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Great Story and Characters

SEAL Wolf Surrender (SEAL Wolf #6) - Terry Spear

Natalie works at her parents garden nursery but she had to leave to get to the airport. Her mom told her to give Angie a hug for them. Her mother-Juliet- was probably hoping she would go out with some of the wolves of the Greystone pack while she was away. Her father was Connolly and a retired homicide detective. Natalie as were her parents and Angie and the Greystone pack were all wolf shifters. She was on her way to Colorado to her best friend Angies and Aaron’s wedding. Angie was more like a sister than a best friend. Half a decade earlier Natalie’s parents had learned Angie didn’t have any family of hre own and promptly taken her in as a part of their family. Natalie rushed to the airport Natalie rushed in the airport and had to stop quickly to avoid a little girl running to hre mother and a guy tripped over her baggage. The man could get up on his own but Natalie still made the gesture to help. Than she smelt wolf and that took her back. She didn’t know of any living in the area other than her parents and Angie and herself. He then realized she was a wolf as he cursed and said “Hell woman. Don't you ever look where you are going?” She smelt whiskey on the wolf’s breath. He was on the same plane but ended up getting kicked off.  Angie wants Natalie to meet someone and ultimately join them. Natalie got lost and she called Angie who put Aaron’s cousin Brock on the phone. He offered to come meet Natalie but she said no just direct hre and he did and was there when she got out of her rental car. Angie was suppose to be staying at a hotel in Denver as she liked her own space but Angie talked her into staying at the ranch as she could never win an argument with Angie. . Brock told her he had been a Navy Seal but had retired and now had a PI business. Brock was a sexy wolf but after his last girlfriend he wasn’t looking for anyone even if it had been two years. When Natalie went up to get Angie’s wedding gift she found she had grabbed the wrong suitcase. This was the drunk wolf’s-Marek Jones- suitcase she could smell him on it. There looked like a lot of wrapping paper in the suitcase. When Brock checked it had about three million dollars of fake money in it. Natalie said if marek finds out she has his suitcase she’s in real trouble. They can’t turn over his bag to the guy or the police as he was a wolf. She called the airport and her suitcase was in the baggage office. Brock said he would go with her to the airport encase the man was there. Natalie felt safer with Brock coming with her. Marek came up to them in the airport but natalie said she had forgotten her suitcase in hre hurry to get to her best friend. Natalie thought Brock was hot. After the last guy she got close to and who had used hre natalie found it hard to trust other guys. Natalie asked Brock if he did body guard work and he said he had as a Seal but not as a civilian. But he said he would be hers and not charge her as this was personal. Brock was drawn inexplicably to Natalie. Natalie’s parents surprised hre and said they wanted to visit the Greystone pack and see if it would be a good thing to try to join the pack. They wanted to be closer to Angie and give Natalie a chance to be with a pack and maybe find a mate. Natalie came out and told them if her parents decided to move and join the pack Brock and her would start courting. Her parents were hesitant to leave as the night before someone had broke into the nursery but Brock figured all the security scared them off. He convinced Natalie’s parents to still go.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s been awhile since I found a wolf shifter book to read and this was a great read. I didn’t want to put this down and only did for a couple hours of sleep. I loved Brock and natalie together and how they interacted. I loved Natalie’s parents and how they take Angie in. I  loved the counterfeiting aspect of thos and the author went into believable details. I loved how close the pack is and how they eagerly stepped up to help Brock catch and get rid of the bad guys and help Natalie and her parents. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book . I have a new favorite book. I highly recommend this.