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Great Story and Characters

Flash Point - Shelli Stevens

Kate rushed into the front of her shop. She unlocked the door and glanced around the shop. She looked at the lights surrounding the bakery display window. Baking was in her blood. 5AM she wasn’t crazy about the hours but it was part of a baker's life. Sometimes she stayed up way too late preparing for the morning baked goods. When she opened the shop- Kates Cakes- just over a year ago she’d been a little worried whether the business would sink or swim.  She made everything from scratch so her food was a little more on the pricey side. During the tourist season business boomed and the locals seemed to love her. It seemed the fresh high-quality ingredients became her selling point. A couple hours later her cupcakes and pastries filled the display case. Than a sharp knock landed on the door and she didn’t officially open for another hour and a half. Than she recognized it was Todd Wyatt. He was a hot fireman. The tension eased from her body.  She let Todd in. She gave him one of his favorite chocolate cupcakes. She was such a sucker. Todd was the youngest and the only single Wyatt brother left. She should have been repelled by his womanizing reputation but instead she was kind of fascinated with it. But she knew better than ot get involved with him. He was the one man in town who wouldn’t settle down. Todd said “ have dinner with me tonight.” Todd had never asked her out alone before, they had hung out with friends and his family more often than not. He added it was the least he could do for his cupcake dealer. She said sure. She wasn’t his types, and they’d been friends for way to long. With his brothers all married he hadn't seen Kate  as much and he missed her. At ellie’s bachelorette party Kate had hired a stripper and todd had been lecturing her and she leaned over and gave him a drunken kiss to shut him up Even though it happened five months ago in his mind it was like yesterday. He almost kissed her oddly chaste kiss back but than he remembered who she was. He had paid her tab and drove her home. Half the girls in town crushed on him because he was a fireman. He thought at times Kate did too. Than Walt went and asked Kate out to dinner, which wasn’t a surprise. Kate had been having dinner with Walt at least once a week lately. But she only had platonic feelings for Walt. At dinner Todd asked her to teach him to bake something simple to impress a girl. Than todd saw the hurt on her face and apologized. But she was quiet through the rest of their dinner and the ride to her place. Than todd told her the truth there was no girl and when she asked why he said it he answered to avoid this and passionately kissed her. She didn’t want Todd to stop but than he did and again apologized and kate went in her home and shut the door in her face. Todd than met up with his brother Tyson for a drink and he warmed Todd off of Kate. Sunday Kate went to Ellie’s yoga class and talked to her after everyone left. She told Ellie she wanted to lose her virginity and tidd was her choice she trusted him and figured he knew what he was doing sexually and she’d have one night of passion. Ellie was married to Todd’s older brother Tyson and she said she’d help Kate if she was sure but Tyson must never find out.  Ryan Wyatt was having a costume New Years Eve party Saturday and they made Todd think Kate wasn’t going instead she was suppose to be going out with Walt. Ellie helped her order a Red Riding Hood costume. Kate was nervous to wear in front of most of the town. It bugged Todd Kate wasn’t going but then he seen this woman in A Red Riding Hood costume and felt himself harden and knew he was ok. He wore a Tarzan loincloth cloth over his briefs and that was all. Once he realized it was Kate in the costume he pulled her outside. He warned kate off but she wasn’t listening. Todd took Kate to his house and they had sex. The next morning after they had made love again and Kate woke back up she reminded Todd he wasn’t one for a relationship and played it off that she had fulfilled a fantasy of sleeping with a fireman. The next day when Kate opened her shop she thought she had a gas leak and called the fire department Todd and Jeriamiah looked in the vent and found a dead animal that had been purposely put there. Someone was targeting Kate- a stone through her window, flat tires now this his brother Tyson was there for the police department and they decided they had to tell Kate. todd was already jealous of Walt and when he walked out to get Kate, Walt kissed her before she walked back to Todd. Todd wondered what was wrong with him, having Kate for a night with no strings attached was his fantasy. Something else was going on. He decided to go talk to ellie and she let it out Kate had been a virgin . Todd immediately went looking for Kate and she was dining with Walt, he told Kate to come on or he would talk to her in front of everyone. Kate left with Todd. 

I loved this book. I read it in one setting as I didn't want to put it down. I loved how Todd’s family all cared about Kate and were protective of her even against one of their own. I loved the bit of drama and suspense in this book also. I loved Todd and Kate together and how they interacted.  I loved the pace and the plot. I love dhow close Todd’s family was. If I had any complaints it would have been i would have liked some more background on both Kate and Todd.I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.