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Good Story and Good Characters

Darkness Returns (Guardians of Eternity #13) - Alexandra Ivy

The King of the Vampires- Styx- lived in a mansion in Chicago with other paranormals  Styx mate is Darcy. Styx would move heaven and earth to please his female Styx was in his private study when Viper walked in who was also a vampire. Styx and Viper had been through hell together- literary. In the past they had battled the Dark Lord, evil witches, and dragons. Styx told Viper he was going away for a couple of days to Vegas.  He was meeting with the Rebels. The Rebels were a clan of vampires led by Tarek who led an insurrection against the former Amasso-vampire king- after he’d taken command of the warring clans and consolidated them under his rule. At least that is what Styx had been told and believed after tarek disappeared. He said he was taking Levitt with him-Levitt was a gargoyle-.  Who viper’s mate had rescued and Styx and Viper both couldn’t stand him. All vampires have individual talents and Styx’s was a blast of energy that could cripple his opponents. Styx shows Viper a thick scroll and said he had found out Tarek had not been exiled but held in a magical prison and the scroll held the location of the key to the magical prison. The scroll was a pack with a coven of witches which vampires hated to deal with. Chiron had stood by his master Tarek as the previous Amasso had driven the rebels fro their territory his master siad Tarek had turned into a traitor. But Styx had made a bad mistake when he dismissed Chiron , who’d been Tarek’s most loyal servant who had pleaded for help when Tarek disappeared. Styx said he had to release tarek. Styx said he was going to Vegas giving the scroll to chiron and hand over Levitt to help him find the magical prison. Chiron had settled in vegas and owned the Dreamscape Resorts and Casinos around the world. Chiron was the public face of the Rebels as far as Styx could see. Witches, magic, and hidden prisons were enough to put a vampire on edge. Chirons penthouse office was designed to make a statement. Wealth. Sophistication. Power. The three things that impressed the mortals he dealt with routinely. Chiron was going to try to find Tarek to release him if he had been imprisoned. Alric was  Chiron’s personal guard. Chiron’s gift was he could delve into peoples minds. The vampires were the hardest to do that to but he believed Styx and that it wasn’t a trap. Chiron was making Ulric stay behind and run his business but he would take Levitt. Levitt lead them to a demon hotel in Florida that is kept well hidden from humans. The owner was Lilah and Chiron wasn’t sure what she was. Levitt said he could sense the presence but it was impossible to pinpoint the exact location. He could sense it until he passed through the barrier of the hotel. He also said the magic was odd, almost Fae but not quiet. The gargoyle was puzzled, chiron said if Levitt failed him it would be the last thing he did. Chiron jad never experienced such an intense reaction as he did to Lilah. He isn’t sure if he can trust Lilah or if she had anything to do with his missing master. But he does know Lilah is his mate. Lilah has no past memories. She had spent her whole life at the estate but she dreams of traveling the world. Her childhood ogress nanny had never left her and she always convinces Lilah to stay every time she brought up leaving. Chiron and Lilah’s relationship develops quickly and that makes Lilah want to find out about her past.

I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed how much nothing appeared to be. I chuckled a couple of times while reading this. Lilah and chiron had hot chemistry and I liked them together. I loved the suspense and action . This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning and kept it until the end. This is a quick enjoyable read. This ended in a small cliffhanger and I hate any kinds of cliffhangers aso this did affect my rating. I did love the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.