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Good Story and Good Characters

Whiskey Dick - Ryan Ringbloom

Jaxson is afraid of flying  after being in Florida for a bachelor party and decides when his flight is delayed to stop in the Miami airport bar. The delay was now three hours long.  His sister Remi had gave him some pills to help him relax and he saw no harm in taking them. He meets a woman who is also afraid of flying named Paisley who had been in Florida for a conference. Paisley’s and Jax’s flight were the same.She decides that stopping in the bar for a couple of drinks will help her relax. Paisley finds Jaxson and Paisley are very attracted to each other. After being delayed a second time the flight is finally canceled.  Jax and Paisley decide to take the long eighteen hour drive to New Jersey together. They decide to share a room and have some whiskey together and make out. When they go to have sex Jaxson can’t get hard. He said this never happened to him before and they are both very fruistated. Jax acts like a butt for a little bit when he cant get hard but gets over it.

I enjoyed this book alot. I laughed out loud a lot while reading this and that is rare for me. This was a funny, short, fast, fun read . I really enjoyed seeing both POVs. I felt bad for Jax when he just couldn’t get hard how embarrassing especially when that's not normal for him.  This was just a good light reading. It will make you laugh. Jax’s sister Remi was something else too. I wish I could have rated this 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.