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Good Story and Good Characters

The Phoenix Grail - Helen Savore

Alexandrea’s family descends from King Arthur’s knights, the sole humans who can see the Fae. They’ve worked with Merlin’s forgotten apprentice for generations to stop Fae from leeching life. Now she is the last, and must follow in the footsteps of the grail knights, seeking the Phoenix grail. Worse, the fae are visiting Earth more, including Alexandrea’s friend Jamie who sees visions predicting his patients deaths. Can Alexandrea summon the Phoenix in time to regain what her ancestors lost and stop the deaths that plague our world?

This was an interesting book. I’ve never read one with this particular aspect to it. It did take me some time to adjust to this author’s world, but I did find it interesting. It threw me off a little as the first two chapters were in a different POV, but after I adjusted, it helped me to understand Jamie much better. I really liked following Alexandrea as she works towards her end goal. I highly recommend. 

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book