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Great Story and Characters

Pregnant by the Billionaire  (Billionaires and Babies #3) - Leslie North

Donovan had the full attention of the tv producers. He had spent the last eight minutes going over his proposal. Now he needed to drive it home. He said he needed a wife. So what did they say, could they marry this incredibly handsome gaming CEO -him- for ratings? Donovan had come up with this idea a couple of weeks ago in response to a bet between him and his best friend Nick -whoever found a wife first got a million dollars. Donovan didn’t need the money but he wanted to win. Donovan and his buddies had always seen competitiveness as akin to godliness. He who competes best  - and hardest- wins. And what harder bet than marriage. Donovan didn’t care about happily-ever- after. He just wanted the prestige. Being a star on a reality tv show meant automatic publicity for his company Fitz Gaming. They were position themselves to take on the big names in the first person role - playing games with a huge secret and potentially game changing project in the works. This reality show couldn’t have been more perfectly times. Nick had sent one of his own developers to hone a matchmaking app. Melissa introduced herself to Donovan. She was a junior producer at Prospective Studios. She had pushed for the show with Donovan and finally the producers agreed to give her the green light with the program. Than Donovan invited hre to his house to brainstorm and he would provide dinner and she agreed. Melissa got to Donovan's she felt like she was in a Inception - like reality, where she achieved all her career goals in one sweep after asserting herself in her first ever executive meeting that she really attended on accident. She knew Donovan had looked at her approximately ten times and her panties had become toast. She didn’t understand a billionaire like Donovan wanted more limelight. He couldn’t possibly want a wife. She realized as she pulled into Donovan’s house that she had to set some ground rules. For herself. Because he was new territory she waded in. And she could lose control -fast. This show was her priority. She needed to prove to her senior colleagues she was capable of popular, high quality television.  The goal was to make it to executive producer by the end of the year. And Donovan could be her ticket to success. Than they ended up having sex. She knew it was wrong but it had been awhile since she had sex. She knew they were about to embark on a six month work project together. Hooking up on the first date was the worst choice ever. Melissa had promised good contestants. Even though technically after she had three organism - which she had - she had signed over her own hand in marriage. After the meeting and sex Melissa made all things return to business. Donovan found himself almost calling to invite melissa over again. He loved melissa’s style, caught somewhere between boho and studio director. Donovan was getting to know Melissa’s sides and they fascinated him. They were on the last ten choices and they only needed six for the show. Melissa attracted Donovan way more than the contestants. It was week two of filming and things were going well on set. At home Melissa was a mess. Melissa found out she was pregnant yet they’d used protection. She already had a problem with jealousy with Donovan wooing the woman contestants. The pregnancy itself wasn’t bad, it was something she’d always wanted, but the situation itself left something to be desired. Than Melissa had to prep Donovan as they were enough into filmt ‘sexy time’ or Donovan hooking up. Donovan was spying on Melissa and heard her talking and she was pregnant. Was it his ? Than Melissa asked him if he was spying on her and he said he was worried about her and than he asked if it was his and she said yes. Than Donovan said eh would be there for his child. He was even excited. Than Melissa said she needed to defer to frank she was too close and now pregnant. Than donovan said eh helped and was there when she called Frank. Frank said he thought that this could be a gold mine. He also added that as far as he could see she had a couple of options as the producer.  Either she gets on the show herself or she quietly excuses herself from production. Frank thought the only way the pregnancy was going to fly if it was out in the open She can’t be on the sidelines carrying Donovan’s child. It’s not going to stay quiet. Than Melissa was sniffing but agreed to be on the show. He told her to take the time to figure out how to break the news and incorporate the new aspect. Frank also said he’d be around if she needed him. Than Melissa and two cameramen were filming everything. Every part of her burned with discomfort This was an intrusion but the best course of action. Because she didn’t have a partner and she needed her job. Melissa needed to stay as far away from the limelight as she could. Or she’d go under. Melissa was ten weeks pregnant when the first three episodes of the show were aired to an early screening test audience. They loved the show but they wanted to see more of melissa. The audience was happy for the change. And there’s nothing more dramatic than the baby mama in the midst of searching for a wife. Than Frank suggested she get in front of the camera.

I loved this book. It was a fun, easy light read with just the right amount of angst. I loved Melissa and Donovan together and how they interacted. I was glad how DFonovan reacted on the reality show. I was surprised when Donovan was willing to pay a lot of money to get out of the show. I loved how close donovan and his two best friends were. I didn’t care they bet on who would find a wife and get married first but it was a huge factor to me. Without the bet no Donovan and Melissa. I didn’t want to put this down. This had me from page one until the last page of the book. Another new favorite. I chuckled at times while reading this.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.