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Good Story and Good Characters

Show Me - Abigail Strom

Airin was free. No sign of her mom or anyone who worked for her mother. She was a few blocks from the hotel but she felt like she was in a different world. Someone bumped into her but a strong hand on her arm helped her recover her footing. She turned and was looking at a tall hot man. Airin wasn’t used to being touched by strangers, except for the medical professionals who’d drawn her blood and changed her IVS and poked and prodded her for so many years. But this was different , there was nothing professional or antiseptic about his man’s touch or the way he was looking at her. His gaze was neither blatant or furtive. This man was intensely alive with an energy that seemed to crackle in the air, He was actually flirting with Airin. The man’s name was Hunter and he was with Caleb- who was having his last night of freedom before marriage- and Stu. So Airin figures this must be a bachelor party. Airin had come out tonight looking to be part of normal life.  She decided why not go in the bar and have a drink. She’d only been in bars in hotels and never had an alcoholic drink. It would count as a brand new experience, It was Hunter’s brother -Caleb’s bachelor party. Than the bartender Kaleo asked what Airin wanted and after he described a couple of drinks to her she said a Blue Hawaii. Hunter had offered to get the drinks at the bar so he could see Airin again. Than Airin said she was named after her grandmother who had been a refugee from Iran. Than an older man cut in and said wait a minute, you’re a refugee from Iran. A Muslim. But Hunter inserted himself between Airin and the man. Than the bartender kicked the man out of the bar and Hunter escorted him out. Than Caleb came to the bar and introduced himself and said she’d already met his brother Hunter, than he asked her to join them and Airin said he is making fun of her . caleb said no having a beautiful woman around for a bit will shut Stu up and Hunter had a hero complex and would worry about her and wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself. He had also told her he was getting married the next day. Than Caleb left to go back to the table and Airin said she wasn't even Muslim. But that shouldn’t matter . Should it? Airin had a heart condition and an overprotective mother but she was cured now. Hunter is an astronaut and is to be going on an eight month mission,Airin and Hunter have hot chemistry. Dira is Airin’s mother and is a near genius scientist and owns Del Ares and is trying to be the first on Mars. Once Airin and Ghuinter meet they can’t keep the other out of their heads. Airin is trying to break free of her mother. Airin thinks she will never see Hunter again. Later Airin goes to the same bar and sees Hunter again.  They talk once more and she decides to go home with Hunter. . But they get in a car accident and she passes out and has lost her purse so she has no identification and he doesn’t know her last name or anyone to contact for her. So he does take her to his home and opts out of the program to stay with Airin until she recovers. Even though his dream was to go to space and he had vowed never to be on a relationship as going to space would make it basically impossible. After the accident Airin’s mother demands Hunter make a deal with her and than Airin gets a chance to stay in hawaii and take time to decide what she wants to do next without her protective mother Dira over her shoulder.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the information on space flight and NASA. This was a quick romantic read. I liked the pace and plot. I liked Airin and Hunter and how they interacted together. I didn’t like  that Hunter made a deal with dura behind Airin’s back she is going to feel betrayed when she finds out. I really liked that Airn wanted to live life to the fullest now she isn’t sick anymore. I loved how both Airin and Hunter wanted to go to Mars. i liked seeing both Airin and Hunters POV.  This caught my attention right from the beginning and kept it until the end. I liked Airin spoke her mind. I thought this was a little predictable. At times I didn't like Dira but I understood she was a mother. I didn’t like the insta/ lust, love. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of the book and I recommend it.