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Great Story and Characters

Sullivan's Promise - Joan Johnston

Lexie/Vick had given her son up but after six months showed up for her once a month weekend to be with Cody. Five years later -     Usually Rye or his brother Mike or mother darcie dropped Cody off at 5 pm Friday for his monthly visit and Vick took him back 5 pm Sunday.  When Rye or his brother mike or mother Darcie hadn’t showed up by 7pm Darcie went to the ranch house and found a cryptic message on Sullivan’s-Rye’s- back door. Meet me at the hospital. She tried to call but Sullivan didn’t return any of her calls. She tried once again to call Sullivan  as she started her truck and it went right to voicemail. She tried not to imagine the worst for he five year old son. Cody was never far from Sullivan’s side when he went out on the range. But he also rode trails close to home by himself. Vick thanked God she was living here year round in Montana. Thank God she could be at the hospital when her son needed her. It was still agony to give Cody back to his father but she’d been able to see Cody far more over the past year when he participated in school or church events that she could attend. Unfortunately living here meant she also had interaction with Sullivan. He had someone else or he passed Cody over with a stony silence. But since moving to Montana last year she encountered Sullivan in situations, especially at Cody’s school and Sunday School where they were forced to act cordially. It had been awkward to say the least. She often ran into Sullivan at the grocery store or out at the bar with his latest girlfriend when she was getting together with Pete Harrison a Flathead county deputy sheriff who recently turned into more than just a friend. Her accidental meetings with Sullivan always seemed fraught with tension. He spoke briefly and curtly to her , if he spoke to hre at all. She figured too much had been left unsaid between them. Or maybe left unresolved. Vick had never forgiven  herself for giving up her child, so she couldn’t very well blame Sullivan for begrudging her every moment she spent with Cody. when she got to the ER she found out it was Sullivan's younger brother Mike who had been injured. Why couldn’t he have said Mike was injured and not Cody? Seh saw Sullivan pacing the waiting room but than Cody saw her and came running and said”Uncle Mike got eaten by a bear.” She still had a distant relationship with Sullivan but had surprisingly become a good friends with darcie over the past five years. Lexi now went by Vick with everyone. Sullivan told Vick it was bad Mike had been attacked by a grizzly bear the same ones she fought to save. When darcie said mike needed blood Vick quickly stepped up to donate and so did Sullivan. Sullivan found out not both his parents were biological . than Vick thought back to the panicked look on Darcie’s face when Sullivan said he would be donating blood also. Maybe Sullivan had been adopted or Darcie had been pregnant when she married Patrick Sullivan’s father. Vick had been a baby when her mnother ran off with one of her father's cowhands, and her father had been absent most of her childhood , living in the governor's mansion while she and her three sisters were back on his ranch. At least Sullivan knew he had been loved. Sullivan said why didn’t they just tell him if he was adopted. Vick couldn’t believe Sullivan was sharing  his very private and personal thoughts with her but she then realized there was no one else. Than his current girlfriend-Sherry- told Sullivan she wasn’t his babysitter. She didn’t want her own kids or his.Than he gave Lexie/Vick credit the mere thought of Cody being hurt and she had broken speed limits to get to the hospital, she had donated blood for Mike and she sat beside his mother offering comfort. At the moment Lexie was using word games to distract a tired and cranky Cody. that left Sullivan?Rye free to pace the floor with worry for his brother. Rye/Sullivan realized she was teaching cody as she played with him. When he compared the behavior of the woman he had scorned for five years and the behavior of the woman that supposedly loved him, he realized he had been fooling himself. Sherry would never make a good mother for Cody or good wife for him. He then told Sherry after thanking her for being there he thought they better call it quits. Sullivan ended up having Vick stay at his house to watch cody as he had to take care of the ranch and his mother wanted to stay at the hospital with Mike. he didn’t know how long that would be for. But he still couldn’t bring himself to call her Vick to him she was Lexie. He felt a flood of desire that shook him when he was talking to lexie about staying in his home. That was why he had kept his distance for the last five years . That was why he had done his best to avoid meeting her during the weekend handoffs. That was why every conversation he had with her over the last year since she had moved to Montana was awkward and uncomfortable. He’d never stopped wanting her. He could never forgive her for walking away form Cody . How was he going to handle her every morning at breakfast for weeks, maybe even months . having her in his home all the time. She had agreed then ;eft with Cody said she would pack a bag and be at the ranch later.  Now she was going to devote herself to being a full time mom to Cody as long as she could. Sullivan must had made his feelings clear of not wanting her thee and cody had absorbed it when he got mad at her and said some hurtful things. She realized she had a lot to learn when having Cody fulltime to just a weekend a month. Even though she intended on taking Sullivan back to court if he didn’t give her more time with Cody. The fact she still found Sullivan attractive would have to be left on the shelf. Vick thought about why she had left the hotel- so long ago- before Sullivan woke up. She guessed it was because of past experience she didn’t trust anyone to stick around for the long haul. The man she had left that night was leaving the next day to go home. She didn’t think she would ever see him again no use hanging around.

I loved this book. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the angst in this it was just enough . It had several substories but they were well done and you didn’t get confused or frustrated with them. They were tied all together so well by the end. I loved the closeness Vick had with her sisters especially her twin Taylor.  Also the closeness Sullivan had with his siblings. I loved how the author wrote this book and the problems and situations and difficulties that came up and how they were handled and resolved. I would have liked to seen Mike have a HEA . Hopefully he will get his own book. My heart broke for Mike. I loved Cody he was such a sweetheart but also a typical five year old and added a lot to this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it . Yup another favorite.