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Good Story and Good Characters

Finn (Anderson Billionaires #1) - Melody Anne

It had been three months since the bomb had ended Finn’s military career and he was dealing with the repercussions of the incident. For a man of action having any limiting whatsoever was something very hard  for him to swallow. He went to the hall he been summoned too but he was happy to see his brother Noah there. Noah said he didn’t know what this was about but he was told it was important. Brandon another of Finn’s brothers and the comedian of the family came in. Than Crew and Hudson walked in. All five  brothers were there. Finn was the oldest brother. Than Joseph Anderson filled the door of the conference room. The brothers wondered what the man who was basically royalty wanted with them. He owned half of Seattle’s businesses, provided ten of thousands of jobs, donated ten of millions of dollars. Each year, and ran many charity organizations. On top of that he was a family man. There were rumors he meddled, but noone had anything bad to say about Joseph Anderson. Joseph told the men their father had been his uncle. He said he took them away and they weren’t able to find the brothers. He also said their mother had called him on her deathbed , apologizing and explaining it all to him. That meant they were his family. He said he had an inheritance for them . their mother didn’t have much, but her wishes for them was to have a family and a true start in life. He didn’t believe in just handing something over, it has to be earned. Money comes and goes but in the end family is their legacy. He added “You’re my family and i want to know you. So I’ve come up with a project that we can work together. That means we can get to know each other and I get five new additions to my already beautiful family. I know you might need some time to think about this and I'm okay with that as well. You’re Andersons which means you’re stubborn as hell, but it also means I know you’ll make the right decision.” He added he wasn’t going to pry right than. They could meet at his place in three days once they’d had time to process this. He said here’s the project and his address. He looked forward looked forward to speaking more to them. But it was all of them or none as it was a family project. Finn is sin shock. He thought they were all alone in the world. Finding he had a large family threw him for a loop. Even though their father had been a monster, their mother had raised them with values, integrity, and morality. Noah said Joseph didn’t need them in his life so maybe he did want to get to know them if he’s putting this much effort to come up with a project. The brothers reached for the files and opened them. If they had known the storm that was descending on them, they might have run from that room without ever laying a finger on the folders Joseph had given them. Being the eldest, Finn had the most memories of hsi deadbeat, alcoholic, selfish father who had abused his wife and children , and hadn’t known the meaning of the word love. Finn wasn’t sure he wanted to know this family and he didn’t trust Joseph Anderson. When they got to Joseph’s house he said he wanted to know why Joseph was  doing this. He didn’t know them. He didn’t owe them anything. Why was he creating this massive [project that just so happened to fit all their careers? Joseph answered he believed in family. He also believed in hard work. He didn’t just pull the project out of the seat of his pants. It’s something very special to his katherine. When he discovered he had five nephews there was no one better for the job. Finn knew his brother wanted to do the project so he said okay, he thought they were up to the task. Brooke wasn’t your typical anything. She’d been called many things but never boring, never ordinary, and never girlie. She took pride in who she was, what she had accomplished and what she was still capable of achieving. She had grown up tough with her big brother Jack, who she had idolized. But she had just lost him in the military three months ago. She had fallen apart when the soldiers came to her door to tell her. But at least she knew he had been proud of her. Brooke was now lost. She wasn’t sure how to survive without her best friend, her coach, her family, her heart and soul. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be happy in a world where Jack didn’t exist anymore. Her town was small and she loved it. But if the rumors were true it was going to turn into a media circus. The Andersons had bought a huge parcel of land north of town and were beginning a massive project for veterans. She didn’t want the circus, but she was all for doing anything involving veterans. She was a veteran herself. There was no way she couldn’t be involved. Brooke stopped in the Martial Arts School and said she had to make sure her patients were being taught self defense correctly. Finn was there and the teacher and eh said he had seventeen years in the military. He said he would use her to show some self defense moves. Before he knew it she had him on the floor and though he reversed her hold he was completely surprised such a petite woman did that. He told his brothers later he was going to marry Brooke. 

I enjoyed this book. Brooke and Finn had hot chemistry. I loved Brooke and Finn together and how they interacted. I really liked that Brooke helped Finn. I think they both were in insta/love at first not love,especially Finn. I loved how Joseph was rich but very much a humanitarian and really treasured family. He wanted his whole family in love start their own family.  I loved the double POVs so you could know what both main characters were feeling when they were feeling it. My heart broke for Brooke losing her only family - her beloved brother. I loved Brooke had such a couple great friends since middle school. I really liked the plot and the pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.