, and metal manufacturers were long time employers but the backbone to the local economy was a state run institution for people diagnosed with profound and severe mental retardation now called the Nebraska State Developmental Center. Beatrice has long been regarded a pleasant and safe place to call home.then a man kept breaking into elderly women’s homes to rape them. Four times in six weeks but he had not been caught. Police did not know where this serial predator would strike again. There was a widow- Helen- who lived in the old telephone building . Her sister and brother in law- Ivan- lived across the hall. Then the brother in law went to check on Helen and found her dead. The winter scarf wrapped around Helen’s face had cut off her air supply. Helen became Beatrice’s first homicide victim og 1985. The town had lost a loving woman a subhuman man had desecrated helen’s body. Helen had been raped. The state police were called in to help with the murder. They found a rip in the carpet in Helen’s kitchen. There was also some hair on helen’s nightgown left by the killer. Bruce Allen Smith was on the list of murder suspects. Then peter Klismet was called in as he was  a specially trained profiler and he had become the profiling coordinator covering Nebraska and Iowa. but Bruce was eliminated as a suspect by lab tech Joyce Gilchrist from blood testing. Then six arrest were made but why. Then all six were convicted of murder and sent to prison for Helen’s murder. These people were wrongly convicted. Some had been in prison for twenty years but now with DNA all six were proven to be innocent. This was the largest group proven innocent in the country's history. There was a former cop who wants to make a name for himself and he doesn’t care who he takes down as long as it made him big. Five of the six people were threatened with the electric chair and in fear confessed and took a plea deal. The one who went to trial was convicted but never quit fighting that he was innocent.

I read this book and was horrified at how these six people were coerced into confessing to a murder they didn’t commit from fear of death. Also the length of time these people were in prison is just sad. While the actual killer was still free. This was a well written book and showed some of the flaws in the justice system. This book was a little long and dragged at times but not enough I didn’t finish it. I didn’t even know this had happened in my lifetime.I recommend.

Vein of Love (Blackest Gold) (Volume 1) - R. Scarlett

Molly was turning nineteen and that was suppose to mean ultimate freedom. But molly felt anything but free. Molly called September and said she was going to Stella’s for the birthday party Stella was having for her. She wouldn’t stay late as she had to work at the museum the next day. Fifteen years ago a ring had been put on Molly’s finger when she was six and no one could seem to get it off her finger. Michael came over to  say hi , he had been the guy who had went out of his way to make her comfortable the first day of ninth grade.But Michael had kept her in the friend zone ever since. Molly would get added strength at random moments and she could never control it. Molly had then been attacked by a woman who had snakes for her hair and just as she was going to bite Molly’s neck a man- Tensley came and broke her neck. Tensley was with a young woman-Lex- about the same age as Molly and they took Molly home Lex told Molly the thing that attacked her had been a gorgon and had her own agenda for Molly.Molly swung hard at Tensley with the poker in the stomach as the ordered they had to get her out of there as Molly was being followed. Then Lex introduced herself and told Molly they were the least of her worries.Lex also told Molly she didn’t have to worry they were going to keep her safe. Tensley then said three hundred years of protection for what? Tensley said he knew a lot about Molly. Molly wanted to know how Tensley knew about her. Derek was Molly’s father and he told Tensley to get out and Tensley reminded Derek of the contract that was made in his ancestor's blood. Tensley’s family had protected Derek’s family for three hundred years in exchange for a daemon who possessed the blessed eyes from Derek’s bloodline. Then Molly took Tensley up to her room and he told her he was an incubus, a demon. Then T^ensley told Molly she was his fiancee. Also that Molly didn’t know it yet but her eyes held a rare power. That as his wife Molly’s power would become Tensley’s as well. Then Tensley told molly Incubi receive power, energy and strength from physical contact. Tensley also told molly if she tried to hide he would break all her father’s limbs. Now Molly felt terror for her family. Tensley’s father came into his office and told him what Dubre Abaddan wanted and he also requested to see Tensley. Tensley knew not to make his father mad but he grew restless from taking orders from someone else. Tensley had been bred to take over the business of serving the Prince. His family was depending on Tensley to resurrect their name after Beau’s scandal. Evelyn had been with Tensley five years then a week ago Tensley told her he had to marry in an arranged marriage. She showed up at his office and told tensley to figure something out soon. Molly’s eyes white eyes glow when her emotions are heightened. Demons are not allowed to feel emotions. Molly’s ring had been keeping her identity hidden but the magic has worn off. Others are able to detect Molly now and wanted her. When Tensley touches her Molly feels something. Molly goes to a  group of demon hunters to help her break the contract.  When Molly went to the demon hunters she didn’t want anyone to die. But molly was making the situation between demons and hunters worse.

I liked this new twist on demons. I didn’t like how Tensley was a jerk but also understood he had to show no feelings. Also Molly could be very stubborn.The story kept my interest all the way to  the end then the cliffhanger ruined it for me so that brought this down to a three. I don’t care for cliffhangers in any form. I basically liked the characters and the ins and outs of  this story but the cliffhanger ruined it for me.

Great Story and Characters

Some Practical Magic - Laurie C. Kuna

Cassandra/Cassie is a witch and had turned ninety and her mother was on her butt because she wanted to see Cassie married. Then her mother reminded her witches didn’t live much past two hundred and twenty years. Cassie’s mother was Medusa. Cassie was a journalist but also wrote some nonfiction books. She was going on a book tour . Endora was Cassie’s car/ familiar. For the last ten years Cassie had written a column on household hints ( also what her books were about)  called “ The Kitchen Witch” for the Salem Evening News.Cassie was proud of her writing skills. Her Book “When Dust Bunnies Attack” was already tenth on the nonfiction bestseller list.Mirak Sanders/ Mick was known to his fans as M. S. Kazimer  was a horror/suspense author. Jennifer was Mick’s former fiancee but still his publicist. Cassie and Mick were seated next to each other on the book signing part of the tour. Mick asked Cassie to autograph a book for him and told her he had her other books. Mick was having dinner with Robert Whitman who was suppose to be an author but was actually an FBI agent. A serial killer had started murdering people that duplicated crimes in Micks novels and using his murders as blueprints for his own murders. There had been fifteen in a five year time span. Mick was definitely attracted to Cassie and it was only getting stronger and Cassie was also attracted to him. Jennifer had finally ended their business association and flew back to N Y to pack her stuff and find her own apartment. It was never a good time for a witch to start a relationship with a  human so Cassie’s mother and other witches had said.

I loved this story . It had a great plot and held my attention from the beginning to the end. I loved how this had the paranormal aspect but also the suspense of the  serial killer in it. This story made me laugh at times. I was not happy to see Endora hurt in cat form by the killer. I liked how Medusa accepted Mick and the witches were all willing to help catch this killer. This was a great book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and also how it very successfully covered two genres and I highly recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Legally Charming (Ever After) - Lauren Smith

Felicity was a good student in Chicago. Felicity favorite holiday was Halloween. Felicity had made friends with Layla and went to a party at her boyfriend's apartment it was a costume party. Felicity was spending the night and sleeping in Tanner’s ( Jared) brothers room as he wasn’t suppose to be back until Sunday. Tanner and Layla had been together for five years. Felicity’s dream was to be an artist and curator of a museum. Jared unexpectedly came home and shared the bed with Felicity and they just slept as there was nowhere else for them to sleep. Jared was a real estate lawyer and loved his job and had closed a real estate deal early and decided to come home to get some sleep in his own bed. Jared started to think about Felicity and she about him. There was something between them and they both knew it. Jared took her gown from the night before and her gym bag and waited at Felicity’s apartment door for her. Jared didn't like where she was living. Felicity found Jared could turn her jelly with just the curve of his lips.  Felicity stayed at Jared’s and the next morning got up and had to go to work he was in the shower so Felicity left him a note. Then Jared got a call from one of his two best friends - Thad- going on about this girl and he wants to take he out and the girl was felicity and Jared was mad. Jared didn’t play the field when he dated only one lady at a time. Somehow Jared felt strings to Felicity even if she pushed away. Felicity made Jared feel alive and real. Felicity then decided to take a chance on Jared and see where they would go. Jared’s boss is his ex girlfriend's father and he let Jared know if he and Shana were together he would be promoted if not he may be looking for a new job. Shana was also a lawyer at her father’s firm.

I loved this story it was great. It was a fast read. I loved the plot. I loved how Felicity but Jared and his job before herself. I absolutely loved the ending of this story. I also loved the show of friendship and how important it is to have true friends in your life. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.