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Good Story and Good Characters

The Sheikha’s Unexpected Protector  - Leslie North

Salari got a phone call that featured the country code of her country that she had been exiled for ten years from. The country she hadn’t been to since she had left. When she answered it was her younger brother Zatar.  The only man she had ever trusted. The only one who hadn’t completely burned her. Zatar had called her to let her know of their mother's death but the sheik found out he had been calling than the calls came rarely. Her father had cast her out of her home and country because he believed a guard over his only daughter. She now had her own life she’d built with her own hands/ Than Zatar said their father had died in a helicopter accident. Zatar was now king and had even found his future queen.  He wanted her to come home and she decided she would make a quick visit. That seemed right and fair. Salari hung up the phone in a stupor. Her stomach hanging somewhere between excitement and dread. She understood Zatar wanted her back but he didn’t understand the painstaking years she’d survived in order to build up her French life. Zatar had changed things since his father’s death. Kalih forced himself not to think about Salari but she refused to leave his headspace. He now worked for Zatar. Zatar told Kalif he needed him to pick up an important dignitary and bring her to the palace.  She needed security and must be protected until she is in the palace. Kalif and Zatar had grown up like brothers. Kalif’s father had been the Captain Of The Royal Guard during Kalifs childhood. Kalif had stepped into the hole when his father passed away. The deepest part of him wished it is sher. Part of Kalif worried he might not fully let go of her. It was salari Balizar, Princess of Katihar. Kalif said hello and she said “ what are you doing here?” He told her Zatar had sent him to pick her to take here to the palace. Salari said no . He didn’t blame her for treating him like that. After their history, she had every right to. But he was here on the Kings orders. Her name felt strange on his tongue. He’d stop saying it around the time he had stopped writing it, almost two years after she’d departed. Two years of unanswered letters that he’d written pleading with her to forgive him, to hear his side, to accept every form of apology, convinced finally that he should just move on. Kalif had been Salari’s only true love but he had betrayed her and lied about her  and caused her to be exiled. Kalif’s reason for lying in the past has made sense. They had been star crossed lovers as teens. Kalif had been nineteen and was risking his life for his love of Salari. But after his lie Salari had been branded a whore by her father and exiled. She said she would take a taxi and he said there were none. Salari did eventually get in the car to go to the palace. Than all eyes were on them. Royal Guard snubbed by returning princess. No one knew the details about what had happened before but her attitude would worsen her reputation. Salari now hated Kalif and he was to be her personal guard. But Salari doesn’t know everything that had happened and how Kalif’s hands were tied. But in the first twenty four hours Since Salari had been back there had been two attempts to kill her in twenty four hours. Kalif will do everything in his power to prevent anyone from hurting Salari as someone was somehow getting into the palace. With her life in danger Kalif takes Salari to a secret place to ensure her safety while there the love they had deep in their hearts was rekindled. They returned back after the  the intruder had been caught. But they find out there in more than one intruder and person who wants Salari dead.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Salari and Kalif together . But why didn’t Kalif didn’t go to france and personally apologize to Salari and tell why he had betrayed her. He wrote her for two years why wouldn’t he face her and try to make her understand?  I loved that at least Zatar had stood by her and kept in contact even if it wasn’t very often. This was a quick read but had a lot in it. It had: betrayal, death attempts, star crossed lovers, passion, danger, intrigue, unknown people trying to kill a princes, a princess, suspense, anger. A Captain of the Royal Guard,a lie, action, a secret place, and so much more. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.