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Great Story and Characters

Falling For His Mate (Crescent Moon Series Book 6) - Katie Reus, Savannah Stuart

Andrew was second in command of the O’Shea pack. He was a wolf shifter and humans didn’t know shifters and vampires existed they weren’t ready for that knowledge. Sybil asked him if he knew what he was doing as the drove to Charlie’s packs territory in Alabama. Andrew had fallen for Charlie hard but had screwed up bad. Sybil and Andrew were like siblings and she called him a dumbbutt and he said ,maybe he was. Sybil added if he ever got her to forgive him, he’s going to have to get her wolf  on his side too. If he had ghosted her like he did Charlie that her wolf would claw up his face on sight. On principle. He knew Charlie could attack him on sight. For the next few weeks or however long it took all the Alphas in the Southeast region to meet and discuss potential alliances and what to do about the rash of rogue vampires that have been infiltrating their territory, this was Sybil and his home. Each Alpha had traded a couple of their packmates with other packs. This logic was noone was going to attach another pack because if they did the packmates the packmates they traded would be killed. Andrew had to see Charlie to apologize and make things right. Mac MaCray stepped out. He was over one hundred years old. Andrew nodded and held out his hand. Every since meeting Charlie, Andrew’s  entire world was off its axis. She unleashed his primal instincts that Andrew never knew he had. She brought out something untamed in him. Andrew agreed to work/help at Charlie’s styling salon but she didn’t know it yet. He was just going to show up before she had a chance to be gone if she learned he was coming. He wasn’t waiting until tomorrow. He had to see her. And hope he could convince her to give him a second chance. The thought f giving up his role of second. The pack that he loved ….it was hard. But he couldn’t stay away from Charlie anymore. She was his to claim. Her friend Erica asked what she was thinking about as she had the weirdest look on her face and her scent was weird too. Charlie’s scent was probably crazy because when she thought of Andrew she got turned on and POed simultaneously. Her emotions went haywire and neither human or wolf side  had any control. She hated he made her feel unbalanced. It had been like this since they met. Then he walked in the door. She didn’t want to see her. It hurt too much. She thought about how she would react if she ran into him again. Andrew was different that what they'd shared had been serious, going somewhere. When she had went to South Carolina to her friend’ Alyssa’s baby shower she met Andrew. For the first time in hre life she understood what it meant to experience fireworks inside her. Their gazes collided and she felt the connection all the way to her core. Charlie had extended her stay. Andrew had started hardcore courting her. He had promised to come to the opening of her salon and never showed up. But no way was she trusting him again. He’d had his chance and he’d lost it.

I loved this book. Once I started it I didn’t put it down so I read this in one setting. I loved Charlie and Andrew and how they interacted I loved how Andrew was willing to give up his pack and his position in his home pack. I loved knowing Charlie put his happiness or what she knew was important to him first. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.