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A Wicked Hunger - Kiersten Fay

Vampires run this city. Hell, they practically run the world. Despite her blurry past, Coraline knows just how dangerous they can be. All her life, she has strived to avoid them. But when her husband is murdered, and she finds herself targeted next, her survival suddenly depends on a devastatingly handsome vampire named Mason.

So, since I’m writing this a few months after I read the book, it took me a moment to remember the end, and then I remembered why I didn’t write the review at that point. The writing was good enough that I was ok with following the standard story and characters...and then the end happened. I don’t like cliffhangers and I didn’t like the twist that was thrown in and then no immediate conclusion. Since I did like it for the most part, I will most likely read the next part as long as it’s not another cliffhanger or crazy twist. 


**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book