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Good Story and Good Characters

Royal Service - Leslie North

King Philip Gregor Humbert alcott knelt beside his favorite vintage Indian motorcycle . he wished he could stay there or better yet ride off into the sunset- once the motorcycle was fixed. There was unfortunately a gaggle of women halfway down the drive. His mother was throwing a Summer House party for him to choose his bride. Firing up the motorcycle usually brought Philip peace. But with his thirteenth birthday close there was hardly any peace for him. According to his country's law and his mother’s insistence he was to choose a queen by the time he was thirty which wasn’t far away. Or his irresponsible brother would take the throne  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married, he had always been enamored with the idea of growing old with a woman he loved. But during this he wasn’t picking a wife so much as a queen. Someone who was capable of of ruling Danovar at his side. A Queen for stability, to continue the royal line, and what good she could do with the power of her influence. This meant he couldn’t marry for love and after seeing his parents and grandparents loveless marriages, he knew it was nothing to look forward to. Being King meant putting his country before his own desires. He needed a little freedom, a little time to himself. He’d be back in time to give the opening speech tonight. Than the last limo pulled up and he seen one of the women’s P A and he found he wanted her. It had been a long time since a woman had affected him this strongly. Her innocence was refreshing unlike the golddiggers here. Ella finally figured out a way to carry hers and her stepsisters bags at one time. Ella needed one of her two stepsisters to get engaged to the King. it was the only way Ella would finally have her own life. She had grown up in the United States and she wanted to return and ride horses competitively and work with them.   Ella was all about duty, helping others, and following the rules.Than a hot man tapped her on the shoulder , he said he was thinking of taking a ride with her would be more fun than some royal function. Ella’s stepsisters weren’t interested in marrying the King. Than Philip finds out Ella isn’t a servant but eligible possibly to be his queen. Ella finds out at the first ball she has been flirting with the King. She offers to help Philip find a bride. But he has already decided he wanted to marry ella. He is determined to spend as much possible wit Ella as he can . Try to get her to stay. Ella has to decide if she can sacrifice her freedom for love as she is falling for Philip.Ella and Philip communicate through letters and meet secretly. Ella knows a Queens life is one of servitude. But then she gets a handwritten love letter and that kiss…. But once ella agrees to be Philip’s queen he seems to change and can’t seem to find time for her. He also tries to change her. Than he stabs her in the back and she leaves.

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy , read. I also felt it was well written. I really liked the new slant on Cinderella like story other than how Philip changed and stabbed Ella in the back.I loved the fact her stepmother and step sisters weren’t cruel to her. Also things got hot between Ella and Philip. I liked that ella stood up for herself and that she had the strength to leave Philip when he did her wrong. But I do think Ella forgave Philip tpp easily. I did chuckle at times while reading this. I felt even thought this story was real ella acted realistically abitu weather to marry Philip and give up her freedom and dreams or not. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend it.