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Great Story and Characters

Somebody To Love - Wendy Vella

There was a lot in life Joe couldn’t stomach like grocery shopping, brussel sprouts.Bit asked Joe if he was ok and he told her he just wanted a guy’s shampoo. Joe studied the tiny woman standing at his side. He’d only ever known her as bit but she was actually Mrs. Rosemary Yardley. Bailey Jones had made an impression in his life the two years she was in it. But it had been fifteen years years and it was time to let her go. Then he realized it was Bailey and she realized it was Joe and said hello. He still remembered the last words she had said to him. Bailey had been the best friend he ever had and at thirteen Bailey understood him better than anyone.She had been the one person who believed in him. She had tired eyes now. He asked if she was here for a vacation and she said yes but she wasn’t sure for how long yet. They were strangers now. Of all the scenarios he had thought about this day if it ever came. It hadn’t played out like this. Joe thought they’d laugh, discuss the past like old friends. Instead they were uncomfortable with each other. Joe said he knew she was in Boston by Maggie who was proud of her famous friend.  Bailey said once famous that now she didn’t do that now. Joe shot her a puzzled look and saw that she wasn’t as composed as she seemed. Her eyes were darker, a sure sign she was emotional. Joe remembered that and so much more. Now she was a twenty eight year old beautiful woman. Joe said he heard she was wooing crowds. Bailey said no not for months. She also said she was taking a break. His friend Fin came up to him after Bailey had thanked him for his help. They had been friends for awhile, both had pasts that were best left behind. Joe had a feeling his life was about to be flipped on its head after leaving the store. Bailey tried to regroup after she left the store. She was no longer the thirteen year old girl who thought the sun rose and set because of joe. Friends for life he had said but eventually she’d realized how foolish she was to believe him. Maggie had kept in touch with her childhood friend Maggie by writing a letter each week. She had never asked about Joe because no one knew what they meant to each other. A year ago, her life had derailed and she’d been unsettled ever since. Three months ago she packed her things and took to the road but in her heart she knew she was heading here. Joe’s inner peace had been shattered two days ago when he found Bailey on the grocery store. Joe had open and now owned a bar. He bought the place five years ago and ran it. 

I loved this romantic read. I loved that Bailey found the strength to get out from under her grandfather. This was well written I rooted for Bailey and Joe from the minute they ran into each other in the store and even more so when she stuck up for Joe, each holding back how they really felt for each other. I loved the mystery and intrigue in this book. I loved that Joe’s and bailey’s connection was still there with sexual heat thrown in. there was a lot to this book: romance, danger, a controlling grandfather, drama , murder, ex fiances, intrigue, fame, villain, bad boy turned good, abuse, and soulmates. This had my attention from beginning to end.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.