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Great Story and Characters

The Sheikh’s Wife Arrangement (The Safar Sheikhs Series Book 1) - Leslie North

Calla tipped her head back to look up at the King Of Amitabh. She was the royal seamstress for King Fatim. Calla was very tempted by King Fatim which threw her circle of professional experience right out the window with her attraction to the king. She hated correcting the king . Or anyone in his family. Really anyone. “Stand up straighter.” His chocolate eyes swept her away. And for a moment, their gazes locked. Electricity snapped through her. Nasser was the king's youngest brother, the youngest of three. Calla had only been working at the palace for a handful of weeks. But she had come to know the quirks of all three brothers very quickly. As the palace’s newest employee she wanted to gobble up everything. To establish herself as a royal seamstress, sure, but her path didn’t end there. The goal posts stood much farther away as Cala aimed for the esteemed position of royal designer, which would ultimately lead her to the ultimate goal within the next five years showing her designs at the world-famous Amitabh Fashion week for the first time in her life. She just had to keep her head down, work hard, and do an amazing job. And don’t let the king’s naughty area distract her. Near everything about King Fatim fascinated her. She wanted to see his angry side. Working on his wardrobe was one of the highlights of her job. Fatim fired the nanny for the way she manhandled his daughter. Calla offered to take care of his son and daughter-Rashad and Nara- so he could continue with his duties for the day. He told the king he could find them in the garden when he was ready. Yaret was King Fatim’s lawyer. He’d been king for nearly six years but he still struggled at times to keep his head from spinning right off his shoulders. Fatim had an interest in Calla he needed to squash and too many fantasies about tracing the curve of her bare butt with his hands. Yaret said there was an ancient decree that he must be married on his 30th birthday ceremony or step down from the throne. Fatim said” I was married I have an heir and a spare.” Yaret said but you aren’t married now. Yaret added they were lucky he caught it before the kings ceremony.  Fatim’s birthday is only two weeks away. His kids wanted a mother badly. His wife had died of cancer. For Fatim marriage needed to be a business move. Calla had taken the royal seamstress job because it was part of her forward -moving plan, the carefully arranged steps that lead her toward being an internationally recognized designer. Fatim asked her first to become the royal nanny at a doubled salary than he came to her and asked her to marry him and why and she decided to say yes. He said he would help her in anyway he could to achieve her goal/dream. 

I love this romantic book. I loved Calla and Fatim together and how they interacted. I loved how Fatim interacted with her Nara and Rashed.  Ms. North you did it, yet another great book including Sheikhs. I read this in one setting as I didn’t want to put it down. I loved Calla held on to her dream and also worked to fit in with the tribal wives and listened to them and told Fatim what they had said. I also loved how Calla would do anything to help Fatim. I was happy when Fatim finally opened himself up to love someone besides his brothers and children. I loved the plot and pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend this.