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Good Story and Good Characters

There's No Crying in Rock-n-Roll - Sasha Marshall

Samantha calls Jagger and screams she was his publicist and she was supposed to know about this before anyone else. A baby. Than she added they were all over Henley as they spoke. Jagger asked where his girl was? Samantha/Sam said she was at Saks with Jessica and the media had been outside for thirty minutes. Than Jagger asked how it happened so fast and Sam said Claudia Windsor had set him up She told the media to be at the doctor's appointment. Jagger said he wasn’t there. He’d asked for a paternity test and she asked for money. He met her to pay her off so she’d shut up. Jagger told Sam he was sorry he should have told her and his lawyer Meagan. He wanted Sam to bring Henley to him but Sam said to stay away from Henley. She will be humiliated Henley was a rock queen and had her own band Abandoned Shadow which was very successful allso. . Sam said she didn’t care who’s baby it was he couldn’t blindside Henley, his parents, and is band like this. Keep his buut in the house and do not leave for any reason. She had to deal with the girls heart he was about to break in front of the world. Jagger wasn’t sure henley would forgive him, how will he survive? When the doorbell rings he sees it is Koi- his best friend and henley’s brother as well as the leader of their band. Koi said he had been sent by Sam- after he punched jagger- he told Jagger to get everything he owns and take it and get out of Henley’s house. She doesn't care where you but you can’t see  here when Henley gets home. Jagger begged to let him stay there and explain. Koi said time for explaining was over when the story hit every news outlet in the world. Jagger said he’d pack but he needed to see henley before he left. Koi told him not to imagine she wanted to see him right now and he had an hour to get his stuff out of her house. Koi also said he wasn’t coming back to his house after this. Henley loves jagger and her passion for him overwhelms her. He invokes all these feelings she couldn’t decipher. Henley’s assistant and publicist are attempting to do damage control. Jagger is part of Koiband - Broken Access. Sam told hensley she had new security- goons- to get her out of there- Cory and Maurice who offered to carry her out as Cory had went to take care of the problems outside. They take her to a nearby hotel and she drank and then cried as Samantha and Jessica rocked her in their arms as tears went down their cheeks and she fell asleep in their arms. Jagger had begged her to stay home with him instead of going shopping with Jessica but she had been worried about finding him the perfect gift. Henley had been in love with Jagger forever. But for the longest time she had just been Koi’s little sister. Henley had known Jagger since sixth grade. Henwakes to loud voices and one is Koi’s than he comes to and he wraps his arms around her. She holds onto everything she has left as henley knows she is about to walk through hell….again. Henley stayed in bed for three days and she doesn’t speak as she can’t find the words. Henley got herself up and told Samantha to be her best friend and not her publicist right now and tell her goons they were going out , she can’t stay holed up in the hotel any longer. Kip tells her goons to take them to Lure- an apparent celebrity hot spot. Jagger ends up at the club and once outside Henley agrees to listen to him. He talked to her  and than asks her to meet up with him after she had time to think. He knew he didn’t deserve it but than he will answer all her questions. She said she needed time but she call him when she was ready to talk. She was going home. She needed the memories of them in her home to decide. Does she stay with jagger or does she leave him behind? Kip buys Henley a puppy to help her heal.

I don’t know how to really write this. I loved this book but hated the cliffhanger at the end -one of the worse ones I’ve seen. I laughed, I cried and even got angry while reading this book. I was poed at jagger for not letting henley know what was going on. I didn’t like what Henlet did to lessen the pain she was in. I loved how Kip brought her a puppy to try to help Henley heal. I think Jagger gave up to soon if he really loved Henley than made more mistakes. I loved how henley’s family and friends stood by her and tried to help. This book did need some editing. I liked the multiple POVs even if it broke my heart at times. I advise you to read the first boke in this guitar face series- Broken. I loved this and would have rated it a five but it lost a pint for the cliffhanger at the end. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it. Just be warned this book as well as Broken ends  in a cliffhanger.