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Good Story and Good Characters

Texas Trouble (Lone Star #2) - Gerry Bartlett

Scarlett was sick of feeling like a victim. She had plenty of time to heal her mind and body. Nothing to be afraid of here- no knife wielding psycho was going to jump out of a doorway and drag her into a van like…. Scarlett walked into the tattoo shop- Amuse tattoos and talked to Casey the woman she had already talked to on the phone. Scarlett had to get rid of the evidence of that hellacious day and move on.  The psycho had carved his initials into her butt cheek. Bit when Casey went to start doing the tattoo Scarlett’s mind flashed back and she jumped off the table and pulled up her jeans and ran out of the shop. She went into an unlocked door with a closed sign on it. He wouldn’t find her there/ Than she heard a man’s voice behind her.and she said she was calling 911 and he said and tell them you broke into my bar? He said his name was ethan Calhoun and could he help her? Then she said but her a drink-Tequila.. Scarlett warned him she was a head case. He got her a glass and had a drink with her. Scarlett than said she had to go back next store -Ethan offered to hold her hand but Scarlett said it was something she had to do herself but asked if she could call him if she needed moral support. Than Ethan said yes and also  tapped his phone and said he wanted her number. Ethan’s mother -Missy- had tried to kill his half sister cassidy that Ethan hadn’t known about until after his death. Cassady hadn’t pressed charges. His older sister Shannon had married one of the sharpest lawyers in Houston - Billy Pagan. Billy was already working on a way to keep Missy out of prison since she left the court ordered time at Fair haven for her “ mental health issues.” It had taken some work for Billy to get a plea deal to get her there and now she was on the loose. He was already working on a way to keep her out of prison whens she was caught. With her on the loose the prosecutor could forget the old plea deal if Missy pulled one of her stunts and put her behind bars. Ethan looked Scarlett up on line the psycho had made Scarlett his victim during an attempt at Industrial espionage. Ethan wondered what Zenon Industries where Scarlett was an Office Manager- owned that could be so valuable. Scarlett’s brother rhett who was an author ended up at her door from Boston wanting to know why she had not told her family what happened to her.  He also said he knew enough about PTSD to know she was suffering from it. Rhett and Scarlett were both phobic about binding themselves to anyone for the .long haul. Scarlett got a call from Mike and Simms ahd escaped and left a cop in critical condition if he died Simms would be a cop killer. Mike thought he was far away by now but he was wrong. Scarlett called ethan and accepted the job to be hos bar manager after she told her biss ron she needed that leave of absence at Zenon Industries after all and why. After spending the morning going over plans with Ethan they went out to lunch nearby. Scarlett was attracted to ethan and she was pretty sure she was in trouble. The man was just about irresistible. Leroy Simms girlfriend was ramona and she had worked at Zenon Industries also. She was ron’s executive secretary and held it over people that worked there also. She actually had things criminally the way she wanted them until Scarlett came in and changed things and she hated her for it. She had also been in with Crane who had bought Leroy in to get the project from Anne. But crane was now dead. She helped leroy but she was the one who was computer savvy to get Crane’s millions of dollars hidden in a bank in Cayman. But leroy would kill her of he had to even though they had been together on and off since HS. She helped Leroy change his appearance so no one would easily recognize him.

I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the suspense, danger, and intrigue in this read. I also really liked the new romances that sprang up in the book. I loved the pace and plot. I loved that Mike, Rhett and Ethan wanted to keep Scarlett save no matter what. I felt bad that Ethan was pulled into the  bs with Missy and Lisa. I loved Etham and Scarlett together and how they interacted. I loved how close rhett and Scarlett were. There were a lot of errors were words ran together that interrupted your reading some. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.