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Great Story and Characters

A Wedded Arrangement (Convenient Marriages, #3) - Noelle  Adams

Savannah/Van wondered if her story looked like a cheesy romantic world. Smart-mouthed girl from the wrong side of the track meets spoiled rich boy. There is conflict, banter, and misunderstanding ensue until they both change for the better, overcoming their differences and coming together. Her story was like that except for the part about overcoming difficulties and falling in love. And the bliss. She hadn’t much of that over the past nine months. She had married. She found her own spoiled rich guy to marry. She had despised Lance Carlyle for most of her life. He was the only son of one of the richest families in Green Valley. He spent thirty four years getting everything he wanted. Savannah had got out of Green Valley as soon as she could. She had earned a college degree and an MFA in filmmaking but she moved back home at twenty six because her parents needed her.  Lance had never left town. His corporate consulting business was already thriving. Most of the time they acted like the other didn’t exist. But every now and again Savannah made a smart remark not quite under her breathe, which Lance always responded to. Savannah was surprised when last year Lance approached her last year with a proposal of marriage. Lance wanted nothing to do with his parents. Than his grandmother died and left him sole beneficiary of her fortune. To get the money he had to be married a year to get the money. So he found the most financially desperate women he knew

if he didn’t like her. Her parents were drowning in bills from her mother’s illness, Savannah was already drowning in student debts and credit card. On the day they married Savannah got a check for $200,000 which paid off her debt and her parents debt. On the day they signed divorce papers -three months from now-she’d get another check for the same amount. For the last nine months savannah had been living in Lance’s lakeside condo. Savannah was attracted to lance even though she didn’t want to be and didn’t like Lance. One thing she did have to do was attend functions with lance and act like they were in love. There was one condition Savannah demanded going into the marriage no sex - she didn’t want to be laughed at when Lance cheated on her since she was his wife. Lance was not happy about nine months of forced celibacy.  

I loved this book. It was a fun easy read. I loved Lance and Savannah together and how they interacted. I loved the pace and plot. I loved seeing Lance and Savannah both grow and work on themselves. I loved Savannah’s parents, they seemed so sweet. I thought it was sad that lance avoided his parents whenever he could but understood why. I didn’t like Lance’s father but liked his sister even less. His business was thriving but she was a condensating royal jerk!!! I was glad to see Lance defend Savannah against his father. Just so sad for Lance. I loved how Savannah comforted lance when they got home. I didn’t want to put this down unless I had to.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.