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Good Story and Good Characters

All I Want (Paradise Beach #2) - Tamara Lush

Lauren had one point-five million Instagram followers. Supposedly she was a travel influence, but she gets more clicks if she posts photos of herself in pretty places. Tens of thousands and more likes when she’s in a bikini. Tiresome, but necessary , if Lauren wanted to make money. Hopefully this trip will give her another boost too. She needs to convince the social media marketing team at the world's only seven star resort in Dubai that she deserved one of their coveted junkets. So far she had applied three times and been turned down twice. It’s a trip reserved for only the top tier social media influences, a group she had been trying to break into for months. In reality, Lauren was hired help, like a PR person. She’s selling other brands- swank hotels, swag bags, or transcontinental flights, Gio’s parties that are sponsored by luxury brands. Being an Instagram influence is exhausting, and lonely at times, but it beats being an assistant to a portrait photographer in frigid Chicago.  Of all the people back in the states Lauren misses her best friend Kate was the one she missed most, more than her own blood relatives. Kate had called to tell her Kate to join her and she was suppose to but than her mother was fighting breast cancer but she was only supposed to be there a couple of months. The nomad life is amazing but lonely as hell. Lauren was never in one place for long, so all of her friendships are superficial and transcontinental . Being a team with Kate was suppose to be incredible, and to be honest the thought of it had kept her sane the last couple of months. Max saw her looking at a piece of paper. She was probably lost as the signage sucks here. She is the first of the wedding guests. They had a mountain of work and here they were having the first hasting wedding at their half renovated hotel. It’s been two years since Max had been in a relationship and he admits he likes being single. But if he was half falling in love just looking at the woman…… Max thinks he will take care of the signs before the wedding right after he sends a million emails, hires a new landscaper, and talks to city hall and see if they need any more permits. Dad had left all these tasks to him. He couldn’t say no after his mother’s stress related heart troubles last year. He promised to oversee the renovations and get the highest price for the resort so his dad and mom could have the best retirement possible.  After Kate told her why Damien proposed to her Lauren was ok with the wedding. Then she asks Kate about Max after describing him. Kate told lauren she didn’t want to go there. She than said damien told her that Max always seems to fall for women who are unavailable because that way the women won’t interfere with his job. She told Lauren not to lead him on. Lauren is interested in a wedding fling. Max and Lauren go for a walk on the beach and stop at some beach cabanas and Max kisses her. After awhile Tate comes looking for Lauren Kate is on the jetty crying and refuses to talk to anyone but Lauren. Lauren goes to her gets Kate calmed down and falls into the Gulf of Mexico while breaking her ankle in the fall. The doctor told Lauren she was to take it easy for six weeks . but Lauren was suppose to be in Dubai in two. 

I really enjoyed this book It was an easy hot read. Max and Lauren had hot chemistry. I loved max and Lauren together and how they interacted. I liked the plot and pace a lot. I really enjoyed Max’s family, especially his mother. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother read. I really enjoyed Lauren and Kate’s relationship. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.