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Good Story and Good Characters

Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) - Marie Harte

Cash was on a moving job from hell. It gave him the jitters to be around money and class. Both of which he had little abundance. He was fine with that. Hector and Cash as well as Jordan and Heidi were all on this job. The only thing Cash’s mother left him was a nightmare and a house that caused tension between Cash and his brother Reid. Jordan yelled at one of the Miller twins to slow down. Jordan was an ex Army MP and cash thought she was sexy. Vets On The Move employed military veterans and provided the people of Seattle with experienced service for their local moving needs. Cash and his brother reid wned the company. Business was thriving and cash had been ordered to keep his big mouth shut. Though cash was two years older - his younger brother Reid had taken the business from small and barely managing to a real success. So Cash did his best to keep his opinions to himself and pack, lifted and moved. Something about Jordan had been on his last nerve since day one. A sizzle of attraction. A spark when they accidently touched. And she made him laugh with that large attitude stuffed in a tiny, appealing package. Cash struggles with his attraction to Jordan as he is technically her boss as well as coworker. Jordan also knew how to push Cash’s buttons.   Cash had found the last two years in the civilian world challenging. Jordan had dreamed of Cash holding her more than once. His stubborn jaw had tempted her more than once to punch it and than kiss it and make it better. Even though Cash was half owner of the moving company but he was out working like any other employee. Cash’s eyes seem to be constantly on Jordan filling her with heat. The big bad man intimidated most people but he didn’t frighten her. Cash was a protector at heart. He was always the first in line to offer help. Jordan thought of her own brother Rafi who had taken money out of her wallet, and who seemed to be on the verge of throwing away his entire future. When Cash and Reid’s mother had died cash found out to his and Reid’s shock that the mother who’d ignored him for the past twenty plus years had left him her property and everything that came with it. His mother had died a month ago. He and Reid didn’t understand it. For the first seven years of his life Cash had been loved by Angela and Charles Griffith. He and reid shared an idyllic childhood until something happened and to this day he still didn’t understand. He remembered that day. The sun was shining and a favorite cartoon was on in the background . Than the hatred in his fathers eyes and the immediate reversal of everything good in his life, including the gradual decline of Angela as she ignored the family more and more until Cash might as well ceased to exist. Cash thought how being near jordan caused his heart to race for no apparent reason. She distracted him with her light floral scent that caused other parts of him to get excited. He continued to think of her at his mother's/ now his house as he cleaned out his mothers stuff out of his room. Yet Reids room looked the same as when they lived there.  Jordan goes to Cash to help her with Rafi, to talk to him help him get back on the straight and narrow. Jordan is trying to help Cash with his family problems. Cash does run interference for Rafi which results in issues between him and Jordan.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the plot and pace.I felt bad that Jordan’s parents had given up on fifteen year old Rafi and it feel on Jordan to take him on and try to raise him.  But he’s their son not Jordan’s. My heart broke for Cash the ways he was physically and mentally abused when he was young and made to believe he was worthless, no good, a loser and he still believed it. I loved that Jordan would set Cash straight when she felt he needed it. I loved how this group of ex military people got along. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother more knowledgeable read. I loved Jordan and Cash together and how they interacted. I wish I could rate this 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.