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Good Story and Good Characters

Grave Destiny - Kalayna Price

The first time Alex had knowingly wove planes of existence was under the blood moon.  That was six months ago, and she been under the power of a madman.The ability burst from Alex like a magical hemorrhage. Alex needed training, the only two Plane Weavers anyone knew about resided in the high court. Which no one could tell Alex how to reach. Her housemate was Caleb and was born as independent fae and knew very little about about the inner workings of the high court. Mrs B was a brownie and appointed herself manager of Tongues For The Dead.  The only other fae she could ask was in hiding and was a prominent member in mortal government in a part called Human First party which was a hate group against fae and witches. He was also Alex’s father. Alex is a private investigator for Tongues for the dead. She runs it with fellow grave witch and her best friend Reanna. They specialize in raising shades of the dead so they can be questioned but they’d take about any case from missing persons to discussing causes on knickknacks. Business was dead as Alec had been accused of magical mass murder. Alex called her dad and asked him how to get to the high court. He said he knew but she would have to accept ac ase and he said she would know the case when it came to her. Than the bell on the door rang and than fear lodged in her sternum and melted down to her stomach . It was Prince Dugan of the Shadow court. There Faerie has seven courts She took Dugan into her office. Than her front door burst open and it was the Queen's knight Falin Andrews stormed into the lobby. Than he said to he we have to go, that the Prince of the shadow court was in Nekros. Falin also headed the local Fae Investigative Bureau. Alex’s one time only lover , housemates of sorts, and a friend it had shown he was worried when he entered the business. Than Alex said the prince was there and Dugan stepped out if her office. Than both the Prince and Falin drew their weapons. Prince Dugan claimed the right to open roads- that gives an outsider the right to pass through mortal realm territory where they don’t belong. It can be invoked once a year lasted twelve hours. Than Dugan invoked the Sanctuary Of Artidians. Alex didn’t know what that was as she hadn’t grown up in Faerie. Dugan also said he and Alex were betrothed and she said the had become betrothed when she was born. Alex doesn’t consider herself tied to the Shadow Prince.  Alex agreed to take Dugans case than the Winter Queen told her she needed to find out the truth of this case. A brownie from from the shadow court and a friend of Dugan’s was dead found with a dead fae form the Winter Court, and this happened in the Winter Court. This could lead to war between the two courts. The three became a team- Falin, dugan, and Alex- to find out what really happened. Alex needeall her skills to stay alive-as various courts either wanted Alex for themselves or wanted her dead- as they had to go through the fae courts while investigating the murders. Falin has feelings for Alex but his duty is to his queen.

I really enjoyed this book. It has: fae politics, deceit, seven different fae courts, fae plots, lies, glamour, magic, mystery, deaths, and of course fae and so much more. I advise you to read this series in order for a more knowledgeable and smoother read. I really liked the plot and pace.Thus was a fun, exciting read with a dash of romance. I would have liked to see Alex perform more of her grave magic. I love the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.