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Good Story and Good Characters

It's Me Again, Baby (O'Connor Family Series Book 3) - Katie Reus

Maguire was meeting a realtor about the property he was interested in buying. Maguire had been in Afghanistan while serving his country , when he came home he had trouble assimilating into the civilian world. He restored his mustang and that had been the best therapy. As the front door opened Maguire’s smile froze as it was Samantha Murphy and she was as surprised as he was. Sam and Maguire had spent a passionate week together when he had been home on leave from the Marines, they had made several promise to each other and then she ghosted on him. Maguire had never got the woman out of his head. As far as he knew Samantha had been in Oregon the last three years. He said to Sam “ You’re back in Holly” Sam said she had moved back when her father had died. She wanted to be there with her mother. Even though her mom seemed to be handling everything well. Maguire would not give Sam the satisfaction of knowing how much she had hurt him.   Than Sam got angry and said she had went to the airport to say goodbye and ran into his other girlfriend Amy Barrett. She let Sam know Maguire was having sex with both of them. Sam’s smell even affected Maguire now and he hated that it did. Than Sam apologized when she saw Maguire was serious when he said he’s only been with hre. Than he asked her to go out to dinner the next night and she agreed. Sam said she had more places he could look at if he wanted to. Maguire said he was free and they could look at the places. He wanted to spend more time with Samantha. He planned on spending tonight finding out more about what she’d been up to these last few years. Also why she’s been so willing to believe he cheated on her. Maguire was the sexiest man Sam had ever known. Sam wanted to spend time with him in a non-working setting now she knew he hadn’t cheated on her. Sam had lost a lot of weight while in college. She hadn’t been used to guys paying attention to her. Than Maguire- a guy she had crushed on hard when she was younger, He’d been five years older than her, out of her league, and she had no idea who she was back than. They stopped for coffee and a snack after looking at the places she had to set up. Than Maguire asked if she was seeing anyone and she said no. Sam hadn’t dated in awhile as she had been consumed with work. After maguire she became a workaholic, determined to carve out a name for herself. Maguire was nervous around Samantha . She brought out possessive feelings he’d never experienced with anyone else. Keeping his hands and mind busy helped with the nightmares, which was why he worked so much. He was seriously zoning out, thinking about Samantha, which wasn’t like him. Even when he was focused on a project he kept his surroundings in check out of habit. Always, it was ingrained in him. Sam had never met anyone else who made her feel like Maguire did.  Than in one of the places they looked out Maguire gave s Sam oral sex as he wanted to taste her again. Than Sam had to cancel dinner as her mother had sounded melancholy when she checked on her so Sam went to hre moms for the night. The next morning she went out to take her mother to the hairdressers and found she had two flat tires. Sam thought it was odd she had two flat tires. Than her phone rang it was Maguire and once she told him about her tires he said he would pick them up and take them where they had to go. He was also sending one of his guys to pick up Sam’s car and her mother's car would be ready this afternoon instead of tomorrow. Than him and Sam stopped for coffee nd he got a te3xt form one of his guys and Sam’s tires had been purposely slashed. That evening when Maguire pulled up to pick up Sam she seen a man outside on her balcony. The guy took off and Maguire didn’t dare take off after him in case there was someone else there. He called his soon to be brother in law Brad who was the sheriff. He then got out his weapon and went through Sam’s house. Sam had a stalker who had made harassing phone calls to her cell and office, show up at her work and her home uninvited. A man she had a restraining order against in Oregon. A man who had broke in her condo. She was spending the night at Maguires and maguire’s brother was spending the night at her moms to make sure she was ok. Samantha was a-one- of -a kind- woman and Maguire wasn’t letting go. Maguire would protect her with everything he had. No one was getting past him. Nelson Smith- Sam’s stalker- was in Holly. His credit card showed he had a room at a hotel on the outskirts of town for another week in a half but he hadn’t been there the last two days.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the pace and plot. I read this in one setting. I loved Sam and Maguire together. I was glad Sam could see maguire wasn’t lying when he told her he hadn’t cheated on her. I loved how close Sam was to her mom and Maguire to his family. This was a good romance and just enough angst and drama. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.