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Great Story and Characters

The Sheikh's Surprise Heir (The Karawi Sheikhs #1) - Leslie North

Six years earlier- Natalie kept chanting in her head- I need the money. Natalie was suppose to have this week off but Erin had begged her to take the unplanned flight so she could go to some unplanned icon’s concert. As much as natalie wanted to spend the week at the hospital with her mother as she fought cancer she needed the money to help cover her mother’s medical bills. But to be honest working prince Iman Karaior’s private flight barely made a dent in the medical bills. The man was also very unpleasant. Natalie had only been working at Kayleina Private Flight for a few  months and the money was better but the rich clientele left a lot to be desired. Natalie had been a flight attendant for five years. The prince was hot even if he was a butt and her heart skipped a beat every time he looked at her. The plane had to make an emergency landing and Iman heard the woman scream. Than he saw she was trapped in her part of the plane, he wouldn’t leave her alone. Iman sent his guards to get help and he did get hre out of the plane but noticed a sandstorm would be there very soon. They just shut the door to the hanger and the storm hit. A fire erupted in Natalie when Iman touched hre. Natalie had a bad gash in her arm but Iman fixed her up. Natalie found a string of lights and went exploring. She found an aged light aircraft and sat in that. Iman called until he found her than he brought water and some sandwiches from the plane. They talked about Natalie’s mom being in the hospital for the month than Iman said he knew the pain as his father had cancer and with the best doctors they still couldn’t help him. Iman had been the good son, the responsible son. When his father passed away he would become the Crowned Sheikh and there was certain expectations of him. Natalie and Iman had sex. The next day they were rescued by his uncle Sheikh Salon. Natalie wanted to try to see Iman when she learned his father had died but his uncle Sheikh Salon called her a whore and told her she was to leave immediately that is what Prince Iman wanted. Sheikh Salon had a check for her silence of a hundred thousand dollars natalie refused it but the Sheikh brought up it could be used n her mother's medical bills. Against her conscience natalie took it and left immediately.   NOW- georgia wanted Natale to go out with her but Natalie said she couldn’t go. She had been out with georgia two months ago that was the last time she went out. Natalie had got pregnant from the one night with Iman and she now had Iris a very smart little girl. Natalie needed to find a job more grounded but until she paid the last of her mother's medical bills she couldn't. Gordon was natalie’s savior. He and georgia had dated briefly four years ago but they decided they made better friends. He had stepped in one month when Natalie's regular nanny couldn’t watch Iris when she was a trip for work. The cranky chef fell in love with iris and she with him. Than natalie had to fire her nanny and Gordon and Georgia if she was available watched Iris while Natalie worked. Natalie had listed Iman as Iris’s father after Sheikh’s Salon threat. Natalie told Iris her dad was gone when she had asked about him.

I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t want to put it down and didn’t and read it in one setting. I hope to read the next book this author writes. Ms. North you did it yet again -another outstanding book about a sheikh and this one included a flight attendant with this sheikh. I loved Iman and Natalie together and how they interacted. Iris was just too cute and definitely added to this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.