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Great Story and Characters

The Billionaire’s Christmas Fiancée (Christmas with the Denton Billionaires Book 1) - Leslie North

Amelia was Joshua/Josh  Denton’s assistant. Amelia was his right hand woman and had been for two years. Josh told Amelia he needed her help planning an upcoming trip Josh and Amelia spoke probably fifty times a day , five times a day a week . It was the other two days a week that always left Josh curious about her- what she did, who she saw whether she was still sucking up the ice tea in the comfort of her own home. Amelia was any Chief Development Officer’s dream and he knew better than to mess up by probing too far into her personal life. If there was anything Joshua excelled at it was focus and the quickest way to ignore how attractive his effective assistant came through, hyper-focus on the task at hand . He told her cedar Grove Hotel and Spa was what they were working on. He pulled his browser open to the listings. He stalked these things daily, sometimes hourly.  It was the only way to get the jump on exciting new business properties to help expand his family empire. This one was particularly exciting . Joshua said it was his personal favorite Christmas destination as a child. Amelia said she knew that place, that she grew up down the street. The hotel was family owned and obviously the couple was looking for just the right buyer. So no matter the amount of money Josh was prepared to offer didn’t matter at all. They wanted a family oriented buyer. Josh asked if she knew the owners of the Cedar Grove Hotel. She said she didn’t personally but she thought their youngest had been a few years ahead of her. Than Josh asked if she were single. She said yes. The plans he wanted Amelia to make were for him to visit Cedar grove and woo the owners himself. He included Amelia in the mix and what if they happened to think she was his doting fiance? He started with she needed to hear him out. He wanted her to come with him and pretend to be her fiance. He said he would give her compensation when she protec=sted it was her home town and everyone knew her there. Amelia said Josh he wanted her to lie . Amelia said she wanted a promotion and wanted to be a location scout. Than Josh said he’d hate losing her but he knew the day would come. Josh said he’d give her the promotion. Amelia than told Josh they had a deal. Staying normal around Josh required a fair degree of compartmentalization. The guy was  sex on legs, and didn’t even know it. Her job was cushy and she was gunning for the upper echelon. Besides if she got out from under the penetrating stormy blue gaze of Josh, she might be able to find any other man attractive again and maybe even find a boyfriend. Until than she’d continue beating back her attraction for him. If there was anything Amelia strove to protect in her life, it was the fact that her career was her life and everything else came later. Amelia knew Josh better than a lot of other people in his life. Amelia decided having a hot fiance wasn’t so bad after all. For now at least. But Amelia did admit to herself she was in love with her boss.

I loved this book. I loved Amelia and Josh together and how they interacted. I was so happy when Josh told Stabn the truth. I loved that Josh didn’t want to hold Amelia back but wanted her with him. I loved the pace and the plot. I read this in one sitting as I couldn’t put this down. I loved how Amelia and her family were so close. I loved everything about this book and found nothing to criticize in it happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.