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Good Story and Good Characters

The Love Solution - Ashley Croft

Dr. Molly Havers was a research scientist and Professor Ewan Baxter’s research assistant. They were working on a project nicknamed “ Love Bug” project. The top-secret project was a revolutionary hormone designed to help humans bond. Than rectically it could make two individuals fall in love. Ewab didn’t have a romantic gene in his body. Her older sister sarah had told her several times Ewan was a lost cause. Sarah had taken on the role of surrogate mother since their parents had died in a car accident.  It was New Year's Eve and Molly asked Ewan if she could call it a day as she wanted to get ready for the party. She asked Ewan if he was going and he said he didn’t know. The party and the potential of getting drunk was her one hope of persuading Ewan to let his hair down. Molly added he was expected to be there. Molly said “ when you’re awarded the MBE in the New Years honor list people want to celebrate. Ewan didn’t have an ego and had refused to accept he was responsible for the labs pioneering work into parent and baby bonding among primates. Sarah loved with Niall and they had been together for two years, Niall was a paramedic. Sarah was supposed to stay at Molly’s for the night but she just found out she was pregnant and wanted to be home when he got off shift to share the news. When she came home she heard a noise upstairs and thought there was a theif in the house than she recognized Niall’s voice. She went up the stairs to their room and found him tied up by the ambulance driver Vanessa both were naked. Niall had been behind Sarah quitting her job at the band to start her own tiara making business she had only started a couple months ago. Molly had a crush on Ewan over a year now. Ewan hadn’t responded to any of Molly’s hints. After their parents had died it was sarah who had Molly on the rails and made sure she went to uni . Sarah who encouraged her and supported her through some of the darkest days of her life, of both their lives. Molly and ewan had kissed and then he just dropped her in front of everyone. The next day ewan called her into his office. After discussing the project, he told her he wanted to sleep with her but it would be unprofessional if he slept with her and started seeing her, than how could he supervised her and work with her. He said they were going to focus totally on their research, making this project a success, and publish their results. It would be a big thing for Molly to be associated with ewan baxter, in scientific terms, if not in other ways. 

This was an enjoyable book to read.  I loved ewan and molly together and happy to see Sarah get her HEA. This did drag at little for me at times. I had some difficulty with the terminology at times but got through it. I liked the plot. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.