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Great Story and Characters

Fire On the Moon - Rebecca York

Francesca wondered if she had leaped into the middle of a family feud? Or was she going to heal a twenty year old rift between two brothers. His dying father kept saying he wanted to see his older brother Angelo one last time. She did some research and called him on the phone. Then she offered to come and talk to him and go from there. Uncle Angelo showed her an antique gold locket. Angelo said it was Francesca’s grandmothers. He added he didn’t have a daughter and he’d be happy if Francesca took it. He than told her to wear it with pride. Than she asked what happened to Angelo and her father? But Francesca saw two large tough looking men coming toward the fence down on the beach. Than Angelo told her to come quick and open the coat closet and pushed aside the clothes aside and pressed the edge of the back wall. A door slid open and he shoved her into a dark closed in space. He said”Don’t make a sound if you don’t want to be dragged into this.”  Quickly he closed the door and walked away. She knew her uncle was being hurt by those men she could hear it. Then she heard gunshots. After that she heard the men say they had to find her. One said” Do you think she has any info?” The other man said said “she’s got info we just iffed her uncle. Put him in the trunk and I’ll look for her.” Zane was running along the beach, he was a werewolf. Chuck Cruise had heard about the track record of Decorah Security in the paranormal field and had called Frank Decorah with an urgent plea. He believed his property was under attack from a malevolent spook trying to drive him away. Zane had been glad to take the assignment because he’d been restless in his usual routine. When he arrived he listed to a long recitation by Mr. Cruise. He told cruise he’d got to the bottom of it and set hidden cameras around the property. He’d gotten footage of a vengeful neighbor trying to scar the Decorah client. Zane had almost gotten shot and the boss gave him the week off. Zane saw the two men on the veranda. One picked up something he couldn’t see and stuffed it into his pocket. Zane was unable to tamp down his  detective curiosity. Something was out of pattern here and he’d like to know what. Her father had always implied that her uncle was a dangerous character who ran with bad company. She got out of the small hidden place and came out on the side of the house. One of the bad guys stepped out of some shrubbery and had a gun pointed at her. But a very large dog attacked him and knocked him down and bit him. Than the animal went after the second bad guy. Francesca ran down the beach. Then she heard footsteps rapidly catching up to her. She tried to go faster but was already exhausted. The person was not the bad guys and he said” Wait, I saw what happened. I can help you.”

Another great read. I loved this book. I only put it down long enough to get a couple of hours of sleep. I loved the ending. I loved how protective Zane was of Francesca. I also loved how Francesca  accepted he was a werewolf and wouldn’t hurt her when she found out. I loved how Zane went to his boss and he immediately was all in to help Francesca and used any resources they had that would help Zane keep her and himself safe. I loved Zane and Francesca together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the intrigue and suspense of this book and also the action in this book.I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.