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Great Story and Characters

The Sheikh’s Fierce Fiancée (Sheikhs of Al-Dashalid Book 3) - Leslie North

Driving himself to the mosque had been Sheikh Issam second mistake. The first one was letting himself get sucked into this family drama. Issam was in charge of - in one way or another- hundreds of people and held responsibility of millions. Kyril -he was Issam oldest brother-had called and said he needed a favor. He needed Issam to go to the mosque and pick up Inan- Kyril’s oldest child who was five years old. There was a special folder on issams phone . the foldert had a collection of dossiers on potential wives. Issam had to be married by the time he was thirty which was very soon or he would lose his position in the royal family. He would choose his wife on cold, hard, facts. He wanted a wife who is suitable on paper, nothing more. He needed someone who could stay calm, who could stay the course. He didn’t have time to get into an emotional mess like his brothers. He didn’t want anything that looked like love. There was a woman Issam had noticed in her car than another car came barreling down on her car. She turned heading for the sidewalk, for Inan. She avoided hitting any kids but hit the mosque. The side column of the mosque was ready to fall Issam got the woman out of the car and into his arms and ran and as he went he grabbed Inan’s arm and dragged him back.  The column fell. Mackenzie’s car was crushed by the column . She probably would have died. Than mackenzie realized who had saved her-sheikh issam - the man who she came here to meet. She was there to negotiate a deal. Than the imam from the mosque came out and told Issam there was an ancient law for damaging the mosque MacKenzie must be put to death. The Issam grabbed her by the elbow. MacKenzie was furious as she paced the holding cell. Mackenzie was an American citizen as well as a lawyer. Mackenzie had been scheduled for an afternoon meeting with Issam. The president- who was her brother -in-law - had sent her a shis representative- so she said but actually she had been forced to leave Al-Madeza. If issam didn’t stop MacKenzie’s sentence from being carried out he would be at war on three fronts: The U. S., Al-madeza, and Caldad. There was one way for Issam to save Mackenzie it was to marry her. He said it would be a political marriage. Mackenzie agreed to the marriage. Mackenzie told issa she threw herself into her work. She never fell below anyone’s standards because hers were so high. Issam thought MacKenzie was bottled lightning and wanted more of her. He kissed her and she hesitate and kissed him back. Issam wanted badly to see what mackenzie was like when she lost control. He wanted to make her lose control. But mackenzie had a power all her own. Issam thought this won’t be as he had imagined.

This was another great book by Ms. North. I loved it. I read it on one setting. I just didn’t want to put it down. Issam and MacKenzie were such strong and smart people. I loved them together. I understood why but didn’t appreciate how Issam didn’t listen to MacKenzie but when it was crucial he did. I know it wasn’t the way of his culture but…. In the end her way with help from the NGO was the right way. I loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved how Issam’s family accepted MacKenzie right from the start even knowing why he had planned to marry her. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.