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Great Story and Characters

28 Dates - Stacey  Lynn

Trey  and Corbin were Caitlin’s best friends. More like older very protective brothers. Caitlin works for Trey’s  assistant, that consisted of managing his professional life down to the very second and being his pseudo mom. Caitlin had a double major in finance and marketing. Caitlin loves Trey’s friendship as well as working for him. Trey is an app developer. She had know Trey as well as Corbin for years. Trey and Corbin had saved Caitlin from a scary encounter with a drunken butthole in a stairwell in her college dorm. After that they became her protectors. Than they became her brothers. Trey doesn’t like Caitlin to use the word adorable to describe him in anyway. He is built to be in the middle of a boxing ring. He was also a huge geek. Brains and brawn with a quirk smile with a big protective streak when it came to her. Caitlin will never understand why Trey who never sees a woman longer than a week or two is obsessed with creating a dating apps. He said that’s the big money makers but she doesn’t believe that. Trey likes women, Caitlin believes his relationships don’t last because when he’s too scatterbrained and singularly focused on his his job to remember he has a woman waiting for him when he gets into his work. But Caitlin had sworn off serious relationships years ago. Trey has been trying to design an app focused long term relationships not short term physical appeal. Trey asked her just to try the app for a month. He added it wasn’t like she had to marry the guys you meet. You’ll finally move past  He Who Was Not To Be Named in the weeks following the dissolve of their relationship months ago. Maybe Trey had a point she hadn’t hooked up with anyone since Jonas and her ended. Because Trey will do anything for her , she said she’d think about it. After she did some things for Trey workwise she called it an early day and decided to go looking for lunch. She ended up outside Dirty Martini’s - the bar Jonas now owns. She hadn’t been there much in the last few months. Hard to return to your favorite place when your friends-with-benefits arrangement comes to an abrupt end. But after six months that’s called water under the bridge. Mostly Caitlin misses Jonas- his laughter and humor and how easy it was to fall not only into bed with him, but into a friendship. So while she misses him desperately, she still let him go so he could find his own happiness. She wanted that fo9r him. Continually putting herself in front of Jonas, able to look but not touch does weird things to her mental health. Like, currently making Trey’s app seem like a little better idea. Maybe Caitlin should find a new favorite place altogether. Jonas liked Ashley but not in that special way he still gets a pain in his gut everytime Caitlin walks through the door. He wasn’t over Caitlin but he wanted more. His reaction to Caitlin is everything he wants to have with Ashley. Caitlin realized Trey and and her friend Teagan were right she does need a new man. Six months is quite  the dry spell and yet every time she has an option to go home with someone , a memory of Jonas unbidden pops into her brain and all her interest in the stranger evaporates. Jonas has ruined her for sex with other men and that’s a bummer. It’s not the same as it used to be but Jonas always understood her in a way few do. With corbin and Teagan living on the coast now they are married. Trey is her only friend. And even he is a space cadet for much of the time. She only sees him once a week or so to watch football and baseball games together. Jonas broke things off with Ashley Jonas has been in love with Caitlin for almost two years. Than Jonas called Trey and asked him to stop at the bar nad have a drink on him. Trey agreed. Trey is protective of Caitlin. He and Corbin always have been. Caitlin had never said much about her past to Jonas other than her parents were rich hot shots who could barely be bothered to raise her. She’d been mailly raised by a nanny and housekeeper. Trey told Jonas how they met. He and Jonas had liked a girl and went to the girls dorm for a party. They were at the end of a hall and heard a scream . Some butthole had Caitlin against the wall . Blood was all over her nose and a corner of her mouth. The guy had beat her up up a little to stop her from screaming. Corbin and Trey beat the hell out of the man. He did touch her though. Then he also said she had went to her parents afterwards and they turned their backs on her when she went to them for help afterwards. Trey said he knew Jonas had eft caitlin because he loved her. Trey added if he wanted a real chance with her, he’s gotta know what he’s dealing with. Caitlin was all kinds of messed up in her head. Jinas asked Trey if he had his back in this. Trey said go for it you’re  good for her. Caitlin had received her first set of matches and out of the sixty five men she matches with a few did actually interest her. She went on her first date with Brett.

I loved this book. I read it in one setting as I didn’t want to put this down and seldom did. This book caught my attention from the beginning to  the very end which I absolutely loved. I really enjoyed the fact it was a woman who only wanted sex with no strings and had already been with Jonas this way for two years. It’s usually men especially walking away because the relationship wasn’t progressing the way he wanted. I loved Jonas and Caitlin together and how they interacted. I also loved Caitlin's relationship with Trey and Corbin and why it started. Also loved how Caitlin become best friends with Corbin's wife Teagan. I loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Naughty Stranger - Stacey Kennedy

Boone was a detective and his sister owns a bar right near Payton's new lingerie shop she would be opening. Payton had lost her husband Adam in a car accident. Stormy Creek was the last place she had been really happy in a little over a year ago when her and Adam had visited. But Adam is gone and and she wanted to start a new life. Payton had named her shop Uptown Girl. She had been in town a month now. Boone marriage ended two years ago and every since than he preferred his relationships be fleeting. He had no intention of getting married again. But he wanted Payton in his bed and he figured one time wouldn’t be enough. But since that one hot kiss Payton had done her best to steer clear of him. Rhett was Boone’s lifelong friend and fellow detective as was Asher. Rhett told Boone he was a goner. Payton had gotten into his head. There had been a murder it was at Payton's shop and as soon as word got out Boon knew fear would run rampant in the town he loved and served to protect. Rhett told him Payton had opened the door and  Kinsley when they had found the body. Boone did what he did best- he surveyed the scene. The woman’s body had been in the back storage room. Asher agreed something about this crime felt odd. Anything odd was never a good thing. And the tension spilling out from Rhett and Asher mirrored what Boone felt too. Boone couldn't pinpoint what bothered him about what he was seeing here, but something made his skin crawl. He trusted that sensation telling him something more was going on here than first appearance. Payton had secrets and if they related to the murder victim or not was something he’d find out. There was a strong attraction between Payton and Boone for reasons unknown to Payton. But Adam had only been gone one year. She wasn’t ready to move on. Kinsey had been instrumental on making the grand opening of Uptown Girl and its success. When they had a picture of the victim back at the station and the detectives noticed how similar Payton and the victim looked liked Payton. Payton felt the day had been long and exhausted and the strain and stress lay heavy on her shoulders. She had left Seattle and gave up nursing to stay away from death ut death seemed to follow her. All day she had been fighting against the heavy blanket of sadness that  had nearly suffocated her. Boone showed up at Payton's home to make sure she was O K. She told him about being a nurse and widow and she moved to Stone Creek. Payton than asked if they could stop about talking about that. Boone kissed her and Payton lost herself in his passion. The fire between them was originally what drew Boone in. The energy, intensity burned hotter now. When Boone asked if he only would have tonight with her than also said he figured Kinsley told her he was divorced and she already knew he wasn’t looking for a relationship either which was why she was allowing this to happen. Payton said it was more about being reminded today that she only gets one shot at life. There were both adults. They both want each other and don’t to fall in love. She said that makes it perfectly safe for them to stop fighting the crazy, hot thing between them. What Boone wanted was Payton to stop avoiding him. For an unknown reason that had been driving Boone crazy. Exhausted by being forcibly pulled to her. He needed to find out why this woman had such a draw. Boone asked about rules: no official dates, but informal lunches were OK as were surprise coffees. Sleepovers were fine as long as she didn’t wake up and boone was staring at her adoringly. The only major rule was don’t fall in love with hre. Boone woke to find Payton in her kitchen. He’d been where she was right now where the mind ran wild with guilt ,pain and everything in between. He renovated his house  -t hta was his therapy. Payton’s must be cleaning He preceded to make omelets for them. They had become lovers. Boone woke the next morning to Kinsley setting on the edge of Payton’s bed. He basically told her that what was going on was none of hre business, she came back with everything was her business he’s always been close to Kinsley. He supposed that happened when your mother left your father to have a new -better- family in California when Boone was five and Kinsley was three. Boone told her if she had something to say to say it and she said you better know what you’re doing. Boone than said when did he not know what he was doing? Kinsley said she really liked Payton and he better not hurt her. Remy was a new age witch. Remy and Kinsley were best friends and took Payton under their wing so the three were now best friends and were there with Payton’s shop had been released and she could open her shop. Payton had never knew friends like this. Than a blast from her past came through her shop door - justin had been Adam’s college roommate and than business in K and B Properties. Adam and Justin were like brothers but personalities were worlds apart.

This was an excellent read with a lot in it: a fatal car accident, a young widow, murder, attempted murder, an assassin, intrigue, drama, action, suspense, danger, new start, and so much more. I love the relationship Payton developed with kinsley and Remy. I loved Payton and Boone together as they helped each other heal. I loved the pace and plot. I didn’t want to put this down. I was pulled into this book from the very beginning and stayed there until the very end. I have another new favorite. This was so worth reading. I I loved the ending. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Never Deny a Duke (Decadent Dukes Society #3) - Madeline Hunter

He is the last duke standing, the sole remaining bachelor of the three self-proclaimed Decadent Dukes. Yet Davina MacCallum’s reasons for searching out the handsome Duke of Brentworth have nothing to do with marriage. Scottish lands were unfairly confiscated from her family by the Crown and given to his. A reasonable man with vast holdings can surely part with one trivial estate, especially when Davina intends to put it to good use. Brentworth, however, is as difficult to persuade as he is to resist. The Duke of Brentworth’s discretion and steely control make him an enigma even to his best friends. Women especially find him inscrutable and unapproachable—but also compellingly magnetic. So when Davina MacCallum shows no signs of being even mildly impressed by him, he is intrigued. Until he learns that her mission in London involves claims against his estate. Soon the two of them are engaged in a contest that allows no compromise. When duty and desire collide, the best laid plans are about to take a scandalous turn—into the very heart of passion . . .

This was a really good story that I enjoyed reading. I loved following both characters as they sought to unravel the estate in question and ended up falling in love. I really liked both characters and their interaction with each other. Brentworth reminded me a lot like Mr. Darcy, an I really liked Davina but she was a bit more practical than Elizabeth. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story and Characters

No Other Duke But You - Valerie Bowman

Lady Delilah Montebank has her marital sights set on the Duke of Branville. There’s just one problem: he barely knows she exists. But no matter, she’s got a plan to win him over with her charm, her wit—and perhaps the love potion she has in her possession wouldn’t hurt her cause...Lord Thomas Hobbs, Duke of Huntley, thinks his best friend Delilah’s quest to become a duchess is ridiculous. He’s always said he’d rather give up all the brandy in London than commit to one person for life. Besides, he knows that Delilah’s love potion can’t possibly win over Branville…since she accidentally gave it to him instead. But perhaps this is the excuse he needs to show her he’s always loved her…

This was an inventive story on how a man can move from the friend zone in an era when the term didn’t exist. In these types of stories, usually it’s the female with the unrequited love. It was a nice change of pace to have it the other way around. I really enjoyed this story and the characters, Delilah’s quirky nature in particular. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Good Story and Good Characters

Texas Trouble - Gerry Bartlett

Scarlett was sick of feeling like a victim. She had plenty of time to heal her mind and body. Nothing to be afraid of here- no knife wielding psycho was going to jump out of a doorway and drag her into a van like…. Scarlett walked into the tattoo shop- Amuse tattoos and talked to Casey the woman she had already talked to on the phone. Scarlett had to get rid of the evidence of that hellacious day and move on.  The psycho had carved his initials into her butt cheek. Bit when Casey went to start doing the tattoo Scarlett’s mind flashed back and she jumped off the table and pulled up her jeans and ran out of the shop. She went into an unlocked door with a closed sign on it. He wouldn’t find her there/ Than she heard a man’s voice behind her.and she said she was calling 911 and he said and tell them you broke into my bar? He said his name was ethan Calhoun and could he help her? Then she said but her a drink-Tequila.. Scarlett warned him she was a head case. He got her a glass and had a drink with her. Scarlett than said she had to go back next store -Ethan offered to hold her hand but Scarlett said it was something she had to do herself but asked if she could call him if she needed moral support. Than Ethan said yes and also  tapped his phone and said he wanted her number. Ethan’s mother -Missy- had tried to kill his half sister cassidy that Ethan hadn’t known about until after his death. Cassady hadn’t pressed charges. His older sister Shannon had married one of the sharpest lawyers in Houston - Billy Pagan. Billy was already working on a way to keep Missy out of prison since she left the court ordered time at Fair haven for her “ mental health issues.” It had taken some work for Billy to get a plea deal to get her there and now she was on the loose. He was already working on a way to keep her out of prison whens she was caught. With her on the loose the prosecutor could forget the old plea deal if Missy pulled one of her stunts and put her behind bars. Ethan looked Scarlett up on line the psycho had made Scarlett his victim during an attempt at Industrial espionage. Ethan wondered what Zenon Industries where Scarlett was an Office Manager- owned that could be so valuable. Scarlett’s brother rhett who was an author ended up at her door from Boston wanting to know why she had not told her family what happened to her.  He also said he knew enough about PTSD to know she was suffering from it. Rhett and Scarlett were both phobic about binding themselves to anyone for the .long haul. Scarlett got a call from Mike and Simms ahd escaped and left a cop in critical condition if he died Simms would be a cop killer. Mike thought he was far away by now but he was wrong. Scarlett called ethan and accepted the job to be hos bar manager after she told her biss ron she needed that leave of absence at Zenon Industries after all and why. After spending the morning going over plans with Ethan they went out to lunch nearby. Scarlett was attracted to ethan and she was pretty sure she was in trouble. The man was just about irresistible. Leroy Simms girlfriend was ramona and she had worked at Zenon Industries also. She was ron’s executive secretary and held it over people that worked there also. She actually had things criminally the way she wanted them until Scarlett came in and changed things and she hated her for it. She had also been in with Crane who had bought Leroy in to get the project from Anne. But crane was now dead. She helped leroy but she was the one who was computer savvy to get Crane’s millions of dollars hidden in a bank in Cayman. But leroy would kill her of he had to even though they had been together on and off since HS. She helped Leroy change his appearance so no one would easily recognize him.

I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the suspense, danger, and intrigue in this read. I also really liked the new romances that sprang up in the book. I loved the pace and plot. I loved that Mike, Rhett and Ethan wanted to keep Scarlett save no matter what. I felt bad that Ethan was pulled into the  bs with Missy and Lisa. I loved Etham and Scarlett together and how they interacted. I loved how close rhett and Scarlett were. There were a lot of errors were words ran together that interrupted your reading some. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.

Good Story and Good Characters

Two of Hearts - Julia Gabriel

Greta and Cassady had been roommates at Talbot College. Along with Avery and the rest of the bridesmaids , they’d been a tight knit group of friends for years. Now only Avery  and Cassady weren’t married. Which explained why they were sitting at the bar together. While guests waited for Greta and her new husband to clean the cake off their faces so the dancing could begin. Cassady couldn’t see herself getting married. Cassady worked full time at her mother’s quilt shop-Quilt Therapy- since she had graduated from college. That was five years now. It was hard to say when she had started working at the shop as she and her sisters had grown up there. It was a family business. She said “ there was a fire earlier this summer and we had to move to a new location. Mom needed the help right now.” The summer had been rough salewise. Cassady said she was thinking of going back to school to get her MBA. She liked working with her mother and sisters. Although she did want to see the world, meet new people, all the good stuff. She had a bucket list of places and things she wanted to see and do and the bucket list grew longer every year. Matt was at the hotel bar. Dave a guy he’d met six days ago at the nearby Fire training Academy asked him if he was okay. Matt was in Texas for a week long seminar and today was the last day and everyone was out to celebrate. It had been a long week. And Matt wanted to go back to his hotel room and sleep after a couple of beers. He had a flight early the next morning. Matt said he recognized a woman from back home and she’s an ice princess and dave said to introduce her to him if it was her if not they both could introduce themselves. Chatting up women used to be Matt’s favorite pastime.  But lately, nothing engaged his enthusiasm. Cassady thought Matt was hot but he was also St. caroline’s resident playboy and ladies man. Matt’s mother had passed away from ovarian cancer the month before and his older brother’s-Oliver- wife-Serena- lay comatose in a hospital bed from a car accident. Matt saw as they got closer it was Cassady Trevor who was forever off limits to Matt. All the Trevor sisters were. She would shut down Dave’s advances like nobody’s business. Cassady said hi and asked Matt what he was doing there and he said training at the fire academy nearby since he was taking over some of Oliver’s duties while he’s on a leave of absence. Than Cassady asked how Serena was and he said the same. Than Matt asked what she was doing there and she said a college roommate had gotten married today. Than Matt introduced Dave who was a fireman from Kansas City. Matt said he was leaving the morning and Cassady said she was renting a car and checking out some quilt shops to steal some new ideas to take back to her mother. Being a firefighter was what it meant to be a Wolfe. People tended not to take matt seriously most of the time. He did like women and having a good time. Generally speaking he could have any pretty thing he wanted as long as she wasn’t a Trevor. Oliver/Ollie asked Matt when he stopped at the hospital the next day to chair the next Winter festival as he had agreed to do it back in the spring. Ollie had already asked the Chamber id his brother could take his place. Also Matt had done ninety percent of the work on the fireman's carnival last spring . The Chamber did say they would find a co-chair to help Matt.  Cassady and her sister Natalie shared an apartment near Talbot College. Natalie had a far more active social life than Cassady. Cassady was the Trevor family worrywart. Than her mother told her after she got back home that she had volunteered her to co-chair for the Chamber Of Commerce Winter Festival. Her mother added someone had to help matt Wolfe . lauren and Cassady were identical twins and when Cassady was at the bar after the wedding Lauren called and interrupted Dave’s flirtation with her and cassady git away from him. Cassady and Lauren had always had a weird sixth sense about what was going on with the other. Cassady had a natural gift for planning and organising and she did have a business degree. Matt had been attracted to cassady and had a thing for her for a long time but he knew he could do nothing about it as she was a trevor. Matt and Cassady starting getting closer as while they worked together on the festival . than Matt suggested friends with benefits and Cassady was okay with that idea.

I really liked this book. I loved how Matt stepped up for Ollie . I loved Cassady and Matt together and how they interacted. I really liked that family really mattered to both Matt and Cassady. I enjoyed this plot. This did drag a little for me at times. I loved that the author brought in Matt- a main character- having ADHD and how they author handled it. I really liked you got to see cassady’s growth throughout the book.  I loved Matt was helping Cassady through some of her issues. I choked up at times while reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it,

Good Story and Good Characters

Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) - Marie Harte

Cash was on a moving job from hell. It gave him the jitters to be around money and class. Both of which he had little abundance. He was fine with that. Hector and Cash as well as Jordan and Heidi were all on this job. The only thing Cash’s mother left him was a nightmare and a house that caused tension between Cash and his brother Reid. Jordan yelled at one of the Miller twins to slow down. Jordan was an ex Army MP and cash thought she was sexy. Vets On The Move employed military veterans and provided the people of Seattle with experienced service for their local moving needs. Cash and his brother reid wned the company. Business was thriving and cash had been ordered to keep his big mouth shut. Though cash was two years older - his younger brother Reid had taken the business from small and barely managing to a real success. So Cash did his best to keep his opinions to himself and pack, lifted and moved. Something about Jordan had been on his last nerve since day one. A sizzle of attraction. A spark when they accidently touched. And she made him laugh with that large attitude stuffed in a tiny, appealing package. Cash struggles with his attraction to Jordan as he is technically her boss as well as coworker. Jordan also knew how to push Cash’s buttons.   Cash had found the last two years in the civilian world challenging. Jordan had dreamed of Cash holding her more than once. His stubborn jaw had tempted her more than once to punch it and than kiss it and make it better. Even though Cash was half owner of the moving company but he was out working like any other employee. Cash’s eyes seem to be constantly on Jordan filling her with heat. The big bad man intimidated most people but he didn’t frighten her. Cash was a protector at heart. He was always the first in line to offer help. Jordan thought of her own brother Rafi who had taken money out of her wallet, and who seemed to be on the verge of throwing away his entire future. When Cash and Reid’s mother had died cash found out to his and Reid’s shock that the mother who’d ignored him for the past twenty plus years had left him her property and everything that came with it. His mother had died a month ago. He and Reid didn’t understand it. For the first seven years of his life Cash had been loved by Angela and Charles Griffith. He and reid shared an idyllic childhood until something happened and to this day he still didn’t understand. He remembered that day. The sun was shining and a favorite cartoon was on in the background . Than the hatred in his fathers eyes and the immediate reversal of everything good in his life, including the gradual decline of Angela as she ignored the family more and more until Cash might as well ceased to exist. Cash thought how being near jordan caused his heart to race for no apparent reason. She distracted him with her light floral scent that caused other parts of him to get excited. He continued to think of her at his mother's/ now his house as he cleaned out his mothers stuff out of his room. Yet Reids room looked the same as when they lived there.  Jordan goes to Cash to help her with Rafi, to talk to him help him get back on the straight and narrow. Jordan is trying to help Cash with his family problems. Cash does run interference for Rafi which results in issues between him and Jordan.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the plot and pace.I felt bad that Jordan’s parents had given up on fifteen year old Rafi and it feel on Jordan to take him on and try to raise him.  But he’s their son not Jordan’s. My heart broke for Cash the ways he was physically and mentally abused when he was young and made to believe he was worthless, no good, a loser and he still believed it. I loved that Jordan would set Cash straight when she felt he needed it. I loved how this group of ex military people got along. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother more knowledgeable read. I loved Jordan and Cash together and how they interacted. I wish I could rate this 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.

Mixed feelings

— feeling confused
Sweet Wild of Mine (Where the Wild Hearts Are #2)  - Laurel Kerr

June Winters was trying to welcome Magnus to Sagebrush Flats. But under good circumstances Magnus did not like introducing himself and this wasn’t a good circumstance. Magnus always stutters the M in his name even after years of practice. Magnus avoided small towns because of the endless gossip like this woman was saying about a couple who had just found out they were having twins. He didn’t like growing up on an isle in Scotland- no privacy, no boundaries, and no peace. He broke free and moved to London only for his editor straight into another web in a small town. Magnus had wrote his first book between working on an oil rig off the coast of Norway. He wrote about his childhood . He hit the Bestseller List all over the world. His second book was about how he rescued a couple of polar bear cubs that were starving to death while working on the ice. He’d kept the cubs alive until they could be relocated to a zoo. His fans had loved that story.  Living in London he could eat, drink and write in peace. None expected him to converse or even make small talk. But the public didn’t like his wry witticism about city life. His editor told him to get back to his roots. Small towns and living creatures. He said he knew the perfect place for Magnus and told Magnus to go work there for a season. So here Magnus was. Magnus wasn’t usually the type to attract women. He longed for a big city where a man could find solitude among millions of strangers. Magnus had been abandoned by his mother and his father was a butthole. Magnus didn’t liked to be touched especially by a stranger. Magnus was a loner. Magnus stood up and lust speared him for June. Strong and heady and he didn’t want to head it. He pushed past the woman-June- and she wait she would replace his spilt beer but than he basically told her to get lost but swore at her. Magnus hurriedly left The Prairie Dog Cafe. June’s best friend Katie- the pregnant lady with twins- asked June what that was all about. Katie than told Josh. the three had grown up together and stayed close even though Josh had moved to California after college to start his own computer security company. Katie told June she flirted that's how she interacted with the entire male species. But when Mr rude- magnus- stood and stared her down she’d felt a thrill clean to her toes. Bowie- Katie’s husband- owned a zoo and said he hoped June didn’t scare the man off as he was suppose to volunteer to work at the the next day. Bowie was especially glad to have magnus’s helpo as he had an orphan polar bear cub coming to the zoo. Magnus just wants to do his work at the zoo around the animals and write his blog about it as his editor wanted. June is willing to help Magnus with his blog and stutter if he will find time to talk with her grandmother. Magnus finds as time goes on and the more time he spends with June he does like her and not so annoyed by her.

This book was a good read but I have mixed feelings about it. I did like the opace and loved the zoo animals especially Sorsha - the polar bear cub. But june and magnus just didn't spell love or romance to me. I was happy June agreed to help Magnus with his writing and stutter and that he could help her. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother and more knowledgeable read. I did get annoyed at times trying to figure out what Magnus was saying with his brogue. I didn’t particularly care for June and even Katie felt that Magnus should just pretty much do as June wants. He is after all and man as well as normally a loner.  I also feel June was a bit too touchy especially as Magnus didn’t like being touched. So as you can tell I had mixed feelings about this book.

Great Story and Characters

SEAL Wolf Surrender (SEAL Wolf #6) - Terry Spear

Natalie works at her parents garden nursery but she had to leave to get to the airport. Her mom told her to give Angie a hug for them. Her mother-Juliet- was probably hoping she would go out with some of the wolves of the Greystone pack while she was away. Her father was Connolly and a retired homicide detective. Natalie as were her parents and Angie and the Greystone pack were all wolf shifters. She was on her way to Colorado to her best friend Angies and Aaron’s wedding. Angie was more like a sister than a best friend. Half a decade earlier Natalie’s parents had learned Angie didn’t have any family of hre own and promptly taken her in as a part of their family. Natalie rushed to the airport Natalie rushed in the airport and had to stop quickly to avoid a little girl running to hre mother and a guy tripped over her baggage. The man could get up on his own but Natalie still made the gesture to help. Than she smelt wolf and that took her back. She didn’t know of any living in the area other than her parents and Angie and herself. He then realized she was a wolf as he cursed and said “Hell woman. Don't you ever look where you are going?” She smelt whiskey on the wolf’s breath. He was on the same plane but ended up getting kicked off.  Angie wants Natalie to meet someone and ultimately join them. Natalie got lost and she called Angie who put Aaron’s cousin Brock on the phone. He offered to come meet Natalie but she said no just direct hre and he did and was there when she got out of her rental car. Angie was suppose to be staying at a hotel in Denver as she liked her own space but Angie talked her into staying at the ranch as she could never win an argument with Angie. . Brock told her he had been a Navy Seal but had retired and now had a PI business. Brock was a sexy wolf but after his last girlfriend he wasn’t looking for anyone even if it had been two years. When Natalie went up to get Angie’s wedding gift she found she had grabbed the wrong suitcase. This was the drunk wolf’s-Marek Jones- suitcase she could smell him on it. There looked like a lot of wrapping paper in the suitcase. When Brock checked it had about three million dollars of fake money in it. Natalie said if marek finds out she has his suitcase she’s in real trouble. They can’t turn over his bag to the guy or the police as he was a wolf. She called the airport and her suitcase was in the baggage office. Brock said he would go with her to the airport encase the man was there. Natalie felt safer with Brock coming with her. Marek came up to them in the airport but natalie said she had forgotten her suitcase in hre hurry to get to her best friend. Natalie thought Brock was hot. After the last guy she got close to and who had used hre natalie found it hard to trust other guys. Natalie asked Brock if he did body guard work and he said he had as a Seal but not as a civilian. But he said he would be hers and not charge her as this was personal. Brock was drawn inexplicably to Natalie. Natalie’s parents surprised hre and said they wanted to visit the Greystone pack and see if it would be a good thing to try to join the pack. They wanted to be closer to Angie and give Natalie a chance to be with a pack and maybe find a mate. Natalie came out and told them if her parents decided to move and join the pack Brock and her would start courting. Her parents were hesitant to leave as the night before someone had broke into the nursery but Brock figured all the security scared them off. He convinced Natalie’s parents to still go.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s been awhile since I found a wolf shifter book to read and this was a great read. I didn’t want to put this down and only did for a couple hours of sleep. I loved Brock and natalie together and how they interacted. I loved Natalie’s parents and how they take Angie in. I  loved the counterfeiting aspect of thos and the author went into believable details. I loved how close the pack is and how they eagerly stepped up to help Brock catch and get rid of the bad guys and help Natalie and her parents. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book . I have a new favorite book. I highly recommend this.

Great Story and Characters

The Sheikh's Surprise Heir (The Karawi Sheikhs Series Book 1)  - Leslie North

Six years earlier- Natalie kept chanting in her head- I need the money. Natalie was suppose to have this week off but Erin had begged her to take the unplanned flight so she could go to some unplanned icon’s concert. As much as natalie wanted to spend the week at the hospital with her mother as she fought cancer she needed the money to help cover her mother’s medical bills. But to be honest working prince Iman Karaior’s private flight barely made a dent in the medical bills. The man was also very unpleasant. Natalie had only been working at Kayleina Private Flight for a few  months and the money was better but the rich clientele left a lot to be desired. Natalie had been a flight attendant for five years. The prince was hot even if he was a butt and her heart skipped a beat every time he looked at her. The plane had to make an emergency landing and Iman heard the woman scream. Than he saw she was trapped in her part of the plane, he wouldn’t leave her alone. Iman sent his guards to get help and he did get hre out of the plane but noticed a sandstorm would be there very soon. They just shut the door to the hanger and the storm hit. A fire erupted in Natalie when Iman touched hre. Natalie had a bad gash in her arm but Iman fixed her up. Natalie found a string of lights and went exploring. She found an aged light aircraft and sat in that. Iman called until he found her than he brought water and some sandwiches from the plane. They talked about Natalie’s mom being in the hospital for the month than Iman said he knew the pain as his father had cancer and with the best doctors they still couldn’t help him. Iman had been the good son, the responsible son. When his father passed away he would become the Crowned Sheikh and there was certain expectations of him. Natalie and Iman had sex. The next day they were rescued by his uncle Sheikh Salon. Natalie wanted to try to see Iman when she learned his father had died but his uncle Sheikh Salon called her a whore and told her she was to leave immediately that is what Prince Iman wanted. Sheikh Salon had a check for her silence of a hundred thousand dollars natalie refused it but the Sheikh brought up it could be used n her mother's medical bills. Against her conscience natalie took it and left immediately.   NOW- georgia wanted Natale to go out with her but Natalie said she couldn’t go. She had been out with georgia two months ago that was the last time she went out. Natalie had got pregnant from the one night with Iman and she now had Iris a very smart little girl. Natalie needed to find a job more grounded but until she paid the last of her mother's medical bills she couldn't. Gordon was natalie’s savior. He and georgia had dated briefly four years ago but they decided they made better friends. He had stepped in one month when Natalie's regular nanny couldn’t watch Iris when she was a trip for work. The cranky chef fell in love with iris and she with him. Than natalie had to fire her nanny and Gordon and Georgia if she was available watched Iris while Natalie worked. Natalie had listed Iman as Iris’s father after Sheikh’s Salon threat. Natalie told Iris her dad was gone when she had asked about him.

I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t want to put it down and didn’t and read it in one setting. I hope to read the next book this author writes. Ms. North you did it yet again -another outstanding book about a sheikh and this one included a flight attendant with this sheikh. I loved Iman and Natalie together and how they interacted. Iris was just too cute and definitely added to this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

My Fair Lover: A Legendary Lovers Novel - Nicole Jordan

Lady Katherine Wilde believes she has crushed any lingering romantic feelings toward Brandon Deverill, who spurned her six years ago. And now that the rough-edged rogue needs polishing to claim his inheritance, she’s willing to strike a practical bargain: Kate will mold the brash privateer into an acceptable English nobleman if Deverill will safeguard her from brigands on a voyage to recover lost family treasure. However, the soul-melting kiss that seals their agreement just may reignite blazing passion.

This was a pretty good book. I’ve read this author, and several books in this series, but it’s been a few years. I really liked both Kate and Deverill and their interactions between each other were well-written. The story moved along well. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Cute Story

Heartthrob (American Royalty #1) - Robin Bielman

Here’s the deal: I’m the best center fielder in the major leagues. I’m also the guy who cost his team the championship game and acted very unsportsmanlike. So, when the team hires a social media manager to repair the damage to my reputation, I don’t argue. But then I meet Chloe Conrad, and I suddenly understand what people mean when they say they have an instant connection to someone. Which means I’m in serious trouble. Chloe’s a smart, sexy distraction I can’t afford, but one date can’t hurt, right? Only she turns me down. And just like that, it’s game on.

This was an ok story. I liked Chloe right from the bat, but was kind of iffy on Finn. The story itself moved along at a quick pace. No real curve balls (Hah!). It was good for a quick read when you don’t want anything heavy.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story

Realm - Alexandrea Weis

When her homeland is conquered by the mighty Alexander the Great, Roxana—the daughter of a mere chieftain—is torn from her simple life and thrown into a world of war and intrigue.

So, I’m not sure why I decided to read this story, it’s not really the type I read, more like the type I’d watch, but I did. It was definitely the first I’ve read that had anything to do with Alexander the great and this many fictitious real people (if that makes any sense). The only thing I knew about Alexander the great was from the movie that was released a few years back and the only thing I knew about that was that it inferred he was killed by his male lover, so I was initially incensed in the beginning. Than I did a google search and did a mental apology to the author and continued reading. Overall it was a really good saga. My only complaint would be that there are numerous POVs that are a bit annoying. It was a really good book that I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Loved It Until About Halfway Through...

To Tame a Wild Cowboy (Cupid, Texas #7) - Lori Wilde

One minute, Rhett Lockhart is a love ‘em and leave ‘em bull rider with a slow, sexy smile, a swagger, and not a care in the world. The next, he learns his free-wheeling days are over: a baby has been abandoned in the hospital, and there’s no question: he’s the father. But from the first moment he gazes into his daughter’s eyes, he knows the moment has come to say ‘no’ to no-strings. It’s time to grow up. Standing in his way is the baby’s foster mother, Tara Alzate, who doesn’t quite believe Rhett is ready to change his ways. Still, she’s not not immune to his considerable charms. So when he proposes a marriage of convenience and shared custody, against her better judgement, she says “I do.” Can Tara tame this wild cowboy and make her own, long-buried dreams come true?

This was a really good book until about 50% in. I really liked both Tara and Rhett. My heart really bled for Tara and I was rooting for Rhett as he fell in love with his baby. Then about halfway through, when Rhett goes on being Rhett, I felt like Tara did a complete 180 and it really soured me towards her. I know that in her POV, she’s not as strong-willed towards him as his perception of her, but I felt like she just let him run right over her, and yes, I know the author did that to move the plot along, it just really took me out of how much I felt about the story.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Started Off Great, But...

Grigori: A Royal Dragon Romance (Brothers of Ash and Fire) - Monique Patterson, Lauren Smith

Grigori Barinov is the eldest in an ancient line of dragon shifters and the guardian of his family’s lands and fortune. Sworn to protect their history and magic, he won’t rest until he neutralizes any threat to their existence. When he discovers an ancient manuscript that exposes his family and their dragon lineage has fallen into a mortal woman’s hands, he knows he must get the book back by any means necessary. If that means seducing a nosy American woman with an intoxicating scent, he is more than willing to carry her off to his palatial home deep in the heart of Russia.

This book started off great. I liked the premise and I liked Madelyn. I also liked Grigori. My problem was their initial reactions with each other. Grigori’s character once Madelyn wakes up just rubbed me the wrong way. I do like books with the soul mate aspect, but that just dragged down my opinion.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Story and Characters

Lost in You - Lauren Dane

Joe was tired of everything. His dog Buck was next to his bowl sleeping. Normally if he heard Joe’s keys he came running but he’d had enough today. Joe wished he could lie next to his bowl with a bottle of beer and sak out for hours too. The town of Petal had been part of Joe for his entire life. He’d come home. Even when he’d been halfway around the world he hadn’t been too far from Petal’s streets. So when he  got his motorcycle he knew exactly where he wanted to ride. Joe would find a routine. Get his dad some help. Get his business set up and running. Maybe even date or at least have sex. But for now the road have to be enough. Beth hadn't seen much of Mary Poppins as a kid and now it was one of her favorite movies. Her parents weren’t much for Disney movies for their kids. They also didn’t have a VCR or anything like that. She discovered the movie when her brother William’s oldest child came along. Joe pulled into the yard. Joe was the older bad boy Beth’s brother used to run around with. Joe came in the yard to talk to William and Beth told him she would see him around and she would make sure she did. Beth’s best friend was Lily who was engaged to her brother Nathan. Beth had decided to go to Joe’s house and say hello as she hadn’t bumped into Joe any of the times she tried to. Beth had come along way from the girl who had to make due with thrift store and garage sale stuff. Tate even went dumpster diving when she had to for her siblings needs. Now she was a business owner, had a nice apartment, her frige and pantry had food and the last time she hid from a drunken argument was years before, the last time she’d went to her parents house. Lily was raising her teenage brother Chris since her parents split and her mother sunk into drugs. Chris was having a hard time. tate-Beth’s older sister was doing Beth’s hair and said you know William is going to break something internal when he finds out you set your cap Joe. Joe’s reputation is less than stellar. Although William said Joe had changed alot since he left Petal and he came back to help his parents and nothing is in it for him. Joe had just started an auto repair shop. Beth thought Joe was really hot. Joe thought Beth looked better than a body had a right to a couple of weeks ago when he seen her. Now she was even hotter in a red dress and her hair done. Joe had found his dog Buck in a dumpster as a small pup. Someone had thrown him away. Joe had bottle fed Buck until he was stronger. He told beth about it as Buck went up to her and she was scratching him behind his ears.  She bought Joe some cookies and brownies and an invitation to Lily and nathan’s wedding. Than Beth said Joe could take her to lunch at The Sands so they could catch up. Beth said she’d be at the salon over there. Which Tate, Anne and Beth owned. Tate and Anne did most of the hair work while she did the books. She also did the occasional shampoo if needed. Beth ran errands, handled supply orders and pretty much anything else. The sisters were so close and used to having to work together that it was smooth and efficient. Joe’s father had deteriorating mental health and that is what brought Joe back now. He just had a call from his mother his dad-Carl- had got upset and left in PJ bottoms so Joe got up and dressed it was just midnight to go look for his father. Beth Joe was super hot in the bad boy, works-with-his-hands, has a scruffy beard way. Beth’s type of guy. She knew he had done four tors of duty in Iraq. Beth walked in and saved Joe from the floozie Dolly saying it was time for their lunch. Joe ran into hre, and had less and less defense against her charm. She was charming and hot. But also his best friends little sister. After running into Lily and Nathan and Beth at the Mexican restaurant, he gave Beth a ride home. She had told him to go get Buck. he wanted to be with her and she wanted to be with him and they were both adults. What Joe felt for Beth was far more than sexual curiosity. Joe and Beth had sex and seen each other as much as they could.

I loved this book. It was a great read with drama, family, and love. I loved joe and Beth together and how they interacted. I couldn’t believe it when Joe dumped Beth and in front of everyone. I understood his turmoil but that was still a horrible thing to do to her. Especially when they were so good for each other. My heart broke for Beth. i felt like I was there with everyone. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the plot and pace. I absolutely loved Tate and all she was to her siblings especially Beth. I hope to get to read the next book of this series. I loved how close Beth and her siblings were and how they all turned out after the horrific upbringing they had. I loved  the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.