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Good Story and Good Characters

Exclusive (The VIP Desire Agency Book 3) - Mel Teshco

Amos voice swept  over Tiffany , her real name was Natalie. . He was the lead singer of Frankenstein’s blood. Tiffany  showed the backstage bouncers her VIP pass. Tiffany was a call girl and was to be Amos’s latest companion.  Tiffany would soon find out all there was to know about her rock star idol. She wondered if disappointment would override the starstruck emotion once she got to know the real him. Tiffany had a failed affair with a married man-Toby-  who had been a client and promised to leave his wife for her. Tiffany found out falling in love had been a big mistake, she didn’t care to ever repeat. After Toby, she’d resumed her professional role and stay that way until she was out of the call girl business for good. Which wouldn’t be any time soon. A little over five years ago her father had been crushed by a truck.  He needed a specifically designed house and full time care. Sending him to a nursing home wasn’t even an option. How things might have been different if her mother hadn’t run off with her dads best friend and left a twelve year old Tiffany/Natalie behind. She’d gotten out of the financial mess by working as an escort and would continue working as an escort and would continue working as long as it paid the bills and she saved enough for a secure future. Tiffany worked for VIP Desire Agency. Amos told her he had to shower and change than they would go to the after party. Even though her profession paid the bills it wasn’t an easy career. Even Toby hadn’t affected her like Amos did. No client or lover made her feel the intensity of need. When they got to the hotel he went to take his shower but Tiffany went in after him. But she forgot all the tricks she’d been taught for her tricks. She went after her own organism which did also get him off. Amos said he never paid call girls for intimacy but peace of mind. Tiffany wanted to taste the explosive attraction between them over and over again. Jasmine was mentally unstable and she was the biggest reason he never dated a woman more a handful of times. That is why Amos avoided groupies. As Jasmine had been a groupie he had wined and dined and then took her home to his bed one time.  Jasmine imagined that i time with Amos meant they were committed to each other. Amos was drawn to Tiffany, wanted almost desperately to get to know her fully. She was a woman of many layers and Amos wanted to delve deep to uncover every gorgeous facet. Tiffany heard two woman talking about her and everything seemed to come at her at once, never being good enough for anyone but her clients, a feeling of separation from everyone else. Not quite her head above water. The slow simmer of anxiety had been building for seven years. Than Tiffany had run from Amos A man named harry had talked to tiffany about later calling her agency when Amos was signing autographs. Harry was getting in his car when Tiffany rushed out of the hotel and she asked harry to give her a ride than had her drop her off at a supermarket. Than as she went to call Maisey- who ran the agency- to be picked up. Amoss pulled up in his limo and she hung up before Maisey answered. Once back at Amos’s room , she wanted to be with him like she never wanted to be with another client before. Tiffany wanted to make it good for Amos , to ensure he never forgot their time together. She’d never once experienced this heightened sense of awareness , this electrified fission of need firing through her body. She’d grown jaded of the sex game. They went out to a restaurant, Amos saw Jasmine and excused himself  He told Jasmine to stay away from Tiffany. Jasmine said he was hers. Than Amos told her to leave him alone. Than toby calls and saws he has to see her. But it had been three months and his wife had signed the divorce papers and he had to talk to her. She agreed to meet him in an hour. But Amos asked her to stay. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Than he told her when he was a lot younger he was driving and his parents were in the car and there was an accident and his parents died. Natalie took Amos to meet her father and he understood why she was a call girl.

I loved this romance but it did seem rushed to me. One minute Natalie/Tiffany’s heart was broke from Toby and the next she was in love with Amos. But I still enjoyed this book a lot. But I did love Natalie and Amos together and how they interacted. I didn't’ want to set this down.   I only had the one complaint otherwise this would have been a five for me. I loved the plot. Also I would have liked to rate this 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.