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Great Story and Characters

Fallen - Rebecca Zanetti

Brigid sat across from Raider Tanaka - who was a clean cut, upstanding, and unyielding  Even his perfect large tailored suit made him appear like a guy who daily helped old ladies across the street. Brigid  whispered “ You Look like a Fed.” Raider said “ I am a Fed . then she said she didn’t think they blended in. Raider said he thought that was the point Irish- the  nickname he gave her the first day they met. She told Raider she didn’t get why Angus sent them there just to have lunch. Raider said the boss always has a plan. Brigid enjoyed temporarily working for the ragtag Homeland Defense unit run by Angus Force,  but her job was hacking computer systems or writing code. Raider asked if she was finished with her food when she said yes he pulled her plate to himself Raider did not seem like the kind of guy to share someone else’s food. She figured him to be a dorky germaphobe, albeit a good looking one. He said “ When you grow up on the streets or in foster care you learned to take food where you can get it.” When she asked if he grew up in foster care he said yes. She wasn’t the one tough to figure out. Well that explained why he was such a control freak. Growing up in the system probably did that to a guy. She had to do something about her dangerous attraction to him. One of the other men- a bodyguard told Raider to leave while the man reached for his gun raider quickly bashed his head on the table and the man fell to the floor. Raiders easy and brutal violence shocked Brigid. Than a second man ran toward him drawing his gun out. Three punches and a quick twist and raider stood with the gun pointed at the back table. Raider tossed a business card on the table and said” Have your boss call me if he wants to get serious .” Than Raider backed toward briged and said “Door Now.” Raider told briged he had a feeling their mission went according to plan. As they drove away from the restaurant. After returning to D C they went to headquarters. Than a German Shepard named Roscoe came out of the office . Brigid relaxed when she saw Roscoe. Animals and computers code she knew. It was people who threw her. Roscoes mouth was red, Angus asked if it was Jack Daniels as the dog had a well known drinking problem and the dog spit out a gold plated lipstick . The dog had a thing for alcohol. Makeup, and highheels. Angus had previously been an FBI profiler. Now he headed up this ragtag division of HDD and almost to be able to read people’s minds. Did he have one clue who she was supposed to be? Angus said he had a new case. Than went and said “ Though the Irish mob no longer exists on Boston . there are criminal past associates of the mob that risen in the ranks and became threats Angus told Raider someone will be calling that  they are still creating to Raider. Angus said” Instead of working within as usual, or rather former hierarchy of the mob, these guys are outsourcing work to skilled computer criminals for everything.from laundering money to shipping schedules.’ Angus added “We have a lead on a group using a site on the dark web , they’re running drugs and I’m telling you. I think there’s more.” “ In fact I think I found what.” The dark web is nearly impossible to hack. “ I can’t find a site without knowing where it is.” Brigid said. The way to bringing down someone on the dark web is-” “Getting them to meet you in person.” Raider said. And added “Guess that’s my part of the op.” Angus said partially, there is something else.Warning trickled through Brigid, why she didn’t know. But her instincts rose instantly and she said “What?” Angus said he thought her father Sean was one of the key players. Brigid said “ You’re crazy. He’s a farmer. Always has been.” Angus told her he had been involved with the irish mob , more specifically the Coonan family, for years. Formative ones. Than he supposedly got out. But now we think he is back in and part of what is happening now.” Bridget told him he was wrong about her father. Bridget said her father would never talk to a Fed if he was dying. Angus said “ You’re going home to introduce your father to the man you are going to marry.” Raider than said Look like they were engaged. Now that she was his, he could finally figure her out. Force told Brigid he needed her to reach out to Wolfe’s new friend Dana. The journalist supposedly had begun working on a story about the Irish mob and credit card fraud. They needed her sources. They've met the woman the week before in Kentucky on another assignment and now she was Wolfe’s friend. Clarence Wolfe was the muscle of the unit and dollars to donuts he was insane. Or else he had a weird sense of humor. Raider said he won’t like you messing with her life. Angus said “He’s a good soldier and he’ll understand the mission. Well probably.” Than Angus said after she called Dana he needed one more thing from her today. There was a possible sighting of Henry Wayne Lassiter in malibu the other day, would she mind going into your computer room and checking it out? Brigid said  sure. The woman’s green eyes had captivated Raider from the first second, followed closely by the slight Irish brogue with a hint of Boston in it. The brogue was strong but the eyes were vulnerable. She tried to hide but Raider was the master of figuring people out. She was all wrong for him but the flashes of her she let slip out drew him. If she needed protection he could provide that. When Raider asked why now Angus answered he had a gut feeling their trafficking kids. Raider did not let anyone know Brigid kept him up nights. Angus said brigid craves stability. Her world was turned on its head when her mother died, and she was left with an absentee father who she’s estranged from . She wouldn’t be the first person to fall for the illusion of strength in a jackass. Angus said” If I let you continue this op , her safety is on you.” The pretty redhead ‘s safety had been on him the second he became her handler. Heat flashed through raider’s chest with the need to protect and shield her. A sense he’d only felt for his foster family before now.

Excellent book and I loved it. I loved the thrills, danger, suspense, and action. Half the time I was on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved raider and Brigid together and how they interacted. I loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved the ragtag Homeland defense team and how they were there for each other. I absolutely adored Rascoe and his issues. I can’t think of anything I could criticize in this book it was that good. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend it.