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Great Story and Characters

The Innocent's Forgotten Wedding - Lynne Graham

The Italian husband she can’t remember…or resist! 
After a terrible car crash, Brooke can’t remember her own name—much less her wedding day! Finding irresistible Lorenzo Tassini at her bedside—and a gold band on her finger—is shocking. 
Honor-bound to care for his estranged wife, Lorenzo whisks her to his luxury Tuscan villa. But Brooke’s nothing like Lorenzo remembers! Her sweetness surprises him, as does the chemistry between them, blazing like never before. Stunned to discover her virginity, Lorenzo must uncover the secrets of the woman wearing his ring… 

It was a fast, easy romantic read. I loved Lorenzo and Milly together. I loved the ending and how everything turned out. I felt this was a feel-good romance. I didn’t like Brooke’s character at all, but I don’t believe we were supposed to. She was selfish and only cared about herself, didn’t even care about her half-sister, who so desperately wanted her to love her. I loved this book and its characters. I highly recommend it. Great summer read.  

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book