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The Lesson Plan (Extra Credit Book 3) - Charlotte Penn Clark

Noah is a classics student sent to extra credit  for staging a protest sit in. Extra credit is a pilot class that students go to in penance for bad behavior. Noah lives his life like a eighty year old man. References to latin and greek are all he knows. Holly is his complete opposite - a computer science student. She is in Extra Credit for  hacking into the school computer. Noah is tongue tied and quiet around Holly and Holly has no filter and is fiesty. Their solution to their issues is to live a little in each other’s world and live more n the physical world.. Holly has a boyfriend and is in a long distance romance. But she is not sure all is great between her and her boyfriend.  Noah is already half in love with Holly. Noah and holly can talk about anything with each other but their feelings. Rachel and their friends encourage Noah and Holly to go further with their relationship. Holly is totally unaware of the effect she has on Noah. But Noah is good at hiding his feelings especially since he doesn’t want to lose his friendship with Holly.     

I had mixed feelings on this novella. But I did like Holly was the computer nerd and Noah was the quiet shy one. I advise you to read the other books in this series in order so you know the other students involved in this book. I did like how Naiah and Holly interacted with each other.  I did enjoy watching Noah and holly’s relationship grow.I did however feel like this was lacking something. I felt this geared toward the younger teens. I think Noah was just a little too passive for me. This dragged at times for me. As I said I had mixed feelings on this.

Great Story and Characters

Talen: A Dark Protectors Novella - Rebecca Zanetti

Cara and Talen have been a mated couple for twenty five years. Cara and Talen are Vampires.  They have two children and one granddaughter. Garett is their twenty five year old son and walked into Cara and Talen making love  Garrett’s best friend was a demon named Logan. Cara had been sick for decades but had newfound health with the cure that had been found for Cara. Cara and Talen have been charged with delivering genetic material- tissue samples  that could hold a lot of answers to unmating Vampires. The Realm is suppose to be at peace. A peace between shifter, vampires and demons. But then Cara and Talen are attacked. Maggie and her pack come to Cara and Talen’s rescue when he calls for help. As demons were after him and Cara. They find out it was .the Sadovsky group of demons out of Alaska . Talen has to figure out what they want from Cara. Especially since the Realm is suppose to be at peace.I really loved this novella . I loved the action and adventure in this novella. I loved the pace and the plot. I also chuckled while reading this at times. I did wish this had been longer. I advise you to read the series in order before reading this. I loved the reaction Garrett had been coming in to see his parents having sex. I also loved how talon was so protective of Cara and how much he loved her after twenty five years. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this and I highly recommend.

not for me

When to Engage an Earl (Spinster House) - Sally MacKenzie

Alec was the earl of Evans rode up to his country estate . he had left the little village of Loves Bridge after he attended the weddings of his two friends -Marcus who was the Duke of Hart and nate who was the Marquess of Haywood. After that he spent the last two months wondering the Lake district alone and feeling envious his friends had found - his friends who had been trying to avoid marriage. Alec had been jilted by Lady Charlotte - while away Alec vowed to leave that part of his life in the past. He wanted a quiet restful sort of female who wouldn’t busy herself  about his or other people's affairs. He would He would shop the Marriage Mart, attend the balls, and house parties and talk to every eligible lady. Then as he got close to his home his niece rachel yelled his name which meant his sister Diana was at the hall. Diana was five years older then Alec and would notice Alec’s blues and figure it out and assemble a bunch of eager matrimonial candidates before he knew it. Diana had eight daughters and wa sagain pregnant Alec hoped this one was a boy and his brother in law Roger finally got his son and heir. Then Alec learned his mother was also at the hall, Alec decided he didn’t want to deal with his mother and decided to return to Loves Bridge. The village wanted the carnival special as it way be the Duke’s last one as his family was cursed and each male died before his heir was born. Ellen’s friend Catherine/Cat was married to the Duke. Cat was one of Ellen’s two best friends her other was Anne who married the Marquess of Haywood. Jane found she was envious of her friends even though now she had the Spinsters house to herself to live alone in. Jane was yelling at the man who owned the traveling zoo and Alec stopped and offered his assistance. After he asked Jane to tea and she took him back to the Spinsters House. Alec decides he wants Jane but he is afraid she won’t want him. Jane does like the Earl. The Spinster House is a house set aside for a lady wishing to be a spinster who can live there free and not be forced to marry. Jane had wanted to go to the Spinster House to get away from her brother and she had no interest in marriage. Jane felt feelings and attraction to Alec but she decided she wanted her freedom more. When he proposed to her jane turned Alec down. As time passed she came to regret that decision.

I read this and it was okay but not a favorite of mine. I did chuckle while reading this at times. I also advise you to read the other books in this series in order. At times I got bored with all the conflicts. I also didn’t feel the romance between Alec and jane. I am sure others will love this just really wasn’t for me.

Good Characters and story

Black Tie Optional - Ann Marie Walker

Olivia thought how just like clockwork the SUV came to a stop alongside the curb as it stopped a full alne of Chicago's morning rush hour to a grinding halt.  Then Coleman/Cole Grant III gets out of the vehicle to get the same extra hot double shot Americano from the same big chain coffee shop. It looked like Cole ran Nasa from the back seat of the vehicle not just a business. The commute from his Gold Coast penthouse to his loop headquarters was less than two miles. Everything about Cole oozed power and sex. Olivia went to Cole and he said most people simply make an appointment with his assistant. Olivia said she had tried but for some reason his schedule was always full. Olivia had no plan to stop the sidewalk sessions until Cole agreed to her demands or he filed a restraining order. Olivia was fighting for the northern long-eared bat. Then coleman said they were really the most vile creature had she ever considered taking up the fight for  a more appealing animal. Then Cole handed Olivia a cup of coffee. Olivia wondered if Cole thought he could charm his way out of the hot seat? Olivia had spent her entire adult life and most of her teens speaking on behalf of those who couldn’t. As he got in the car Cole flashed her a grin that could have made her drop her latte also her panties if she didn’t find him to be lacking if not only morals and ethics but quiet possibly a soul. Olivia's best friend was Cassie and they were going to Vegas. Cole went to the hospital to see his sister Rebecca. He hated seeing her in a hospital bed as tubes dripped and machines beeped. But for Rebecca it was business as usual. Cole reminded her she needed to rest. Then he left. Cole made a trip to vegas and it happened to be the same time Olivia was there. Olivia and Cole run into each other and they get drunk and end up in bed together. They had planned to keep everything in Vegas that had happened. But Cole needed to be married to beat the clause in his father's will. The business Cole had  build up and put so much into. Otherwise his grandmother would get the business. Cole suggest he and Olivia marry then she would save that bat and he would get the business. So they married in front of an Elvis look alike. Cole met Olivia's parents and saw how much they still loved each other and he thinks maybe this is something he could want. Cole had never really been part of a family as he had been brought up by servants and nanny’s.

I enjoyed this book. It was a fast cute read. But I do think there were a few too many conflicts entered into this book. But I loved how Olivia was not intimidated by Cole  and she told what she thought including of him. I did feel the ending was rushed. I liked the plot and pace. I laughed at times while reading this. I loved the way Olivia and Cole interacted with each other. I really enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Watching You - Leslie Kelly

A red headed woman jogging in the beach and the entering the gallery caught Reece’s attention. Reece’s Aunt Sharon had no idea who she was Sharon checked with Sid and the girl was trying to help sister have a profession show of her sculptures.. Jessica was the redhead and her adopted sister was Liza. Jess’s mom had died when she was nine and she went into the system and luckily eventually she was adopted by Liza’s family. Sharon looked at the pictures of Liza’s work and thought they were really good. Reese was a famous film director. He had backed Sharon in the gallery and was a silent partner but Sharon had an eye for good work but Reece and his brothers would do anything for their Aunt Sharon. Sharon had helped raise the brothers after their mother had been committed. Liza was the person Jess cared most about in this world. Jess had not dated anyone in a long time as her last relationship hadn’t ended very well.her ex Johnny had been unhinged and stalked Jessica.But it had been quiet for two months. Jess was still in college as she had to go part time at “ Hot buns”   and worked at bar Reece had been in New Mexico when he got a call from his brother Rowan who was a cop that his house had been burnt down and the fire inspector said it was arson. Luckily he had given the Scots who worked for him two weeks off and his brother had his dog. Reece flew back and then Reece wanted to go see his aunt. Reece had abad stalker who had found out where he lived and had been leaving notes for him in his security gate. Reece and Rowan were twins and had a younger brother Raine who owned a security business they protected young stars. Rowan asked Reece if he thought they were charmed and reese said not to say that. The brothers had a rough past and Rowan did a better job moving beyond the dark episodes of the past then Reece. Reece was a man of long vision not the quick immediate scene. Jess’s dream was to be an academy award winning original screenwriter. Then there was the show for Liza at the Gallery Jess could feel someone watching her and it had been Reece. He finally came up behind her and talked to her and offered to show her the piece he had already bought of Liza’s art but it was upstairs. Jess did go upstairs with Reece and the piece was a nude sculpture as that is what Liza did and it was Jess pleasuring herself except Jess would only let her use her from the neck down as her model. But Reece had instantly knew it was Jess. Reece had inspired dreams and fantasies through out Jess’s teen years when she used going to the movies to get away from the foster house she was in until she got adopted by Liza’s family. Being Reece Winchester's unfiltered interest was a feeling unlike any Jess had experienced before. There was something magnetic about this man. Jess had been the object of reese.s object of fascination for two months since seeing her jogging. When Reece and Jess were upstairs close to having sex Sid brought a photographer up but Reece handled it and had Sid fired. Then Jess realized there was a security camera in the room and she had seen Reece look at it, Jess was furious and felt Reece was no better than Sid the pervert. Reece tried to tell Jess he was going to have the camera erased as soon as he could. Jess wouldn’t listen then a shot came through the large glass window Reece covered Jess with his own body and all he cared about  was protecting Jess and her safety.

I absolutely loved this book. It was a great read with everything you could want in it as far as i am concerned. I loved the plot and the pace. I loved how Reece and his brothers were so close and always there for each other no matter what. This caught my interest from the beginning to the end. I loved the drama and mystery and danger in this book. I could find nothing to criticize in this book. I loved Reece and Jess together. .I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I highly recommend.

Good Story and Characters

Not That I Could Tell - Jessica Strawser

Five females from the neighborhood met in Clare’s back yard no kids or men they woman had baby monitors with them yet still felt free and the drank wine and got a little drunk.  Izzy was the newest to the neighborhood. Izzy got toasted and told her neighbors all about Josh who had been her best friend but she fell in love with him but he fell for and married her younger sister. The next morning the women felt the effects of drinking and what they had said while drinking. Then the women learned one of the women who had been with them last night Kristin and her four year old twins had disappeared. Kristin gave no hint of any problems the night before. The knew she was divorcing her husband Paul who was a doctor. Kristin was the type that was on top of everything and had everything handled. When the police searched Kristins computer it did reveal that there were several visits to domestic violence sites.   No one had seen Kristin leave but all her personal things were gone as well as the twins favorite toys. Then Paul left the apartment he had lived in and moved back in the house. Clara and Kristin were best friends and Clare had no idea what happened to Kristin. The police’s prime suspect was Paul but they couldn’t find anything so the case went cold.

I enjoyed this book it was a quick easy read. I really liked the fast pace and plot. I liked how as the women got drunk they told things about themselves that they normally would say nothing about or not as much. Then the next day regretted what they had revealed about themselves. I loved the five women so enjoyed their night even if they were only in Claire’s yard.  This reminds the readers nobody's perfect no matter how it appeared. I liked the surprise ending. I didn’t want to put this down from the beginning to the end. I really liked how the author had some back story at the beginning of every chapter. The book has: relationships. Neighbors, a drunken night, a missing woman with four year old twins, secrets, betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and suspense, frustration, small town life, drama, and so much way. I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.

Great Story and Characters

Flight of the White Wolf - Terry Spear

Gavin was a PI who had been a Seattle cop before he was a PI. He was also an artic shift shaping wolf. He and his fellow PIS had been bitten and turned. Gavin hated flying as he had been in an airplane crash when he had traded places with a very pregnant woman and had been taken hostage at a jewel heist. But Gavin had to sometimes fly for a case. Eleanor Dylon was a cosmetic heiress and she says she is sure her husband is cheating on her but he has to be caught so she could start a divorce and keep all her inheritance. Her husband Conrad was going on a company canoe trip and all provisions were being provided. So Gavin had to fly in and catch Gavin . Gavin and his fellow PI’s had a thriving business going. Eleanor said gavin had to be the one to take this case as she had looked into him and said gavin had an outstanding track record. Gavin’s pilot ended up being Amelia as her father had to take out a different group. Then the plane malfunctioned and crashed. But before it sank they got out and some provision even a big Saint Bernard pup. Gavin couldn’t believe he had been in a second plane crash. Then he realized why the other woman looked so familiar  as she was the one flying the plane in the first crash. Gavin doubted Amelia but she also doubted him but soon they believed each other. Gavin also found out Amelia was white arctic wolf and was born a shape shifter and was called royal as was her family. There was a strong attraction between Amelia and gavin. Soon Amelia said she would be Gavin’s P I assistant.

Excellent book and I loved it. I loved the plot and the pace and the paranormal part and didn’t want to put this down. This kept my attention form the first page until the last. I loved Amelia and gavin together . I felt this was a well written white arctic wolf romance with just enough intrigue and drama added to it. I love Terry Spears novels and this one didn’t disappoint. I hope to read many more. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I highly recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Playing the Pauses - Michelle Hazen

Kate was the new tour manager for the Red Letters - and up and coming band. She had become the new tour manager when the original one ended up in the hospital and at the very last minute and that was hard. She will be whatever she has to be for the next six weeks to pull off a successful tour. Kate is a walking life support system for rock bands. The Red Letters have three musicians in it. One female who was Jera who was on drums and wrote songs , then there was Danny the bassist who could also write songs, and Jax was on guitar and sang vocals and he he also could help write songs.Danny is also a tattoo artist.  Concert tours were hell on performers - they got put through the wringer - rocketing from the euphoria of the shows to the boredom of mundane travel. Kate has to now cram months of prep work into eighteen hours before the first show and finds the old manager had went was over a logical budget and changes would have to be made or the tour would end up in deeply in the red by the end of it. Kate had to be the one to fix it and tell the band. Kate is very attracted to Danny but knows he has to be hands off. Jera has a boyfriend at home and the are helping raise his little sister Maya. Kate has morals although she doesn’t apply them to the musicians she works with. Then Danny lets Kate know Jax just quit UPS so he is jonesing for something to organize. Kate’s kryptonite comes in two flavors- the first and most strictly forbidden is musicians and the second is dominant men and Danny is both. Kate swore off musicians two years ago. Kate was still building her career and couldn’t afford an affair with one of the band members that might get messy. Danny told Kate he would take care of his band and she do the paperwork. Then Kate has to tell the band this tours organization was a disaster. Kate says she needs to speak to  the band's manager and finds out it is Jera’s father she says she needs hi authorization to make some major changes and explains why. They need to let some people go, add some tour dates, get tour buses and not fly everywhere. They also needed to reduce production they were carrying. Kate told them they could fire her but that wouldn’t change the problem. Kate couldn’t help herself Danny was everything Kate wanted and shouldn’t have. They became lovers but Kate had her rules one was no one was to know about them as she knew what she had to lose.

I loved this book and didn’t want to put it down and didn’t except when I absolutely had to. I loved Danny and Kate together. I loved Jera and Jacob together and how much they loved each other . I also loved Maya. I loved the plot and the pace of this book. I loved how this book showed how very rough touring can really be especially when a band is just taking off. I liked the BDSM aspect as it was done tastefully and was informative about this lifestyle. I could not find anything to criticize and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

Good Characters and story

Helping Her Remember (The Crawford Falls Series Book 1) - Kate Carley

Dylan looked at his friends- Lacey, Hawk, Bryann, Grady, Talia and his best friend Jesse. They all watched his reaction upon learning Kelly had moved back home. Dylan went over and helped Kelly Anne empty her U-Haul  and met her son AJ. He didn’t know A J was also his son. Seven long years Kelly Anne had been gone and she had been Dylan’s only love. Dylan still loved her. Dylan was determined to get her back. Dylan never knew that Kally had seen him with the other naked girl and heard him also putting her down then she had left town with a shattered heart. She then learn she was pregnant by the man who had taken her virginity and who she  had loved. Dylan and his friends met every week for coffee and to catch up. Dylan’s family owned an apple orchard and Dylan and his older brother Jake ran it and take turns taking care of their father. Dylan was an alcoholic but had been sober for four years now. Dylan told Kelly Anne he loved her and wanted her back. Kelly then told Dylan she had seen him and heard him put her down before she left town. Kelly knew she had to tell Dylan A J was his son as he was intelligent and would figure it out especially now he was A J’s little league coach. Kelly had never gotten over Dylan and still reacted to him whenever he was near. Kelly was now a nurse and her passion was seniors with dementia. Kelly was at the little league game watching AJ play afterwards Dylan’s dad Ras said hoe AJ was just like his dad at that age and looked just like Dylan. Ras innocently let it be known AJ was Dylan’s son and then Kelly admitted it to Dylan. Dylan was furious as kelly asked if they could still meet later to talk but dylan was too mad and hurt and just said he would pick his son up the next day to start to get to know him. He also added Kelly had better tell AJ Dylan was his father before he picked AJ up. The next day Dylan took AJ and then for lunch they went to the original homestead. AJ hit it off with his grandfather Ras.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Dylan and Kelly Ann together. I loved how Dylan forgave Kelly Ann and even understood when he had time to think about everything and how his drinking had been.this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride . I like the way the author handled teen pregnancy, teen alcoholism, guilt, dementia, and a lot more. I love how Kelly’s girlfriends forgave her for leaving without a reason or goodbye. I  liked the plot as well as the pace. I loved how Jesse had Dylan’s back no matter what. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

Didn't Like The Characters

Never Dare a Wicked Earl (The Infamous Lords) - Renee Ann Miller

Hayden Milton is a well known rogue. When he’s shot by an ex-mistress, he’s stuck recuperating at his townhouse. His ornery personality has him going through physicians. When a nurse is the next to show, Hayden absolutely refuses to let her take care of him. When Sophia dares him to let  her stay for 10 days, he can’t resist. He also can’t resist acting his roguish worst to get her to leave.

I didn’t like this book at all. It was very much over the top with Hayden’s actions and started with Sophia’s insta-lust over an unconscious patient. I felt that every way she acted was exactly why women weren’t allowed to be doctors.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Great Book and Great Characters

Heat - Donna Grant

Nikolai is a dragon shifter who has a special gift of instant memorization. Because of that, he is very solitary. There is one person he doesn’t want to stay away from and when Esther asks for his help, everything in his world will change.

This was the next novel in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. As with the others, it didn’t disappoint. I loved it. I loved Nikolai and really loved Esther’s journey. She had appeared in other books, so I was happy she got an HEA. Giving us a different perspective of Ulrik makes me want his book to hurry up and get here! Poor Rhi! She has been my favorite character throughout all of these books and this one had me wanting to punch something for her. It’s driving me nuts not knowing her dragon! I can’t wait for the next book.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

A Little Disappointing

Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra - Anne Rice, Christopher Rice

This is the decades-awaited sequel to Anne Rice’s The Mummy. I was so excited to read it that I had to go and buy the first part and read it first. The first one was almost as good as her vampire books (nobody can top Lestat in my eyes!). Unfortunately, this one wasn’t as good as The Mummy. It character hopped a lot and dragged a bit during the first half. Because of that, I had to keep putting it down and read something else. I know she wrote this with her son, so I don’t know if she wrote half and he wrote half or what, but it was a bit disappointing. The writing was still great, just took too long to get through.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Didn't Like It

The Bookworm and the Beast - Charlee James

Izzy Simon accepts a 2 week assignment to assist a children’s book author. He’s the gruff to her cheerfulness. She eventually starts to wear on him and he finds himself bending a little bit to her ways.

I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, it reminded me very much like a book I read about a year ago. Same set up, situation, and personalities. Because of that, it made it very hard for me to get into it.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Not Bad

Lies Jane Austen Told Me (Proper Romance Contemporary) - Julie Wright

Emma has been in love with Mr. Darcy ever since she read Pride and Prejudice. When the man she thought to be her Mr. Darcy turns out to be more like George Wickham, her whole world is shaken. However, there may be more to her brother than he seems.

As a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice, I had to give this a try. I’ve read some hits and some misses when it comes to other authors, but am always willing to try a new author. This one was kind of in the middle for me. At different times, the characters were a bit annoying misunderstandings just went on a bit long for me. Overall, not a bad book. I would like to try more books from this author.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

not for me

Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

12 years earlier- Jen didn’t care about popularity as she went through the halls of Green Hills HS. She had played the lead- Sandy- in the HS adaptation of Grease. She had dyed her hair blonde, wore tight pants and for now she was wanted. Normally Jen was the outcast not that she wanted to be a nobody it was just so much easier not to care. TJ was in Jen’s history class and she had been crushing on him . He was a hot rich nerd. Present day- Jen was at her moms checking on her.Also jen was checking her bank account hoping it hadn’t bounced so far she was ok. She had lost her job at the Maple Springs Community Theater due to Federal funding cuts. Jen hated being broke but until her Broadway dreams came true or the sugar daddy's quit evading her it was probably her destiny.  Jen took the brunt of her mother’s frustration with her life. Jen and her mother really didn’t know how to love each other. Her mother had battled cancer for the last year or so and gave up drinking and smoking but then was still another cyst. Jen was trying to show her mother she cared by showing up daily taking her to the doctor when she needed to go. Making her food or whatever she could do. Sometimes jen wanted to stand on the side of the highway and hitchhike her way out of this life.  Jen had crushed on TJ during middle and HS now she worked for his and his buddies companyStag for several years now as a bartender and recently a temporary receptionist. Jen didn’t have a lot of friends especially female but she really liked Charlotte who was one of TJ’s partners -Dean- and friend’s girlfriend. What Jen didn’t know was when TJ looked at jen all he seen was curvy hips, plump red lips, and colorful tattoos of flowers and fairies. She was an enigma.

I just couldn’t really get into this book. I felt like Jen had a big chip on her shoulder she needed to get rid of. TJ was nice to her and all she usually did was taunt him that was just very immature. Jen had been into TJ since HS but you couldn’t tell by the way she acted as far as I am concerned she was suppose to be an adult. Jen and TJ just don’t jell for me as a couple. If anything TJ is too nice for her. I also felt the end was too rushed. This just wasn’t for me.

great book and great characters

Promise Me Always - Rhonda Shaw

Danny’s nickname was D and his rap persona was DOA. He was famous  rap star now. But as a young man he had accepted help from Terrell and thought of joining his gang but he would have to kill a rival gang member and Danny wouldn’t do it. Terrell let him walk away but told him he would be watching real close and one day when Danny really cared about something he couldn’t live without Terrell would be there and take it. Danny was now in rehab ghe had almost died when he OD'd on Xanax. And Dollar who was his manager/best friend had found him. Danny wanted to change for himself but more he wanted to change for her - Gabrielle - be someone she could be proud of.  She wouldn’t understand the need to use drugs to get through the day. It had been six days since the horrible night at Sanctuary when he had shattered her heart.Gabrielle- just thinking of her name caused Danny’s chest to ache and his heart to pound. Often Danny wanted to find her but then he also remembered what Terrell had said and danny couldn’t /wouldn’t chance it.  Danny remembered Gabrielle’s big green eyes and smile- it took one look and he was hers even though Danny knew she was out of his league. But Danny couldn’t resist even though it was the last thing he wanted.  Gabrielle had just moved into the neighborhood and Danny stuck up for her a couple of time one time he had saved her from Terrell and his gang then he walked her to dance class every night so she was safe. Danny had reached LA with his boys Dollar and Big T and somehow he had made it big. Big T was head of danny’s security now as well as his personal assistant.  Danny still had the journal Gabrielle had given him on their first Christmas together with the embossed D he had filled the journal many times and refilled it with paper and the wear and tear shown but Danny but Danny was determined to have the journal with him until he died. He wrote his lyrics in it.  All danny’s dreams had come true but he wasn’t happy as he had never gotten over or forgotten gabrielle not in six long years. Dollar had pushed danny every step of the way every since that first night he had heard Danny  in a freestyle rap battle  at Sanctuary club in their old stomping grounds. Dollar became dedicated to doing whatever he could to make danny a star and keep him that way. Gabrielle had moved in with brad after dating him for six months and that helped relieve the financial burden of being a single parent to her daughter Dani who was Danny’s child that he didn’t know about and she had tried to tell him but Dollar had deleted her messages and danny had never seen them. Dani shared her mother’s passion for ballet- at one time Gabrielle’s dream had been to be a famous ballerina but then she got pregnant for Dani and dropped out of school. Being with Brad allowed Gabrielle to work at home and be there for Dani.   One night several cars were at Brad’s apartment it turned out to be Danny as Brad’s company was suppose to work with him if Danny signed the contract but then Danny was stunned with Brad called her out and then had her bring dani out. Danny knew the mirror image before him was his daughter and he was furious Gabrielle had never ;let him know about her. Gabrielle had went to school with Kat and then they were in ballet together and now Kat was Gabrielle’s best friend when Gabrielle left brad’s because she realized all he really cared about was himself and his big ego she went to stay with Kay she had nowhere else close to go. Then Danny found out and demanded she and Danny come to live with him where they could be safe and have what they need. He also wanted Gabrielle back and to become a family.

I loved this story. It was an easy quick very enjoyable read. I finished it in one day but then I had problems putting it down also. This book had my interest from beginning until the end. I loved Danny and Gabrielle together. Dani just added to the whole story. There was a lot of emotion in this romance and drama but it all just fit together. I loved the plot and the pace. I don’t usually like going back and forth between the past and the present but the author did this in such a way that i didn’t mind at all. I did choke up at times while reading this book. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book and that was great. I loved the character and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.