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Great Story and Characters

Paranoid - Lisa Jackson

Violet was having another glass of wine since her husband Leonard was out of town. Her three furbabies- dogs- were with her. She was talking to Honey- one of her dogs. Leonard was the reason she moved past the trauma of the night of Luke Hollander’s death twenty years ago.She’d been there and seen Luke die.  She should have never went to the cannery. Violet and Leonard had been married fifteen years. They had left Edgewood but their dreams didn’t pan out and they returned and Leonard went to work in his father's furniture store. Lila wanted her to join the reunion committee and she refused she wasn’t going to the reunion. Mercedes Pope- who was a reporter- wanted to interview her about Luke’s death for some kind of retro piece in the paper. No way. Violet wondered how her life had become such a mess. Than Violets three dogs started barking, she grabbed her gun and started to the door, she got the door slammed in her face and her nose was broken. She tried to get away from her attacker. She was being forced backwards something was put over her eyes she couldn’t pull off. Than she was shot down to the foyer and died. Rachael awoke from the nightmare that destroyed her sleep two to three times a week the same nightmare.  At least she hadn't woken her kids Harper-seventeen - or Dylan-fifteen or their dog Reno. It was on this very date twenty years ago she had lied to her parents saying she was staying at Lila’s than instead sneaked off to the old cannery. She hadn’t wanted to go but Lila said she had to talk to Luke- Rachel’s half brother- and didn’t want to go alone. So Rachael went. Biggest mistake of her life for she had killed Luke. Or had she? Tonight was the last meeting of the reunion committee meeting even with it being this tragic date. Lila had said it was the only day that fit. Rachael knew Lila had never gotten over Luke as she had given birth to his son Lucas just before Christmas after Luke had been murdered. Lila had moved on and married Cade’s father. Cade had been Rachael’s husband but he had cheated on her with his partner Kayleigh and she had divorced him. That was the biggest mistake of Cade’s life as he still reached for Rachael when he awoke - he still loved her. Rachael had seen as shrink since Cade walked out. Or she pushed him out. She thought about how her kids were becoming strangers as most teenagers do. Rachael jogged to the cannery every morning- her personally imposed penance for taking her brother’s life. Cade was a cop and had went to Rachels- used to be his home also- to personally tell her about Violet’s muder. But she wasn’t there but he sensed something was off and saw the gate was open -had someone been in the house?  Cade had cheated on Rachael with Kayleigh but he ke still loved Rachael and they both knew it had been a mistake even if they hadn’t actually slept together. Kayleigh had been Cade’s partner and she had fallen in love with Cade but he transferred to Edgewood police department. Annessa had went to school with Rachael and is found hanging in the chapel by the old school by Harper and Xander whens she had snuck out to be with him at his apartment and they heard a woman cry for help. Harper called 911 but Annessa had died before they got there. HSe had also had blue tape over her eyes . Rachel had also got an unexplained text saying “ I forgive you”. Cade thought of the fact that Annessa had also testified in Rachael behalf after he had went to the crime scene and picked up his daughter. He had gotten a call to go to the old school and his daughter and her friend had found the woman.Anessa had been murdered within the week of Violet’s murder. 

This was a great psychological thriller and I loved it. I loved the plot and pace. My heart went out to Cade and Rachael, a few stolen kisses and a little playing around and the marriage was over. Cade still loved Rachael and found out too late how much. Rachael for all she went through and it was not what it appeared. I did n’t want to put his down and i was on vacation so wasn’t easy to read as much as normal. I loved the ending there was hope there. I also changed my mind a time or two on who was the murderer before finally realizing the truth. Also who the person talking to the therapist. What a book. I loved the characters and all the twists and turns and I highly recommend it.