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Great story and characters

Once Upon a Bad Boy - Melonie Johnson

Sadie thought about the glass case in the donut shop. What she would select. Her Friday reward for enduring another week of hell training for her lead role in a new action movie . Sadie was to be Jamie, the dynamic heroine of Fair Is Fair. For motivation to stick to a strict diet plan, Sadie had started her Friday donut ritual and included her best friend Ana. Filming started the following Monday. Her trainer Jim asked if she was nervous and she said no, she had been waiting for a part like this since she started acting. This role gave her the chance to prove to the world she was more than the spoiled little rich girl she’d played on the soap opera Hope General for the last several years. She was tired of the catty accusations, the assumption that become she came from a powerful, wealthy family, she had more connections than talent. She told Jim this movie could make her or break her. Sadie had never worked harder than she had the past few months, preparing for the role. Ana and Sadie again met at the donut shop and Ana told Sadie she had missed her.  It was nice having her back in Chicago, she also said she knew once filming started she wouldn’t see Sadie as much. Sadie had to be at a production meeting. As she entered the meeting her co-star and leading man was calling her name. His warm smile did a lot to settle her nerves. They had met during initial screen tests prior to final casting. Like her, Ryan had his start in television , in a sit-com . Than she heard a voice behind her a voice she had heard in ten years. Bo.. and he was the stunt coordinator. Bo than said he had stunt company called Windy City Stunts-WCS. Sadie had not stayed up to date on what he’d been doing since… She’d been afraid to. She never thought she’d see him again. They’d been teenagers the last time they saw each other. Despite what happened between them she was happy to see him doing so well. Ryan said he had met Bo the year before when he guest starred on an episode of Chicago Rescue. Sadie thought Bo’s hotness factor was off the charts. All through the meeting Bo tried his best to keep his mind focused on the task at hand. Today was the first day of representing the company for a production of this magnitude, his first time handling a big budget film and he couldn’t afford to mess it up. Vic was Bo’s partner but was eventually to sign the company completely over to Bo. Bo had focused most of his time for WCS coordinating projects for the local tv shows that filmed in the city. Vic took the film production. But Ryan and went to the people involved it the film and Bo had specifically been asked to be the stunt coordinator . If things went as well as he hoped with this gig Vic would sign the paperwork for the company to be his. Bo thought Sadie apparently had just went on with her life after their break-up. He hadn’t realized it had been so easy for her. It hadn’t been for him. As she went for their usual bike ride on Sun Sadie thought how deep down she had wanted to see Bo again. Sadie and Ana had been best friends since their first days at their posh preschool. Ana knew everything about Sadie except one thing only one person in the world had gone through with Sadie and knew about. Ana thought this was fate. Sadie thought maybe she would finally find out why the guy she had wanted to spend the rest of her life with had dumper her without and explanation. At senior prom Bo had been in a fight than told her it was over and he never wanted to see her again. Bo had been Sadie’s first everything: crush, kiss, boyfriend, her first love, her first lover… her first heartbreak.  She had never loved any man after Bo, none had ever broken her heart either only Bo. Sadie had met Bo when she was seven and he was a year older. He was reckless and bold and daring. Bo’s father was her grandmother’s estate manager. Bo had followed Sadie’s career. Bo wants to talk to Sadie alone after some apple picking Sadie goes to Bo’s apartment. The played around and had oral sex but no intercourse. 

I loved this book It was a beautiful second chance romance. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the plot and pace. I loved Bo and Sadie together and how they interacted. They had chemistry that sizzled off the pages. I loved the ending. I loved Sadie and her Nana’s relationship and Bo and his family’s relationships. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.