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Great Story and Characters

Lost in You - Lauren Dane

Joe was tired of everything. His dog Buck was next to his bowl sleeping. Normally if he heard Joe’s keys he came running but he’d had enough today. Joe wished he could lie next to his bowl with a bottle of beer and sak out for hours too. The town of Petal had been part of Joe for his entire life. He’d come home. Even when he’d been halfway around the world he hadn’t been too far from Petal’s streets. So when he  got his motorcycle he knew exactly where he wanted to ride. Joe would find a routine. Get his dad some help. Get his business set up and running. Maybe even date or at least have sex. But for now the road have to be enough. Beth hadn't seen much of Mary Poppins as a kid and now it was one of her favorite movies. Her parents weren’t much for Disney movies for their kids. They also didn’t have a VCR or anything like that. She discovered the movie when her brother William’s oldest child came along. Joe pulled into the yard. Joe was the older bad boy Beth’s brother used to run around with. Joe came in the yard to talk to William and Beth told him she would see him around and she would make sure she did. Beth’s best friend was Lily who was engaged to her brother Nathan. Beth had decided to go to Joe’s house and say hello as she hadn’t bumped into Joe any of the times she tried to. Beth had come along way from the girl who had to make due with thrift store and garage sale stuff. Tate even went dumpster diving when she had to for her siblings needs. Now she was a business owner, had a nice apartment, her frige and pantry had food and the last time she hid from a drunken argument was years before, the last time she’d went to her parents house. Lily was raising her teenage brother Chris since her parents split and her mother sunk into drugs. Chris was having a hard time. tate-Beth’s older sister was doing Beth’s hair and said you know William is going to break something internal when he finds out you set your cap Joe. Joe’s reputation is less than stellar. Although William said Joe had changed alot since he left Petal and he came back to help his parents and nothing is in it for him. Joe had just started an auto repair shop. Beth thought Joe was really hot. Joe thought Beth looked better than a body had a right to a couple of weeks ago when he seen her. Now she was even hotter in a red dress and her hair done. Joe had found his dog Buck in a dumpster as a small pup. Someone had thrown him away. Joe had bottle fed Buck until he was stronger. He told beth about it as Buck went up to her and she was scratching him behind his ears.  She bought Joe some cookies and brownies and an invitation to Lily and nathan’s wedding. Than Beth said Joe could take her to lunch at The Sands so they could catch up. Beth said she’d be at the salon over there. Which Tate, Anne and Beth owned. Tate and Anne did most of the hair work while she did the books. She also did the occasional shampoo if needed. Beth ran errands, handled supply orders and pretty much anything else. The sisters were so close and used to having to work together that it was smooth and efficient. Joe’s father had deteriorating mental health and that is what brought Joe back now. He just had a call from his mother his dad-Carl- had got upset and left in PJ bottoms so Joe got up and dressed it was just midnight to go look for his father. Beth Joe was super hot in the bad boy, works-with-his-hands, has a scruffy beard way. Beth’s type of guy. She knew he had done four tors of duty in Iraq. Beth walked in and saved Joe from the floozie Dolly saying it was time for their lunch. Joe ran into hre, and had less and less defense against her charm. She was charming and hot. But also his best friends little sister. After running into Lily and Nathan and Beth at the Mexican restaurant, he gave Beth a ride home. She had told him to go get Buck. he wanted to be with her and she wanted to be with him and they were both adults. What Joe felt for Beth was far more than sexual curiosity. Joe and Beth had sex and seen each other as much as they could.

I loved this book. It was a great read with drama, family, and love. I loved joe and Beth together and how they interacted. I couldn’t believe it when Joe dumped Beth and in front of everyone. I understood his turmoil but that was still a horrible thing to do to her. Especially when they were so good for each other. My heart broke for Beth. i felt like I was there with everyone. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the plot and pace. I absolutely loved Tate and all she was to her siblings especially Beth. I hope to get to read the next book of this series. I loved how close Beth and her siblings were and how they all turned out after the horrific upbringing they had. I loved  the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.