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Great Story and Characters

Resilient - Gillian Archer

The minute Tank-Shawn- saw Natalie he knew he wanted to sleep with her. Anything more was for people who still had hope left inside them. But that’s not for Tank. Afghanistan had killed him even though he still walked around and looked alive, he was dead inside. So he had sex with women than left them. He only played with woman  who knew the score. He made sure they all knew what to expect from him. Tank was a member of the True Brothers MC. They were at the hospital , bikers on one side and jessica’s family and friends on the other and the hot chick. She would be going out of her mind that Jessica had been shot. One year later- Right now Tank was babysitting the Prez’s- Zags- old lady- Jessica- and her hot friend as they ran errands all over Reno.Tank had been keeping an eye on Natalie since the first time he seen her at the hospital.Jessica and Nicole had been best friends for thirteen years when Debbie had moved herself and kids to Reno when they were in Middle School, Jessica and Emily were the two constant people in Nicole’s life.  Jessica and Tag were getting married in a week and they had a three month old daughter. The club had gone through alot over the last year, It wasn’t easy tolet Jessica go in the bridal shop alone before he had checked it out. Jessica had been shot by a former and now dead member of their own club. Just a week ago Natalie’s other best friend had been held hostage and tortured by their rival MC. It wasn’t hard to see Nicole didn’t like bikers even though she put on a good front. Tank never planned on getting married but if he did it would never be like Jess and Tag’s wedding. Justice Of The Peace or County Clerk. Stitch realized Tank liked a ‘good girl’. Stitch was like a father to Tank. He had sponsored Tank with the club. They had become friends after Tank got out of the Marines and he had hung out in the roughest bars Tank could find. He needed to vent  all the rage and stress he’d been keeping pent up inside him.Than he noticed a bunch of Saddle Tramps cornering a lone guy in an alley. Tank jumped into the fight to even the odds. Stitch bought Tank a round as a thank you. A few drinks later Stitch had talked him into prospecting for the True Brothers MC. Nicole went up to Tank and asked him if he wanted to leave.Than she said it was a one time deal and Tank agreed. When Tank kissed Nicole he felt a bolt of electricity go through him. It had been a decade since Nicole had rode on the back of a bike. Every part of Nicole that touched Tank felt electrified as he carried Nicole to her bedroom.

This was an excellent book and I loved it and didn’t want to put this down. I read it every time I had the chance until it was done. I chuckled at times while reading this and choked up with a tear or two escaping my eyes at other times. I loved Nicole and Tank together and how they interacted with each other. I didn’t particularly care for Tank’s sister as she was just cruel and mean when she met Nicole for the first time at Tanks. I loved how the MC was family to each other and were good guys for the most part. I loved how close Nicole was to Emily and Jessica and than Brittany. I loved the plot and pace. I loved the characters and ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.