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Great Story and Characters

Risky Play (Red Card, #1) - Rachel Van Dyken

Mackenzie was on a plane to Puerto Vallarta all by herself. On the honeymoon she had purchased as a surprise for Alton . But Alton had had walked out on her after she had made it up the altar to marry him.yet he still came to work. Mackenzie decided to use the trip as a show of independence and a “ my life isn’t over, it just begun” type of thing. Only now she realized she wasn’t okay. It wasn’t that she just missed them, she missed Alton. Her best friend. They'd been inseparable since birth. Their moms had been best friends. But why had she felt empty on their wedding day even before Alton turned his back on her? Her marriage bust had been national news. MacKenzie told her mom she needed this. To find out who she was without him. She was a total people pleaser.  Than the hot guy who say in the aisle seat asked MacKenzie if she was afraid of flying. She said no she flew several times- but before she had been with Alton but didn’t say that. Than he ordered a good wine. Men who knew wine were her weakness. Vacation had been the only option after getting offered one of the highest salaries in U S soccer. They needed a face to sell ….and Slade wanted to get away from his old team. Also the co- caption and his former best friend who had knocked Chelsea up who had been Slade’s fiancee. Than the plane they were on had engine failure. MacKenzie kisses Slade as the plane bounced lower. Than she said she was Ashley and Slade said his name was Hugo. They had lied to each other about their real names. MacKenzie wasn’t normally reactive as she was a planner. Than” Hugo” asked “Ashley” where she was staying and she said Secrets Resort and he said he was staying there too. “ Hugo” . “” gave “Ashley” a ride to the resort. Mackenzie decided to be the girl pf adventure she had always wanted to be. She was starting with” Hugo”. “Ashley” presence  took away every ache and pain Slade had these past few weeks and just silenced them all. “Hugo” and “Ashley” dived from the cliffs even though”Hugo” was afraid of heights and then he kissed her again while in the water. Mackenzie thought if this was what attraction was supposed to feel like she was completely out of her element. MacKenzie had never been a risk taker until she had sex the first time with a stranger. For once in her life she was out of control. Control was not something Slade lacked it had been an essential part of his training since he was a child. Soccer had been above all else, even family. It was everything until it stopped making him happy. And until it became a job and the money meaningless. Until Slade had been betrayed by those closest to him. “ Hugo” kissed “Ashley” at her door across the hall from his after dinner than they went in her room and had sex-Mackenzie had been a virgin. Maybe Slade had found his other half. Than Slade got a late call-after MacKenzie had fallen asleep- his father died from a heart attack and he told his mom he would be there as soon as he could. Gone was Slade’s biggest supporter and his best friend. The only person who truly understood Slade. Her first sexual partner and the next morning Mackenzie found out he was gone. Matt was Slade’s agent but also his friend and had been since they were sixteen and they had been inseparable every since. Mackenzie told her dad she wanted to go to work at The Blue Service Assistant Company now that her aunt was pregnant she knew there were openings. Her father gave her two months to get her head back together and come back ready to work as his taster at his winery. Mackenzie was to basically do whatever rich people needed done- walk their dog. Do laundry, shop for them , clean etc. than she found out Slade was her client and he was mean and crude to her. Mackenzie had never wanted to believe that she had never wanted to believe she has meant nothing to him but obviously that was true. Slade’s nemesis was the other co-captain on this new team and Matt was both of their agent.They had been at each other's throat for years. Once MacKenzie earned of Slade’s fathers death she knew why he left and he was hurting and very angry.  She started to cook for him and his attitude changed especially when he learned who Mackenzie really was. Not someone who was after him for what she could get. I loved this book- a new favorite.story. An easy ro,mance with just enough angst. I loved Slade and Mackenzie together once he stopped being such a butt to her. I felt so bad when Mackenzie woke up alone in Mexico. Than she believed she had really meant nothing to him. Than she goes to work and Slade just happens to be her client and she was trying to get her head together and he was just so bad to her at first. I was so happy when things turned around. I loved the ending. I just loved the whole book and didn’t want to put it down I was hooked from page one until the last page. I loved the plot and pace.I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.