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Great Story and Characters

I Want You Back - Lorelei James

Lucy had an eight year old daughter-Mimi- bu=y Jaxson. Jaxon had just retired from professional hockey and was back home. He had also went through rehab and was sober now. He now worked for the family business-Lund Industries- L I. Lucy worked there also but she was sure he didn’t work “ there” like she did. Jax asked Lucy what she was doing for the weekend when he picked up their daughter and she answered this and that. Lucy got ready for her first date with Damon . Than she thought about the first time she had met Jaxson a decade ago. Lucy had went to a deluxe fancy car wash. Her car wasn’t fancy but still deserved some TLC. She went in the lobby with a sooda and magazine and than a guy came in. They guy was blustery while yakking on his cell phone. Lucy thought how she hated when people acted inconsiderate and self-important. Lucy silently willed him to go away. But the man plopped down on the bench directly across from her. She felt his gaze on her but she continued to ignore him. Than he said”ever had one of those days?” Lucy wasn’t sure what compelled her but she replied with” One of those days where you’re enjoying a rare moment of quiet when some rude guy destroys it with an obnoxiously loud phone conservation ?  Why yes, I am having one of those days now.” Than he laughed and Lucy looked up and the man was gorgeous. He asked her if she was married, engaged, or currently involved with someone and when she said no he asked her out on a date to prove he wasn’t annoying. He said his name was Jaxson. She automatically said she was Lucy. Lucy realized she was a sucker for his tenacious charm. She said okay. Than damon rang her doorbell. She wasn’t nervous about this first date The potential for a second date would create more nerves, since most men never made it past the first with lucy. She’s met damon at a work function and they hit it off, exchanged emails and phone numbers. They met twice after work. When Damon asked her to go to dinner she had said yes. She liked Damon, he was low key but still had a personality. Than Lucy thought of what Jax had said on their first date- by the third date she will know what it was like to have his mouth all over her. So far Jax’s visits with Mimi were on the weekend. Lucy didn’t seem to believe he could get their child to school in time. And Jax tried not to better. Jax had limited access to Mimi for most of her life- with good reason as his past bad boy behavior so he had to probe his intention to be a full time dad. During the years he had played hockey he had only seen Mimi sporadically during the season and the season were long. Jax thought about his first date with Lucy -still the beat date he had ever had. Jax had never been so drawn to a woman. Jax was to meet Lucy back at the pizza restaurant the next evening. Neither believe the other will show but they both show up. Jax still thought how easy being with Lucy was from the start. He’d never had that type of relationship before and it killed jax that he had screwed it up so completely. Part if Lucy was happy that Jax took Lucy places for them to spend time together and did whatever she wanted to do. But part of Lucy resented that she never had the luxury of extra cash until four years ago when Jax stepped up his monetary support. Than Jax’s mom called  for her. Even at her and Jax’s darkest times Edie was never cold or cruel to Lucy or indifferent to Mimi. . Jax cam over to Lucy at the party and his sweet. Focused affectionate side still had the power to affect Lucy. Jax said Lucy was the one person he could always talk to, he never fully understood what he had with her until she was gone. Jax said they needed to deal with their past…. To talk. Lucy agreed they should talk and than they would be able to move on. Lucy knew that having that conversation would be excruciating for both of them. On their fourth date Lucy admitted to trust issues and her firm belief in all men always cheated and she hadn’t been proven wrong yet. Nut she did continue to date Jax and on their fifth date they had sex. Jax wanted Lucy to move to Chicago where the team was based during their long season but she refused. He bought tickets for her to fly out to see him on the weekends. Than Lucy found out she was pregnant but decided to wait until the season was over to tell jax. Jax’s mom was with Lucy when Mimi was born. Lucy learned jax had cheated on her and ended their relationship. Jax eventually went to rehab and got sober and he wanted Lucy back. He knew the chemistry was still there between them, but would Lucy give him that chance.

I loved this book. It was a easy, fun, romantic read. I loved how the author handled the subject of a STD -herpes- that was forever.  This is the first book I have ever read that handled a STD and felt that gave some realism about a celebrity that slept around a lot with unknown partners. I loved how Jax worked so hard to be a good dad and got Lucy to start trusting him again. I also loved how Jax’s family supported him no matter what even when he quit the family business. . I felt Mimi was a typical eight year old only child and she definitely added a lot to this book. I loved the plot and pace to this book. I didn’t want to put this down. It caught my attention from the start and kept it until the last page. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend this book.