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Great Story and Characters

American Witch - Thea Harrison

Molly stared at the strange pair of underwear - a size smaller than hers. What kind of woman payea round with a married man in his own bed and than left her pantis around?  What kind of husband did that to his wife. Her husband Austin apparently. Molly grabbed her purse and car keys and walked out of the house. She got in her escalade. She couldn't get a deep enough breath into her cramped lungs. She didn’t want to talk to Austin ever again. This wasn’t the first or even second time he had cheated on her after twenty years of marriage   Everything in Molly’s life had been about Austin;s career. Molly had met Austin in college and after graduation they had moved to Atlanta where Astin’s father had a small law firm. Than the firm had been bought out and Austin was made partner. Than Molly went back to the house and and the party had started she walked past the guests and out the purple panties in Austin;s martini glass. And said he had broke her heart the first time he had cheated on her when she had only been twenty one and he was twenty two and they had been together a year. But he was sorry and her mother was so insistent she stay with Austin and work things out. Than Molly looked at the vase Austin had bought her on their honeymoon in Japan and it slammed into the wall and shattered and the stand toppled over. Than Molly thought” did I do that?” Russell than said it was time to leave and mOlly said no she would leave on her way out she went in Austin’s office and took everything on the floor safe. She also took the household checkbook. She would go to the bank in the morning and transfer their liquid assets into her own account . Than she left , as she hit the intestate she was almost forty and she was just being born. Josiah was the new District Attorney. He didn’t head to his apartment in downtown Atlanta but he drove out to the country and went down a country lane that dead ended into his property . Josiah had woven subtle magical spells around the perimeter of his property. Than he checked his house and went into his basement that had more protection and obscuring spells layered over the floors, walls,and ceilings and anchored into place by scones of magic sensitive silver. He owned other properties all in other names that had gone under similar adaptations. Josiah called someone and told him to start a file on Molly Sullivan. He wanted to know where he goes and what she does next. He murmured Molly was a complication and he had to figure out what to do with her. Molly went to a hotel and thought it felt good to be someplace Austin couldn’t find her. She wondered why the man - Josiah- looked at her with a knowing expression. Molly dreamed of a woman with gray hair and she asked Molly when she was coming to see her. Molly said she didn’t know and she didn’t know who this woman was. Or what she was doing there. The woman told Molly not to fret about that it would be clear in time. Than the woman said she thought the spell was ready now and blew a cloud of spice and energy at molly and said’ find me!” Molly didn’t want to have lunch with Julia but she had been her best friend for the last five years. Molly didn’t feel right not talking to her. Molly said she was divorcing Austin . Julia wanted Molly to stay with her but Philip was Austin’s partner and Julia’s husband. Molly said she may leave Atlanta. Molly stopped at the hotel bar and seen Josiah there. He did a privacy spell.  He told Molly she was an awakening witch . Josiah told her she had inexplicable occurrences - things like car breakdowns and power outages. She may be having strange dreams or seeing visions of things that can’t possible exist. Josiah pinched the bridge of his nose. Molly was turning out to be a surprise after surprise all of it entirely unwelcoming. He said she has an incredibly rare power and she was just coming in it. Molly said she didn’t understand what was happening to herand how to control it. Josiah told her the only way she can hope to control her power is through training. He said practice technique, it will help her gain control over her power. Josiah said he could teach her He added with his training and guidance there’s no limit to what she can do. Josiah got a text from Anson He texted back he had talked to hre but they might be facing trouble Josiah knew they weren’t ready for trouble. Molly wanted to see Austin hurt like he’d hurt her over the years and stay young and be rich. But she didn’t trust herself right now. She was a revengeful type of person. Josiah felt desire which he hadn’t in a very long time. Josiah was two hundred years old but he had been married a very long time ago to a treacherous woman After getting the divorce papers. Austin attacked Molly when she she got on her back where she was facing Austin she used her powers to fight him. She knew she had at the very least she had a couple of broken ribs. After she had hit him with her powers a second time she knocked Austin out maybe killed him she called Josiah for help he told her to get away from the house. She gave him the address to her apartment and told him she would meet him there. Josiah took her to his safe house in the country . he told Molly she had to leave Atlanta. Josiah was getting her a new identity- a new name, license,and car and was giving her cas so she could leave. They had sex before she left and the condom broke but Molly said she was on the pill but had forgotten she had missed the day Austin attacked her. Than Molly got a pregnancy test and she was in fact pregnant. Molly had another dream of the elderly lady was waiting for Molly to come to her but it was Molly choice. She than left Atlanta but when Joniah met up with her to give her more money for a new beginning she told him she was pregnant. Molly set out to find the elderly woman who had again visited in her dreams and told her there would be signs for Molly to find follow and find her.

I really enjoyed this book. It caught my attention right from the beginning and held it to the end. I loved the ending. I loved Josiah and Molly together and how they interacted. I loved seeing Josiah change and grow as he got close to Molly and than fell in love with her. I loved how Molly loved Josiah but refused for her and the baby to live the lifestyle he was currently living. I loved the danger, drama, action, and mystery in this book. I loved the relationship between Sarah and Molly also between Sarah and her coven and how they accepted molly and Josiah and his coven. I also loved how they sent Molly power when she needed it and some of Sarah’s coven came to Atlanta to help Molly fight even though it was dangerous. I loved the pace and the plot. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.