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Good Story and Good Characters

Tempting Adam - Shelli Stevens

Madison was the owner of the coffee shop and asked Christy if she wanted a wet cappuccino. Christy’s attention had been on the intriguing man standing in front of her at Ooo La Latte. She was a regular here. Her imagination went into overdrive about said man. Then the man asked her what the difference was and she told him. Christy had been attracted to men before but never this quick. Two years without sex, she needed to get laid. She was flirting,her friend Nate would be proud of her.   He asked her what her name was and said his was Adam. Than he asked her out to dinner. She could give him some lessons in espresso. Then she said she couldn’t as she had a different type of lesson she had to give. Than she asked what she taught and Christy said salsa dancing. But only when she wasn’t teaching HS students Spanish. He looked impressed and amused at the same time. Then he asked where she was teaching and she gave him her card with the information. Afterwards Nate called and she told him about meeting Adam. He was gay and asked if Adam was for him or her. At her salsa class Adam had showed up. Adam didn’t care about Salsa dancing , what he did care about was getting to know the woman better he was dancing with. Adam said he’d be back the next night for a lesson. He told her as he walked her to her car he wasn’t from Seattle, he was there for one week. Adam knew he wasn’t looking for a one night stand with Christy. But he told her he had a business there and came back often. Adam and Christy became lovers. He wasn’t one to cuddle or spend the night. Yet everything was different with Christy but why?  Christy agreed to pretend to be Nate’s girlfriend for a week while his parents were there. She must meet his parents for lunch and then was introduced to Nate’s brother Adam. It was the same Adam she had slept with the night before. Than Nate called and asked her to spend time with his family. She reluctantly agreed and then Nate had to go to work unexpectedly. She ended up in Adam’s truck to go to catch the Ride The Duck tour. Adam couldn’t seem to stop himself from touching her. He was like a smoker trying to quit , but always seems to always go back for another cigarette with the promise of just one more time. He’d been there already. Giving up smoking was a breeze compared to giving up Christy. It was like he was addicted and after just one night.

I truly enjoyed this book. I loved Adam and Christy together and how they interacted. But I think Christy  should have been honest with Adam. He would have probably understood from what we know of him from this book. Nate should have been honest sooner but I did understand coming out to his family was really hard for Nate. But it was who he was. I loved how Nate and Adam’s parents liked Christy even though she and Nate had lied to them. I loved how their parents set Christy up to stay at Adam’s house. I was very disappointed with what Adam said to Christy about being a gold digging floozie. I liked the plot and pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.