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Great Story and Characters

The Billionaire's Accidental Baby (Billionaires and Babies) - Leslie North

Brian O'Leary didn’t do patience well. The deal he worked tirelessly to orchestrate, the deal that would push over the threshold of billionaire. He had worked his entire life toward this moment. Than during a tour of his place Connie called his name and then ruined the deal for him. His dad had skipped out on him and his mom leaving them destitute and desperate. A ten year old Brian went out looking for a job. Connie was one of the top developers for the company but she was too friendly. The prince hadn’t liked her and called off the deal. Connie was fired. It seemed like everything Connie did was wrong or somehow unacceptable, or just outside the fringe of societally normal. She was at the bar closest to where she had worked and the bartender greeted her now ex boss. She wanted  to sneak out of the bar but her barstool squicked and her ex boss -Brian seen her. Brian told her to sit back down and ordered her another drink. After awhile Connoe said she should get going and Brian agreed but to go to his place, where they had sex. She had left sometime during the night. Two months later- Felicia was everything Brian should want. Successful. Rich. Blonde. Killer figure. The best part was her company is son the verge of making an enormous breakthrough in AI technology. Brian wanted a piece of that. He wanted to acquire Felicia’s company -stat. That was what he was going to bring up, to merge in both business and romance. The money part excited him, nut his one night with Connie still haunted him. But there was no other way to secure Felicia’s company without signing away his last name too. Still he thought about Connie way too much and he forbade himself from contacting her. Brian brought up the merge to Felicia and she liked it. Than his secretary said Connie was there and when she came in she told him she was pregnant by him. Brian said he would help her but he had to let his girlfriend know. 

Excellent read and I loved it. I loved Connie and Brian together. I loved Brian’s sister Meagan and how she was determined to be the baby’s doctor after it was born even if he wasn’t going to be a part of the baby’s life because of Felicia’s demand. I didn’t like Felicia from the start and then when she knew there was something wrong with her AI project she didn’t tell Brian. I loved that Connie was determined to have and keep their child. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.