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Good Story and Good Characters

How to Hack a Heartbreak - Kristin Rockaway

Fluttr was the dating app of choice these days. Nothing really special about it but everyone using dating apps used Fluttr. Melanie was sitting at the barley House waiting for a first date with a guy- Brandon- from Fluttr and he was already late. She usually had first dates on Tuesday or Wednesday but he sent a text earlier to meet him on this friday evening. So far the Fluttr app hadn’t been very lucky. Most of melanie’s matches had lead to disappointing first dates. Than she thought her luck her patience had paid off and Brandon was here. But instead it was Alex who called her name. The new guy at the office, he was hot. Melanie was surprised that he even remembered her name. After a brief meeting, Melanie had wanted to see Alex again but there had never been a good excuse for her to swing by his cubicle. It turns out Alex had felt the same way. Even though Alex and Melanie worked for the same office they had wildly different jobs. Melanie had been working at HATCH for four years it had been the first place to offer her a job after graduation and Melanie had student loans and regular living expenses her in NYC. Than a woman came up to Alex and kissed him and Alex introduced her as Penny. This made Melanie angry, Alex flirting with her, asking her out to lunch while waiting for his girlfriend to get there. Melanie paid her tab and hurriedly left and met up with her friends. Lia had found a good guy-Jay- through Fluttr, maybe Melanie shouldn’t give up yet. The way Melanie was going she would be single and debt ridden the rest of her life. Melanie created an anonymous web site- JerkAlert the next day after being hungover and sent the same dick picture from Joe three times. Woman could rate their dating experiences with guys they met on Fluttr. It didn’t take long to get it up and running. She wrote the code on Saturday and Sunday she put together some quick graphics and uploaded it to her discount web host. JerkAlert was launched and Melanie felt better after writing a review about Joe and Brandon. Than she did a quick one on Alex. Melanie didn’t expect anything to happen with JerkAlert but it got big and rapidly. Alex sees Melanie at work and asks her out for that lunch date and explained Penny had been a rather successful first date. Melanie and Alex start seeing each other and slowly start to develop a relationship. But then Melanie sees a negative review of Alec on JerkAlert and starts questioning what she thought she knew about Alex and rethinking everything her and Alex had together
I liked this book a lot. It was an easy, quick, enjoyable read. I really liked Melanie and her friends and how they all supported each other. I like how the author portrayed some of the trials and tribulations with online dating apps and the people who use them. How frustrating and at times downgrating some of the people could be on these apps, the creeps coming out of the woodwork and seldom finding a good match. . I loved that melanie developed an app and this book showed how hard it was for a female to become successful in the male dominated computer field. I enjoyed the plot and pace. I did think Melanie complained a bit too much instead of doing something about the things she didn’t like in her life and try to change those things. I didn’t like how the Hatchings treated Melanie at all and than her boiss siding with the Hatchings and not Melanie. I really liked that Alex and Melanie’s relationship slowly developed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book