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Great Story and Characters

The Merkabah Recruit - L.Z. Marie

One week earlier: The roundhouse kick sent the woman reeling to the edge. She staggered back and slipped on the algae. Her enemy lunged and swiped at her. The woman deflected the blow with her hand. Her other hand clutched the object that had the power to send her enemy to its doom. The enemy leapt high and two muscular legs shoved her over the edge into the jagged the jagged rocks below. The woman fought for breath, and her fingers were gripping the object she dared not let go on. It was her only weapon, one requiring time to reach critical mass. Time the woman didn’t have. Bouquets of wilted flowers lay on the mound of dank earth. There was no headstone no engraved script. A nameless grave for now. But the powerfully built man standing there knew . he knew secrets about the deceased noone would even have suspected . He strode from the grave. He had an appointment with the living . His heart felt like a two hundred pound weight sat on his chest. Not from guilt, but with an acute awareness of life’s futility as he arrived at his destination he realized only one solution would solve the problem caused by the death. He strode into the appointment and nodded to each of the six  somber faces already seated and waiting. A woman said she’s too young. The leader said obviously. Another woman said, “ you will endanger her life.” The leader said “No other choices are available.” Another said”we reviewed her file. The findings are impressive. She will be a valuable resource. But not now.” He nodded and said”I will handle this personally.” The room erupted in furious protests ..”.Failure means her certain death.” The leader replied he knew the cost. They ranted, scolded, and pled for almost an hour. The leader said he knew what he was doing. Friday- I saw red. Most people unwind from a long stressful work week. Not her. She was hunched over a stack of tragically written essays. No wonder she saw red. She decided to go home. She had heard footsteps than they slowed. A chill and a chill ran down her spine. She knew better than to work late in a building with no security. Someone had committed a brutal murder on the beach a week ago . Police said it roars of a drug deal gone wrong. The killing happened a few miles from the college. Than a voice said hello and a very handsome man filled her doorway. He said “ I need to speak to you Professor Daphne Sites.” he said “ I came to train you.” She said “Who are you?” He answered his name was S J. He set a small polished wood book on her desk and said “ You'll need this.” He said “I’m here to help you Daphney, please take the box.” S J said “ You don't trust me but this time  is wrong.” “I’m not dangerous… well not to you.” He then said he was sent to recruit her. She said “What university are you from?” he said “ I work for an organization that recruits and trains people with your particular skills.” S J said he knew she sensed the feelings and thoughts of others, he said she was an empath with special skills. He then said an empath feels others' emotions, but she did more than that. “You detect people in their true form. The time had come to perfect her ability. We know you perceive strange creatures in human form.” I really loved this book, It was fast paced with a great plot. I loved that a fairly ordinary woman who was an assistant English professor who is the one to fight a monstrous creature to save the world. I loved that the killing creature was a mystery for quite awhile. I didn’t want to put this down. The book caught my attention from the beginning and held it until the last page. I loved the action and mystery. There is a lot in this book: an almost English professor, bickering sisters, an ex hubby who wants to get her back, aman eating neighbor, demons, otherworldly news, mystery, danger, powers, a murdering creature, romance, and so much more.Oddly i felt a little bad for the creature when I found out why he does what he does. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend it.