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Great Story and Characters

Saving the Seal Baby Daddy - Leslie North, Katie Knight

When Maria Blanchard asked Navy Seal Trevor Daniels to father a child with her, no strings attached, Trevor had no idea just how explosive his chemistry would be with the fiery woman who had been a wallflower during their high school years. He vowed never to contact her again after the positive pregnancy test. A year later, when one of Trevor’s dark ops missions ends with the death of his captain and suspicions aimed at him, Maria’s the only investigator he knows who can help him crack the case.

This was a pretty good story that I enjoyed from the beginning. I really liked both characters, particularly Maria as my favorite books are the ones with strong female leads that are written right. I read through it pretty quickly. The story was interesting and the overall book was enjoyable. I recommend. 

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book