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Good Story and Good Characters

Things You Save in a Fire - Katherine Center

Cassie was the youngest person and only female firefighter to win Austin’s Fire Departments Valor Award. That night she got propositioned by her partner of three years Hernandez but it turned out to be a prank as she thought it was. It did help her nervous waiting to receive the award. The winter before a busload of kids slid off the road into a ravine, Cassie climbed inside and pushed the kids out through a window one by one as the water rose. Hernandez was like a Latino firefighting Ken doll and snared many females He leaned over at dinner and asked Cassie to spend the night with him. Hernandez told Cassie she was the loneliest person he knew and suddenly Cassie knew that was true. The mayor was suppose to give Cassie the award but had been called away on city business. Than it was announced Heath Thompson would present the award who was a local councilman. The only person who could ruin this for Cassie. He cupped her butt with one hand as he shook her hand with the other and Cassie lost it and beat him with the award and than with her hands. He ended up in the hospital with a concussion. Cassie hadn’t grown up wanting to be a firefighter. She had never thought about it. It had just happened and essentially by accident. Cassie was on her way to med School to become and E R doctor. She was looking for a campus job and got recruited as an EMT for the University. She loved everything about being an EMT. Cassie did this for two years than her supervisor recommended that she get certified as a paramedic and work for the city. She worked for the city as a paramedic for a year abd after graduation another supervisor talked Cassie into applying to the Fire Academy. Somewhere along the way Cassie realized this was what she was born to do. Cassie and her mother were slightly estranged as she had left Cassie and her father. But Cassie finally answered her call the night she had lost it on Councilman Heath Thompson.  Her mother said she needed Cassie’s help. Cassie had called her mother mom in a long time but Diana and called her father Ted. She told her mother no she couldn’t help her. Her mother was blind in one eye and that was bad when you were an artist. But Cassie stuck with no even after her father called. Although she knew in the end she would move and give her mother the year she said she needed her. The next day at work she was called into her captain's office. She was to apologize to heath and when she refused, she was to be fired. Than Cassie asked if she transferred to another fire department in another state. Her captain was also a female and agreed to Cassie's Plan B. But her captain said that if this got leaked to the press or the councilman decided to press charges she would still be fired. Cassie felt like she would cry at the loss of her “family” of firefighters she had to leave behind. Cassie had structured her life around lack of emotion. She structured her life around routine, safety, and order. Feelings were a lot of trouble. She avoided them as much as possible. Within a week her Captain found her a position in a fire department twenty minutes from where her mother lived. But it was an all male firefighter department who didn’t really want a female firefighter but were desperate. Cassie’s captain gave her words of wisdom even had her wrote them down the biggest rule not to break was never date another firefighter. But Cassie was very attracted to the rookie-Owen- who started the same day she did. He seemed to accept her and they were paired up a lot at work to work together. 

I liked this book a lot and it was well written. I didn’t like that Cassie was almost fired but then she went to help her mother and to another fire department in another state even if it wasn’t easy for her there.  I loved seeing cassie grow and change. I really liked her Captain did all she could for Cassie after the disastrous award ceremony and that she gave Cassie some good advice as she knew how hard it was making a career in a male dominated field and one that didn’t want her there. All she could go through trying to be accepted and fitting in. Especially since the new position was in a fire department who had never had a female firefighter and only took her as they were desperate. I was glad she had Owen and he accepted her even if he was the Rookie and started the same day she did. I liked the plot a lot. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.