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Good Story and Good Characters

One of Two (46. Ascending #6)  - Sherrie Cronin, S.R. Cronin

Lola Zeilman is a geophysicist who works for an oil company. She is also a telepath. Lola’s eldest daughter Ariel can see the future- could actually also see alternate futures. Her middle daughter Teddie could leave her physical body behind while sending her energy body to distant locations. Zane teenage son can morph his face and overall appearance to mimic other people. Alex- Lola’s husband can slow down or accelerate his personal experience of time. Each power has serious limitations. There is another group of telepaths gather by Warren Moore who can accurately sense and report the fears of the public for greed. . Than the fear is amplified and exploited for greed. They recognize lola’s powerful ability. Lola and her telepaths and other people with abilities have to be gathered to fight XO and defeat it.  Lola finds that her friends and family are in danger. 

I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed that Lola’s family was “normal” and close knit. I liked Lola being a middle age woman: a scientist. mother, scientist, and wife. The author’s political and moral stance do come through and should be better disguised or not really be in this book as some people may not enjoy that in a book. It didn’t bother me though. I advise you to read this series in order for a more informative and smoother read. I was pulled in from the start. I did stray at times as this could drag for me at times. But than they book would pull me back in. I got confused at times while reading this. I liked the plot. I loved the action and danger. I liked the different POVS, but as I said got confused at times. I really liked how these people pulled together and learned to work together for the good of the world. I did love being shown different cultures. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.