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Mixed feelings

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Sweet Wild of Mine (Where the Wild Hearts Are #2) - Laurel Kerr

June Winters was trying to welcome Magnus to Sagebrush Flats. But under good circumstances Magnus did not like introducing himself and this wasn’t a good circumstance. Magnus always stutters the M in his name even after years of practice. Magnus avoided small towns because of the endless gossip like this woman was saying about a couple who had just found out they were having twins. He didn’t like growing up on an isle in Scotland- no privacy, no boundaries, and no peace. He broke free and moved to London only for his editor straight into another web in a small town. Magnus had wrote his first book between working on an oil rig off the coast of Norway. He wrote about his childhood . He hit the Bestseller List all over the world. His second book was about how he rescued a couple of polar bear cubs that were starving to death while working on the ice. He’d kept the cubs alive until they could be relocated to a zoo. His fans had loved that story.  Living in London he could eat, drink and write in peace. None expected him to converse or even make small talk. But the public didn’t like his wry witticism about city life. His editor told him to get back to his roots. Small towns and living creatures. He said he knew the perfect place for Magnus and told Magnus to go work there for a season. So here Magnus was. Magnus wasn’t usually the type to attract women. He longed for a big city where a man could find solitude among millions of strangers. Magnus had been abandoned by his mother and his father was a butthole. Magnus didn’t liked to be touched especially by a stranger. Magnus was a loner. Magnus stood up and lust speared him for June. Strong and heady and he didn’t want to head it. He pushed past the woman-June- and she wait she would replace his spilt beer but than he basically told her to get lost but swore at her. Magnus hurriedly left The Prairie Dog Cafe. June’s best friend Katie- the pregnant lady with twins- asked June what that was all about. Katie than told Josh. the three had grown up together and stayed close even though Josh had moved to California after college to start his own computer security company. Katie told June she flirted that's how she interacted with the entire male species. But when Mr rude- magnus- stood and stared her down she’d felt a thrill clean to her toes. Bowie- Katie’s husband- owned a zoo and said he hoped June didn’t scare the man off as he was suppose to volunteer to work at the the next day. Bowie was especially glad to have magnus’s helpo as he had an orphan polar bear cub coming to the zoo. Magnus just wants to do his work at the zoo around the animals and write his blog about it as his editor wanted. June is willing to help Magnus with his blog and stutter if he will find time to talk with her grandmother. Magnus finds as time goes on and the more time he spends with June he does like her and not so annoyed by her.

This book was a good read but I have mixed feelings about it. I did like the opace and loved the zoo animals especially Sorsha - the polar bear cub. But june and magnus just didn't spell love or romance to me. I was happy June agreed to help Magnus with his writing and stutter and that he could help her. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother and more knowledgeable read. I did get annoyed at times trying to figure out what Magnus was saying with his brogue. I didn’t particularly care for June and even Katie felt that Magnus should just pretty much do as June wants. He is after all and man as well as normally a loner.  I also feel June was a bit too touchy especially as Magnus didn’t like being touched. So as you can tell I had mixed feelings about this book.